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  1. :dust:HEYYYYY:dust:

    my name is mary, im 15 and have what my friends like to call "random moments of crazyness" i am for the most part happly insane, not the bad kind. the "crazyness that most people find funny" did you know that monkeys are planing a world take over plan? sure call me insane all you want, but when they take over guess who will be be safe in her ~NO MONKEYS ALLOWED~ club house? ME


    im short, only about 5'3 i have long brown hair with blond and red highlights(real, not dyed)

    hmmmmm, i like books?
  2. Monkeys have taken over the world, 'cept they go by a different name now.

    Homo Sapiens.

    If you'd like to join me then we can cull the herd, as it were.

    *Archeteyp's dome is ventilated courtesy of a .45 ACP. Carl holsters his M-1911A1 and nudges the corpse.*

    S/he'll be back up in an hour.

    Any who, welcome to Iwaku. I'm Field Commander Carl McCarthy. Do avoid the Paoman, kick Asmoman down the stairs, and avoid the dancing laser beams. Those are for gunships.
  3. Welcome to the site.
  4. Helen

    I am glad Pen plays along and we learn the girls name. Demi? That seems much too...sweet. I was expecting a Heather or a Brittany, perhaps Regina or Karen, but this throws me off a bit. I do allow a smile though, but my heart sinks as Pen suddenly takes my face in her hands. She tells me she needs to go and my face pales

    "G-go?" I stutter out, my new found confidence starts to melt away, but I try not to show it. I swallow as she promises me I will still have her as a safe space and I start to wonder where she is going and for how long. "O-okay..." I say, now nodding "I'll be fine." I turn towards Demi and I smile "I can get to know her, you know? N-not be so scared about t-the new a-acquaintance."
  5. Why hello there! :D You showed up right in the middle of evil site maintenance. So just make sure you wear a hardhat at all times, so you don't get a concussion.
  6. Thus spake the serpent....
  7. Welcome and Mind the Insanity
  8. WIN.

    Welcome to Iwaku, though. ^_^
    If you get confused by the site or anything, don't hesitate to ask me for help. ^_^
    Oh, and my name is Miru. ^_^
  9. OKK

    thanks for the cupcake, and i got my hardhat on right now <3

    ~gives cookies and milk to every one who is.....OMG there's candy on the wall!!!!!!!!!
  10. *Gets spat out The Wall*

    They're always mad, it seems. Always.

    Maybe if I started offering free lobotomies to members, that would cut down the crazy. They'd probably drool a lot more, though.

    REGARDLESS, welcome to Iwaku. Any troubles, I'm probably not the person to ask, because I'm generally drunk. Enjoy your stay.

    *Pulls a scalpel out his pocket*

    Also, free lobotomy?
  11. Sakamoto
    "Yeah well good thing we aren't in any horror movie." I say with a grin. The playfully side hug her
    "Anyways if it was you wouldn't have anything to worry about..I would save you." I say jokingly with a wink teasing her. I let her go then grabbed her hand again without thinking.
    "Alright lets go find the way to the attack." I then say with a smile leading her upstairs. I looked around with her first going to were Scotts office was...although something seemed weird. I saw the door was open and had a melted handle? The other helpers were also there talking.
    "What do you think happened?" I say curious to her as it seemed like we say something we shouldn't have.

    I put my book down then moved my hair out of my face..glad that he didn't seemed annoyed with my questions.

    "Hu...I see. That is nice." I say with a smile then laughed a little," I guess we all go threw a rebellious streak."
    "Oh you told your mom and wondered how that conversation went." I say tilting my head,"Did she end up admitting she had powers or something?"

    I laughed at his joke
    "I guess that it true, Lucifer was an angel." I say. As I leaned back as he joked about suffocating Warren.
    "Yeah but you wouldn't be able to do it, you are to nice." I say looking at him then playfully nudged him. Glad Warren was gone so we could talk about him," Although if you could get away were would you want to go?"
    "Anyways he is a pain...wish he wasn't to controlling. He especially seems awful harsh on you" I then say rolling my eyes.

