Breaking in his new pony

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  1. Arthur was just finishing his late breakfast when there was a buzz at the front entrance. A well dressed up man - my assistant, Conner - was leading a rather attractive young lady towards the gate of his home. Getting up from the table to check the video feed, Arthur could tell that the girl looked a little confused as to what was going on. "Good," he thought to himself. It'll be more fun that way...

    "Excuse me sir, Rosie is here to see you now." Conner said politely into the microphone.

    "Thank you Conner, the gates open now, she can come in." Arthur said through the buzzer. "By the way, did you pick up those items I asked for?"

    "Yes sir, I left them in a suitcase in the showroom, they should be out by the table."

    Arthur laughed, "I don't know how I would get by without you. Bring her into the kitchen, and that'll be it for now." He turned off the video and waited for them to come in, eager to show Rosie what he had in store for her.
  2. Rosie looked around her with confusion. Wasn't she here for an interview? She allowed the man, Conner she remembered he said, to lead her inside.
  3. "Ah, hello Rosie" Arthur greeted as Conner lead her into his dining room and left. "Thanks for your co-operation on the matter of settling your fathers debt with me. I hope your father explained the details of the arrangement?" he said, already knowing the answer.

    Arthur was a well dressed man with short, cleanly cut black hair and a nice frame, A few inches taller than Rosie herself. Clean cut and postured, he looked much like a youthful polititian or upstart, but there was a curl in his smile, and a twinkle in his eye that alluded to some darker side...

    Without waiting for a reply, Arther continued, "Well, allow me to explain. Since you're dad has been trying to keep his personal business afloat, but since the recession hit, he's been having a little bit of trouble with that. Truth be told, he had quite a debt. more than his company was worth, in fact!" Arthur said coyly. "But, I told your dad I'd help him out... I would just need an assistant to help make back some of the money invested, and immediately your father reccomended you. So, here we are~" Waving his hands through the air. "Are you interested in working with me? I promise, it won't be too difficult, although I do guarantee it'll be like nothing you've done before."
  4. Rosie smiled pleasantly. "He told me that I would be helping as an assistant. I have experience as a secretary, so it came to no surprise to me." She nodded at him, the last sentence bothering her for some reason...
  5. "excellent!" Arthur quipped, "then, lets get started right away. Please, follow me. I'll lead you to your, erm, 'office'." he began walking through the giant house, leading you to a dim, well heated room with a walk way laid out horizontally with a heavy table. On the table laid an unopened suitcase. there was a chair in the corner of the room behind a curtain, and in the other side of the room, a bed. heavier curtains draped one of the walls which blocked incoming light from presumably either a giant window or a walk-in door.

    "Here we go, this is where you'll be staying for now. we have a lot of ground to cover, so please, put this on." Arthur said to Rosie, opening up the suitcase. Inside was... a latex body suit, a leather harness, and... what looked like gloves and boots, however, they were shaped like hooves...
  6. Rosie smiled and followed him through the giant house to a well heated room. She peered at the suitcase with curiosity before turning her attention back to Arthur. She listened to him speak and then looked inside of the suitcase. She frowned heavily at the latex body suit and leather harness. "Uh...what is this?"
  7. Arthur smiled at Rosie's expression, enjoying her reaction to his request. "This," Arthur says, lifting up the latex, "is how we're going to make back the money. There's a showcase coming up a week from now in New York, the largest in the world, in fact. The best dress horses win a large cash prize. You'll be training in being as a horse is for shows, with me and Conner's help, of course. All you have to do is win, and your father's company will be saved."

    "You don't have to do this, if you don't want to," Arthur said coyly. "however, if your father's company goes bankrupt, you likely won't have a home to go back to. And there's no guarantee we'll win. We might even have to resort to something... a little more unsavory, should that be the case." He says, walking around the room, looking up at the ceiling as if to think.

