Braves of the Six Flowers

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  1. The sun shone through the narrow window, illuminating a small table set before a man leaning back, a tablet in hand, his smile satisfied yet humorless in its execution. He heard the the footsteps down the hall as a man entered. He didn't budge as the man tapped the stone archway, "Aiden...." It was Sergeant Xeren, someone Aiden has been working with for over 6 years & one of the few people in existence he was joyed to call a friend. "How are you doing?" he asked, standing meticulously to be in the presence of a Brave even though they have known each other for years.
    "Xeren... don't do that, that's not why I asked you here." Aiden sighed as he slid the tablet onto the table. "The other Braves are arriving soon & that means we'll be off soon" he said with annoyance in his voice, "Beside that, you're to be the next Captain of the Guard, I've sent my recommendation up to the palace & it should get done soon." Aiden leaned back as Xeren came forward & read the tablet, "I get why you need a replacement & all, but this says you have no intention of ever taking up the position again, are you sure about this?"

    "Of course I'm sure, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, fate or the Goddess" He said with disdain, "Would have me join the other Braves to fulfill the quest. The only thing that results of this adventure is to return in fame, which I prefer retirement to than having to be conversation piece, or death, in which case, a replacement captain would be needed anyway, I trust the way you work & I doubt the palace cares too much beyond their own walls to invest time picking a new appointment." Xeren looked tired as he took a seat on the bench across from Aiden who was lost looking away.

    "So then you're invested?"

    "I guess so... The Saint of Blades is already here, I think she might be looking for me, & then theres the matter of Naiv."

    "What about her?"

    Aiden leaned back up and wrapped his hands & sighed, "She was selected as brave too unfortunately."

    "Sorry to hear that, but is it really that bad? Its a great honor to be a brave."

    Aiden scowled a bit & spent a moment thinking, "Depends on how you look at it, you know I am not a fan of the Goddess ....its just all silly, but I wouldn't want Naiv involved in this if it could've been help, but I know the way the world thinks of this 'duty' so my objections would be lighter than air anyway." Aiden stood himself up & grabbed his belt & gear off a stand, strapping it on as he continued to speak with Xeren. "I know I can be difficult Xeren, so for the time we've worked together, thank you, you've made my time here easier." Aiden walked over to Xeren, he stood at attention & stuck his hand out for a handshake. Xeren frowned & stood up, he grabbed Aiden's hand & pulled him in, embracing him into a hug. "Theres still more to the world than you're willing to believe Aiden, don't let what you saw take you to a cold grave." Aiden was stunned for a moment at Xeren's audacity before taking a step back after he released him. "Hmm" He turned & walked towards the doorway, picking up a parchment as he did so. Turning his head, he said one last thing to Xeren, "Remember the world doesn't stop for us." & with that he left.

    The chatter of the market filled the air as he left the guard house, people chattered about & merchants moved their wares. Guards patrolled vigilantly, making marks of anyone attempting a crime in this city. A relaxing cool breeze swept across Aiden as he looked at the names on the parchment again, The Saint of the Hunt, The Saint of Blades, The Saint of Time were among those chosen, he had heard murmurs of a 4th saint being chosen as a brave but had no idea who the last Brave was according to those who were publicly known.

    He began to head home, it was most likely best he have a talk with Naiv before the other saints all arrived.
  2. Izel never expected to be chosen as one of the six braves, she didn't really care to be either. However, that wasn't going to stop her from taking the job. Already she was the Saint of Blades, and that took time away from her work as the princess’s maid and bodyguard. There were others to serve her, of course, but it was Izel’s life to protect her and it was the only thing that Izel did. Though, now she was going to have to leave her mistress in order to help with braves in the quest they were supposed to go on. Although, her mistress said that she would be okay without Izel for a while, a lingering feeling still stayed with Izel. However, it was her duty to go on the quest now that she was a Brave.

    With that in mind, Izel changed from her maid outfit to her usual attire which still looked quite maid-like in the end. She put on her three blades she liked to keep on her body just in case she ran out of magic. She had learned through training that it wasn't always good to just rely on magic to win a fight. She left her room in the castle and headed for the princess’s because she knew the girl would be in there. She knocked on the door and waited for the sound for her to come in.

    “My Lady,” Izel stated when she walked in. “I am leaving now. I am going to look for the other Braves who are residing around here as well. It would be better to meet up as soon as possible.”

    “Very well,” the princess replied, giving Izel a kind smile. They were friendly with each other, since the princess grew up with Izel taking care of her. “Have a safe trip, and come back soon because I’ll be waiting.” She didn’t say much, they didn’t to between each other. They were able to know what each other was thinking without having to say it, especially Izel to the princess. Izel was always able to tell what the girl wanted, or how she felt even though the princess always tried to hide it. She even knew that although the princess was acting completely fine, she secretly was going to miss her maid once she left for a while.

    Izel said her goodbyes to her mistress, and packed some things she believed she would on the journey. It was most likely a good time to start meeting with the other braves. Some of them were going to be easy. Two of them were already where she was at, though they were going to have to meet up with the others. She heard of who some of them were, since most of them were saint, though she didn’t talk to them or know them very well.

    She went off. Her best choice was to search for Aiden first. The others might not be there yet and Izel knew that the Saint of the Hunt might actually end up where Aiden was as well. She had heard that he took care of her often, so it wasn’t uncommon to see the two together. It would be easier to look for him, because she was either already with him or he was searching to find her himself.
  3. [ Location On her way to the rendezvous point. With Phrixus (NPC) > N/A ]

    Her patience was wearing thinner and thinner by the minute. She took five more steps forward, her footsteps being echoed behind her as she did reaffirming the reason for her growing impatience. Another five steps forward. Crack The sound of a twig snapping in half reached her ear. That was it. That was the last straw. Juliette abruptly stopped walking. "Will you stop it Rix!" She spoke without turning around. Juliette already knew who it was who was following her, after all, he made it a point to stick around right from the very beginning when she left the place she now considered to be her second home.

    The boy whom she addressed as Rix let out an audible sigh. "Jules, it was just a twig. If the sound annoys you so much I'll try and be more careful abou--"

    "It's not about the damn twig, Phrixus!" she bellowed, finally turning around and facing the boy named Phrixus. Her sudden outburst surprised him and made him take an unconscious step back. The lad known as Phrixus saw the embers in her eyes and knew that she was really mad at him now. He carefully chose his next words. "Then why--" Yet again, before he could finish his sentence, she cut him off. Her eyes were now ablaze with rage. He was definitely, definitely, scared of her now.

    "What do you mean why?!" Juliette threw her arms up in the air out of sheer frustration. "Rix, you've been following me since I left the village!"

