Breaking Into the Wrong House (One Must Wonder)

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  1. The Winter so far has not been kind in the city of Dark Hallow. Especially to one thirteen year old Cataline as she crept up to the house she was about to burgle. She didn't LIKE doing this kind of thing, but she had no family and no friends to care for her like she needed, so this was just a matter of surviving another day for her, despite what she had to do, like it or no. With a sigh, she found an open window on the first story and made the climb, rather ungracefully at that, grunting softly as she fell inside a bit through the window before getting to her feet and dusting herself off, her stomach grumbling as she began her nightly raids for goods to trade or sell for food or food money.

    Brushing a lock of dirty blonde hair to the side, she inched forward, not daring to turn any of lights on, feeling her way around the place, hoping to hit the jackpot she could stuff into her hooded sweatshirt she wore with torn dirty blue jeans and old black tennis shoes without laces.
  2. Jayden liked winter, the darker months and colder weather. He could stay out longer without worrying about the sun or raising suspicion with his cold skin. While sunlight couldn’t turn him to ash like humans thought, it was irritating, like an annoying sunburn and prolonged exposure, say a few hours would weaken and eventually kill him. Winter was just an easier season to be a vampire.

    Turning a page of the book he was reading, the strawberry blond haired vampire stiffened, hearing soft thump from downstairs. Keeping to the shadows, the man walked down the hall and down the stairs toward the source of the noise. His eyes narrowed as the scent of human hit his nose and he let out a soft hiss when he saw the perpetrator. It was a young girl, looking a handful of years younger than Jayden’s physical age – which was nineteen – so roughly about twelve or thirteen. He inwardly scoffed, did a human, especially one so young, honestly think they could rob him? Ridiculous.

    Stalking the behind the human like a wolf does its prey, Jayden reached out and grabbed the girl by the back of her sweater, pulling her back to him.

    “What are you doing here girl?” he hissed. No one broke into his home and got away with it. If anything, the girl would be a nice snack.
  3. Just as she had taken a step forward, she suddenly felt a strong hand grip the hood of her sweater and give a good pull so she stumbled backwards, a surprised squeak escaping from her when she felt a body knock into her and a voice demanded what she was doing here. "I...I'm s-sorry...I..." She trailed off, swallowing hard, her heart pounding so loud in her chest she could hear it in her own ears. "I'm just hungry, please..." She pleaded, not daring to make a move, unsure if the man, for she could clearly tell by the voice when he spoke, and she shifted nervously on her feet. "I swear, I don't mean any harm." Cataline explained, having a feeling she would be in jail by the end of the night.
  4. Jayden smirked when he smelt the fear pouring off of the girl in waves. Humans were far too easy to scare; it was almost laughable. He raised an eyebrow as the girl spoke. He could smell no lies on her so she was obviously telling the truth. What about the girl’s parents? Could they not afford to feed her? Not surprising, there were many people in this city that could not feed their families.

    But what could he do? She’d broken into his home; therefore she needed some sort of punishment. If he let her go she would probably starve or freeze to death in a matter of days. He could always drain her, it was better than starving at any rate, but if he did that surely her family would notice and report her missing. And that was something he could not have.

    Coming to a decision, he let go of her. “Come with me,” he said sharply, motioning for her to follow him down the hall. This could work out nicely. He would get a steady food source and the girl would not die such a pathetic death.
  5. When the demand for her to follow him came in a sharp tone, she hesitated, glancing behind her, thinking of making a bolt for it, but then sighed and made her way after him, wondering what he was going to do to her since he didn't seem to be in any hurry to phone the police of Dark Hallow City, as any other prominent citizen would no doubt do if she had broken into their house, and she really didn't want to ask for fear of the answer, though she was distract by her stomach grumbling, wish made her blush and wrap her arms around her belly, hoping her captor wouldn't hear her hunger as she followed him down the hallway, wondering how he could see so well, as it seemed, in the dark, when her own grey eyes were finally just starting to adjust to it.

    Finally though, she couldn't stand it any more and had to ask, her curiosity overcoming her fear a bit. "What are you going to do with me?" She wondered, breaking the silence that had fallen between them.
  6. Jayden was surprised that the girl had stayed as silent as long she had, most humans would have asked a dozen questions by now. He did not answer right away; they were almost to their destination. She would find out soon enough.

