Brain Burst: The Accelerated World

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  1. Earth: 2046

    Nuero-Synchronization was Invented. Neuro-Synchronization allows humans to virtually manipulate their five senses, where people can access the internet and enter virtual worlds via Neuro-Linkers. There is a game less than 7% percent of Japanese Kids know about. The people who know about it have been using nuero-linkers almost their whole lives. The Game is Brain Burst also known as the accelerated world. It can only be found out by a friend who has it. Once installed it takes a whole night to register and make your character. It makes a character based on your hopes, dreams, and fears.

    Each character is given a color base. Only the original colored kings had the regular color in their name. Such as 'red' or 'blue'. The original red king was killed by the black king. Each Avatar is different, with different abilities and upgrades. You have to win and gain a certain amount of points to level up nobody has ever made it to level 10. To make it to level 10 you have to kill each king, when a 9 is killed by a 9 they lose all their points. When a player has lost their points their character is deleted and they forget all their memories of the game.

    Anyhow you are ale to use brain burst to enhance your physical and mental abilities. When brain burst is activated by the words 'brain burst' all time is slowed down greatly, even in the game.

    I will add more but whose interested.
  2. An Accel World Roleplay


    I have plans for a certain Level 8/9 of sorts. Unless we're all starting at Level 1.
  3. No high levels, I will be playing two characters one is going to be the king we fall under in the end.
  4. Hmmm... I can pull the similiar planned character. He'll be a little gimmicky.

    Will there be a list of 'limited' abilities? For instance, Silver Crow is the only flyer in the series, and there are only two individuals in the Accelerated World with healing capabilities.
  5. Well the flying will be the only limited ability, unless it's some outrageous ability. I was thinking of letting the players choose their first abilities, and when they level up I give them two options to pick from, that they can interpret however they want, within reason.
  6. Well here another Rp I've been looking for.
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