[Brainstorm]Anyone want to Dice RP with me? Open to any new Idea?

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  1. So I was looking at the dice rp forum and it's only have like 5 active ones? now I'm thinking to make one though I'm afraid that there will be no one who will join but there's a problem... I need someone to brainstorm with me on the concept

    Here are some that I've come up with (I'll tell in detail as soon as someone interested):

    -Super Sentai Academy/ Comedy Super Sentai Stand Alone RP
    -Shinobi/Naruto Dice RP
    -Apocalypse RP in where the sun has disappear and we need to survive only with generated light or fire
    -Idol RP
    -Superhero Sidekick United RP? could be DC based

    -Persona 4 based RP?
    -Fable-ish game +Sao
    -High School DXD

    things that's a noes for me:
    -Super Hero Academy
    -Futuristic themes
  2. I like original roleplays more, but I would try fandoms. I would like to try dice roleplays, but how does a dice roleplay work in an academy unless it is an academy of battles?
  3. I haven't think about that yet... but to plain academy is impossible to rp in dice but we could make twist such as Gamer Academy where you assemble team and make the greatest game inside the academy. Like inside 1 group can consist range between 2-5 people and they will stick as a team for the whole year unless someone quit the team and joins other. what I would imagine is that each person hold status/component to build the game like VFX Director, 3d model artist or any other things.Like in every dice, there will be status, the status will determine on how skilled are your characters are. Exp or Lvl. thingy won't be used as I'll make Achievement and possibility the list of prize which later can be claimed as soon as you completed the achievement ex/ 10 post= + 5 to any status point.

    I can try to see if I have more Idea but so far I only have this
  4. I'm not familiar with VFX director and 3d model artist. I don't even know what that is.

    I don't know. Perhaps I have a different understanding of dice roleplays.
  5. Just let say we're in RPG, we have status, class, and so on

    so we can assume VFX director and 3d model artist in the class section

    which doesn't particularly affect anything at all, only a title given such as swordsman in RPG.
  6. VFX director and 3d model artist are jobs?

    In my understanding of dice roleplays, dices will decide the outcome of ones actions. Dices will decide whether an action succeeds or fail. Dices will decide how effective a person's action and reaction is. --- Is this right?
  7. I've been wanting to do some kind of tournament RP, and dice could certainly be useful, to add an aspect of chance to the players' actions.

    Would you be up for a battle oriented, tournament style roleplay?
  8. I am interested in that.

    As long as the story is centered on the characters and not the country or kingdom. I find it difficult to roleplay in a roleplay where you control your troops and kingdom.
  9. Ok, sweet :)

    Yeah, centered around the characters for sure.

    I was thinking we could have a bracket of contestants(players), and set it up in rounds, which would constitute the posting schedule.

    For example:

    Contestant 1 -- Contestant 2
    Contestant 3 -- Contestant 4
    Contestant 5 -- Contestant 6
    Contestant 7 -- Contestant 8

    Players/Contestants 1 & 2 will go first, and so on down the line, then the winners will go on to face each other:

    Contestant 1 -- Contestant 3
    Contestant 5 -- Contestant 7

    Again, we match low with low and high with high, and so 1 & 3 end up going first, then 5 & 7, until we get the final match:

    Contestant 1 -- Contestant 5

    Contestant 5 wins, we celebrate their victory by giving them something they desire or granting a wish, essentially a buff for the next tournament in which they will be defending champion, and automatically placed at slot number 1.

    I think it should be superhuman based combat, but obviously with significant limits in order to make it match well with arena fighting.
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  10. I usually post multiple times daily. So I would very much like to be paired with someone who does the same. :P but if there aren't any active posters, I'll settle with anyone who cares enough not to create an overpowered character.

    Who is going to manage the dices and outcomes? I've never done this before so I don't know how this will be done.
  11. I think the GM would have to decide most actions with a throw of the dice.

    I see it like this

    Player 1 attacks

    Player 2 reacts

    GM rolls dice in order to see what happens

    We can make up either a very simple or very complex system for judging what happens, even as simple as just "1-3=action was effective, 4-6= action was ineffective.".

    Or perhaps we could do it more like a gradient, where 1 is good and 10 is bad, using a 10 sided die. So let's say, for example, you try to attack a player with a long sword imbued with the power of lightning, and he tries to defend against it with a quick and powerful gust of wind. The GM then rolls a 3 for you and a 4 for your opponent. You obviously lost out, but not by much, so, essentially, the GM will probably try to have you both just beat the crap out of each other, or have each of your powers backfire. An extreme roll like a 1 or 10 should be potentially match winning, but not on the first occurrence. Each match should probably be between 10 and 18 short posts, 1 to 3 paragraphs long. The matches should be scheduled in advance so this can work smoothly and have everyone present(don't wanna have to disqualify people for not being there), perhaps we should just cram as many matches as we can into the weekend.

    Anyway, that's what I would do. :)
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  12. So the outcome will solely be based by the dices and not at all by the kind of actions or reaction done?
  13. @Shade_XY yes that's right and @GonzoB. I would be interested as well at that concept.
  14. Somewhat interested, bit can't say much until the theme is picked.
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  15. Well I guess we have to wait for @GonzoB. to ask him further detail
  16. Oh, man! I never got these notifications, and just now saw them by chance, looking through my old ones.

    Sorry if I've been holding this up, but I'm so glad we have interest in the idea!
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  17. The outcome, yes. You can come up with the best attack or counter in the world and still have it fail due to luck or lack thereof.

    The GM/GMs will be tasked with deciding what exactly the outcomes are.
  18. it's kay"~ well time for continue the discussion?
  19. Yes!

    Ask away!
  20. Then what stops a player from writing such as below?

    Armin simply leaned his head slightly to the left to dodge the castle sized fireball casted by Donut, the wizard.
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