    Opening a door, he turned on the lights and soft amber light filled the bathroom. Bright lights hurt his eyes and so he preferred the softer coloured bulbs that were available. The bathroom was large and spacious and would be her personal bathroom while he kept her here. The floor was tiled in grey marble, the tub; shower, sink and toilet were you’re standard porcelain and the walls were a deep blue. The counter was also made of a darker wood. All in all it was a very nice room.

    “Clean up in here,” he told her, his blue-green eyes looking her over. “One of my servants will leave acceptable clothes here for you to change into, and then you will eat. Then I shall tell what I plan on doing with you.” He told her before leaving the room. No permanent donor of his was going to look and smell like a street-rat. They may have been nothing more than a food source to him but the vampire had standards. As for not telling her out right what she was to be, Jayden had found that humans reacted better when comfortable.
  7. Nervously she followed him into the bathroom, staying a bit of a distance away from him before entering, wondering if he was going to lock her in here before phoning the police and have her arrested. She stood in the dimly lit bathroom, not really concerned with how nice the room really was. "You aren't calling the cops?" She asked him after stepping inside, feeling him look her over in a bit of distaste at how her clothes and herself was worn and dirty. Cataline didn't want him to call the police, but she was confused honestly as to why he wasn't, and was starting to wonder if he had his own ideas of punishment for her, a thought that made her shiver a bit, noticing how the man didn't answer as to what he was going to do with her, at least not yet.
  8. “No I am not going to call the police.” he said softly, turning back to her for a moment before continuing back to his personal library were he would wait until the girl was done washing and being fed a good meal. It wouldn’t do for her to faint from low blood sugar right after he fed from her. He liked his donors healthy and able to handle the blood loss after all.
  9. At the news, she blinked in surprise, and waited till he was going before undressing and stepping into the shower, washing up, shivering a little as the water touched her body, but adjusted to the temperature, and when finished, she stepped out from the water, grabbing one of the towels and drying off before figuring out how to turn off the shower and changing into the clothing brought to her as promised, wondering if she should try and make a bolt for it or stick around. She sighed, and was lead into a dining room and served, where she ate before she was then lead into the library where Nathan awaited for her, her hair still wet from the shower and her hair and body smelling of fresh soap. "So...? What are you going to do to me?" She asked, a bit of the fear back in her voice.
  10. Jayden looked up from the leather-bound book he was reading when he could smell the human girl coming toward the room. She smelt much better now that she had bathed; he could actually pick up on her personal scent that had been hidden under all that dirt.

    He smirked at her question. Straight to the point then. “I’ve decided,” he said, placing his book down and looking at her, “that you will stay here instead of going back to the streets or the police. You will be my blood donor when I need it. I am a vampire and need fresh blood occasionally. You will be my donor. In return, you can stay here in this house and not have to worry about food or a place to sleep. Refuse…” he trailed off, smirking. “Refuse and I‘m afraid I‘ll have to drain you dry. Do we have a deal?”
  11. At his plan for her, she stared at him incredulously, obviously not believing him. "A vampire? Seriously? Yeah, right, okay. And I'm just a ghost." She rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She waved her hand as to dismiss this entire idea, and turned around and started walking out on him, stopping at the doorway of the library before turning back to him. "Look. I'm sorry for breaking in, but I don't have a choice in life if I want to keep living so...thanks, I guess, for the meal." Cataline shook her head a bit, and stuffing her hands in her pants pocket, made to leave once more, never having really been one to believe in fairy tale stories of vampires and witches and the like.
  12. Jayden laughed silently at her denial of his kind. Such a human thing to do. He had been human once, a long time ago, nearly three hundred years ago, but he knew better now.

    As she turned to leave, the vampire moved and in a split second, he was blocking the way out. “Now, now, girl, don’t be so hasty to dismiss my words as a fairy story made to keep kids from misbehaving. If I were not a vampire, how could I move so fast? And what do you call these?” He grinned at her, fangs glinting in the dim light.
  13. Before she knew it, Jayden was suddenly in front of her just as she was about to take one more step and be out the door of the library. Cataline flinched and fell back in surprise, grunting as she landed on her behind and was looking up at him with wide eyes. She swallowed hard, her heart back to pounding like a crazed drum. What in the...HOW could just a normal person move so fast? She stared up at him with frightened bright blue eyes, not sure of what to do, yet knowing what would happen since he had put it plain and simple to her of what he would do if she didn't. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but no words came, so she closed her mouth shut.