    "That's just cause I want to protect you. The Goddesses know that you need it." was his quick response. Juliette let out a sigh of her own. She was notably calmer now than she was mere moments ago. "Look Rix, I know you mean well but I can take care of myself. I'm a Saint for goodness sake! Don't you have any confidence in the teachings that your mother taught me." The last part of what she said sounded more of a statement than a question. Phrixus frowned, "But Jules--"

    "Rix please. This is something I have to do on my own... well, not technically on my own but, you know what I mean!" Her companion looked her in the eyes before relaxing his features; a sign of him relenting to her wishes. "Fine. I just wished I was a brave as well and be of help." Juliette gave him sad smile. "I know Rix. I know. You would've been a fantastic brave as well but..."

    "Yes yes. I know I know. I'm not one of the chosen ones. I get it. No need to rub it in my face so often, Jules." She frowned at his statement. "Rix, I wasn't--" she started saying but it was now her turn to be cut off. "Don't you think it as a bit presumptuous for you to think that I was following you. I was heading to a place near where you were heading." He said while waving a piece of parchment with a drawn map in front of her face. "I--I--You're the one who said--!!"

    The lad tutted her. "Jules Jules Jules. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know." He flashed a grin at her. Despite the irate feeling that was starting to bubble up inside her, Juliette couldn't help but feel amused. A smile played on her lips. "Never change Rix. Never change." She snatched the map out of his hands and read it. "Looks like this is where we'll be splitting huh?" The grin on her companion's face slowly morphed into a sad smile. "Yeah. It'll be just you from here on out. Think you can manage?"

    Juliette let out an unladylike scoff. "Of course I can. I'm a saint in case you've forgotten." Her companion rolled his eyes. "Yeah, a saint who refuses to use her power."

    "Hmph! I'm fairly capable in using my chakrams thank you very much. And besides, you know why I refrain myself from using them. They're too--"

    "Too powerful, I know; Mother constantly reminds me."

    "And taxing. You know that it drains a lot out of me and."

    A comforting silence then loomed over them. It was as if Juliette used her saintly ability and stopped time, but both of them knew it wasn't the case. The birds' melodic chirping could still be heard. If time were truly still at that moment, neither of them would hear any sounds and only one of them would be able to move. That clearly wasn't the case as she saw her dear friend reached out and lightly ruffled her hair. "Take care of yourself."

    "Isn't that supposed to be my line? You reckless idiot." Phrixus chuckled and said nothing in response before taking his map back from her and heading off to his own destination. Juliette watched as her friend disappeared before turning around herself. "Right then. Time to go and meet the rest of the braves" she mumbled to herself before continuing onward to her own destination.
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  4. Naiv Meztli Naiv had been with Aiden for most of the morning, until the back of her neck started to burn and a crest appeared. At first Naiv was a little panicky about it, she had busted into Aiden's office (once again without knocking) and quickly showed him the back of her neck, "I can't see it, but it hurts." She was much calmer now, the sensation had already gone away but since she was here anyways she figured it might be fun to see Aiden's worried face, "It felt like it was burning, like worse than sunburn." Naiv, having never been burnt by fire or a hot surface, could only compare the feeling to sunburn.

    Aiden sent her home soon afterwards which certainly wasn't the reaction she was looking for. "Stupid Aiden." She grumbled to herself as she walked to their home, "I don't want to go home. I was having fun..."

    Once of the children that Naiv played with came running up to her with a big grin, "Naiv, Naiv!" She called out clearly ready to explode with excitement, "Did you get out early today? Can you play? My mom's going to the market and I don't want to go! You'll watch me right?" Naiv already knew that was a bad idea. Aiden gave her strict orders to "Go home." but... well it is for a good cause, "Yup!" She chirped. Quickly her hand was taken by the small girl as she was half dragged to a nearby house. "Mom! Mom! Naiv said she'll watch me!"

    "Oh, Naiv, you're out awfully early... what did you do this time?" The older woman's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

    "Oh, you know." Naiv started to answer awkwardly but she already knew Mrs. Eleuia wouldn't accept half the truth. It seemed like Mrs. Eleuia had the ability to tell if someone was lying, she called it a 'Mothers Instinct.' "My neck was hurting so I showed it to Aiden and he told me to go home. I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to know why." She grumbled.

    The older woman walked up, turned Naiv around and moved her hair out of the way ready to examine her ,however, it didn't take a trained eye to see the mark of a Brave, "Naiv, my dear, you should go home and pack." For the first time since Mrs. Eleuia found out Naiv was a Saint she seemed troubled, "W-why." "I'm sure Aiden will explain everything to you when he gets home, off you go now. I need to teach my little trouble maker how to spot good deals in the market place anyways. She has no time to play around today." "Ok..." The two disappointed girls responded in unison.

    Still just as confused, Naiv once again started down the street on her way home. She hadn't even rounded the corner before someone else called out to her, "Naiv! Naiv! Are you chasing someone? Can you play?" This time it was a group of boys. "No, I'm not chasing anyone but I don't think I have time to play either..." "Please? You have a cool new trick right? Tlama said he already got to see it! You need to show us the trick as well!" "Mmm... well I guess Aiden wont be back for a little while now... and you did ask nicely, Ok." As usual Naiv was talked into playing with the children... which usually got Naiv in all sorts of trouble.

    "Ok, watch closely." She said as her bow materialized in her hand. She knelt down and aimed her bow straight up before taking a deep breath. Finally she released two arrows in secession. The second arrow crashed into the first and they both shattered before dissolving in mid air. The results looked like a firework without the loud bang. "See that?! Cool right." The "Ooooh's," "Aaaah's" and "Ooooo's" Of the children already answered her question.

    "Ms. Naiv!" Caught! "Y-yes." She turned around to find one of the Nobles watching her, "Stop causing a ruckus." "Yes Mr. Iuiton." She mumbled, "My wife told me you have the mark of a Brave and that she sent you home to pack, I'll have you know you should consider yourself lucky to have such a mark." He already was starting to sound like Ms. Stick-in-the-mud, "There are plenty of Saints more dedicated than you are, more talented than you are, much more intelligent than you are, more respectful than you are, more impressive than you are." "Yes sir... wait, Brave!?" "Hrm. You didn't know, that's what your mark is for." "My mark? Oh! Is that what's on my neck?" She said turning her head trying to see it, "Oh, why did it have to be in a spot where I can't see it?" "Ms. Naiv!" Naive very suddenly straightened up like she was standing at attention, "R-right! Heading home, sorry!"