    I see Quinns reaction as the all the whole place lit up with the tickets everywhere.
    "So..yeah this is apparently what happens." I say to her seeing Quinn grabbing tickets and I grabbed some too.
    At first I tried to remain calm as the guy comes over..there was no way the guy could know right? But he immediately comes over yelling and screaming at us. I see Quinn trying to talk to him but he doesn't seem to want to hear anything. I cleared my throat remaining calm...maybe I could try to reason with him.
    "Um..excuse me sir, but it's like she said. We didn't mean to do anything. If we can just talk this out." I say innocently. He didn't seem to want to hear anything and was getting really close. I bite my lip....feeling bad about causing this. He seemed to go off about how bad us abnormals were and this time I rolled my eyes. I was taught to always respect my elders but this guy was ridiculous...I had felt bad in the beginning about causing this but now this guy was overreacting.
    "Please stop you are invading my personal space." I say taking another step back remaining calm. He decided to come closer and keeps yelling. I become nervous and try to think of what to do as there was obviously no reasoning with this guy.
    In a panic I made it so that as he took another step forward his pants came down from his metal belt buckle flying off and he fell over face first.
    Oh my gosh..i didn't mean to do that, I think biting my lip.
    "Lets get out of here." I say to Quinn turning tordws the exit
  12. <~~~<★>~~~>
    DEE!! and BAE!! (open)

    ~De'andardra and Baelori of the Vonacovah Nation.~


    (DEE-an-DAR-druh and bay-LORE-ee of the Von-uh-CO-vuh Nation.)


    Cobal Expert

    Sagax Woman

    Personality (open)

    Quiet and constantly watching:

    De'andardra could be considered the "strong, silent, type." But that would just scratch the surface. If there is a scowl upon her face as she peers at you it's most likely not because she is cross with you, she may in fact just be pondering something about you. During group confereces, she will definitely not be the first to pipe up, but if asked her opinion, she will not shy away from public speakng. In fact, she is surprisingly rather exceptionally well-spoken. And even though she may not say much, she does quietly enjoy the company of others, she is just used to years of non-verbal, telepathic mode of communication with her "little brother," Baelori.

    Intense focus / 'Hit the switch'

    + | When she goes into Huntress mode, when she scowls this time, watch for the coldness in the yellow eyes. She's the predator now. It may even seem like she takes more feral cues from Baelori and they become like a hunting pack. When she is in beast mode, she really is in beast mode. The Huntress is almost like another persona of De'andardra.

    - | This may become problematic when she is in training mode as she may become to intense and aggressive. There are also times when she is focusing on her work at hand, whether it be a manhunt or a Cobal investigation, and she becomes very agitated to the point of lashing out at others whether they sneak up on her or not. There is a certain 'tone' that other Crew members may take and certain 'soft' words they may know to alleviate the situation even before it starts. That is, if they recognize that the Cobal has 'Hit the switch.'

    Family Oriented

    + | Even though she left her homelife and homeland she still feels she is envoy and Representative for The Vonacovah Nations. As a child, she has been instilled to 'make blood from a river.' Meaning: people come and go, but the ones that remain --that truly stay with you-- become your family. She is loyal to her family and will do anything in her power to protect and fend for them. She does have a playful side that she does share with her family too. All aboard the Cienav are her family and they know her as 'DeeDee'...

    - | The title of Family is, however, only for those that have remained upon the ship after at least 8 months. For that is the gestation and ritual time of a Vonacovah being raised in the womb. During those 8 months, she is mostly watching the new crew member and assessing them. Correcting where need be. Then there are also those times when she feels slighted or insulted and if she feels a family member has been slighted or insulted she will 'demand proper reciprocity.' And even if the person that slighted them does not know what insult they unintentionally tossed at her family, she will still demand a follow up.


    + | DeeDee proudly bears her tattoos and all other markings of her Vonacovah Nation and follows the daily religious practices and rigorous training as a Outlier for her people despite having to go into hiding. She keeps to her traditions, secrets and methods of her people. There are charming dancing motions she does when she speaks formally or apologizes. She knows many cultural practices of different sagax Cobal and speaks several Cobal dialects and pidgens. DeeDee also plays several of their instruments, but favours drums. Her 'little brother' Baelori is her soul mate totem and she grooms, adorns and adores him how she should. The 'De' part of her name is a title that means 'Daughter of the Elders.' It means she is royalty; she is the heir apparent Daughter of the Chieftain.

