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SIDE STORY Breaking Point [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Thuro 116 Pendragon, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    There are men and women in our universe that have made it their duty to protect freedom from those that would take it from the ones that that can't free themselves, and to be a shining example of what humankind can achieve if it puts its efforts to creation instead of destruction. Descended from a group of assassin killer monks dating back to near the beginning of time, these men and women have changed their methods but not their goals, stemming the rivers of blood that flowed throughout history and instead accomplishing their goals through whatever means they have to, except that. Anything but that.
    They fight for the people, they fight for their ideals, but more than anything they fight for each other.
    Now, John Crichton, the man struggling to forget his past, and Lisa Castle, the woman struggling to secure her future must work together to save their friends from a conspiracy that aims to unite the universe by whatever means necessary.

    Masayaf, 1513, home of the Assassins, and the place where a weary John Crichton touched down his shuttle in the courtyard. He was back from Arc's cramped space station, and from the Doctor's adventure. Which to be honest, he still wasn't sure to make of. It had been... different if nothing else. But he was putting that out of mind now. He was back at the place he had come to appreciate and call home, the ever beautiful if frelling cold Masyaf.


    Hauling his bag over his shoulder he pressed the button to lower the shuttle door, wincing slightly as the chilling wind came rushing in and setting goosebumps over his exposed arms. Stepping onto the snow with a familiar crunch as it compressed beneath his feet he stood there and breathed in the fresh air, appreciating the fact that it wasn't recycled like it'd been for his extended visit on that space station.

    He really had no idea that his visit would last minutes, and would end in typical John Crichton fashion.

    He trailed through the ancient halls that now had patches of modern and futuristic technology lining it, heading straight for his quarters. He had stuff in this bag that weighed a lot even for his Chris Redfield arms, and he wanted to get it put down before it put him down. So you can imagine his disappointment when he saw it suddenly, an incoming distress signal lighting up the display of the screen of the comm center that sat in the edge of the library since they'd kinda had to move in around the stuff that was here from the middle ages.


    Making his way over there, John discovered that the dispatcher's chair was not in fact empty, but rather held small extremely girlish looking woman. Her height and the fact that she was slumped over the control panel snoring lightly had combined to hide her completely from anyone passing by. Assassin training right there. That girl was River Tam, the third creepiest psychic he'd ever met and a woman that maybe had too much power to quite know what to do with. This led to her frequently overworking herself and passing out just like this. Poor kid.

    Grabbing her shirt by the base of her neckline he pulled her off the desk and back onto her chair, her mouth falling open as she snored very attractively. With a flourish he sent the chair wheeling to the other side of the room where it stopped as it banged against a partially filled bookshelf, the impact and falling books making Crichton wince.

    She still didn't wake up.

    Shaking his head in disbelief he slipped on the headphones on and thumbed the message to play. It was a recording, so he couldn't talk back into it, but he had a feeling he'd want to in a second. Why? Because it was from the Serenity, former home of the Assassins and home to quite a few of Crichton's friends.

    Over the background of the crackling audio he could hear an explosion and what sounded like the ship shuddering. Then a voice came on, Mal Reynolds if the generally irritated voice and sarcastic tone was any indication.

    "Hey, so we're in the middle of a giant space battle, cept for the battle part. Fish in a barrel probably be more accurate. Reinforcements or a rescue would be might handy right bout now, but knowing this multiverse crap I ain't reckoning that's coming any time soon. So, investigate these coordinates these coordinates if you got a sec," He then rattled off a bunch of numbers that Crichton would have to play back to actually catch. "And come pick us up from whoever these 制作爆炸大象diarrea可能会或可能不会穿芭蕾舞短裙的男人..."

    Crichton waited for the stream of Chinese to end. It took several minutes.

    "...are." Mal finished.

    "So yeah. I'm going to go back to hopefully not dying now and wait for the cavalry."

    Just as the message cut off Crichton could hear one last sentence in a low tone that he didn't think the other man had meant for him to hear.

    "Hope this doesn't turn into the Valley again."


    Crichton slipped the headphones off then looked down, fingers gripping the bridge of his nose as he thought. Why did it have to be the Serenity? He would have delegated anyone else to one of the Novices, but this, this was too personal. He looked across the room at River, and then he decided to do something she was going to hate him for.

    He didn't wake her up.

    Let her sleep, and the grownups would take care of it.