    "But lets not think about that. I can help your father, but I can't do it without your assistance. What do you say? For your dad?" Arthur says, holding up the latex suit.
  8. Rosie gulped, taking in the words he was speaking. "I...I guess I need to save father's business." She closed her eyes, feeling weak in the knees. She looked at him with eyes that were cold and filled with hate. She wasn't going to make it easy for him.
  9. Arthur gave a fake smile at Rosie's reply. "Well, its good to hear I have your cooperation. you can get dressed behind the curtain in the corner if you'd like. It won't matter much, as you'll find out, but I like to think of myself as an accommodating trainer." He passed the garments to her, smirking.
  10. She took the garments with disgust. "Trainer?" She replied with scorn. Going behind the screen she stripped out of her nice business suit and looked at the latex one. "Uh, how do I put this piece of...crap on?"
  11. "Oh? I'm sorry, I forgot this was you're first time." Arthur said from behind the curtain. "You climb into the suit through the neck, one leg at a time until you have it at your waist. then, you put an arm in on each side. It's skin tight, so it might take a little bit of coaxing to get on... You could unzip the bottom if you need to, but it shouldn't be necessary to put on. Or, if you'd like, I could call Conner to grab some lubricant to help you slide into it?" he said, chuckling at himself. This was going to be rather fun, he mused.
  12. Rosie frowned. "I think I can handle it?" She attempted to follow his instructions and get into the suit. "Oh, I hate this infernal piece of crap." She said as it felt tighter around her body than it should. It constricted her, keeping her movements simple and basic.
  13. Arthur waited for a moment while Rosie got dressed up. "Don't forget the leather harness and the gloves. You'll need my help to get the harness on, it belts in on the back side." He said, pulling the curtains aside. "Here, turn around..."

    Coming up behind you, Arthur pulls the harness taut, the leather hiking up your breasts from underneath. Two more belt straps are pulled tight against your waist and hips. The leather straps come over your shoulders too, the only look piece of the harness appearing to be not strapped on tight is a sort of leather necklace with what's either a rubber grip for leading, or a bridle...
  14. Rosie grunted as Arthur tightened the harness, pulling it taut, her breasts jutting away and out. Her hips and waist were likewise tightened in the harness. She looked down at herself, not liking that her breasts were jutting out and exposed, as was her private female parts. "Why...?" She closed her mouth, knowing she probably would not like the answer to any questions she asked. The suit made it obvious that she would be used for 'breeding' as well as training for a show. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the thought.
  15. "Why? You mean why have the harness on so tight?" Arthur replied. "I think it looks good on you. really shows off that 'feminine charm'." It was obvious you could see everything.

    "Were not done yet, the gloves and boots as well have to be zipped on, they finish the piece." He placed your hands inside the boots and gloves - there was a handle of sorts inside the hooves - and zipped them onto the suit from the outside. An extra flap of material overlapped the zippers, making the effect look seamless, but also making it impossible to remove without assistance. You basically don't even have hands anymore with this suit on all the way.

    "There we go, all done! I must say, you look fantastic. You could possibly be mistaken with an actual horse!" Arthur teased while staring over her practically exposed body. "I'd bet you'd get a lot more than just little girls who would want to ride you, huh?"
  16. Rosie fussed. "I look hideous and all exposed as such!" She glared daggers at him, loathing this treatment as she waved her hooves around.
  17. Arthur snickered to himself, feigning a cough. "Well, in any case we should get started. Lets begin with the basic stuff. Can you walk on all fours? I know the suit is tight, but try your best. If you do well, I'll get you a treat!" He just loved teasing this girl... perhaps he could tease her in other ways as well? An idea was forming in his head... he gave the tell tale sign by scratching his chin.
  18. "All an animal?" She swatted the air with her hooves. "No!"
  19. "Now now Rosie, being bad won't get us anywhere..." Arthur said disappointingly, turning away for a moment to the suitcase. "If you're not obedient I'll have to punish you~" He pulled out from the suitcase a riding crop, about three feet long with a narrow strip of leather at the end.


    He slapped you in the ass with the riding crop like a whip! The latex doesn't absorb any of the sting, however.
  20. Rosie yelped in pain, quickly being obedient by bending to all fours. "Okay, okay." She cried in shock.