Brand Spanking New Here

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  1. Ultra new to this.

    I'm Gabriel, but you can really call me whatever you want, I have no preference.
    I'm a Guy, and I like to indulge in all different kinds of arts; I love drawing, Writing, Making music, etc.
    As a result, I've become pretty open-minded and I can view things a million different ways.
    I'm new to this, pretty much all of it, honestly, but it's been explained to me, and I definitely understand, so I'd like to jump right into it. :)

    Opinions, Advice, Teachings, Corrections, and General help is encouraged and accepted by me :)

    Like I said, I'm new, but enthusiastic and open about this all!
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  2. Welcome Gabriel! ^^
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  3. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay! *offers cookies*
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