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  1. Hello all! My name is Fliksie, and I've been roleplaying for a few years. It's been a while since I've had a site to roleplay with other people, and so I'm really happy to have found Iwaku! If anyone has any advice for getting accustomed to this website's style, I would greatly appreciate it! c:
    A little about me:
    I'm a girl, in my teens, who absolutely loves writing. I'm open to almost any kind of roleplaying, but realistic roleplaying is not my speciality. I especially love finding new interests.
    Hope we can have fun roleplaying together!
  2. Hey there Fliksie! Welcome to Iwaku! :)

    We like to think that the way we have Iwaku set up it a pretty simple system. All you really need to do is pay attention to the descriptions we have for each part of the forum. The Home page has a lot of useful links on it too, including the Community 101. Of course you can always just pop into the CBOX and ask us a few questions there. Don't be shy! We like to help. ^_^

    Happy roleplaying!

    PS: You're also welcome to send me a message if you need help with anything. :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Fliksie!
  4. Welcome!
    Hope you have a good time, here on Iwaku!
  5. Howdy Flicksie! :D welcome to the community!
  6. Welcome :) Glad to have you, I am not that good at realistic genre either, I always like fantasy settings best for some reason
  7. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Hope you get into the stream of stories soon, and partake in the awesome :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.