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  1. So, I pulled a serious stupid today. It cost me the health of my poor baby toe and the nail (you all should of seen it, it was narley looking when I pulled my shoe and sock, damn it was bad. Nail punctured my toe, most of it was gone and my toe looks like a mini version of Popeye's arm).

    But this isn't the first time I have broken it...wanna know? (probably not but you will hear it anyway). I have broken it as of now for the third time. And I don't think that that nail will grow back. And what did I do to create such a nasty wound?

    I moved a couch that was heavier than a whale sitting on it down a dirt road barefoot. Or at least tried; I got to the steps and dropped it, the corner (which was wooden and sticking out) smashed into said toe and commenced the screaming and cursing.

    What horrible decisions have you made that landed you in the ER or just injured?
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  2. This is why I always wear shoes when I'm moving stuff.

    I done the dumbest thing of all dumbest things. My only excuse was I was practically a hungover zombie but I was making toast and used a butter knife to put butter on my bread. While it was still in the toaster...

    My brain was on vacation.
  3. When I was three years old, I jumped on the couch and then off of it, breaking my leg.
  4. Least you had an excuse, I was sober when I did this.
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  5. A couple years ago I tried to move a very heavy cardboard box full of books by picking it up by the flaps instead of getting a firm hold from the bottom. Dropped it on my right foot, thought I broke something, but after x-rays and such it turned out I just smashed some nerves real bad. Had to wear one of those brace boot things for a few weeks until it healed up.

    When I was.. 13 I think, I spilled boiling water all over my left hand. Had a pretty gross blister going on there, hurt like a bitch for at least a month.

    Oh, there was also the time I almost cut my left index finger. I was 6 or 7, it was Christmas, and I just couldn't wait for an adult to help me deal with the zip ties holding my new water gun in its box. Derping ensued and I had to get stitches. Doctor said I'd come within a couple millimeters of cutting important bits and losing the use of that finger.

    I've never had a broken bone though. :D
  6. I was carrying some plates my roommates and I used, balancing plates and glasses on both hands and not holding on to the stairs as I went down. I slipped, I think someone spilled something on the steps, and I fell the rest of the way. Luckily I didn't break anything though I got my back bruised black and blue, my tailbone and my pride pretty hurt, and I think hurt but didn't break my leg. Also, I broke the plates and almost cut myself on them. I couldn't stand up for some time, probably due to shock I guess? Someone did find me since they heard the crashing, and helped me up to get seated, looked me over, and then I went back up to my room to sleep it off.

    The stupid thing was I didn't immediately go and had my injuries checked, I guess. My mother chewed me out because of that, but I'm glad nothing worse happened.
  7. I tried to be a god on the monkey bars in primary schools. Ended up with a broken wrist.
  8. I'm usually careful and don't do decisions that might get me injured o.O Except for this night >_> (This thread had a perfect timing I see)

    Some days ago my thumb started to hurt. It has gone up and down, sometimes just being a dull pain when I move it in certain ways, and other times being a strong pain no matter what I do with it. Of course I should have just made sure not to use it and just let it rest, but as it was my dominant thumbs hand I of course didn't have the patience to do that when I got the urge to do something.

    So I sat up and edited pictures with a computer mouse that I KNEW hurt my thumb and I did it from 21-22 PM to 5 AM... ... And I knew after an hour that my thumb hurt because of it... But I thought "hey, it will be fine. It will hurt for now, but after I have slept it will go back to just hurt now and then, right? :D" (Then I guess I did it for so long so I didn't notice the pain anymore. Cause I can't remember being in pain by the end of it. Not before shortly after finishing at least.)

    When I was done, my whole HAND hurt and now, after having slept, I have a constant pain in my thumb and a pain that comes and goes in the rest of the hand I: On top of that the thumb hurts more as fast as I do something that makes the thumb move just slightly. (Which typing with my other fingers constantly does O__O) Great job Alec, you might just have crippled yourself for a while. I could barely get on my pants this morning cause my right hand was useless o.O (Sucks at using the left hand for other things than typing.)

    I think I might have an infection around the nerve that leads to the thumb, after what I've read on the internet, that seems to be the only thing that fits (from the more well known causes). If it doesn't fade in a few days I'll probably call a doctor about it to check it up. Until then I'll just let my right hand rest as much as possible. (Not doing it any favors by writing this O___O But hey, I would love to become a masochist for iwaku. -Addicted as f***-


    OH WAIT, I HAD ANOTHER CASE YEARS AGO. I were carrying down my dishes and new clothes (cause I wanted to take a shower) at the same time, and I had so much in my hands I couldn't see properly in front of me, so when I came to the bottom of the stairs I misjudged where in the stairs I was. I thought I was at the last step, but in reality I were on the third (or forth, can't remember) step. So I took a BIG step out in the air and then suddenly fell down I:

    I didn't have to go to the hospital, but I did have a hard time walking for about a week, and the first day hurt horribly >_> No visible swelling or bruising though, so we assumed it wasn't anything serious. :9 And it healed well on its own.

    So remember kids, when your body screams in agony, DON'T do whatever it tells you not to do, and if you have to carry lots of things down the stairs, go twice instead, it's safer. :D (Okay, gonna let my hand rest now.)
  9. Electrocuted myself as a 2-year-old by sticking a pin in the mains socket. Gg, baby me.

    Broke my fingers by punching a wall. Didn't go to hospital, just taped them together, they set crooked as fuck.
  10. step-jump over a traffic divider in a parking lot instead of just stepping over like a normal person

    dislocated my shoulder for the second time
  11. I've done nothing to really break a bone or cause me great pain... :/
    Though 3-5 year old me did some stupid shit, but 3 year old me also felt no pain.

    (I'm serious, it was an Autistic trait I had at the time, pain immunity).

    Three main incidents that happened from this were:

    1) I had one time been standing at the top of the slide. With other kids waiting for me to slide down.
    But everyone slides, I wanted to do something different. So I jump off the slide and land head first onto the concrete below.
    I get up, and run off not feeling a damn thing.

    Now of course my Mom having seen this freaked the hell out and rushed me straight to the Doctors, but it turned out there was no damage done.

    2) I use to grind my teeth as a kid, a lot. To the point that I had grind some teeth away to the point nerves were hanging out exposed.
    So little me not feeling pain proceeds to chew on the nerves with my hoodie sleeve. Mom see's me doing this and is floored as to how I'm not screaming.
    She takes me to the Dentist to get it fixed. And apparently nerves don't bother me at all, but that guy sticking a metal and plastic thing in my mouth does (not as a physical pain, just as a nuisance).
    So I keep resisting the Dentist, so my Mom has to hold me down while the Dentist does quick swipes in and out of my mouth to apply filling around the exposed nerves.

    *I should note that 7 year old me had then proceeded to grind the filling right off, and assumed I had just broken off half of my tooth.

    3) Lastly, I apparently really hated my Mouth as a kid because I also would chew and pick at the inside of my gums.
    Once again not feeling any pain from it, I had picked at the inside flesh enough I had made giant holes in my cheeks, where flesh was exposed and rotting.
    Mom once again say this, was terrified I'd catch some disease from this and got a special cream to apply to it so it would heal.
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