Breaking Writer's Blocks

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  1. what do you do when you need to break a writer's block?

    I try to write through it, and if that doesn't get me anywhere, I do this:

    "Whenever I get writers block, I like to clear my head by going on a run . . . is something I would never say. I think I do what most other writer’s do and that’s read other people’s work. Watch a funny movie. Basically, consume the shit that you wish you had made until the envy percolates so hard that it pops that writer’s block. There is no better motivator than seething jealousy."
    - Mamrie Hart

    What do you guys do?
  2. My first course of action is to just try to write through it until I break it down by main force.

    If that fails, then I'll switch up whatever music I'm listening to so it fits the genre/setting/mood/whatever of what I'm writing. Ideally this will smooth things along, works more than half the time.

    If that fails, then I go for the music I like to think of as creativity lubricant, stuff that almost always makes me want to go write things when I hear it. It's hard to pin down an exact explanation of the kind of music that fills this role for me, what makes it so, but generally it has a grand scale feel to it, like it could easily fit as the music for a scene in a movie showing characters traveling a long distance or fighting a huge battle in an epic fantasy sort of thing. The Lord of the Rings soundtracks work well for this, as do bands like ES Posthumus and trailer/production music outfits like Two Steps From Hell.

    If that fails, then no quick fix is going to do it so I'll leave it alone for at least half an hour, go do something else, and give it a try later.
  3. When writers block plagues me, there is only one thing I can do...

    I have to put it away and step back. Taking breaks has been an integral part of my existence since "nap time" so I think for me, writers block is just a way of my brain saying I've been working to long! Lol I'd love to find a better way though!

    I actually haven't written while listening to music in a long time! I may have to try that! (But only instrumentals, otherwise I end up getting distracted by singing lol)

    I've also been doing a ton of research in the last few years on "alternative medicine" (I really dislike that term lol) and though I can't think of anything specific of the top of my head at the moment, I imagine there is something out there that could help ease past the block! Plants are awesome natural stimulators if you find the right one for you!

    Anywho, there's my two cents on it lol (<<<<<<I'm not very helpful :p)
  4. I take a break.

    Sometimes I need a nights good sleep before I write up a reply and other times I need a week or two to let the post sink in before I start writing up my reply. Nothing works better for me than backing off from writing until I feel hyped to write the reply. Before that moment strikes I will just sit there, staring at the screen and work on one sentence that never gets finished.

    No exaggeration, I can literally spend over an hour trying to write just the first sentence but never being able to finish it, then when I return to write on the same post one week later, BOOM, the words just flow out of me and I have six paragraphs written up in less than forty minutes

    So for me, stepping away from the roleplay for as long as I need to to get the creativity flowing is the best option.
  5. Stop giving myself writer's block. The only time I get writer's block now is...
    • A. I've stressed out to a degree that I can no longer effectively use escapism to help myself. At which point I need to confront whatever it is that's stressing me that badly.
    • B. I've written myself into a corner. I'll usually walk away and do other things whilst talking my way through the scene aloud, to try and find a way out. If I can't find a way out, I'll ask my players for advice.
    • C. I need to sleep more so I'm not constantly fatigued.
    Not a very helpful answer, I know. :ferret:
  6. I read, read, read. Lately, I've been trying to finish one book a day. I highlight words I don't understand and phrases or descriptions that sound nice. Then, when I get the chance, I write on a notebook (for me, the words flow better when I write on paper than when I type on my laptop). I try to apply all the new words and techniques I've discovered. I just write. I try not to think too much because once I do that, I lose inspiration and nothing gets done.

    They also say that physical activity helps clear the mind. I go cycling every day for at least an hour, then immediately find myself a notebook and a pen. Or when I'm feeling too much, or find/experience something super awesome, I write about it, because somehow I explain things better when they're ACTUALLY happening to me in real time.

    Stuff like that.

    To be honest, watching movies just makes me lazy 99% of the time. Though I get some character/plot inspiration from movies and books every now and then, so there's that. Music is also great, but more often than not it hypes me too much. :U Not really sure how to explain it, but yeah. Basically, movies and music help me develop and plan ideas, but cycling, reading, and just writing/journalling itself aid me in the actual writing process.
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