Brain Droppings

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  1. Title catch your attention? Good. If you know where the title comes from you deserve a big high-five. Since I can't give you one in person, do a self-five.

    I'm a 23 year old college student who had done some forum RP a long time ago but fell out due to starting college. Now that I have a few years in I'm finding my creative spark isn't the height I'd like it to be and after some careful thought decided RP could be a great avenue to rekindle it after frying my brain with academia.

    So anyway these are the things I've been watching lately that will likely form my preference for RPs
    Doctor Who(The short-lived and fantastic! Ninth is definitely MY Doctor)
    Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad
    Once Upon A Time/ In Wonderland

    And as you will see by my signature, I'm also a devoted fan of Welcome to Nightvale. It satisfies a dark humor that has defined much of my life.

    I've also always been interested in LOTR, Star Wars, the Yugi era of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    Anyway. I'm hoping to jump right into the RP again but forgive me if I'm rusty.
  2. I love Breaking Bad. Started watching it since day one and was hooked til the end!

    Welcome to Iwaku, let us know if you need anything.