Bradley x Trever - You're Toxic.

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    Between 18-28, needs to be tough, tall and toned.
    Text me @ 07758348843 with pic
    - B.M"

    Hopefully that wasn't too suspicious. Bradley sighed as he entered the ad onto the website, already expecting the typical replies with sexual asks. It wasn't like he even wanted to be on his damn course. Bradley wanted to finish school and go work in an IT department for the rest of his life so he could avoid people. But his mother insisted he did something with his inherited talents. So that meant art school.

    He swivelled on his seat to look at the sketches he had attempted to do of men's bodies. It was so hard without a life model. Bradley walked over to one of the ones he liked and picked it up, walking around the table it was resting on. He slumped down onto his couch, wearing a gray tee with black boxers. Why couldn't he of decided to choose to draw girls instead? It would make his social life a lot easier, because now everybody knows for sure he's gay. Great. That just lead to more dumb, homophobic comments he got in high school.

    After a boring day of refreshing his text messages and mindless sketching, Bradley got into bed, putting his phone next to his pillow in hope he'd get an actual reply.
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  2. This town was just so.. Boring. Every time he came home, it seemed to welcome him with open arms. Relief snuggled him to sleep in his own bed, and the next morning.. Trevor was reminded that there just really wasn't much to do. Now and then he'd wander along a college campus that he lived by, or waste time downtown; quite possibly while drinking. But in the end, it all boiled down to him just living in a town that couldn't offer him much by way of adventure. Sure, he knew people here, but they had jobs and lives, and his time was widely unused.

    The guy found himself flopped in bed, scoring through this and that on his phone. He'd come across an ad through some chain of mindless clicking, and arched a brow curiously at it. He could be a model, right? He could totally just stand there and be drooled over for a while. Couldn't stand to hurt looking into it. Even if it was some creep looking for a cheap fuck, Trevor doubted he'd have any issue getting out of it.

    Punching the number into his phone, the guy padded over to the washroom, and snapped a quick selfie, sending it off, without actually saying anything. He figured that was good enough, though, right? How much of a resume could you need to get a gig where you just had to stand there and look attractive?
    ((Just imagine he's more buff than that picture. And his hair's black.))

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  3. When Bradley woke up, the first thing he did was check his phone. At least three of the messages were dick pics. It made Bradley almost already give up. But when he opened the last one, it made him grin. Damn, this guy was, really hot. But besides the point, his body was perfect for drawing. He tapped the reply button and sent a text back,

    "You interested in modelling? If so come to mine @ 5pm - OxfordApartments, 233."

    Hopefully this guy wasn't some murderer or anything. Bradley quickly got up and changed. It was a Saturday, which meant watching pointless TV shows and playing on video games until his model turned up. God, Bradley was weirdly excited to meet this tattooed hottie. Hopefully he looked just like he did in the pic. Bradley got into a black tshirt and jeans before going out to buy some breakfast. When he got back, he began some practice sketches as he watched TV, waiting for 5:00pm.
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  4. Trevor had had a rough night. It felt long. Probably because it was; the guy hadn't actually gotten to bed until.. He didn't even know when. Somewhere along the line he had decided it was a good idea to head out to the bar. He could just play some pool, have a few drinks, and pretend he had anything worth doing. Well, a few drinks turned into too many, and playing pool turned into bets turned into scams turned into fights. Needless to say, by the time he woke up, he was sore. The other guy was probably worse, though. Considering his knuckles were torn, which meant blood got in there somewhere. Great.
    Groaning, he rolled over, caught a flash from his phone, and checked the message. Modelling? Oh yeah. At.. Five. It was currently about quarter to. Sighing, he pulled himself out of bed, minding the hangover, as he went to shower off, throw in some contacts, and get dressed. Cracking open a beer from the fridge, he downed the thing, grabbed his keys, and walked out the door. Sooner or later, he'd be feeling better. The bloodshot eyes, however, may be a giveaway anyhow. Oh well.
    Double checking the address, he hopped onto this bike, lit up a breakfast cigarette, and took off for the place. Alright, so he was late. By.. About 20 minutes. He'd gotten turned around, and ended up at the wrong place. Now, however, Trevor was knocking on the door, taking the last drag of yet another cigarette. This was the right place, right?

