Brand new!

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  1. Hello! My name is Brandon, and I just joined this forum about ten minutes ago. I haven't looked at anything yet, just thought i'd make my presence known and say hello to whoever happens to stumble across this thread and read it.

    Can't wait to start RPing with everyone!
  2. Hello there, Brax! :D Welcome to the site~!
  3. Thank you! I just finished my roleplaying resume - i'm really enjoying the set up of everything so far.
  4. Ello. Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
    -She starts to stalk his profile- n.n
  5. Thank you! I appreciate it. Hopefully i'll really enjoy it here.
  6. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  7. Welcome * waits thinking * Max says hi too
  8. Thanks, the both of you. =D
  9. He says your welcome * waits * damn it max I'm not saying that! * leaves thread *
  10. Welcome! I bet you will love and enjoy it here! Have fun finding some awesome RPs!
  11. Hi Brandon ^.^
    My names Ali :D
    Nice to meet ya' ^.^
    Welcome to iWaku c:
    Hope you enjoy your time here :O
    I've come to the realization I have a smiley face addiction Q_Q

  12. Hello Brandon I'm new here to so i thought i would stop by and say hi!
    I hope we can Rp sometime ^w^