Break the Bat: And put him back together YOUR way!

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  1. Christopher Nolan's time directing Batman is over. Everyone will be thinking about the future of the Dark Knight, having had a good first film in Batman Begins, and an extraordinary movie in the Dark Knight, before crapping out Dark Knight Rises, and sprinkling a grinded diamond of what the film could have been onto that crap.

    Now, the race begins for a new Batman movie. How do you want to portray him? Do you want to take him out of his element? go classic and follow the basic formula? What would costumes be like? What about the characters?…Do you push to be more realistic, or throw in something out of the ordinary?

    Go ahead. Show me how it should be done. B)
  2. Part 1 of what may be more posts on my version of a Batman series. I'll start off by explaining in a couple parts my idea for a first film for now.

    First Film, Re-telling his origins.


    Bruce Wayne, since he was a child, pushes for perfection, which would explain his near-perfect skill as an adult after his training. He does so in order to impress his parents, and completing school ahead of most children. He manages to win over his parents for a week of what he wants to do, even whining (again, when he was a child) and earning it. Young Bruce shows his father and Alfred a cave he had only explored the edge of, fearing the darkness ahead. He wanders ahead with a flashlight, and gets scared by an injured bat that attacks in self defense, Thomas Wayne going in to stop the bat, and show Bruce it was also afraid, as they nurse it back to health.

    Later into the week, on Friday night, Bruce wants to see a movie about a shadowy hero that does battle against the mafia, filling his mind with imagery of a perfect world where good men always won, to contrast and create irony with the coming event of Joe Chill. Thomas Wayne seems to be able to wrestle the gun out of Chill's hands, nearly fueling Bruce's misconception as he cheers on…And then the gunshots. Martha Wayne panics, and shields Bruce, as Chill fires another round, he himself also panicking from the woman's screaming. The gunshot hits Martha, her pearl necklace falling into Bruce's hands as he stares in horror, Chill about to shoot Bruce too in his own fear, when he's struck by a fist, causing him to drop his gun and run away, as a young Jim Gordon, not yet a police officer even, hurries over to Bruce, the sight of a little boy and his parents murdered before him inspiring the man to later consider joining the police force, but for now, helping Bruce into his car as he calls the GPD...


    Skip a few years...

    Bruce has turned thirteen. Jim Gordon is a member of the corrupted GPD, struggling with moral choices as he works with other honest officers to try and keep the streets clean. Alfred assists him in all Wayne Enterprises decisions. We see Bruce as he says goodbye to his friend, a young Oliver Queen and his uncle, after some joint-projects between Queen and Wayne Enterprises, the two boys meeting by fate, Bruce, the studyholic, and the carefree Oliver. Bruce asks Alfred to drive him to a local comic book store, and forced to take a road through some slums, where he notices a girl his age staring at his expensive car with contempt. The two later meet up when Bruce leaves the store, stealing Alfred's wallet (which in turn housed only money Bruce planned to spend), and even some of Bruce's comics, especially the ones based upon the hero from the film he saw as a boy, Alfred desperately trying to stop him. The two hit a dead end, where Selina tells him she needs the money, Bruce arguing that what she did was wrong, Selina climbing a fire escape, as Bruce struggles to catch up. Selina laughs at him, and climbs back down to give him back his comics, and a kiss 'for trying,' before running off, Bruce himself feeling disgraced, as Alfred gives him a lecture on during the ride home about justice and all that jazz.


    Skip again to a montage of Bruce traveling the world through the years, studying intensely in anything related to Law, Crime, Science, and all. Eventually he finds himself in his early 20's, having mastered his mind mostly, and attempting to fight crime with all his new skills. He barely succeeds, as he meets several mysterious men who offer him greater training. Training that allows him to find himself spiritually, and physically, through healing and meditation from monks who formerly lived in secretive monasteries, and trained in martial arts by reclusive masters, his greatest being Ra's Al Ghul, who inspires him to use a personal touch on his future in crime-fighting, as well as teaching him the art of fear.

    He leaves his masters, giving them all thanks, rather than immediate conflict like Nolan's first film. With a little nod to the comics, Bruce goes to the FBI and, with his qualifications, they have great interest in having him. But, after hearing about all the rules and regulation, he leaves. This, I'd also enjoy seeing for a bit of humor.

    End of Part 1.
  3. Part 1.5

    First Film, Putting Batman together.


    For starters, if possible, Either Bruce, or the costume has to be a bit bulkier. Not insanely bulky though, just tall, dark, and scary. The suit itself would be Dark Gray as it was originally, still able to blend into the shade. The cape retains the abilities of Nolan's films as a super-fiber. It and the suit are both armor: Fireproof and bulletproof, at the most capable of taking a sub-machine gun, or a magnum bullet. The weight of it all will be a little joke between the characters, and a means of showing off Bruce's strength as a peak-human.

    Ah. There's another thing I'd like to boast a bit in this version of Batman. Think the animated film, Batman Year One: His best punch without his Batman armor could be to take down a tree. With the suit? At best, a brick wall. Batman is the type of guy who takes blows from big men like Killer Croc, so I figure he should demonstrate that he can dish out high damage, and through the film, be able to take it. He'd still be a normal guy with normal weaknesses, but he'd still have a bit of ability about him that makes him dangerous even without the gadgets.

    Gadgets are also another thing to touch on. Bruce is a very intelligent fellow. He comes up with the concepts and rough blueprints on how it could all work, but of course, has to seek out help from Lucius Fox, who coincidentally, happened to tutor him in math and science when he was finishing up his Ph.D's, and getting into business with Wayne Enterprises, giving the two a deeper connection, much like what I'd done with Gordon in Part one. As for the Batmobile? Do I have an idea for that one, alright.

    The Batmobile begins as an experimental Jet Car that supposedly runs off nearly any substance. It'd go back to the sleek design held by my favorite batmobile from the Batman TAS, maybe with some modifications, rather than the bulky Tumbler (which I'd make a reference to as being the prototype version). It'd be far more like a 007 car, having so much to offer despite its size and appearance. It also has the ability to change itself into another car, maybe abandoning or reforming certain parts, most likely becoming a limousine.

    The utility belt and grappling hook come from a concept for Black Ops equipment that Lucius toyed around with, but felt would have been far too dangerous in the wrong hands, effectively making one man capable of war with the thing that keeps his pants up, giving the experimental prototype to Bruce. The suit is a completely original idea not made by Wayne Enterprises, rather a collaboration of items that make up a full suit of armor, the mouthpiece being detachable, along with eye visors that provide different visions (and come in a default white color that references the comics and cartoons way of making the eyes totally white).

    Bruce would slowly begin a system that'll span the first film to the ones to follow this one, as he creates a 'Bat-Network' of sorts, the main one being the cave underneath Wayne Manor, having been one of the largest secret underground structures in history, Slowly building it by himself, eventually calling in others without alerting them to the fact his mansion is right above ground, primarily with criminals knowledgeable in building, science, ETC, then giving them to the police, and keeping his cave a secret.

    That's all for now, I guess. In Part 2, we'll begin on Bruce's beginnings into the crime-fighting business, maybe a villain, and other stuff.