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  5. Was that the door? Bradley opened his eyes, pulling his cheek from the couch. Great, whatever he was watching before had put him to sleep for a couple of hours. When Bradley looked at the clock, he recognised he was late. Shit, he wasn't even dressed properly. He quickly jumped up, "Give me a sec!"

    Bradley ran about, cleaning a space for his model to stand in the middle of his apartment. He began arranging his easel with all his paper and pens. When he did that, he quickly checked himself out in the mirror, he wasn't looking exactly attractive. His hair was messy and he had to put his glasses on.

    "Hey." Bradley said quickly as he swung open the door to his messy apartment. "I'm Bradley.. Uh.." Oh God, he was so tall. Bradley tried to cover. His blush as he stepped across, "Come in!" He smiled. This model guy was above what he looked like in the picture. Taller, hotter, darker. Wow, Bradley had to stop himself from staring like a creep, that might scare his model out of the apartment. And he certainly didn't want that. ​
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  6. Turning as the frantic sounds came from inside of the room, Trevor waited on him, dropping his smoke to scuff it out. At least he didn't sound like a creepy old man. As the door opened, Trevor ran synthetic blue eyes over the guy, keeping quiet, with a somewhat blank stare, before an amused smirk broke out on his lips. "Trevor." he replied, turning his eyes inside now, before brushing past the blonde on his way in. Stooping to undo his shoes, he kicked them off, before looking back to the kid. "So.. How do you want me?" he asked suggestively, with a wolfish grin. He caught the blush, and it was sort of amusing. Whether or not Trevs was unfortunately opposed to any and all contact aside from trying to cause someone pain, that definitely did not mean he couldn't flirt.
  7. Oh God, Bradley kept his cool so often, blank as a canvas. But around attractive men, Bradley was a mess. "Uh..." Wow, Trevor liked to flirt obviously. "All you have to do is.. Take off your shirt and.." Bradley quickly brushed his blond hair out of his eyes and pointed towards the space, "Stand there for now." He walked over to collect his pencils from his desk. Why couldn't he just be more organised?
    "Okay I hope you're cool with standing still for a long time.." He literally couldn't wipe the red tint on his cheeks, it wouldn't leave. And it got worse everytime he looked. Bradley let out a cough as he sat down on the stool behind the easel, positioning the paper so he could see Trevor.​
  8. Trevor may have snickered a little at just how flustered this guy seemed. Well, it was certainly turning out to be more fun than some creep. Besides, he was sort of cute, honestly. In a dorky 'I completely forgot you were showing up, otherwise I would have brushed my hair' kind of way. That was, however, the kind of look that sort of drew Trevor in. "Yeah yeah. Draw me like one of your French boys and all that." he mused, shrugging off the patched jacket that he had over some hoodie that he couldn't actually remember; he never took them apart. Proceeding to pull off his shirt, showing off a well toned, and tattoo riddled body, he looked back over to Bradley. "How should I stand?"
    The room was.. Sort of in total disarray. Despite Trevor's loud exterior, he was oddly neat. Everything in his own home had its own place. Probably because he just didn't do much. Maybe because he was anal about having a clean house. Who knows. That being said, the apartment felt strangely cosy. Lived in, rather than the pristine condition his place was in.
  9. Bradley snickered at the joke as he watched Trevor's body, looking at the tattoos. "What do they all mean? The tattoos?" Bradley asked as he began to sketch out Trevor's lean figure. He was always taught sketching is 90% obvervation, so he kept his eyes fixed on his body, getting a feel for how it looks.
    "Could you just, lift your hands to touch your back? It stretches out your torso." Bradley flashed him a smile as he finished his first sketch. It wasn't bad, Bradley ripped it off the page and wrote a couple numbers on the back before putting it down on the table behind him on top of a large pile of sketchbooks and papers. It would do him good to clean it up, or at least run a vacuum through the place. It kind of embarrassing for Bradley to have such a clean looking guy in his home. At least, as seemed neat compared to Bradley's ripped jeans and messy hair.
