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  1. Hello everyone! I am Ogi, and I have fully completed my Original and Fandom lists for partners~! I am pretty liberal about roleplaying, kink-wise, but I do prefer partners who write a nice couple of paragraphs for me to work with and for the plot itself to move on. Though, the rps don't have to be plot-based, and can be mindless smut if needed.

    Take a look below and shoot me a comment or PM to show your interest!


    + I can play as any gender.
    + You can recommend other Animes, Shows, Etc, since I may have not listed all of the ones that I know.
    + These rps can be any pairing we agree on.
    + PMs are used more since keeping threads is just annoying~
    + Let's have fun and if you want to leave the rp, just tell me~
    + I have the Fandoms with specific pairings, just in case it peaks someone's interest, but I can always switch around to accommodate you guys~
    + Finally; If there is a specific scenario or pairing you want to play, but can't find, let me know so we can talk about it~


    [My preferred role will be in Bold and Italicized]

    Boss x Employee
    Jailer x Jailed
    Doctor x Patient
    Evil Scientist x Assistant
    Pirate x Kidnapped Victim
    Assassin x Target
    Body Guard x One Being Protected
    Master x Maid/Butler
    Club Owner x Dancer
    Butler x Mistress
    Rich x Poor
    President's Daughter
    x Secret Service Man
    Governor's Daughter x Pirate
    Emo x Nerd
    x Jock
    Jock x Nerd
    Teacher x Parent

    Bully x Nerd
    Married Man x Married Woman/Man
    Cop x Bartender
    Gang Leader x Cop
    Demon x Angel/Demon
    Circus Freaks
    Elf x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Werewolf x Angel
    Demon x Vampire
    x King
    Gang Leader x Different Gang Member
    Soldier x Widowed Woman
    x Pirate
    Wounded German Soldier x American Girl
    Roman General x Roman Emperors Daughter
    Drow Assassin x Elf Queen/Princess
    Princess/Prince x Peasant
    Knight x Queen
    Kidnapper x Princess/Prince
    Rival Prince x Rival Princess/Prince


    Karkat x OC
    Gamzee x OC
    Kurloz x OC
    Equius x OC
    Sollux x OC
    Tavros x OC
    Kankri x OC
    Cronus x OC
    Horuss x OC
    Mituna x OC
    Cronus x Kankri
    Rufioh x OC

    Free Iwatobi Swim Club:

    Haru x OC
    Rin x OC
    Makoto x OC
    OC x OC

    Black Butler:

    Sebastian x OC
    Alois x OC
    OC x OC
    Grell x OC
    William x OC
    x Anyone [Pick your character]

    Kuroko no Basuke:

    Kuroko x [Your choice] <333 (Really want to try this)
    Kuroko x OC
    Akashi x OC
    Murasakibara x OC
    Midorima x OC
    Kise x OC
    Aomine x OC
    Kagami x OC
    OC x OC

    Soul Eater:

    Soul Eater x OC
    Death The Kid x OC
    Black Star x OC
    OC x OC

    D. Gray Man:

    Allen x OC
    x Kanda
    Kanda x OC
    Komui x OC
    Lavi x OC
    Tikki x OC
    Jasdevi x OC
    OC x OC


    Jeff x OC
    BEN x OC
    E. Jack x OC
    L. Jack x OC
    Slenderman x OC
    Ticci Toby x OC
    OC x OC


    Rise of the Guardians:
    Jack Frost x OC
    Bunnymund x OC
    OC x OC


    Legend of Zelda:

    Ghirahim x Link
    Link x OC
    Ghirahim x Zant/Ganondorf [Hyrule Warrior Era]
    Zelda x OC
    Vaati x OC
    Ghirahim x OC
    Zant x OC
    OC x OC


    ***Mettaton x Anyone

    OC x OC

    Amy Rose x OC
    Sonic x OC/Amy
    Shadow x OC/Amy
    Silver x OC/Amy
    Espio x OC/Amy
    Knuckles x OC/Amy
    Rogue x OC
    OC x OC

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  2. I'll RP with you! I have a lot of pairings that I find interested:
    Jock x nerd
    Presidents daughter x secret agent
    German soldier x American girl (is it WWII?)
    Knight x Queen
    Married man x married woman (affair?)

    I'm not into fandom rps that much but you have some of my favorite ones in there so I kinda want to try:
    Aomine x oc
    Rin or Makoto x oc

    Do you already have plots for some of them?

    Shoot me a PM if you want to RP^^
  3. Long time no see matey.
  4. I would be interested if you still are looking.

    My interests:

    Drow assassin x Elf Queen
    demon x vampire
    Knight x queen
    Legend of Zelda OC x OC
    Circus freaks
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