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  1. As it says in the description, I'm looking to do a roleplay along the lines of Viking times, with some fairytale magic in it, like the new Disney/Pixar film, Brave.

    I would be playing the princess, of course.
    But I'd also like it if there could be some romance in this roleplay.
  2. Hmm I might be interested in a Low Fantasy RP based on Celtic, Viking, etc. What do you have in mind exactly? And does it have to be based within the RL or could it be an original world?
  3. It can be an original world, I was mostly hoping for some drama, love, ect.
  4. As long its not only drama and romance. Hmm well I'd be intrested. I'm to busy to actually try and flesh this out with you now, but if you did get this a bit more fleshed out (gave us some info on what kind of plot you want exactly, some info on the setting, character sheets to fill out), and/or got a few more people to join. I'd be interested.

    Also I think this should be in the Interest Check section.