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  1. Creatures of all different races have lived secretly among the humans since the beginning of life as we know it. They have learned to adapt to human ways, understanding their language, emulating their life habits. If continued to adapt and live among the humans, these creatures could even be called human themselves. Many seemed completely fine with that.

    However, on one unfortunate day, a human discovered the world of the unknown. Word was brought out into the public spreading as quickly as the common cold. Groups of human banded together in search of the creatures. At first, not many were successful. But as the years flew by, their knowledge of the creatures expanded, managing to capture these creatures and imprisoning them onto a secluded withering island where they are left to fend for themselves or die trying. Defense around the island is improved each passing year, making it more difficult to escape. The current year is 2013. Will there be a happy ending for these creatures?

    Name: Illia Yun
    Age: 19
    Race: Elf
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    The hooded elven girl scanned the area of any patrolling humans from a nearby tree branch. Her dark brown eyes going left to right, making sure not to skip over anything. When all seemed clear, she jumped down and fixed her dark auburn hair, pressing down any strands that stood out of place. She sits down at the trunk of the tree, resting her body for just a few moments. Tilting her head to rest upon the tree, she looked up at the pale blue sky. The island had almost no end to it. No matter how far she wondered, the shoreline would never show up.

    A rustle reached the drums of her ears and she glanced to her right.
  2. Mako was a young 20 year old computer whiz, hacker and part of the research team at the secluded island where the non-human were kept captive. As much as it interested her to be part of the research team she never took part in the unpredictable experiment projects. She personally hated the fact that such creatures were confined but she secretly feared them too and was glad it was this way, still she always searched for answers.

    It was getting late and it was time for the shift change, one of the time when camera security was high due to the leaving party and the arriving one. Mako sipped her strong coffee as she stood in the surveillance room which was empty, one more reason why she hated these swine guards who only ate rather than kept watch, when she noticed something suspicious.

    She tapped a few buttons on the keyboard and enlarged the image to see a captive outside in the grounds. Mako ran out to look for the guards and she cursed when she couldn't find any in the hallway at such a critical moment. Mako put on her jacket and quickly grabbed her gun from her locker on her way heading out to the direction of the captive. She believed she should have been near as she looked around the trees loading her gun.

    Name: Makoto Amamiya
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Looks: Messy azure boy cut hair, petite in size, not too curvy, very tomboyish, marine deep blue eyes.
    Origin: Japanese
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  3. Eon was known around the island for being the psychotic nut case, even for a Daemon, whom were normally eccentric brainiacs. If someone were to tell him that he was otherwise, in all honesty, he would be insulted. He liked the fact that he could be so easily distinguishable from his demonic brothers and sisters.
    His magenta eyes were practically alight as he watched the elfen girl from his hiding spot in the shadows. He didn't think she had realized it yet, but he had been stalking her for a good portion of her journey. As to why, he wasn't really all that sure yet, but when the tingling feeling came to the back of his head, he listened to it. No matter what. A wide grin spread across his face at the sound of the leaves as they talked to him, whispering of more company, and a chance to follow someone new.

    Name: Eon
    Age: 22
    Species: Daemon
  4. No one knew he was a half-dragon. He must keep it that way, yes. Otherwise, they would make them help them. He could fly. Yes, they would force them. Of course they would. They are not natural. He is not natural. Yes, they would force him. Are they natural? Maybe. I could fly.

    I continue to haul the driftwood log towards my 'camp.' I need to make some kind of weapon...

    Name: Al'veren
    Species: Half Dragon
    Human form: guy.jpg
    Dragon form:
  5. Name: Crystal
    Age: 20
    Species: Pixie
    Appearance:(regular human size)
    Pixie appearance: Add pointed ears, wings and being small

    Crystal is always the kind of person who likes to know what everyone is doing. Most felt she seemed more like a child than an adult, but that was just because she was a pixie. She spent most of her time clinging on to other people while they were on the island. A this moment she was walking back and forth following Al'veren like a puppy and watching him make his weapon. Everyone knew what she was though but when she had her wings she was small, too small to make it far enough to get off the island.
  6. I continue making my weapon, which was in reality a long bow. After sufficient amounts of driftwood and regular branches and stuff, I use the driftwood to stack up on 2 sides, and then lay more driftwood across it. Once the 'table was done, wrapping it and tying it off with various vines, thread, and random bits of rope and such, I pile different amounts of wood across it. Remembering the pixie that seemed determined to follow me, I ask plainly, still focused on the work, "If you would be so kind as to help me, I need some feathers." Then I go back to shifting my hands into dragon/hand paws, using my claws to shave sticks into straight, pointed shafts.
  7. Crystal gave him a large smile. "Okay." She said childishly and suddenly disappeared to get the feathers he wanted. Once she had found some, getting a good amount hopefully more than enough for Al'veren she skipped her way back to him. "Here you go." She then said to him as she held out a pile of feathers in her arms. 'I hope this is enough."
  8. I nod at her, taking the feather. Inspecting the small feathers carefully, I slowly shake my head. "Sorry, I need long, straight feathers. Like a swan's, or a large owl. The longer and straighter the feather, the better the arrow flies, and that means, the better protection there is..." I drift off into thought, mouth moving to my thoughts.
  9. Crystal dropped the rest of the feathers. "You could have said that earlier silly." And with that she ran off again, not returning until she felt that she had found the perfect arrows to his exact description. It took a little, coping his way of inspecting them to make sure they were right. Once done she made her way back to him with another pile of feathers. "Will these work." She gave him a large smile.
  10. I give her a small, shy-ish smile back. Taking a quick look over them, I say, "You learn fast," And take them from her. I straighten a few of the feathers out, and use a claw to gently slice the long, gray-ish feathers down the middle, leaving 2 symmetrical half-feathers for everyone 1 feather. With this, I laid them out neatly across the table, and then started carefully looking at the different trees surrounding my small, 15-foot-in-diameter clearing. Finding a certain tree, I pull a long, thin-ish branch off, enough that a human could wrap his hand around, and still have a good grip. The right diameter for a bow. I pull the branch off with inhuman strength, and toss it towards my 'table.' With that part finished, I start looking at the different tree trunks, trying to find which one would have the gooey substance needed, similar to a glue.

