Brand spaking new here

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my name is mary, im 15 and have what my friends like to call "random moments of crazyness" i am for the most part happly insane, not the bad kind. the "crazyness that most people find funny" did you know that monkeys are planing a world take over plan? sure call me insane all you want, but when they take over guess who will be be safe in her ~NO MONKEYS ALLOWED~ club house? ME


im short, only about 5'3 i have long brown hair with blond and red highlights(real, not dyed)

hmmmmm, i like books?
Monkeys have taken over the world, 'cept they go by a different name now.

Homo Sapiens.

If you'd like to join me then we can cull the herd, as it were.

*Archeteyp's dome is ventilated courtesy of a .45 ACP. Carl holsters his M-1911A1 and nudges the corpse.*

S/he'll be back up in an hour.

Any who, welcome to Iwaku. I'm Field Commander Carl McCarthy. Do avoid the Paoman, kick Asmoman down the stairs, and avoid the dancing laser beams. Those are for gunships.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the Iwaku!
*gives cupcake*

Hope you have the times of your life here, because you now that you joined, you can't leave! >D

And enjoy that cupcake!
Why hello there! :D You showed up right in the middle of evil site maintenance. So just make sure you wear a hardhat at all times, so you don't get a concussion.
Thus spake the serpent....
Welcome and Mind the Insanity
Thus spake the serpent....


Welcome to Iwaku, though. ^_^
If you get confused by the site or anything, don't hesitate to ask me for help. ^_^
Oh, and my name is Miru. ^_^

thanks for the cupcake, and i got my hardhat on right now <3

~gives cookies and milk to every one who is.....OMG there's candy on the wall!!!!!!!!!
*Gets spat out The Wall*

They're always mad, it seems. Always.

Maybe if I started offering free lobotomies to members, that would cut down the crazy. They'd probably drool a lot more, though.

REGARDLESS, welcome to Iwaku. Any troubles, I'm probably not the person to ask, because I'm generally drunk. Enjoy your stay.

*Pulls a scalpel out his pocket*

Also, free lobotomy?
Hello and welcome the Aperture Science Computer Aided Internet Social Relations and Conversation Center or AS:CAISRCC for short. I'm Pirogeth or if you wanna call me Piro like everyone else does that's fine too. I do thing around here like ummm let's see....there's.....the letter..............and......RP's......ok so maybe I don't do as much as I hope but be on the look out for different things I bring to everyone's attention in the general section or the cbox. They are funfilled microphone adventures, text based challenges, and many other things that may interest you. So enjoy the Iwaku to the fullet and welcome to one of the best communities I've seen on the internet.

Writing in the Moonlight,

*Carl lobotomizes grumpy with his M-1911A1.*

I find full metal jackets to be quicker.
Aye! I second that! A many welcomes to you and I hope you enjoy your stay!
aww thanks your all so nice ^.~

if you want you can add me on facebook my name is mari macdonald

or you can add me on MSN [email protected]
Added to MSN cuz I'm basically the living breathing address book of MSN Iwakuans.
Wait.. you're short.. and you're still taller than me? >>

Bloody Hell..

*Drinks Tea*

Well Welcome anyway..
So...An insane one, I guess this means I'm in charge of this life form....

Anyways, hello Miss Taller Than Porg.