Brain Farts!

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    Everyone has had this happen to them at some point in time. How bad does is frustrate you? Do you go back into the previous room and wait to see if the thought comes back.. or do you just stand in the middle of the room you entered? Who would have thought that it was actually something to do with doors or other objects?

    I fail at relating this to roleplay right now...


    I am playing a character with Vay, who just keeps getting constantly baffled by this damned demon, that she has no freaking idea what to say or how to respond. It's just so..... and then BAM. She's totally braindead.

    I kinda like using my REAL LIFE brainfarts to my advantage in RPs to... o___o;; If it works in a scene or for a character, and I kinda blanked out in real life, I'll have the character have a "oh shit, what was I doing again?" moment too. It kinda reboots my thinking, and it often makes for a funny moment in the rp. >:]
  3. Totally just saved my roleplay relating fail! :D GO DIANA!