    As soon as Naiv got home she started to pack for her long journey, (although truthfully she always traveled light so it didn't take very long at all), "Should I bring a dress?" She wondered out loud, "Nope, I'm going out to fight, and even if they did have some sort fancy event I could just sneak out and wait for it to be over." She smiled and nodded to herself, agreeing with her own statement. "Now I just need to figure out where I'm supposed to be going. Normally the braves all meet up at the mountain path that separates the Wailing Demon Territory from the rest of the world... if I remember that correctly. Perhaps I should have payed more attention at the All Heavens Temple... Oh well, I'll ask Aiden!"

    Just as she finished talking to herself and closed her bag she heard the door open, "Aiden!" She squealed bursting out of her room and rounding the corner, "Aiden!" She tackled him at the doorway, "Aiden, I'm a brave! I'm going on an adventure. I'll make sure to see The Eternal Flower and I'll describe it to you, you may not like the Goddess but even you must be curious about The Eternal Flower, right?" In reality it had only been Naiv's dream to see The Eternal Flower... "Wait, Aiden, you're a brave too? Look, that's the crest right! We can go see it together!"
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  5. Aiden had not taken 3 steps into the house till he heard the stampering of Naiv running out to greet him. He opened his mouth to say hello, not realizing she seemed even further excitable than he could predict. He staggered as he felt himself being tackled, nearly falling if it wasn't for the wall he could brace himself on. "Hey, Naiv! come on, you're too old to be-..." His eyes grew wide as she ignored his words & began to talk about an adventure, realizing someone must've already told her about being chosen as a brave. "Hmm..." was his only lack-hearted response as she spoke. He thought for a moment, wondering if it was worth mentioning everything else concerned if she was already set on going. Aiden saw her glance at his neck, behind his right ear, Oh dammit, he realized his collar was lowered after she tackled him, just another thing he wasn't going to get a chance to explain himself.

    "Naiv, please calm down.... I wanted to talk about the whole thing with you right now but it seems everything already out on the table." He sighed. "This... is ultimately going to be dangerous, not a game, nor should it be in any way fun, & people WILL die Naiv, there hasn't been a set of Braves that have returned whole from the Majin's territory. Do you remember from the priestess's lesson, how many survived the last incursion?
    Only 2 of the 6 made it back home."
    He began to walk over to his room, signaling her to follow. Inside he opened a chest, it was full of the tools of his trade, some things he haven't used in awhile, bolas, nets, small swords. He began to don them as he continued speaking, "The longer we take to stop the demon king, the more people are going to suffer & the more demons that make it over the peninsula, & theres no gurantee that we'll even succeed." He slid the last knife into his belt & stared into the empty chest sadly. "You're much too young to be needing risk your life like this, what the Goddess was thinking, I won't even bother trying to understand, whats important is you're going to make to out alive." He dug into his pocket & handed her the parchment.

    Braves of the Six Flowers

    Currently known:
    Aiden Rhys, Captain of the Guard, city of Piena
    Juliette Fiscella, Saint of Time
    Naiv Meztli, Saint of the Hunt
    Izel, Saint of Blades

    Additional statements of the Saint of Fresh Blood as the 5th brave continue to persist locally, confirmation has been slow due to Majin incursion.

    No statements on the 6th brave exist at this time.

    "This is what we know sofar of the other Braves, we should go find Izel..." he paused for a moment as he seemed to think, "....right now after we pack. Make sure you have everything you need, & don't take anything you don't."

  6. ____________ Priscilla Bramly
    Saint Of Fresh Blood Temple_____ Tired_____ No current Interaction
    And yet another quiet, boring day for the young Saint of Fresh Blood. She was curled up on her bed, rolled up in a cute little ball for the night prior in hopes that the position would keep herself warm under the comfort of her own blankets. Just a few days ago, Priscilla had been chosen to be one of the six braves, and the symbol right over her heart proved it to be so. Never would have have realized that she would have been chosen, never mind the fact that she wasn't even confident in her own abilities to begin with. Many people have told her what she was a fairly powerful Saint, but she would beg to differ.

    The heat and light of the sun hit her right in her closed eyes, prompting her to turn over. Even so, that didn't stop the sun's glaring light to warm her up, eventually pulling her out of her bed after a couple of half-awake twitches. She had always hated the mornings, and if morning were a person, she'd probably try to smack them in the face before crawling back into her bed. If only she could do that, because she had the horrible blessing of not being able to fall asleep for a good 14-16 hours after waking up. She was still in her nice village, right within the Temple of Fresh Blood, and not even that far of a walk. She had realized that since she was chosen to be a brave, that would mean that she would have to be leaving the nuns, maids and the like off as well. It almost pained her to even think about doing so.

    Never the less, she couldn't bare to decline the offer of being a brave, and she also found it rather flattering, after all.

    The light-haired female picked herself up from the bed, hauling her body over to the closet to grab a pair of casual clothing for her trip. She was more or less traveling light; with a black, off the shoulder top coupled with a hot pink skirt. She had made sure that the shit was covering her symbol, just because she wasn't fond of showing off her status or position in public. She was the type of person who would prefer staying low, and being the Saint of Fresh Blood alone was enough to draw unwanted attention to herself. She had also made sure to pick up the sword, neatly placed in it's sheath. This was possibly her only weapon, and her most treasured one at that. It had been passed down to her by the previous Saint, and the weapon was still covered in the blood of many fallen warriors and enemies. She'd be lying if she had said that it didn't disturb her in the slightest, though.

    Speaking of, she had remembered when her crest had appeared on her body. It literally felt like she was having some sort of heart burn, but the pain subsided soon after it had appeared. Really, it was not a fun experience, and she would not be doing that again, ever. Gods above have mercy on those other Braves who had to go through the same process.

    To be honest, she had her crest for a few days now, and word and rumors of being a Brave had spread around quickly, much to her own dismay. She eventually walked down the stairs, waving goodbye to the previous Saint of Fresh Blood, her cat, and the toddler that she thought of as a younger sister. After patting her head, she walked out the door, and took a deep breath. The city, luckily, wasn't too far from where she was, so it wouldn't be too long of a walk.

    She had caught wind of the other Braves, most notably the other Saints, such as the Saint of Blades and the Saint of Time, along with the Saint of the Hunt. Priscilla didn't know them all too well, but she was eager to meet them. "Now then.." She sighed, rubbing the back of her head. A sigh escaped her lips, growing slightly anxious. "It.. Wouldn't be good if I were to be attacked.." She mumbled, keeping one of her hands on the hilt of her sword out of pure paranoia.