    With shaking hands, she stood to her feet and smoothed out her clothing and dusted herself off, her heart still pounding like crazy. "How...?" She breathed, not really knowing a thing of what she was dealing with, whatever it WAS...
  14. “I already told you girl, I’m a vampire. That includes a few perks alongside the blood-only diet.” he rolled his eyes. Honestly, it wasn’t hard to figure out. “Do humans even know about vampires anymore? At least the basics? I thought they would at least have that, seeing the vampire fad going around in literature at the moment, but I guess I was wrong.”

    He looked her over again, his patience growing short. “Now do we have a deal or not? Either way I get a meal, but if you agree to be my donor you get to live longer than if you refused. And more comfortably too.”
  15. The girl's own temper was starting to grow short, and she narrowed her eyes. "I don't really have much of a choice do I?" She snapped, glaring at him. "Do what you want or you'll kill me, I get it." She angrily crossed her arms over her chest. "Not that I would be much of a big loss, since I have no one other then myself." She hissed, her body tense as her fear of him vanished in her anger, swallowed up by the emotion she was currently feeling by him. "Do what you will with me. I don't care." She looked down at her clenched hands.
  16. He sighed, “You act as if what you say will make me care or feel guilty. It won’t. I am a vampire, a supposedly evil creature. I’ve not cared for the feelings of human in centuries. Now come here, it doesn’t hurt.”

    Stepping closer to her, he wrapped a strong arm around her waist and brushed her hair out of the way of her neck and bit down. He let out a soft moan when the hot liquid entered his mouth. It had been a long time since he’d had fresh blood. It was divine. Careful not to drink to the point where the girl would die, Jayden let the girl go. “One of my servants will lead you to your room. Good night.”
  17. Cataline elected to stay where she was, and struggled a bit in his grip on her when he suddenly wrapped an arm around her waist and gave her a tug, forcing her feet to step towards him, and before she knew it, her head was tilted back, exposing the soft flesh of her neck, a surprised gasp escaping her as she felt the blood being drawn out of her body and into his mouth, making her wince at the feeling of his sharp fangs into her neck, unable to move as her blood was being drunk, yet despite the feeling of forever when he finally let go, her eyes were wide and a shaking hand went to her neck where he had bitten her, her hand trembling as she saw her fingers came away bloody, and Cataline could feel small trickles of blood drip down her neck from the puncture marks. She swallowed hard, really not sure what to make of all this. He had just...The thought was almost too much. "You..." SHe trailed off before collapsing to the floor, fainting.
  18. Jayden sighed and rolled his eyes at the crumpled girl on the floor, he should have known that would happen. Calling for a servant to come take the girl out of his study and bring her to one of the many spare rooms in the house for the night. That room would now be hers while she stayed here. Or she could change to one that suited her better if she so wished, Jayden didn’t care. As long as she didn’t leave the house or enter his personal rooms, he didn’t care where she went. That taken care of, he went back to his book.
  19. When she woke, she sat up with a groggy groan, rubbing her face with her hands before combing her fingers through her hair, eventually taking notice she was no longer with Jayden. She was still trying to digest the fact that he had actually BITTEN her and DRANK her blood. Slowly she touched her fingers to her neck where he had been her, shivering at the feel of the scabbed over puncture marks, and she turned to look at herself in the mirror, a pale faced and frightened girl looking back at her.
  20. Jayden spent most of his time in his study. There wasn’t much else to do when you were immortal; he done it all by this point. Besides, he liked his books, they were fascinating. Usually. Checking the time, he saw sunrise was close. And now that he thought about it, he was a bit tired, full of warm blood as he was. Putting his book down he stood and made his way to his room, stopping to tell one of his servants to keep an eye on the girl while he slept and another to go to the grocery store at some point during the day and get more food. Now that the human was staying with him, he’d have to keep the kitchen stocked; his servants had means of getting their own food, the servants quarters had its own kitchen that was their responsibility to keep full. Although his servants were human, they were not for eating. They could not do their jobs if they were fainting from blood loss.

    Getting to his room, the vampire stepped inside, stripping as he made his way to his bed. He looked at the large queen sized bed as he pulled on sleep pants and scoffed. Whoever had started that ‘Vampire’s sleep in coffins’ myth had been a moron. Jayden had never met a vampire who liked doing such a thing. Slipping into the bed, he sighed softly as the silk sheets hit his skin. The vampire was asleep in minutes.
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