Brainstorming new ways to spend Iwaku coins.

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Hello my fellow Iwaku-ians. No doubt you have amassed quite a horde of Iwaku coins by this time. I have and I made a little throne out of them. Its awesome but not very comfy.

Anyway, I was thinking that we needed more ways to spend out Iwaku coins. If you take a look at the shop, you will see we have VERY few things to spend it on and I think we need more. Much much more.

So here are my ideas (feel free to add more onto this topic)

1: Custom Siggy. If any of our more artistic people would like to participate, we could have our players have custom signatures for a price of Iwaku coins. Need to figure out if a trade system is ok.

2: Roleplay Videogame. Thats right, a sprite video game, most likly RPG, based off of a roleplay that is either finished or a straight up game made if you give us lots of info. This would be the big ticket item and it would take some time to do it right. After it is done, others can buy the game from the shop using Iwaku coins. Now that would be fun.

The videogame itself could be made by flash or any other game places. We would need volunteers for it though.

Anyone have any other ideas?
I do hope that, while your ideas are certainly interesting, you've tried your hand at Iwaku Triad and Forumon, both games (I believe) allow for use of the coins in a fun way, as well as being able to challenge your friends here on Iwaku to our fun card game (with multiple decks no less!) They're right under the games button at the top of our site~
I know but I kinda screwed up in making my first creature. If there was only a way to start over...
This is a truly epic idea. I was thinking this when I first started out here a month ago. I figured they could work similar to how Gaia Online has a miniature shop. Examples:

1. Little pixel symbol or "doll" next to your avatar that you can change the color of. Doesn't have to be fancy, just a simple Iwaku mascot or something similar, but with different things. They could also be animals, like a little pet, that perhaps even later could be animated. This could be incorporated based on the little green bars under your avatar.

2. Post styles. I understand that too much and crazy colors are obnoxious and painful on an RP forum, but maybe something small such as a box border around your type, would be very nice. It's not crazy, but it's styled enough that it centers on your text. Being in Graphic Design, I'd love something like this to tweak around and play with.

3. More customization with your label by your picture. For example, "The King's Fool." The part that says MEMBER would be fun to tweak. Of course, it will still say MEMBER or MODERATOR, or ADMINISTRATOR, but wouldn't it be funny to pay to add something in front and behind it? Like, "OLD AND CROTCHETY MEMBER" or something similar. I would also like to change the color, with a few more coins.

4. Pets. I can't get over that, it would be so awesome to have a little petshop here. The game that currently already exists inspired this idea. Depending on how many posts you do, or how many RPs you have, would it be possible for them to age based on it? Sort of like those clickable dragon eggs that exploded on the internet a few years ago.

I could really get into this.