  7. [​IMG]
    A mixture of excitement and dread was brewing inside her. On one hand, Juliette was excited to meet her fellow braves and nobly put her life at risk to keep evil at bay; on the other hand though, she barely knew who the other braves were. All she heard before she left the temple was the name of one other brave, the Saint of Blades. Despite being a Saint herself, Juliette shamefully hardly knew the names of the other Saints. Her master, the former Saint of Time, didn't exactly think that it was an important matter to cram into her pretty pink head. Thankfully Phrixus was there to teach her such things, but even he had limited knowledge. Living in a hamlet had it's pros and cons, being late in the news was most definitely one of the cons, a list she thought she wouldn't have to add more to when her master proclaimed that she was taking her away from the hamlet she grew up in to train her. Being brought to live in yet another hamlet was the last thing she expected. Apparently the former Saint of Time had a thing for tightly-knit living areas. What surprised her even more was that the Saint of Time's temple was located there. A hamlet. It still baffled her to this day, but that was a different subject matter altogether.

    Aside from the hesitation from not being informed of the other Braves' identities, there was also the hesitation born out of the little matter of potentially dying--something she was certainly not keen on happening. The willingness to die for a good cause was there, it's just--there's a part of her that was selfish. She wanted to live, she was far too young to die. Is that so bad? Is it so bad to not want to die?! Juliette stopped walking as the emotions she felt inside her grow more intense by the second. All the cheeriness she felt just moments ago were now long gone. Her fingers closed into a fist around her skirt. The black fabric of her clothing bunched up around her tightly curled fingers. There was still time, she could still turn around. Turn around while it wasn't too late. Juliette bit her lip. Turn around and live in shame? Never. Phrixus would have a fit if he found out. All of a sudden she felt grateful that they separated paths just moments ago. Her little breakdown, despite not being expressed verbally and outwardly for the most part, was something she'd rather not have her dearest friend see. Though thinking about it, Phrixus' company may have prevented it from ever occurring--or at least halted it to a later date.

    Feeling more level-headed than moments ago, Juliette was about to continue on with her way when she heard the sound of light footsteps coming from the general direction of where Phrixus had headed off to moments ago. Juliette thought it was merely him returning to bug her, but her gut feeling says it wasn't him. "Who goes there?" she said as she spun around, her hand instinctively hovering her side where her chakrams were hooked, ready to draw when needed. But upon seeing who it was, Juliette visibly relaxed and she eased of her stance. "It's you" she quitely said to herself as she released a breath of relief. It was the Saint of Fresh Blood, Priscilla Bramly, one of the few Saints whose name she knew of. An idea then came to her mind. Could it be--? She smiled warmly at her fellow Saint. "Saint of Fresh Blood, right?" Juliette asked despite already knowing this. " I apologise for having to ask, one isn't always updated around the world's happenings when living in a hamlet." she paused for a moment, contemplating on what words to use, before finally settling on, "You wouldn't happen to have..." Juliette started rolling her sleeves up, just by a bit, and then tugging her glove down to the base of her hand. With the skin of her left wrist now exposed, she continued. "One of these?" she raised her left hand, showing her the mark of being a Brave that was located on the inside of her left wrist.

    Interacted With: Priscilla Bramly (@Nano)
  8. Naiv Meztli She couldn't help but giggle at his pensive face, he was probably a little upset that he didn't get to surprise her with the news of both of them being chosen as braves. As usual he was a sore loser! "Yes, yes it is, I already knew I was a brave when I got home and I figured out that you were a brave before you could say anything." She said boastfully as she backed up to give him some space, after all it's hard to boast when you're holding someone against a wall. Her hands found her hips and she puffed out her chest, "You'll have to try harder to surprise me, pulling together little hints is my specialty you know, I am the Saint of the Hunt after all." It was clear that Naiv wasn't understanding the mood he was trying to set and his next words shook her. She was so caught up in thinking about all the cool things she would get to do and about how she would get to see a ton of places that most people would never have the chance to see, that she forgot the harsh realities of it.

    She quieted down, her arms dropped to her sides and her once overly enthusiastic attitude seemed to simmer down rather quickly. "But of the first group four made it back." She inserted trying to keep at least a little bit of the excitement going, but it was clear that Aiden was not having any of it. He continued talking about how this was a very serious matter, and how she was too young to be on such a mission and how he couldn't understand what the goddess was thinking and on and on. Naiv clenched her fists, feeling a mix of emotions that she wasn't used to, and couldn't even identify. After taking the parchment Naiv couldn't hold back any longer, "I'm not too young. I'm twenty two, and while you may act like an old fart you're only twenty seven, five years older," Naiv's gaze moved to her feet, "sometimes only four." She paused for a moment while debating on what she wanted to say, "and I get that it'll be difficult... but it's not important that I make it out alive!" The words suddenly came out of her mouth, for once she even surprised herself, "What matters is that we stop stupid Ma... mag... the demon thing!" Perfect moment to forget Majin's name, "What matters is that we save people! And, and," She looked at the list, "What matters is the maid gets back so the princess won't be sad! and, and, Priscilla because... she helped me... and those other people too! ... What matters is that you make it out because... just because."

    She took a deep breath and managed to smile again, she rambled enough to get rid of most of the sour emotions, all that was left was the bad aftertaste, "So you're not allowed to die, got it?" She said giving him a mock order, "And I'm already packed." She was already back to her old self, his harsh words and her curt reply already seeming to be long forgotten. It wasn't in Naivs nature to hold onto negative things. "It doesn't matter what comes our way, we're team A.I.! (A nickname she had come up with. Aiden and Naiv both have A followed by I)." She nodded to her own statement, "And you know what, it'd be sad if this ended up as our last journey and neither of us had any fun, so despite the danger lets have fun anyways." As usual, Naiv's child like philosophy shown forth, brightening up everything before her.
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  9. ____________ Priscilla Bramly
    Path_____ Alert >> Relaxed_____ @darkflames13 - Juliette Fiscella
    At first, the path wasn't all that bad. Things were silent, eerily so, but otherwise, it wasn't like she was attacked out of no where like she may have suspected. Maybe she had been a bit too paranoid? Maybe she had been overreacting? Maybe things weren't so bad after all? That would most likely be the case, as the rest of the trip down said path went smooth and nicely. She found the occasional merchant walking down with a cart of vegetables, or a child or adult as well. Things like those made her happy, knowing that there were people at peace, where the fiends couldn't get them. Speaking of, she actually couldn't wait to meet the other braves. She had heard that the Saint of Blades and the Saint of Time have both been chosen, along with herself, but it's possible that the other braves didn't know about this yet. Oh well, at least she would have her mark to prove such an identity.

