Breaking Boundaries

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  1. This new idea I have in mind is an AnthroxHuman romance story. So before I get into the actual idea, let me go ahead and lay down some rules:
    • No one-liners!
    • Grammar is important. I am not a tyrant when it comes to proper grammar, but if you fail to use punctuation, capitalization and proper syntax, that will turn me off.
    • If you feel yourself no longer interested in this rp, please just let me know and don't disappear. That will ruin our chances of rping together in the future.
    • No god-modding.
    • At least one post a day.
    Here's what you should expect and what I will expect:
    • I expect someone who will contribute creatively to the story. Make your own twists and turns without fully taking over my character. We are writing this together.
    • All of my characters are WOMEN OF COLOR.
    • I will be playing the human female character.
    • I am expecting someone to play the male Anthro.
    • I love to rp and I love to write, so expect my posts, if it's a really good story, to be three or four paragraphs long. Sometimes even longer than that.
    • I only expect my partner to post at least two paragraphs in each reply.
    • I put this in every rp request, but I feel like it's relevant. If there are any women players who feel they portray a male fairly good, you are free to do so.
    With that done, here's the actual idea! It's really not long at all or that complex:

    Humans and Anthros coexist already in this world and have accepted each other as friendly neighbors. Of course, just like there is racism, some people don't feel comfortable around the Anthros and vice versa, causing tension in some places rather than others.

    A human female, who has been out of the dating scene for about three years due to a terrible relationship, is set up on a blind double-date by her best friend who thinks it's about time that she "get back on the horse's cock". Just to appease her best friend, the woman agrees and finds herself on a date with an Anthro male who, upon first glance, is already quite attractive. Things just kind of take off from there, the duo falling in love with each other while simultaneously dealing with ignorant people and Anthros, drama from exes and a life they're not yet sure that they want.

    See? Real simple and not so complicated. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM!
  2. I'd like to give this a shot. PM and we can talk details?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.