  10. Glancing down at the ink over himself, the guy shrugged. "Means I make too much money, and I've got a hard on for my artist." he answered, more or less honestly. Some had meanings. Some, he'd just wanted. He followed the instruction to touch his back, and waited until the page was torn away. Holding out his knuckles, he sneered a little. Across is knuckles in an elegant script was the word "Ladylike". He thought it was amusing considering just how grungy he was. On his lower knuckles, he also had "Sick Fuck". Which.. Was just fitting.
    "How about you? Any art on your body, or just.. Everywhere else?" he asked with a smirk, nodding across the place to various locations of what he assumed to be drawings and whatnot. He liked it, honestly. It felt so genuine, and that was strangely refreshing, as far as Trevor was concerned. Brad definitely didn't have to be embarrassed about the clutter. He kept looking around fondly, taking in this or that.
  11. Honestly Bradley loved tattoos. Especially on Trevor, he rocked his ink so well. "Me? Hah, No." He sneered, pushing up his glasses as he began a new sketch, "I don't exactly suit that sorta thing." At least he thought. The clothes he wore made him look like a student straight out of 97. And his haircut added to that look. Tattoos wouldn't suit him at all. But he could appreciate them. "I've got art everywhere.." He sighed, sketching out the lines of Trevor's body as he stared at the stretched out muscle on his torso. "That's what you get for being in art school.."
    "What do you do then?" He peered up to Trevor's blue eyes for a second. It was obvious he was wearing contacts, but he liked them. Bradley really could imagine Trevor as some sort of mechanic, working with bikes and getting all oily. Or maybe he was a tattoo artist himself... Bradley thought about the possibilities as he worked on his abs in pencil.
  12. To be completely honest, Trevor had to agree in thinking that tattoos wouldn't suit him. Not that it was a negative thing. More just that he already looked complete. Trevor always felt way too naked when he was naked. The ink sent like it fit. As if he should have just been born that way. "Whatever I'm paid to do." he shrugged. The guy had tickets for pretty much anything you could do as far as camp work went. "Right now, I'm doing oil rigs." It.. Wasn't the safest of jobs. But it definitely paid well, and it for him out of town. "Art school, huh? Thought you were just a pervert." he teased, giving the guy a wink. Whenever Trevor thought Art Student, he pictured scarves in summer, and snapping along to shitty slam poetry. Thankfully that wasn't the case here, and Brad actually seemed pretty enjoyable to be around.
  13. "Cool." So oil was involved, Bradley smirked. He began working on the details of his body, his eyes focusing on Trevor's stomach as he sketched it out. Bradley wished he had that sort of muscle. In reality, his sit ups didn't really make him look that tough. It wasn't like he was fat or anything, he had a little bulk on his arms and stomach, but not much. He must look tiny in comparison to Trevor's tall, lean body. His body was making Bradley drool internally, it was gorgeous.
    "Who said I wasn't both?" Bradley joked, grinning. The wink did make the pink tint come back onto his cheeks though. Damn it, Bradley looked down at the paper for a second to rid the blush from his face. "Could you turn around? I'd like to draw your back." He looked up with a smile before ripping the page and putting it onto the pile of papers. Bradley wasn't going to lie, he kinda wanted to see Trevor's butt. Not like he was going to say that.
  14. The smirk didn't go unnoticed, but he wasn't sure what was going on inside of that blonde little head of his, so it was largely ignored, aside from Trevor taking note of how cute it had been. The comment, however, earned a chuckle. "My bad." Cute. Very cute. He was just so pink. Trevor thought he was just totally adorable at this point.
    Turning around, Trevs crossed his arms behind his head in a way that both showed off his muscle, and was surprisingly comfortable. He didn't mind being eyed up. In fact, he rather enjoyed it. Glancing back, he smirked a little. "Are you objectifying me?" he asked in fake offence, snickering a little. "Good."
