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A Little About Me First
Hai I’m Andi – Lyn (IRL) but call me MUZE if you will please. I am a 28 year old Art / Book / Writing Addict who also has ADHD and has been role – playing since she was about 12 way back when Neopets forums was the shit. NE-ways I currently work for a local newspaper as Creative Director, but am Looking to further my personal art and commissions soon! But you don’t really care about all this. You want to know the goods!​

The Goods
• I prefer to play in Small Groups or 1X1s but if you have a brilliant Larger Group I am open to take a peek at it ^.^. I also prefer Long Term role – plays to short term. When it comes to posting range I can be a single paragraph to 20 paragraphs. ( no seriously ) Do not worry though I try to match my companions, or at least keep up with them. Now if I get bored with the role – play my posting will show it, Spice it back up lets plot out something crazy!

The Genres I like most! Are FANTASY! (not necessarily Medieval either!) I will do just about Any fantasy original role – play. So from Medieval to Modern then shooting into the space fun of Sci – Fi I’m in!!! I also do Fandoms, but normally stick to Non or Post Canon versions. I cannot role – play with people playing as one of my favorite characters from this anime or whatever.

No Real Life Character Portraits, sorry peeps, I don’t like playing as an actor or actress either, just feels weird to me and constricts my creativity due to crazy brain of mine. So if you have an idea requiring all in real life faces / or even some really; I’m out ^.^;;; -don’t hate me-

I can play as either gender, I can play as friend, family, foe, or even a frenemy! I am flexible when it comes to character development too. Romance is cool, but don’t expect me to throw two random characters together and ‘ Make them Work Out’ In other words No ROMANCE ONLY rp’s I need plot, story, adventure what ever you wanna call it, if characters happen to like or fall for one another along the way awesome sauce. Cool. Don’t get all crazy or possessive over me I will break you ^.^

OOO SHINIES! Did I mention I have ADHD?
-- So yeah there are MANY MANY ideas floating around in my head, some of these have character in mind, other have absolutely nothing but a general idea spit out for you to gander at. But each Idea will be labeled with how many I would expect for the RP (not including myself ^.^) I am really looking to start several rp’s to keep me busy while I work on my own site. So please if you do decide to get involved with any of these ideas be committed and don’t leave me hanging. I can post daily, or every few days really I will be online all the time even when at work lol. So here are the Shinies!

-- Remember Rose Tyler? Remember her own Copy Doctor she got to keep? What if they had kids? Whats more what if those kids were twins, and you know what they say, two halves – Time Lord equals Crazy Adventures! Suddenly the twins find themselves without their father, Doctor 10 Tyler (Rose’s Husband) Passes, and that’s when things get Super weird! The Tardis appears for them one night while they sit in Bad Wolf Bay watching the waves and remeniscenting for their father. The Tardis shows up and a Holographic (NPC ) AI of the Tardis appears to the twins and tell them Part of their Father Exist but he’s in Serious danger!
-- So the Rp would start up with the twins of course getting in the Tardis and landing on the Alternate dimension Earth where the Good Doctor was last seen (we’re gonna say for time lines sake that this all happens before he met Martha Jones / Donna Noble but also after rose was sealed in her own dimension.
-- We’ll meet TWO HUMANS who will in a way each be a companion of one of the twins! ^.^ Then we will let the insanity ensue, I have a general Idea and path in which to take this rp but it will need 2 – 3 members to get goings, we can always go with only one companion but I thought it would be more fun to have four people in this all to gether.

-- This one is very open and broad currently I have a general layout in my head but I would need help from members joining for this to help fill out the plot and idea some more. So this is after all your beloved hero’s have grown up and stopped playing their Virtual Realities. So this is a WHOLE new level of Virtual Reality Gaming, a New game has hit the shelve’s but something is very odd about this game, events in game are echoing / affecting the real world! Will our 3 (or 4 ) Heros rise to the occasion? Or will they get killed in the games? A twisted dark history the VR world would never live down, it’s said that people are getting locked in again.
-- The Game would actually be something steam Punk maybe? Or maybe even Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts esk (Like splice those games together again LOl) But we would only really need 2 – 3 members to join for this idea.

This one has a very VERY Descriptive setting. It would follow a Single team (4 total) as they join the school and get assigned to each other and so on and so forth, but here is the twist! RWBY is gone OZ Pin is still alive somehow and keeping the school in order (as are all the teachers) but the original teams are all gone so this as all of these rp’s are completely Original. NEWAYs the story will involve New and Scary Grimms, and a bunch of cool shit prolly so if your interested in this one tell me!


Alrighty so here we go you’ve read to the end and now you know what you which one you want to do? Or maybe you have an idea for another rp (please PM other ideas this forum will be used only for signing up for one of the three above.) Alright well post below and tell me either #1,2, or 3! Also give me some hints as to what part you would like to play! Just below here I will have each Idea with the open slots and who’s signed up.

TWIN 1: @Muze || TWIN 2: (can be male or female ^.^) OPEN || COMPANION 1: OPEN || COMPANION 2: OPEN (optional)

GAMER 1: @Muze || GAMER 2: OPEN || GAMER 3: OPEN || GAMER 4: OPEN (optional)

# 3 RWBY SHADOWS AWAKENING :: NEW TEAM ( __ , __ , __ , __ )

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Hey there! Welcome to iwaku! I gotta say I LOVE Doctor Who, so I wish you luck in finding a partner to rp that idea with! It sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy your stay here with us! :)​


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Welcome to Iwaku Muze!! I hope that you greatly enjoy your stay here, and if you ever need any help with anything or wish to chat, don't hesitate to ask!! ^_^

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you see, i was going to give you my regular newbie post, but i sincerely enjoy all of the bubbly energy that your post emits. this is by far one of the best intro posts ive seen in a very long time. So please allow me to formally invite you to a chat, rp discussion or my group rp.

Now dont get ahead of yourself, im still giving you the newbie post, but you got that ^ lol i hope to hear from you soon!

Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. work really puts a crunch on my free time, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss an rp or even take a look at my group rp, please feel free to message me anytime! Oh, and please don't be offended by this copy and paste message, i do this to almost every newbie, being usually crunched for time, i find that this works well, its quick and covers everything in one shot.
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