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  1. I think that the new system could work very similarly to the old "GROUPS" tab that is no longer usable. I kinda used the Example group as a template and used my terrible arts magic to try and create examples of a couple of ideas.

    First, the tab idea.


    In this example, you could have additional tabs at the top that when clicked, would show either its own Thread, or its own Forum with a few threads in it. This could be used to organize different cities, houses, etc if it were forums. Or, if each tab was an individual thread, it could be its own house, city, etc.

    But, going by those tabs would be pretty messy and they don't leave a lot of room... So as an alternative...



    Using the side bar, you could turn those buttons into links to a groups own set of threads or forums that are only accessible through those buttons. You would be able to keep things organized, and maybe through use of Group Tools move the order of those buttons.

    I dunno, these are just ideas that I want to pitch, because I would like to have easily accessible and organized group roleplays brought back as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for at least listening to me!

  2. Here, these quotes should answer your musings:


    [BCOLOR=#151515]Though I'm not entirely sure where you're getting at with the thread links bar. You can already link multiple threads to group roleplays and having them be accessible only through the group page seems like a hassle for Xenforo, the providers of the forum format and code, and Iwaku as a site. [/BCOLOR]
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  3. How does one link multiple threads to a single group roleplay? I dont understand how...
  4. I've never tried it myself, but if you go into edit there is a place called Alternate Sign Up Thread where you can link another thread to the rp and despite its name it can be used for more than sign ups. And the things you've written over in one of your examples is also involved. A mod will have to further explain this.

    This thread may possibly help too.
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  5. But the amount of threads is still limited to... Like Three?

  6. How many threads fo you need? Used as an index, and the possibilities are endless. It's really all in the way you format things and how you regulate them. Not everything needs it's own thread; posts work just as well, and I believe there's a way to lock threads to keep everyone but you from commenting if need be. Besides, it keeps the forums from becoming cluttered, users from abusing threads, and makes the moderators' jobs easier.
  7. Right now we cannot create more than one ooc tab and two extra info tabs (characters and rules), the system is too buggy for more than that.

    You can also link to one extra sign up thread and of course your in character thread by editing your overview. (make sure to link them so that mods doesn't miss threads during graveyarding and modding)

    You could use the sign up thread to just post info about the roleplay. Make sure to state in the thread that it's an info thread and they need to go to the ooc to post characters. There needs to be a reasonable amount of threads for each roleplay, otherwise the modding work will be extremely hard. Use bb-code tabs or put different info in different posts in the ooc/ic. If you know that you wanted five different tabs for different info, create five posts in the ooc before anyone has written in it. Just write something like "info coming soon" and then edit them once you have created all the posts you need. That way no one will have the time to write in it before all the necessary info posts have been created.
  8. We can block certain users from writing in a thread, but if we lock a thread, then the owner of the thread will be locked out as well. There is no way to make a thread an owner only posting area.
  9. I don't think people understand what I am trying make ideas for.

    You know when we had the ability to create groups which had their own subforums? That way you could make multiple threads that
    have different purposes for the role play. Characters homes, different cities, things of that nature.

    I was suggesting that perhaps we could implement those with the tabs or the set of buttons off to the side.

    It just kills me to know that large group roleplays are going to eventually die out on here. Those large, open world
    sandbox type of roleplays are why I came to this site. Throwing ideas out that could work as quick fixes or even temporary ones
    is my way of coping with that.
  10. The groups won't be gone forever. Once they come out with a new update or a new group system that isn't too buggy, we will bring the groups back again. Also we are planning on introducing universe roleplays for regular members eventually, but because of all the bugs and changes recently it has been postponed. In universe roleplays people will be able to make multiple threads for different purposes.

    Larger group roleplays won't die, but people will have to be patient until we are able to open up the groups again.
  11. Yeah, I understand that. But I liked the set up of how the roleplay tab looked when you create a roleplay and just
    wanted to see if anyone liked the idea of incorporating that into group roleplay as well.
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