EXERCISE Breaking Hearts!

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  1. Hello there fellow Iwaku Lurkers! For those of you who don't know me, I am IceQueen, a new CV starting, well, today!
    I am here to start a little challenge. Why? Because! Who doesn't love breaking hearts. I myself, am quite the fan of romance, so this one should be a load of fun.

    The challenge is, break em' up! Take a couple, fictional or not if you feel like it, from a roleplay, from a tv show, or whatever, and make things complicated. Get a third party involved, add people, subtract people, make love triangles, hexagons, or hourglasses! Basically go crazy. Break em' up, introduce a smol child, or multiple children, put them through something tough, anything to get the relationship a little less than perfect. Feel free to roleplay between people, on your own, or with whoever! Just have fun!

    Ready, set, GO!
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  2. That was absolutely the last straw for this evening. Eric had, quite simply put, had it up to his ears with the whole affair and felt like he was about ready to burst. Maybe, after all, his friends had been right with his criticisms: maybe don't marry a girl you've never had a real conversation with, Eric. But it was too late for that now and he was positively losing his mind as he struggled to convince his new bride to stop combing her hair with the seafood fork. It was as if she was in her own little world and not part of his at all.

    "Ariel, Ariel, darling, I'm talking now. The king and queen from the neighboring kingdom are going to be here on an official visit tomorrow and you have to stop using the fish fork in your hair." She looked up at him with a horrified expression on her face and he realized what he'd just said. "Not that you'll be needing it, since we of course won't serve them any fish for dinner. Even though our kingdom is most famous for its fine seafood exports. Certainly." Her expression softened and she mercifully placed the fork back on the table. Eric gave her an indulgent smile in return and picked up his napkin once again to continue explaining proper dinner etiquette to her. She listened for, what he considered an admirable feat, five minutes longer before getting distracted with one of the fastens on her dress and plucking at the shimmering gold button.

    One of the servants approached Eric with a troubled expression on his face. "Sire, I'm afraid I have distressing news. While the king and queen arrive tomorrow, their daughter has taken ill on her travel over and her servants sped their journey. As such, I'm afraid she will arrive in just over an hour's time. We were sent word ahead just now. I've already requested that the maids prepare her a chamber." Eric stood abruptly, his brow furrowing. At least if the princess were ill, she would likely not request that they stand on ceremony. He indicated that the servant take Ariel back to their chambers while he bade another to fetch the physician from town.

    Over an hour later, when the princess arrived with breathless horses and flustered looking coachmen, the preparations had been made as best as could be done on such short notice. Ariel was still in the chambers dressing and Eric was at the castle entrance to greet the princess. The faintly green and tired looking woman who emerged from the carriage took Eric entirely by surprise, however. Past the slightly damp brow and pained expression, she was stunningly beautiful. Her honey gold hair stuck slightly to her cheeks but fell otherwise in loose waves over her shoulders and her lively green eyes shone brightly. "I've called for the physician for you, let us take you in at once" Eric addressed the princess, finding his words after a moment's stunned silence. The servants helped the princess up to the chamber prepared for her where the man was already waiting.

    "I'm terribly embarrassed to be such an imposition upon you, and with so little warning" she murmured sheepishly from the bed after the physician had begun examining her. The ruling was a simple illness of the stomach, likely caused by the movement of the carriage over long distances. She was mild and thoughtful, her mellow demeanor and calm steadiness evident. "I will speak with my parents about finding a way to repay this fast kindness you've shown me. I'm truly in your debt for your prompt and thorough care." She sat up, extending her graceful hand toward him.

    "While it is not the circumstance in which I had hoped to make your acquaintance, I hope you will forgive me. I am Princess Laurette." She was composed without being snobbish, elegant without adornment, simple and beautiful like a flower in a field. Eric felt his heart skip a beat.
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