    - | Feels like a failure that she had to go into hiding and even though she does her rituals and routines everyday, it just does not feel right to her like somehow she is.... disconnected living above Terre and Mer. Sometimes she sings softly in her home tongue. She tells others that she sings only prayers, but in reality she sings the songs her Chieftain Mother taught her as a child to stave off the grief of leaving her homeland and her Nation's demise. Her lil' bro Bae, does have his own mind and sometimes disagrees with her cultural compromises and may become willfully disobedient and sulky.


    History (open)

    The Vonacovah Nation is run by a Matriarchal society believes in their own version of Magus; they call her "Ahmi" which literally translates as: "Heartbeat." The Vonacovah shamans and ritualists are the ones that hold strongest ties to Terre's Heartbeat. And from their teachings and traditions, each person's heart of the Vonacovah Nation is linked to Terre via a totem regardless of caste.

    De'andardra is daughter to the Chieftan, Ahm'Tislorai, and Shaman Elder, Kel'Ishiandra, sired by a decorated male Scout named Er'Umi. But in all her years in the Nation, she never received her calling to her totem. At a young age, she felt much shame and unworthiness. But her Shaman mother, Kel'Ishiandra told her that 'the Starbed will tell you when you are ready.' And despite her own emotions, in her heart of hearts, De'andardra knew the shaman was right; her Heartbeat felt incomplete yet still open and ready for another.

    And so she grew and she was taught the ways of her people, skewed from the point of view of royalty. Yes, she did live upon the pedastal for all her people to adore her, yet she still bore the weight of all the responsibilities and duties that was expected and demanded of a Chieftan Mother's blood daughter. Daily was her teachings, rigorous was her training, and brutal were the rites of passage. She did, however, meet all challenges head on, and excelled in each completion of her sagax people's Rites and Rituals.

    Every single tattoo and marking she received upon her body was well earned and Terre's Hearbeat pulsed in each and every single one of her proud badges. De'andardra grew to a fine size of 6'5 and 215lbs and became a fine De' (Daughter of the Elders), a distinguished Hunter, an exceptional warrior and proud royal. But it was it openness to understanding that was her greatest asset. She eagerly took in the lessons taught to her by both her Mothers and the cultures of the other Cobal Nations.

    A popular and imposing envoy she became. Skilled in both a presiding phyical presence and an open yet engaging oratory style, De'andardra was earning much esteemed reputation as a Representative and Envoy for her Nation to fellow sagax Cobals, some human settlements, and, even made relations with some bel Cobal territories as well. And yet she still felt incomplete. But still she persevered as expected of role as royalty and flourished. She was lauded and was joyously received as the next great Chieftan of Vonacovah.

    But that would not come to pass for, of course, all good things must come to an end.


    Allegations of Chieftan Mother Ahm'Tislorai secret coupling with a scout of another Nation ran rampant. Then the truth came to light; the allegations were confirmed as solid. And the solid truth was that this scout was actually De'andardra's birth father.

    It was deceit. It was disgrace. It was an act of War.

    The scout was made an example and his parts were scattered across a Vonacovah shrine. War was upon the horizon, but not yet. Ahm'Tislorai still had time. And so on her 22rd birthday, by blessing and wisdom of both her Mothers, De'andardra was sent into hiding, for there were many that wanted to ritually sacrifice the royal to sate the disgrace of her birth.

    With the aid of sympathetic human farmers she was guided to a Cienav port. Smuggled aboard a supply freighter, De'andardra made her way to the islands in the sky. They called her DeeDee now. But she liked it. For in her home tongue it was a petname that meant: "Little Chieftan" or in some human tongues equivalent: "Princess."

    It took her over a year to get used to life above the lands of Terre and away from her kind, her Nation. But she did get used to this lifestyle... more like she forced herself to cope with the new lifestyle. And even though despair set in at times she kept persesvering.

    And it paid off. For she was attacked by a rogue wolf.


    DeeDee had been earning her keep as part of a bounty hunter outfit, that specialized in man or Cobal hunts for some 'specialty interest groups'. One particular tipoff lead them to the hiding place of their mark on some remote sky island. It was here where they found the demise of their mark. It was eaten my a massive lone wolf. Somehow it was stranded way up here! And it would have another meal.

    During the ensuing fight, De'andardra had been bested and the black wolf had its huge maw locked upon the sagax's throat. Sharp ivory canines had pierced her skin and the wolf tasted her blood before crushing her neck. And then it stopped. For it knew. Somehow it knew all along.

