Breaking the Division

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  1. Jason sat in a tower overlooking the border between his land and the opposition. With him was one of his squad members. As they lit a cigarette Jason coughed and slid over. "Put that out would you? You really don't need to be smoking on watch. Wait until your leave." They simply laughed and continued puffing smoke into the small area. Eventually Jason stood up and walked down to the platform, pushing the button to descend to the ground. "Jason, you aren't supposed to leave post." Jason threw him the finger. "Fuck off Ivan." When he reached the ground he stepped to the giant blue barrier separating the two factions. His side had managed to fight for this area in particular. To his left, civilians were being heavily tested and cleared to enter their side. It was risky letting people from the East into the West, and patrols were tight.
  2. Katarina could see the large light blue bubble that signified that she was closing up on her destination. She rode on a motorcycle powered by electricity along the dirt path. She wondered if this mission would be as easy as her previous ones. Infiltrate, Leak, Kill. Simple enough she reminded herself once again. Closing up, the guards checking at its large gates came into her sight. She thought back to the briefing, the moment she gets of her bike she would be Paris Moore. A transfer from the southern division. Sent here to train some of the weaker soldiers.

    "Hey! You! Stop you vehicle!" One of the guards shouted making another nudge him. "Hey man, that's our groups making on the motorcycle, you dumbass." Katarina however did slow down to a stop, getting off and walking it towards the guards and eventually stopping.

    "Paris Moore. Transferred. Check your files." Katarina spoke before the guards could start asking questions. They turned to each other and one eventually ran off.

    "I'll expect your bike now miss." The remaining one said as he crouched down to get a better look. While he did that Katarina's emerald eyes looked around her until they met with an armored man who just seemed to hanging around, but her attention was averted when the guard sent her through. Now she would have to introduce herself to their leader.
  3. Jason stared the woman down. It seemed pretty routine to have this happen, but her glance set him off. Of course he did nothing about it but simply walked along the wall, inspecting the surrounding area. Once the woman drove off he walked over to the guard booth. "Who was that?" He asked, looking at the small dusk cloud that was settling to the ground in the path of her bike. "Paris Moore, transfer here to train some troops." Jason smirked. "What? We are getting transfers to do this now. How low have we stopped?" The solider raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you tell that to your father. He is requesting you back at HQ. Get a move on Jason."

    Jason walked off and climbed into his vehicle, speeding off towards headquarters. It must have been important if his father was requesting him. Usually they only met up if the rare chance arose when they both were on leave for a short time.
  4. Katarina slowly analyzed the central-division's current stronghold. Of course the barrier would be a problem for the rebels but their scientists surely could find a way through, and after that it became her job to inform. They had a very large armory she could see as she rode by, literally covered by over-equipped guards, a couple of sleeping halls and tents, easy enough to burn down. But in the very center of the area was a large building that looked like an old town hall to her. The General should be waiting.

    She left her motorcycle at the end of the long steps and made her way inside, looking around at different central-division inhabitants, citizens and soldiers alike they were mixed into the crowd here and Katarina couldn't help but feel alone, something she's been trying to fix since her last couple of missions. At the end of the room four guards were stationed near a large doorway. That's where she's going. The guards once again stopped her as she approached and she once again identified herself and she was finally let in.

    "Paris Moore, reporting sir."
  5. When Jason arrived, he saw the same women which arrived and the check in not long ago. He walked in and stood by the door, closing it slowly. "Ah, Jason, yes." His father spoke, facing him. "Paris, you will be assigned to sector 5. We have new soldiers coming in and as far as I know they can't shoot for shit. You complete their training and perhaps we can promote you. I heard you were skilled soldier. I like that. Maybe my son can help you out." Jason made a face a disbelief. He walked over to his father's desk and gave only a short glance at Paris. "Father, what did you need me for?" The general smiled and pulled out a card. "Paris, this is your clearance to Sector 5. Good luck. Now please excuse me, for I need to talk to my son."
  6. Katarina stood quietly as she was brief, not even looking back when the door was open and the same man she saw earlier appeared not too far from her side, Jason huh? As the father slowly addressed the current status of their troops she fought back a small smile, even the grubbiest scrawniest soldiers with the rebels could offer better. She thanked the General quietly as she walked up and received her clearance.

    "Can't wait." She then said, referring to the promotion, not the companionship of Jason. His expression that she caught with the corner of her eye was enough to know that she would dislike him. Katarina left soon-after getting back on her bike but instead of heading straight to sector five she stopped along the way and pulled out a device of sorts, it had a key-pad and its screen a faint green glow. She started typing different combinations, each one referring to the status of the Central Division and being sent to the Rebels without a signal to detect.
  7. "Son, it doesn't take much to realize that the constant warfare has ceased. Battles are few and far between. Now I'm not saying that this isn't nice, but it's also not normal. Obviously the rebels have started something new. They might be planning something huge. We've increased security and made sure nothing goes wrong around the borders and any territory we already control. A counterattack is pointless. However, I know you are familiar with some of the rebel techniques. That's why I want you to help Paris with training. If that isn't a problem, I won't force you. Overall, I just want you to keep an eye out. I know it seems odd to call you down just to say this but, well, after your mother...." Jason looked down for a moment. "It's alright Dad, I know what you are getting at. I'll be alright. Though, have we taken into consideration of sleeper cells. I mean we are letting in foreigners. They could be rebels." The genreal smiled. "Trust me, we would know instantly."

    Jason shrugged and shook his father's hand before dismissing himself. As he walked away, he noticed Paris down the hall. She had an item in her hand and was typing furiously. "Hey." Jason said approaching her. "I don't think you really need my hand. It doesn't take much to kill a rebel. They lack strategy and are easy to predict. I'll come with you for awhile just at my father's request. How'd you end up joining CD anyway?"
  8. Katarina had tried her best to not look suspicious, she would've found a more discreet place to do this but there was only so much free time an operative would have, as she finished the last code a familiar voice reached her ears. She turned around quickly slipping her transmitter into her back pocket. The first comment almost instinctively caused her to talk back, but she held it in. Sighing in her mind she replied.

    "Even then so, the rebels outnumber us and have the people's support. Central should get its hands on any help it can get to make sure that the rebels are crushed. And I'm here to help obtain that. And you should too." Katarina retorted. She clearly wasn't her to make friends. She was about ready to leave but she decided to answer his last question.

    "I'm one of the few survivors from that bombing in South Division. What else could I do?" Katarina added before glancing towards the direction of the soldier hall. "Now shall we go?"
  9. Jason stared at her for a few moments before following her. Once they entered the hall, he walked over to the nearest chair and sat. He wasn't going to say much of anything, it wasn't his job to train. Jason did however keep his focus on Katarina. She didn't seem to fit here, at least in his eyes. She was right, however, they really must have been struggling if they were getting soldiers from South Division to come up and train at CD. These thoughts floated around in his mind as he watched.
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