  15. Ugh, Bradley puffed out his cheeks a little. Trevor looked just as good from this side too. Bradley began a new sketch, admiring his back muscles, and below. His hand moved quickly as he sketched out the shape as he stared at the muscle. Bradley's eyes darted up to Trevor's quickly, thinking he actually had offended him in some way. But turns out not so, it made Bradley grin, "That's what you're here for, right?" He chuckled, leaning over as he quickly finished the sketch.
    "Do you want a drink?" Bradley said after he did two more sketches. His hand was beginning to hurt a little and he was sure Trevor couldn't pose forever. He stood up and stretched out, placing the last piece of paper on the pile, "You can look, if you'd like.." He smiled, picking up the drawings he had done and leaned over, offering them to Trevor.
  16. Continuing to stand there posing for the guy, Trevor snickered to himself, shrugging a little. "Yeah, pretty much." It wasn't that far off, really. To get out of the house, and to be drooled over. That was about it. Besides, to be fair, Trevs had a great body if he was looking for definition. He wasn't the kind of guy that skipped leg day, and just had a ripped upper body. His ass and legs were nice too. Ed totally do himself.
    Well.. No. No, he wouldn't. Even Trevor wasn't that much of a masochist.
    It did, however, beg the question of whether or not he'd find himself toxic.
    By the time Bradley had offered him a drink, the guy snapped back into reality, and turned, lowering his arms now. "Yeah, sure." His eyes dimmed to the pages being offered, and he reached out for them, taking care to keep his fingers away from the other hand as he did so. They were.. Kind of really good. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting, but it wasn't this. Looking over to the blonde, he paused a moment. "So, I guess you really are in art school."
  17. When he wandered into the open plan kitchen, he bent into his fridge. Being a student and a bachelor, the only drinks he had were a six pack of beer, water and whatever the carton was. The carton looked like orange juice, but he wasn't prepared to test that theory.
    "I hope you drink beer." Bradley huffed as he untangled two cans. When Trevor complimented his drawings, Bradley immediately turned a pink tint again. He leaned up and placed a can for Trevor on the kitchen island before opening his, "What, did you think I was some pervert looking for some meat to drool over?" He chuckled at the art school comment. Well, Bradley kind of was being a little perverted, but that was just him.
  18. Not bothering to pull his clothing back on, Trevor moved to lean against the back of the sofa, watching as the guy moved about. "I have my suspicions." he grinned, taking the beer and cracking it open. Perfect, more to combat the hangover that was still looming over him. "Thanks. I figured late night drinking was a good idea, so I'm still paying for that." he laughed, taking a gulp of the liquid. Leaning onto the island now, he poked at this and that curiously, before turning false blue eyes back up to the guy. "So, what's the deal then? Do you want me to come back again so you can blush some more, or is this a one night only thing?"
  19. "Right." Bradley smiled as he sipped his beer. Trevor did seem like a party guy. The way he acted and dressed just said to Bradley he loved parties. And probably drugs too. Bradley personally wasn't super into the whole scene, he didn't exactly fit in but he admitted parties were really fun. When Trevor commented on Bradley's blush, it just made him go a deeper shade of red. He coughed a bit, "Actually I'm doing portraits next week so I could use a face like yours." Bradley gave him a grin before sipping his beer, ignoring the comment on his blushing.
  20. The assumption had been right; Trevor was far from a drug addict, but he enjoyed a little recreational use now and again. As far as drinking went, he may or may not have been considered an alcoholic, depending on the person you asked. The guy didn't think he exactly had a problem. At least not as far as saying No was concerned. It was more that he had little to no self restraint already, and drinking seemed to chase the rest away.
    "I can do that." he smirked, taking another drink from his beer. He was beginning to wonder if they were done for today, and just sort of hanging around now, or if Bradley still wanted to draw more. He didn't mind either way, really. Though, if they were just hanging around now, he needed to keep in mind that if he was being too flirty, the other might get grabby. As cute as he was.. Trevor really just needed everyone to keep their hands to themselves. Unfortunately.
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