    The previous Saint of Fresh Blood, also her adoptive mother, had taught her many things about becoming the Saint, and what each one would do. As for her, she had the ability to manipulate blood and such. However, she had also taught her that the laws of physics would also apply. Saints' powers defy that of physics, however, are still kept under a certain boundary to make sure that those powers are not to be far too powerful. Of course, the Saint of the Swamp was also amazingly strong, but hey, it's not like she could do anything about that. The most that she could do, was to sit around and listen to the old woman rant on, and on, and on, and on about each and every one of a Saint's responsibilities, the names of the other Saints, and etc. She spoke as though she would have to fight those people one of these days, and she prayed to god that she wouldn't.

    Not too long into her thoughts, She had heard a woman speak up, almost in a defensive manner. Perhaps she had set her off? That was certainly a possibility. After making herself visible, she was surprised to see the Saint of Time, walking down this path unguarded. Seriously, who leaves a Saint unguarded-- Oh wait.

    Priscilla looked over at Juliette. Saint of Time, one of the six braves. She had known her name due to both her previous Saint and because of that one time meeting she needed to attend. "Yes, right." She replied, smiling warmly up at the woman. Priscilla had hair that was almost white, like someone had just sucked all the color out of it, but at the same time, it didn't make her look like an old woman. If anything, she looked delicate, fragile, and regal rather than all blood blood kill kill sort of person. "I take that you're the Saint of Time?" She asked in response. She already knew that this was the Time Saint, but it never hurt to confirm her suspicions. After a short pause, Juliette started with a question, and rolled up her sleeve in order to reveal something that looked like the mark; a mark that she knew far too well. "Ah!" She exclaimed, slowly moving her hair aside and pulling the collar of her shirt down just a slight bit around her heart area, eventually revealing the identical crest as the former. "Yes, I do, in fact." She responded confidently. It looks like the two of them would be having the same destination, and she could barely wait.

  10. Izel was about to leave the castle she lived in when she was stopped by one of the other maids who resided in the castle for work.

    “Ms. Izel, are you leaving now?” She asked. Even though Izel was a maid like this one, she was higher in rank and since she was also the Saint of Blades, the others usually tried to speak to her with respect. It was something that Izel never really cared about, but the maids felt that they should.

    “Yes. I shall be going,” Izel said. She was formal with almost everyone most of the time. “I am going to meet up with Aiden and the Saint of the Hunt, two other braves. Though, it now occurs to me that I do not know where those two even live.” How was she supposed to find them if she didn’t know Aiden’s residence? She wouldn't know his residence, that was not something that she needed to know. This meant though, that she could search around the whole city, but she wouldn’t know where to go. They could end up looking around for each other for a long time and never find each other.

    “I don’t know anything either,” the maid replied. “Perhaps you can simply wait for the others. They would know where you are, correct?”

    “Yes, I am sure that is true. I suppose I could. Though, I’d rather not spend time waiting for them. I will at least head outside to the front of the castle. I’ll be taking my leave. Farewell.” The other maid did a bow and let Izel go. The Saint of Blades walked away, and headed through the corridors to the main gates of the castle.

    Once there, she left the only home she knew. It was a strange feeling, knowing that she wasn’t going to be coming back for a while. She might not even come back. This was very different then spending some time away doing saint duties at the temple. This journey was going to be much more difficult and dangerous. It was going to be something that could kill them all. But, that didn’t matter.

    Izel left the castle, heading outside where she thought she could at least wait for the arrival of her two fellow braves. She was sure that they knew where Izel was, considering most knew of her status as the princess’s maid and bodyguard. They knew she would be at the castle. She walked a bit more, stopping at the outside gates where she could easily be seen if the others started to walk towards the castle. There were guards stationed there and they looked over at Izel. They most likely knew that she was chosen as a brave. It was a destiny that was both good and bad at the same time. She was sure those guards were thinking about that. She was chosen, which meant something great about her, but it also meant that she could end up dead and never come back.

    They probably questioned who would take her place at the princess's side. Izel was the other one who was ever in that position, and it was going to be a hard one to replace. They knew that the princess wasn't going to be happy if Izel didn't come back. But, Izel wasn't concerned with her own life. She wasn't afraid to die. However, it did conflict when she thought about leaving her princess's side. Her duty was to protect that girl and she couldn't if she was dead thanks to a mission that didn't even have to do with her. It was best not to think about that for now, and just focus on the tasks at hand.

  11. [​IMG]

    Location: Arora Village (a nearby village outside the kingdom of Pienna) > Pathway towards Pienna / Mood: ??? / Interactions: None

    Outside of the kingdom's well-fortified walls, a semi-large group of brutes were marching towards the nearby village of Arora. Shown to be wielding and brandishing axes, scimitars and the like, they had no problem being out in the open and intimidating the horrified townsfolk who started scramming away for their lives as they shouted at the top of their lungs.


    The village guards were immediately alerted and equipped themselves with swords and buckles for defense. They quickly headed out to intercept the incoming threat, grouping themselves in order to better tackle against the mercenaries.

    "Leave this village, now! By law of the King and Queen of Pienna, we make our stand here to make sure the village of Arora is as peaceful as it can be! And we will not hesitate to use lethal force against those who threaten said peace!"

    Those words, overflowing with justice, determination and good will were all for naught as the mercenaries didn't seem to care. They slowly advanced and using their size and numbers to their advantage, quickly overwhelmed the defending opposition. Men were quickly dropping like flies, left and right, showing the massive difference between the strength of the mercenaries and the village guards. These weren't your ordinary band of thieves, the group was particularly dreaded by the entirety of the kingdom. Being on the "Most Wanted Criminal Groups" list, the Red Scorpion was truly a force to be reckoned with.

    In the middle of the ensuing chaos and commotion, a hooded young man stood still near the battle grounds, observing the situation at hand. The upper-half of his face was obscured by the hoodie of the cloak he was wearing, only leaving his dark smile visible. Many villagers were passing right by him as they ran away in fear, yet he himself showed no trace of fear. With the last line of defense of the village guards being completely decimated, it left the entire village of Arora at the mercy of the Red Scorpions.

    The blood-stained mercenaries glanced over to the direction where the lone and deserted young man was still frozen in place.

    "Pretending to be tough, eh? ... Kill him."

    The order was sent, and two mercenaries lunged towards him at great speed. As they move in for the kill, the two mercenaries had their arms cut down at the same time. It happened way too fast for a normal human's eyes to perceive. They realized too late that the hooded man had pulled out a very sharp-edged shortsword. As they yell in horror at the sight of their mutilated arms, they then had their heads cut off by the seemingly dangerous young man.


    It was at this time that he started to make his move, slowly yet calmly approaching the rest of the Red Scorpion group. Still in shock over what happened, the brutes surrounded and completely trapped him in a circle. Stopping his footsteps, the young man raised his head and removed the cover of his hoodie. As the mercenaries were completely horrified when they realize who this man was, a small smirk escaped his lips.



