Braving the Otherworlds

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  1. If you decide not to join, could you tell me why? I might be able to improve it and would much prefer making some changes than having the idea never leave the ground.

    In 2018, something was discovered under the wastes of the Sahara desert. The entrance was sealed, and it took 4 days of constant artillery fire to break it open. Behind it were miles and miles of corridors, lined with black stone completely out of place in Egypt. First impressions suggested it was some kind of burial crypt, although bodies were never found - only name plates written in over 200 languages below unoccupied coffins. Various techniques were attempted by archeologists to map the full extents of the area, but for some reason, the black stone, which could not be identified, prevented electromagnetic and sound waves from passing through all together - inside the crypt, one is essentially cut off from the outside world.

    In fact, the only item of significance within the tomb was a black cube of metallic rock about 1 foot long on all dimensions, apparently cut into a dozen individual pieces, although no amount of force would separate them. As with the structure, it could not be scanned with any imaging methods, however, it was shown to exert such force on magnets and magnetic objects that it has been employed as a power generating system. A power plant and military base was established above the crypt, and long wires extended through it to use the cube as a seemingly infinite electricity source (since it was too strongly magnetised to its pedestal to remove it).

    On the 29th of June, 2021, 3 years later, the charge shut off completely, and completely ceased to generate power. Upon inspection, it was found that the cube had been separated into its individual pieces, each floating equidistant from one another, forming a 10 foot by 10 foot cube centered around the pedestal, upon which now rested a glowing blue object about the size of a tennis ball. Several hours later, reports came in from across the globe:

    "Major cities all over the world are simultaneously being invaded by legions of men clad in black plate armour and wielding feudal weapons - swords, pikes, crossbows. No weapons show to be effective against them. Citizens are urged to evacuate to designated safehouses or to sea for the foreseeable future."

    Not long after this, it was found that the blue item within the cube was some kind of portal or gateway to another world. According to the scout team, it seemed to be occupied by people identical to those described in the repeating emergency message. A unit was dispatched to this world, in hopes of finding a way to end the invasion.


    This RP will follow the adventures of the unit, nicknamed OAU (Otherworld Advance Unit) as they chase across many pocket dimensions looking for a solution to Earth's problem. Each world is unique and feels no need to obey normal physics, even altering visual perception in some circumstances. (This means that 'art style' so to speak, may vary between worlds. Those who have watched Madoka Magica will understand. Those who haven't, should, because Madoka Magica is awesome). Feel free to contribute ideas for worlds! The multiverse is your oyster, here! Now, because people will be able to create their own worlds, the GM style of this RP will be a little odd. I'll be mediating power levels to prevent OP-ness, but the GM of the particular area will be responsible for story progression within that. To prevent stagnation, if an area GM will be unable to post for longer than a week, I'll take over, so for that reason I ask people to PM me a brief overview of their area's objectives and obstacles, just in case I need to do so.


    Otherworld I - Sunken Cathedral

    Otherworld I, dubbed 'Sunken Cathedral' by the soldiers, is a tiny universe only 4 miles in diameter. Wandering into the fog at any edge of the universe will cause you to walk out on the opposite side of the crater. It is the first world visited, and currently seems to be the only one available, though readings suggest others are out there. So far, 3 of the 'Black Soldiers' have been seen hanging around the Cathedral, and it is estimated it may be filled with up to 100 of them. Mechanical weaponry is unreliable here, with each bullet having around a 30% chance of firing, although it matters little because these soldiers are immune to gunfire. Explosives apparently work fine. An apparently unarmed person has been spotted several times in the chapel at the top of the structure, and the current mission is to reach that person.

    Sorry for the poor image resolution, the upload site is really bad cos imgur isn't working for me.

    If this interests you, say so below so I can gauge how many people this appeals to! Feel free to begin coming up with world ideas too. Of course, criticism is welcome too!
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  2. Dimensionhopping eh.

    Let's jump in and hop out.
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  3. Id like to adventure with the OAU!! Fo'sho!!^^!!


    Creating and GMing a world... meh. :/ Not so much... cuz Boo~~> lazy RPer<~~ and just wanna adventure with OAU, thats all. Fo'sho! ;D
  4. That's cool. No one has to make a world if they don't want to. I'm perfectly capable of that myself, I just thought it might be nice to offer it :D
  5. Kay, well hope more interest drops in cuz...


    Yayuh!! ;D
  6. I'm interested if we have enough people interested I can make some worlds.
  7. I kinda sorta like yeah wanna still...

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