    Alright. He had the Serenity shuttle parked in the courtyard for transpiration, and he had everything else he needed packed in the bag at his feet. All he needed was a partner. Desmond's orders, not that the Crichton cared. He did it because it made sense. The young Mentor had decided that since in the past it took a single Assassin to resolve a crisis, the exceedingly powerful men and women and things of the multiverse would be dealt with by two Assassins, an unstoppable fireteam in theory. Only problem was, none of the Novices had finished their training. They were green, despite coming from their own... interesting backgrounds.

    Spike the Vampire suddenly sneezed elsewhere in the castle.

    Alright then. Who was trained and ready to go. Desmond was off derping around with Ridley, Ezio was dealing with the Shay problem, he was leaving River behind, and Lisa was with Desmo-... wait. Hadn't he seen her on the way in? Boom. Problem solved. Grab Skully and split before the aliens beamed them up.

    Flicking the jury rigged PA system on, he sent his voice all over the Assassin Settlement. "Lisa Castle, Lisa Castle, cleanup to a giant frelling mess on isle three. Please get your ass up here at the earliest possible convenience. Thank you for your jolly cooperation."

    Then he waited, hoping that his friends weren't dead.​
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  2. Lisa was actually enjoying herself for the first time since Desmond has pulled her from her last mission. Somewhere in Masyaf, she was having a Hell of a time taking her frustrations out on a rather unfortunate dummy. The sound of fists slamming into her newfound punching bag was a little loud, but she didn't care. Right then, she was alone. Right then, she was in her element.

    Clad in a far more casual outfit than the assassin uniform or her signature Kevlar, her fairly simple tank top, shorts and tennis shoes almost made her look normal. Pretty, even. The sweat she was drenched in sort of offset this, but, still, this was something of a drastic change. It may have actually been comfortable.

    After several minutes of this, Crichton's voice interrupted her alone time. Panting, she stared up at the ceiling. A deep sigh was her only verbal response, her strides a little tired, but purposeful. When she arrived, the slightly underdressed, sweaty, and clearly grumpy Assassin glared at John. "What?"​
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  3. [​IMG]

    Crichton turned and looked at the arrival, glad to not be waiting anymore. He had things to do, they both did, and the sooner they got on their way the better.


    "Welcome to the party waking beauty. You haven't missed a lot, other than the fact that short stuff's crew over there," He gestured at River, still snoring, not realizing that he had effectively insulted Lisa with that comment due to the two women being the same height. "Got themselves playing the part of Princess Peach this evening."

    "I figured since they cancelled my favorite TV show I'd try and go rescue them before they're pop snapped and crackled. The wunderkid wants us to travel in two man teams, so I figured why not make it a one man one women team."


    He gestured at the cameras on the console where a poor training dummy wasn't coming home to its kids tonight. "Unless you're too busy beating up mannequins that I imagine have your ex-boyfriend's face plastered on it."​
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  4. Lisa glowered at him. The angry glare might have been because he'd apparently been watching her, or because of that last witty comment. "Watch it, smartass." ... Probably what he said. It didn't seem she found it very funny.

    "Her friends... you mean Reynolds and his crew? They've been captured?" She looked surprisingly happy at this news. Something to do! Finally! Though she still didn't smile at Crichton. "C'mon, then!"​
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  5. [​IMG]

    Crichton was unperturbed by her death glare. He'd lived with Aeryn for four years. Nothing could scare him at this point, except maybe if she smiled at him. That might do the trick. Nothing scarier than a warrior woman smiling. Meant something bad was coming.


    "You don't have to look like a kid on Christmas. But, yeah. Mal Zoe and the kids are being held by someone, though it didn't sound like the Hammer knew who it was." Funny story about Mal's nickname. He'd have to tell it to Lisa sometime. But not right now.

    He picked up the bag at his feet, grunting with the effort. Idly, he wondered if Robin had slipped a few extra training weights while he wasn't looking, just for fun. Fun guy that one.

    "So, you going to change? I know that you guys like to wear super obvious hoodie's with the Assassin Crest scribbled all over it." That came out a little more passive aggressive than he'd meant it to sound, but he had a point. John's flashy leather getup was somehow more incognito than the outfits these people wore.​
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  6. Lisa's enthusiasm quickly faded. "Hammer? Did he come up with that one himself?" She frowned before walking off. In contrast with Crichton's expectations, she came up clad in her death's head Kevlar. She had a pack slung over her shoulder, a pistol at her side, and her favorite, an M-16, in her hands. Even more conspicuous, but this mission sounded like straight combat. "Before you get your panties in a twist... rubber bullets. They'll sting like a bitch. May even break a bone. But they're nonlethal. Now. Let's get going. I haven't gotten to shoot anything in a while, and, as tempting as testing these new bullets out on your face is, I can't go alone."


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