    The battle had ended in a matter of mere minutes, with horrifying results. Most of the Red Scorpion mercenaries were either brutally maimed or dismembered. The last man standing was the young male, flicking the enormous amount of blood dripping from his short-sword, before placing it back on it's sheath. Covering his face with the hoodie from his dark cloak, the young man had made his leave from the quiet, abandoned and bloodied village. One of the mercenaries, who was already dying from his injuries, could only utter a single word before losing consciousness.

    "Shi... ni.. ga..."


    The young man had headed over to the cliffs after the events that had transpired. Not long after, he arrived at his destination, with the view of the kingdom of Pienna being visible through the horizon. He had absorbed the breeze of the wind flowing through the air, with his gaze set towards the kingdom. He had began to ponder his thoughts as he pulled out and looked at the mysterious crest engraved on the palm of his right hand.

    It was the crest of the Braves of the Six Flowers.


    He had never expected to be chosen to be one of them. Even now, he is still confused as to why he had to bear the mark of the Braves. Why? Because he always thought that heroes do not exist in this world. This man had a firm belief that this world is bound to end at some point due to the stupidity that humanity brings upon it. His life was a complete mess from the beginning, and losing someone gravely important to him and seeing the cruelty of the world made him completely switch to what he is now: a lone mercenary and assassin who kills people because he wants to. While his primary targets are those who had been drunk by their power, he doesn't hesitate in wanting the world to end. When word had spread that the Demon God has awoken and monsters started running amok throughout the continent, it only strengthened his resolve to let it happen. And with that, he had a set goal in mind: TO KILL THE SIX BRAVES. If they died, nothing will stop the rise of this being to ravage the world.

    It was two months ago that he had mysteriously received this crest, not long after the slow revival of the Demon God. When he received the mark, it had horrified and confused him greatly. Why should a killer like him, one who wanted the world to end at that, to be given the responsibility to end the being that exists solely to do just that?

    After some long thinking on his part, the young man hardened his heart and his decision to kill the rest of the Braves. When he had heard word that the Braves were key individuals from the kingdom of Pienna, he traveled a long way to get there. He was a wandering assassin, after all. And now that he is almost there, nothing can stop him now.


    The man climbed up on a big, sturdy oak tree. He picked up the things that he had left hidden up there, including his signature weapon: a scythe. Jumping down from the tree, he had began his "quest" as he made his way through the pathway outside of Pienna.

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  12. @NorwayFOO
    Aiden sighed in disappointment, noticeably more at himself than anything. Aiden jerked his head & stared at her as she mentioned the importance of killing the Majin over her own life. "Hm..." He walked over to a nearby window & looked out, the yard was peaceful, quiet. When he had gotten his mark he had imagined that Naiv would remain, at least this home wouldn't be empty upon his leave.

    "You're right.... I shouldn't talk to you like I am, for that I'm sorry. & don't worry, if I made it this far, I doubt it'd have been to not make it back" He said smiling half reassuringly. He wasn't too sure what was going to happened when they went out there.... he'd do whatever he can to make sure they were all prepared but nothing ever went the way you wanted to. If you weren't careful, trying to step in at a bad time could cause more damage than it could help, a lesson he learned himself through a rough memory of his own failure.

    Aiden loaded up his pack & began to move, "Alright then.... lets go have some fun?" He said, more to humor Naiv than anything. Their horses awaited them outside, loading up, Aiden mounted his as he waited for Naiv to finish preparing herself. He thought to himself as he waited patiently, "....Team Ai? where did you come up with that, its terrible." He grinned at the corner of his mouth, chuckling at the random name Naiv seemed to have come up with for them, just one of many shes created throughout the years.

    "Ready? we're heading to the temple to pick up the Saint of Blades & hopefully the others if they've made it already."
  13. Naiv Meztli Naiv's excited energy seemed to come back ten fold as Aiden agreed to 'having fun'. She darted out of his room, down the hall, and nearly tripped as she turned into her room. Naiv, though graceful while 'on the hunt', could be quite clumsy and reckless while excited. Once in her room she grabbed her bag, whistled to Duck and gleefully left the house, through her window, and stopped right behind Aiden whom was bad mouthing her well thought out name, "Mmm," She hummed her disapproval, "You never like any of the names I come up with, team hunt, team Naiv, team awesome, team best guards, team Naden, the two fighters, team net, and all the other ones, fine, you come up with a name then." She ran around Aiden's horse and mounted her own before crossing her arms with a playful "Hmpf." After peeking at Aiden to see his reaction she unfolded her arms and grabbed the reins "... Race you to the castle! Ms. Maid! Here we come!" Naiv kicked her horse into a full gallop and was off before he could even give her a response, "Duck! To the castle!" She called out to her hunting 'puppy' whom was quickly falling behind.

    Naiv had been 'winning' for most of the race but by the time she rounded the corner for the final stretch Aiden was already slowing his horse to a stop next to Izel, "Aiden you cheater!" She called out as she slowed to stop just behind him before swinging her leg over her horse to sit aside in order to face Izel. "Ms. Maid!" She said gleefully, smacking both of her knee's with her hands to emphasis her excitement. Usually whenever Naiv saw Izel, Aiden wouldn't let them talk, and the rare occasions when they were able Naiv did most of the talking, "Are you ready to go on an adventure!" She pulled her hair back and turned so Izel could see her mark before whirling back around, "Do you not have a horse? You should ride with me," Naiv slyly looked over at Aiden before loudly whispering, "Aiden gets nervous and sweaty when around pretty girls. That's why he's still single."
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  14. Izel waited at the front gate of the castle, still thinking about the journal that was ahead. A little white later she could see two horses coming into sight. Though, that didn't mean they were the ones she was waiting for. This was the castle and while they didn't get visitors everyday and if they did get visitors, everyone was usually alerted, that didn't mean that they wouldn't get a surprised visitor for the castle and the people in it. Also, there was always the chance that is was a bad surprise visitor. But, with the guards there and now Izel waiting there, that wouldn't be an issue.

    When they came into view, Izel noticed that it was the two she was waiting for. Naiv spoke first, which didn't surprise the maid. She was always very talkative. Whenever Izel was around the girl, most of the talking was done by the Saint of the hunt. Izel would simply stand there and let the woman talk as much as she wanted.

    "Hello Saint of the Hunt," Izel spoke after the girl was finished with her talking for a moment. The maid looked at the horses the two had. "No, as this journey is long I am not allowed to bring one of the castle horses. They may be needed while I am away." Naiv mentioned about riding with her, and joked about Aiden though Izel really didn't know anything about him so the joke could be completely true and she didn't know it.