    This was his totemic sister. She was De'andardra and he was Baelori. He had bested her in combat and now he could uphold his right to bond with her. It was in her blood. He could taste her Heartbeat. Ahmi had chosen her for him and Baelori had scarred her with his bitemarks and she marked him with her tusk cuts. They were complete now: Heartbeats in unison, Minds fused by thoughts, and Soulmates till death.

    But the pair would not have such a happy union to start. The rest of the bounty hunters were ecstatic. How much was a wild and live 'rune-marked' wolf in the sky going to fetch them? A very pretty and very, very shiny coin from the highest bidder of course.

    De'andardra and Baelori were not about to let that happen.

    And so they escaped her bounty-hunting outfit and made their own way in the islands above Terre. To the farther outreaches near Bellua they travelled away from the clutches of the bounty hunters. They lived and traded amonst varying kinds of Cobals for a while, keeping as low a profile as possible. But when they decided to move on and find a source that could give them info about the surface Terre, specifically about the Vonacovah, they were found by the bounty hunters.

    In their escape, they became stowaways on board a pirate ship of one Captaine Hoshi. To earn their keep, DeeDee and Bae devoted their skills and knowledge to this Cienav and its captain and crew. And over time, she adopted the ship as her new home, and the crew as her new family. It is the only family she will know now, for she even though she has not formally been given the knowledge, she knows in her heart of hearts about the fate of the Vonacovah Nation.

    Her Mothers, both Chieftan Ahm'Tislorai, and Shaman Elder Kel'Ishiandra, they sing to her in dreams and dance for her at the edge of daybreak. Only great Ancestors may do that. From high above, they sing and dance for De'Andardra. From their resting place in the great twinkling Starbeds in sky, they cherish their Vonacovah Chieftain.
  14. Aye! I second that! A many welcomes to you and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. Penelope

    I nod as Jacqueline reassures that she won't harm me. When her hands slide into mine, I give them a gentle squeeze as my own form of reassurance and close my eyes. Okay, from what I've figured out so far, my abilities tend to correlate with my confidence and self-esteem. The lower they are, the harder it is to control them.

    The only form of a "solution" that I've found is that it helps to think about my safe place. It has actually changed since I've moved into the Reid mansion. It has transformed from my comfy nest in the library to a small get together between Nellie, Cyrus, Helen, and I. We're all laughing and enjoying each other's company, binge-watching crazy and hilarious movies while snacking on junk food and snuggled into our own pile of blankets and pillows...

    There's a throb. Faint enough to almost miss, but strong enough to make my nerves tingle. That's the feeling I'm looking for, but I need it to amplify. I try to desperately chase after it, but it keeps slipping through my imaginary fingers like grease lightning. I almost huff in annoyance, but I know getting agitated with ruin my focus. I force myself to breathe evenly, to calm down and let the nerves leave me.

    Chasing it is no good.

    I have to command it come to me.

    "You are my ability," I say sternly underneath my breath. "I am your vessel." I can feel the throb returning and it's spreading through my body like pleasantly warm lava. But then it starts to build beyond my liking and that's when I know I need to reel it back. If I don't exude just the right amount of pressure, it'll all crumble. No, I refuse! "Listen to me..." I breathe.

    It's still climbing. The throbbing is clashing and bumping against my heartbeat.

    I grit my teeth. "Listen to me, now."

    And then it did. The beatings mellow out into a pleasant hum and it feels like the 250% of life-force in my head starts to funnel through my veins, past my skin, and into Jacqueline's body. It feels surreal. For a fleeting moment, I can actually feel Jacqueline's heart beating with mine, only off by a millisecond or so, and leaves me floating in a sea of wonder. Oh my gosh...this is something entirely new. Before I can completely submerge myself in the sensations, the process is over and my head doesn't feel so crowded anymore. I open my eyes and carefully let Jacqueline go.

    "D-did it work?" I whisper.
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  17. Wait.. you're short.. and you're still taller than me? >>

    Bloody Hell..

    *Drinks Tea*

    Well Welcome anyway..
  18. Okay, should we have it so he kept them a secret from Cloak? Perhaps only Hawthorne knew?)
  19. Ray

    "Give me snow over heat stroke any day of the week." He chuckled.
  20. yoh~ just dropped by to say hi.