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  11. Name:Aldo fitch
    Age: 22
    Species: telekinetic
    appearance: HE wears a guard suit with no helmet and with badges to show his rank. -->[​IMG] and he looks like -->[​IMG]
    Aldo is second in command of security at the research facility on the island.. he acquired this position by playing mid tricks on his captors 2 years ago when he was brought to the island. He had noticed that the guards were slacking but he didn't really care. he felt that the actions being set in place were crazy and he wants to help his people/ non humans.
    While in his office Aldo noticed a buzzer light go off signaling that a door was opened he pulled the screen up to see a women just out side the door with a gun in hand what's she doing she was dressed in researcher clothing .. 'why didn't she tell the guards or buzz the office. ' I thought to myself. I stand up and rush to the door grabbing a gun and belt off the wall turning down a few hall and rushing down the stairs. once at the door I clip my belt with gadgets and head out her body just passing the line of bushes. I close and lock the door tapping my earpiece "alpha leader to alpha team be on stand by I have a researcher on the edge of the bushes im going in alone" the team members all respond and I rush to where I saw her body enter the trees. after spotting her I look around to see if there is anything there. I tap my mic and connect to the researcher channel "hey im right behind you you have to get to me ill help look for what ever it is you need a gun wont help you "
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  13. Crystal continued to watch him make his weapon. When he started to look at trucks, she followed being only steps behind him. She giggled a bit. "Wouldn't it be funny if that got all of your fingers and everything stuck to you." She said, being her mischievous self. She was a stereotypical pixie that's for sure.
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    Mako felt her ear piece get a little static and then a voice followed, she turned around instantly to face a superior officer and put the gun away. If Mako knew anything it was the fact that how many non humans were disguised as humans and had blended in the island facility and she knew far better than to miss with this guy. She was just a human wasn't she..unless you'd consider a person with strong 6th sense and a brain that could read and sense the non humans a 'creature' then sure, consider her one of them.

    "Sorry sir the guards were slacking off and I couldn't find them anywhere, thought i'd get the captive to the main grounds by roundin' em off, but seeing you here I guess you'll be take over....I'll take my leave." She had just spoken these words when she could clearly feel her intuition kick in, that there were two captives near the area than one. It could be her false intuition but if she learned one thing over the years it was that her 6th sense had never lied.

    Mako froze in her step for a few seconds and then composed herself and headed off casually, a little too casually in the presence of a superior officer.
  15. Aldo had noticed the name tag Mako. Word around the office was that she knew things but was a human. Our higher ups had her checked to prove it.
    "Wait I need your help" Aldo turned to face her I walked behind her and stopped a few steps away. should I do this? What if she knew I was ...? Questions of all sorts run through my had making me think that if I went through with this she would rat me out. I could also use this as a door way to a new friend ship. I just have to play my cards right.
  16. "Ah, here it is. And my hands will get a bit sticky." I slice open a tree trunk, a little bit, getting the gooey pitch with my claws. When my right hand's claws were completely covered, I go back to my table. I start taking the arrow shafts, with pointy ends and straight shafts, and I make 3 narrow strips along the end of them. There, I ask the pixie, "Could you place the fletchings onto the pitch? Be very, very careful, and make sure it's all lined up. It has to be very straight for them to worth the best." I continue putting pitch on the arrows, setting the shafts on the table with the ends hanging above open space, to keep it from sticking to the table.
  17. "Yup." She said to his question and did as she was told. She had a sudden thought to do something to mess it up as a joke but felt it would be to mean. She was starting to like him, most people got annoyed with her following them. They would always try to get her to do any. He was different though, he put into the task he was doing. Because of that she stuck with doing the right thing and not mess up his almost made weapon.
  18. Eon felt the hairs on the back of his neck stick up on end and an almost electric current run beneath his skin. He shook the feeling off, and looked towards the trees from which it had come from, grinning broadly. "How interestingly intoxicating!" he exclaimed under his breath. He had found his new stalkee.
    He pulled his body out from the shadows near the elf girl and hauntingly made his way past the nearest cluster of bushes and trees that was near to the two humans. His eyes watched them in anticipation. It had been so long since he had done something like this last, to a human - three whole weeks, give or take a few hours.
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    After finishing with the rest of the arrows, I glance over at the pixie's work. "Nice job. Good work, uh, what's your name?" I ask, looking at her. Noticing that I'm too close [Which was actually a comfortable distance to most normal people] I back up a little. As I wait for her answer, I take the tree branch I broke off, and begin shaving either side of it, into a sleeker, smoother shape.

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  20. "My name's Crystal." She with a giggle. "And what about you mister?" She continued to watch him closely. "So why are you making that anyway?"
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