    "I can ride with anyone," Izel spoke. She didn't care who she rode with as long as she didn't slow anyone down. They had to get to their meeting point and get on their journey. "Or simply buy a horse somewhere out of town along the way after some point. A horse would make it easier to travel with you two to the meeting point with the others. As for Aiden, perhaps, he can buy something to help him with his little problem then if he is looking for a girlfriend. Though, thank you for the compliment." Izel was a maid and it was part of her job to make sure she thanked and responded to everything that was said to her. Though, it might be strange to continue to do that along the journey since she would not be a maid or bodyguard for a particular person at all, but a fellow Brave.
  15. "Well maybe if the names you came up had some thought put into them.... " Then Aiden paused as he saw Naiv turning back to demand the two of them race. "... Race you to the castle! Ms. Maid! Here we come!". Aiden then kicked on his heels & urged his horse to being moving forward to catch up. "I mean honestly? Take Team best guards for example!" He said, nearly yelling over the sound of their gallops. "The last time you asked me to give you ANY sort of guard duty, you couldn't even sit still for the first 2 hours!" Aiden could tell she wasn't even listening to him, he muttered under his breath. He considered for a brief moment of actually trying to make it past her & prove he could beat, but before he could give his horse a kick, she went sailing past the right street. He reeled in the reins, "Whoa...."

    He stopped for a moment as he saw Naiv & Duck running off the long corner. He sighed realizing they still didn't know their way around as he turned his horse down an alley & urged him forward. Getting them to the temple in half the time Naiv wasted going the long way around the district. He noticed the Saint of Blades awaiting them as he slowed in.

    "Miss Izel-" Aiden opened his mouth to greet the maid, but Naiv spoke much quicker, cutting him off as she usually tended to do beyond all reason. He remained silent but scowled at Naiv's loudly subtle offhand insult to him, he was prepare to interrupt before hearing the maid's comment on the matter as well.

    "I am quite happy with my current business & state of affairs thank you very MUCH Naiv...." He said annoyed. Already he was beginning to feel tangs of how the Braves might become his final downfall. This was why he never took Naiv anywhere if he could help it. The thought of ordering the brave home crossed his mind.

    He then looked back to Izel, his annoyance slightly withered but by no means displaced. "...I'm surprised the royal family or the temple didn't see to it a Saint & a Brave was given a horse to save the land. But regardless, if you have all your things, we best be getting to the market to make sure you are supplied for the journey ahead, the other saints are making good headway last I heard."
  16. Naiv Meztli "I am quite happy with my current business & state of affairs thank you very MUCH Naiv...." Naiv flashed Aiden an innocent smile before turning to face Izel once again. "Ok, like Aiden said, to the market, then the temple." She nodded to herself. "No point in running to the market, the temple is a three days journey at best." Naiv put her finger to her chin in 'thought' "I think." ... "Oh well, Come on, I'll give you a ride." She as she reached out her hand to her fellow saint. Despite Aiden's feathers being ruffled Naiv continued to smile, and while that normally meant she was in trouble too, there was no point in getting upset. "Don't worry about the old man." She mentioned as they trotted out to the market area, "He'll calm down in a bit." She nodded in agreement with her own statement.

    As they neared the market place Naiv decided it was a good time to remind Izel of one of the most important things of being a Saint and a Brave. "Ms. Maid! Don't forget you'll get a good discount if you show them your mark!" She hummed happily. Naiv didn't know too much about being a maid but one thing was for sure, most of their payment came from free living and food with only a small amount of actual spending money, though maybe it was different in the castle... Oh well, a discount is a discount! "Almost anyone will give you a discount simply out of respect for the title 'saint' but even more so if you're a chosen brave!" They made it to the stable and Naiv slowed her horse down to a walking trot, "Ok, so um. Those ones are cheep ones, and those ones are the more pricey ones, but those are the fastest, and that one is for long traveling and what-not." Naiv tried to explain, though truthfully she didn't know a thing about horses herself, "Or was that one the fast expensive one..." She had been to the stable with Aiden dozens of times for various reasons, and most of the time Aiden would tell her which horse was which... though truthfully Naiv was more interested in interacting with the horses than she was in the 'lecture'. "Aiden..." She said defeated though she wasn't sure exactly why. It seemed like whenever Naiv found herself in a pinch or unsure of herself, her default was looking to Aiden.

    Naiv stopped her horse and jumped down after Izel so they could peruse the horses. Truthfully both Aiden and Izel probubly knew a lot more about horses than she did, after all she'd been 'locked up' since she was fifteen and before that she was very busy running from bounty hunters and entertaining children. There was no room to learn about such things so Naiv would always choose horses based off of the 'pretty' factor. Just as Naiv was about to continue giving Izel a 'tour' of the stables Duck came flying around the corning, causing multiple horses to become unsettled. One of the stable hands grew rather agitated, "How many times do I have to say this! WOLVES are not aloud inside the stable!" "He's not a wolf! He's a hunting puppy!" She replied hotly, "Naiv, no mater what you call him it doesn't change his species, whatever, your 'hunting puppy' doesn't belong in the stables!" "Mmm..." Naiv glanced at Aiden but quickly adverted her eyes, "Fine..." She couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice. "I'll take duck outside..." She looked to Aiden once more before walking out of the stable with Duck close behind. As soon as they left the stable hands were able to calm down the handful of upset horses.

    Once outside Naiv climbed back up onto her horse and glanced down at Duck, "Oh Duck." She mumbled, "Oh well. I'm sure Ms. Maid will pick out a wonderful horse and since Aiden is there it'll be fine. Right boy?" Already her joyful attitude was beginning to surface again. "Hay Duck, if Aiden gets mad and scolds me you should bark until he gives up, ok." Duck wagged his tail and Naiv took that as a yes, of course, Duck had no idea what she was actually saying. "Good boy."
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  17. "First and for most, I am a servant for the castle, not a saint or brave," Izel commented to Aiden. His comments made sense, you would think that since those titles she would be given a horse to ride, but in her case it seemed they still did not want to hand over a horse. Not to mention, that perhaps, the brave title was actually a bad thing when it came to castle horses. They didn't want to give away a horse and have it never come back when they might be needed for something else at the castle.

    The maid then nodded in response to heading for the market. She had packed her things, but it was a good idea to buy anything that she believed she needed to bring along during the trip. There was also the matter of buying a horse for herself. With that in mind, Izel took the offer of riding with Naiv and got on her horse. She listened to the comments that Naiv were making, though Izel wasn't one to flaunt her brave mark to get a discount on money. Although it sounded like a helpful thing, Izel's personality wasn't one to take that offer. "I'll be sure to remember that." Although, the saint of blades was not one to simply turn someone down harshly for simple comments.

