Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions


What do YOU have for breakfast? Do you have the same thing everyday or do you just grab whatever is in the fridge?​

I usually have a banana and coffee,pretty boring, but for whatever reason I never get sick of eating it.​
70-80g Rice + 2-3 mashed/boiled eggs + pepper = WIN

Or sometimes I take some crispbreads and an apple.

Thats pretty much it.
I normally don't eat breakfast *dirty heathen*

When I do it's whatever cereal is around or an Egg McMuffin and a hash brown with a coke from McDonald's.
I'm in the same boat as Ninjaki. But sometimes I'll make an omlette or something simple.
I have a select few things I really enjoy making that I rotate through. I make delicious breakfast, too. I would even go so far as to say I'm a Master Bacon Maker... Yeah, that sounds about right.
When I was in high school it was pizza and orange juice every morning. Now it's usually soft boiled eggs and a piece of toast.
I don't eat breakfast. D:

If/when I do, it's usually just an energy bar and/or coffee. I never make a real breakfast. However, I will make nummy breakfast food for lunch or dinner. French toast, waffles, eggs, toast... Whatever we're in the mood for.
A bowl of Baby Hearts, three beers, And a Lion's left kidney.
Same boat as Fluffu... Except I don't eat energy bars. I enjoy breakfast foods, but abhor them at breakfast time. If I wake up hungry I'll take a hamburger any day... for some reason that feels better than cereal or waffles.

On occasion, I do have an omelet.
Wow, lots of people don't eat breakfast..I'm surprised. It's hard for me to do anything in the mourning before I eat.

LoL@ GMK - Baby hearts for Protein. Beer for carbs. And Lion Kidneys for...?
Scambled eggs and cheese, bacon, and side of rice. Also orange juice or milk.