Braves of the Six Flowers

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    Legends say that
    When demons awaken from the depths of darkness,
    & turn the world into a living hell.
    The Goddess of Fate will select six heroes
    & give them the power to save the world.
    It always six that are chosen.
    & for this reason, they are known as the
    Braves of the Six Flowers.



    1000 Years ago, far to the west, beyond the Balca Peninsula
    The Demon God Majin came into existence, & with him rose legions of demons
    that swept forth across the continent, the Demon God's tendrils crawled out of the
    Balca Peninsula, poisoning the very land so it killed any human who touched it.
    All the nations of the land attempted to fight back against the demon hordes but none
    could succeed in stopping it except for the Saint of the Single Flower.

    In the continent, there exist 78 temples which serve the gods' domains.
    The different gods choose one individual to represent a domain, she then receives supernatural power. All saints that have ever served the gods have been female.
    The most powerful among them, was the Saint of the Single Flower.

    While powerful, she was not strong enough to
    vanquish the Demon God Majin, but was still strong enough
    to force it into a deep slumber upon which, she prophesied that six warriors would
    someday reappear to seal him away when he arose again.

    300 years after the initial incursion, the Majin awoke again.
    True to the prophecy of the saint, 6 powerful men & woman found the crest of the six flowers appearing somewhere on their body, a petal to represent each of the braves. & If one brave were to ever fall, a petal would disappear from the crest of the other braves. The crest also bestowed a blessing; The wearer would be immune to the corrupting poison in the Demon Lands that would otherwise kill a normal human instantly.
    With that, the saints departed, & of the first generation of braves to seal the Majin, 2 would perish.

    400 years after the first generation, the second generation, all saints & young warriors who presented their power before a statue of the Goddess of Fate & were chosen to bear the crest of the six. Of the second generation, only 2 braves would survive the quest into Demon territory & the slaying of the Majin.

    It has since been 300 years since the second generation succeeded in saving the continent, however, the Majin now stirs once more, his legions already push against the kingdoms of man. Tearing aparthomes whereever they reach, & those they do not catch must still escape the growing corruption that the Majin's touch brings, the very earth draining life where it can.


    Hello, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, this thread idea is based off of an anime called Rokka no Yuusha, I've watched it a long while back but when I saw it I felt it would be absolutely perfect to do an RP off of & hope others feel likewise even if you haven't seen it, still want anyone who the story might intrest.

    The universe's culture & architecture is pretty distinct in that its based off a fantasized version of Aztec/Mayan culture. The characters will be OCs who take the place of the third generation of braves, with this incursion to be even more difficult than the last.

    Some other random but important details:

    While anyone can become a brave, only girls can be saints, who have several supernatural abilities that are tied with the domain they serve. Some examples of established canon saints are:
    The Saint of Blades, of Blood, of Fire, of Ice, of the Sun, of Time, of Lightning, of Wind, of Salt, of Mountains, of Swamps, of Mist, of Illusions, of Medicine, of Words, of Light.

    There are 78 temples, but not all the domains have been established in the story so it'd be possible to invent one. Male protagonists are usually regular humans with exceptional, but still-human abilities & skills. I plan to make a male character myself if I can find enough people for a full party of 6.

    I'd like to be very strict about posting level, ideally advanced level, multiple paragraphs & at least a few times a day (reasonably), that being said, let me know if you're interested in the story or if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help.
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  2. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this, although I'm not sure that I could be able to post several times a day...
  3. We could potentially lower it if that'd be better for a group since I really want to do this story but don't want to it to go slowly enough that people become disinterested. Could you manage 2-3 times a day?

  4. I'm interested in joining this, though I might have some issues with consistent replies daily.​
  5. Understood, I know people have work/school/social lives, I guess I should be more clear by what I meant. Rather than following a set schedule I meant just to keep the story moving at a reasonable pace. Posting a 2-3 liner at midnight is difficult for everyone else to work with.
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  6. Yeah, that's fine. Thanks!
  7. Its my second time trying to get a thread started on Iwaku, tried before but couldn't figure out what was putting people off. That clarified so much.

  8. Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Sorry for the confusion on my part, by the way. ​

  9. Haha, yeah, I think a lot of people are intimidated by advanced roleplays that ask for a few posts daily.

    Do you have an idea of when the OOC will be up?
  10. Nah, my fault, didn't deliver what I was trying to say correctly in my post.
  11. Ideally... I want 6 separate players. However, if there's at least 4 people total to start creating CSs I'll put an OOC up. I don't mind players doubling down on chars but would prioritize separate player chars over secondaries. Sofar, theres the 3 of us.

    I should also add, adept will be fine as well as advanced..... I'm starting to see the error made in how intimidating it was for what I asked. I am a reasonable person, I swear, I just want to keep the RP going & have everyone contribute when they can & have fun.
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  12. Interested ! :)
  13. I'll work on getting an OOC up in a bit, just as a forewarning, what kind of characters does everyone have in mind?

    Whos planning on playing saints?

  14. I was thinking of a more guarded and cunning character.
    Oh! If it's possible I was wondering if it would be alright to play one of the saints and a male character? ​

  15. I would like to play a saint, if that's possible.

    I was thinking something along the lines of a really reckless girl (who'll probably end up dying) who is really arrogant and proud of whatever her special power ends up being.
  16. The Saints get several abilities depending on what their domain are. So for this, you can pick from the ones I listed or make up one & I could give you examples of abilities they would have.

    For example, heres what the Saint of Mountains has:
    Enhanced Strength: Can greatly increase her strength.
    Long Range Communication: Can make her voice resonate clearly to people far away.
    Enhanced Vision: If She is on a mountain she can use her power to gain vision of any location on the mountain.
    Healing: She can heal injuries, though not as good as other saints.

    They're all pretty different & distinct though as far as I know.
  17. Still haven't decided exactly whether to go female or male. Right now I've got an idea for either a saint who's all bubbly and friendly, or a male who's really crazy and eccentric. Leaning more towards the saint though.
  18. Girls are OP, can't go wrong playing a saint.

  19. Oh, okay. The Saint of Blood sounds pretty cool; what would her abilities be?
  20. Shes actually one of the few saints that has her abilities covered....her abilities are:

    - Ability to control blood
    - Can heal a person
    - Can gain information about a person's body/health by tasting their blood
    - Has a whip covered in her own blood that allows her to control the whip's movement. It can also suck the blood out of any opponent if it touches their skin.
    - May be able to resurrect a dead person (Assuming their heart has stopped, body is still intact, etc)