    Once that the market, the maid had bought some things she believed they would need on the journey. It was better to be overly prepared then under in a quest such as the one they were going on. They had to be ready for anything that could happen, even things that they wouldn't be able to ever think of until after it happened.

    It didn't take long to get to the market and stables, and she wasn't planning on spending a lot of time there. There, Naiv discussed the horses, though Izel secretly didn't need that information. It was after the girl left with her animal friend that she had interestingly named Duck that the maid carefully began to look at the horses to see which one she wanted to take. After she was finished with choosing, the horse was bought and Izel took it out to come back out where Naiv was waiting with Duck.

    "I am ready to head out now," Izel said to her two follow braves and Naiv's canine companion. She was sure the others were already ready and had gotten what ever they needed as well. She get herself up onto the horse, and followed the others so they could head out and meet the other braves that will join them on their quest as well.
  18. [​IMG]

    "Yes, right. I take it you're the Saint of Time?" Her fellow Saint answered with a question of her own. Juliette nodded. While other Saints may get offended at the prospect of not being known by others, especially a fellow Saint, Juliette is hardly bothered by it. It isn't a surprise to her when she comes across someone, be it fellow Saint or someone else, only to find out they don't know who she along with her being the Saint of Time. She grew up in a hamlet that anyone outside of it hardly knew of its existence after all. Besides, she didn't mind. She didn't agree to be trained for Sainthood to become popular, she agreed because she wanted to do something more with her life than stay in the little hamlet she lived in.

    "Ah!" The Saint of Fresh Blood exclaimed upon seeing the marked that Juliette showed. She proceeded on showing her own mark and Juliette couldn't help but smile widely at the sight. Priscilla's symbol rested over the area where the heart is said to lie. "Yes, I do, in fact" Juliette beamed with joy at the answer. "Great! Looks like we'll be heading the same way. Travelling together would be best, wouldn't you agree?" She cheerily said as she lowered her raised hand and began covering the skin where the mark was. Her mind was already rejoicing as she knew she now had a companion. It wasn't until Phrixus had set off on his own way just mere moments ago did she realise how dreadful it was to be travelling alone.

    Juliette then walked towards her new found companion. She stopped once she was at an arm's length away and extended her hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you in person Priscilla. My name's Juliette, but feel free to call me Jules or any other nickname you wish." She smiled warmly as she introduced herself. Teamwork was vital in their ultimate quest, thus, Juliette figured that getting along and making friends was the way to go. Not that she ever planned on being mean or rude to the others. Juliette was well aware that any form of friction and animosity between the team could potentially ruin it all for everyone. Though even if it weren't detrimental, Juliette would still try and befriend everyone in the team. It was simply in her nature to be friendly towards others.

    The Saint of Time looked towards the path they were to the traverse still. It wasn't far now, she could even spot the tallest tower in their destination. Juliette hoped that everyone was there already; it would certainly make things easier on them. Speaking of others Braves, Juliette had no idea on who the other four still were. She began to wonder what were they like. Juliette prayed that none of the current Braves were cantankerous brats. That would be hard to deal with. "I wonder how many Saints there are this time 'round." She wondered aloud. An image began forming in her head and Juliette couldn't help but giggle at the thought. "Wouldn't it be funny if all six of us were Saints? I'd like to see how the Demon King would fair against us six if that were the case."

    Interacted With: Priscilla Bramly (@Nano)
  19. Aiden nodded as Izel explained her situation, he tensed his jaw as she explained how she was neither of those things, at least in relation to the castle.... He accepted her explanation but internally he seethed at the blatant disregard for the importance of the role Izel was to fill.... Was it refusal to acknowledge a servant? True fear for the self? In any matter he'd file a formal complaint with the Royal Guard when he returned. Izel mounted with Naiv & the lot of them headed towards the market. Naiv & Izel spent a good deal of time picking out the things they wanted, Aiden took his time & stayed near them, simply watching the people passing by, the marketplace still abuzz with the sound of chatter & life.

    Aiden would've imagined people would be more.... alarmed? concerned? Just felt like they were wasting what days they had pretending everything was okay. Even if everything was okay, weren't they really they wasting their days anyway? People forget too easily whats important. But speaking of forgetting, Aiden looked around & didn't see Izel or Naiv, before realizing he remembered Naiv mentioning the stables. He hurried off, catching back up to them as they arrived, catching back his focus just in time to watch Naiv attempt to educate Izel on horses. He leaned back agaisnt his arms crossed as she seemed to become lost when talking about the horses, looking back at him like he was supposed to fill in her answers for her. "Aiden..."

    He shrugged, & spoke as they looked at their steeds. Every time she looked at him, he'd comment on the animal she was looking at.

    "That ones a work horse"

    "Prize horse, just breed those to look good"

    we"Naiv, thats a pony He grinned at the corner of his mouth watching her shift from animal to animal before seeing her get into a scene with the shopkeep, he sighed & stood up, "Son't worry, we'll be out soon." As soon as she left, Aiden walked over to Izel to help her select a mount but she had already seemed to have her mind set on a steed. After the purchase, the pair of them went out & met with Naiv. The trio now prepared to head off were ready to begin their journey & defeat the Majin.

    "Lets best get ourselves out of the city & moving, every moment we take could mean more lives we can't help
  20. Naiv Meztli Everyone seemed prepared to leave and, to be honest, waiting outside for Aiden and Izel had made her impatient, though truthfully they hadn't kept her waiting long, "OK!" She said loudly as her companions mounted their horse's, "We ride to the peninsula temple!" With that she brought her horse into a steady but fast paced trot. It took everything in her not to kick her horse once more to bring it into a slow gallop but she reminded herself that the journy was long and tiring out her horse wouldn't help anyone.

    They had only traveled for perhaps twenty minutes before Naiv managed to get bored and slowed her horse down to ride next to Aiden, "Aiden, how far have we traveled? How much longer is this going to take?" She mumbled not leaving out a single hint as to tell him she was close to dying from boredom. "You must not like this long journey either, I guess you're retirement will have to wait, huh?" she mentioned before leaning back and sighing. Suddenly a thought came to her mind and after letting it develop a little she decided to bring it up, "After this journey what's going to happen? Most of the brave's before ended up disappearing, you're not going to disappear are you?"

    As they continued to travel conversation died down between the two so Naiv moved on to Izel next. "Hay, Ms. Maid, what do you do at the castle? You're the Princess's maid right? What's the princess like? Aiden never lets me talk to her..." Which was probubly for the better, Naiv was unpredictable at best and was known for causing trouble.
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