Boys, soccer balls and love triangles

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  1. Boys, soccer balls and love triangles
    [ScarletNova and Kronas17]
    Blake gulped, and adjusted the baseball cap that rested on her head. In her other hand she tightly held the strap of her duffle bag which contained her cloths. She could do this. She could totally, completely pretend to be a guy in order to play soccer at her new boarding school, one all for boys. With her disguise already on and her information already in hand, the pretend young man make her way through the entrance of the dorm buildings and searched for what would be her new room.

    A rush of fear came through her a bit as she found the number and began to open the door. She knew she had to act well so that no one found out and yet she was going to be living with a guy as well since even the school itself didn’t know. It was going to be hard to do that. After all, while she was slightly tall for a girl, she was short and small for a male. But, she wanted to play soccer and that was the only reason she was there.

    She opened the door of the room, which apparently only had one other guy in it before. He was probably told by now that he was finally getting a roommate since some new guy transferred to the boarding school. She had no idea what he was going to be like, or even if he would be happy that he wouldn't have his own room anymore. And, how was she going to live with a guy when she was actually a girl? There was bound to be ways he might find out.

    Blake took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Would he be in there already or would he be out? She didn’t know which one she wanted. Either way, he would most likely be the first one to test her act, and she hoped he really believed she was a guy. She couldn’t let anyone find out or else she would be expelled and wouldn’t be able to play soccer like she wanted. She had practiced a lot and with her best friend Lisa, but she hadn’t really done anything to full someone who didn’t know the truth yet.

    This new roommate of hers was going to be the first. And, then it went on to the whole soccer team. She knew already she was probably going to have to prove herself to them. She just hoped she was good enough at acting as a male, and at soccer to do that.

  2. "Alright boys that was a good practice, keep working on those fundamentals and everything will look great for these upcoming games" Coach Winston shouted at the huddled group of sweaty young men who shouted and nodded their head at the older mans words. Jamie playfully shoved his friend Dean out of the way as he grabbed his bag off the bleachers and then tossed it over his shoulders. " Yo Jamie no need to be hostile" Dean smirked and Jamie simply waved him off as he raked his fingers though his sweaty brown hair. He honestly didn't understand how some guys could grown their hair out and run up and down the field with that sweaty mop on their head. Coach Winston had told them earlier that they'd be expecting a new player to join the team if the guy proved he had what it took. Their soccer team was one of the best due to the teams captain and asshole Aiden who had lead the team in consecutive wins against opposing teams then Evan Fisher who had a mean side shot and finally himself.

    Jamie jogged off the field and then towards his room to shower. Usually he'd shower in the team locker room but he didn't feel like it and plus he had some pizza rolls he was dying to heat up once he had gotten back to the room. When he got there he looked around to see if his new roommate had arrived but when he didn't see any signs of the guy Jamie shrugged his shoulders and then began removing his sweaty gym gear and tossing it into the hamper before stepping inside the shower. The warm water did it's job at loosening up his tight muscles and he took his time in the bathroom until he heard his stomach growl and he knew it was time to get out. Wrapping a towel around his waist Jamie stepping out from the bathroom only to lock eyes with a slender guy standing in the doorway and he had no doubt in his head that he was the new roommate.

    " Sup man I'm Jamie, nice to meet you" He spoke walking over to shake the guys hands and then flashed a smile and headed into the mini fridge to grab his pizza rolls before popping them into the microwave. " The whole right side is yours and I don't have any weird habits or nothing like that so don't worry" Jamie chucked slightly before searching threw his dresser and pulling out a fresh pair of boxers and then slipping them on before removing his towel which he used to rub out the remaining drops of water from his head. Jamie looked over the guy once more, he hadn't expected him to look so..feminine, not that it was a problem but he was just expecting someone that looked more built but he wasn't complaining. " So what made you want to transfer here?" Jamie asked popping a pizza roll in his mouth.
  3. Blake looked around. There was his things, but no roommate inside. She almost let a sigh of relief come out until she heard the sound of someone leaving the bathroom to find her new male roommate walking out in just a simple towel. He casually came over to her, introduced himself and so on. Blake had to do everything in her power to not blush at the fact that she was staring at her first man in nothing just a towel after getting right out of the shower.

    "B-Blake," she got out after he introduced himself. She knew she had to act cool and not weird. If she did, he might find something strange about her and that could lead to her secret being found out. She looked over at the side that was empty, waiting for her. She walked over and sat her bag down onto the bed.

    She had gotten all men's cloths for this, and everything else that a man might have at a dorm, though she did have some secret things that only a female would need. She had to keep those hidden. But, she also didn't bring a lot of personal items since all of those would most likely show she was very girly. At least she could get away with liking soccer.

    "Uh, the soccer team," she began to say. "It's one of the best, so I wanted to learn and become apart of the best as well." That was the truth, though she wasn't going to admit that the girls team got cut and she needed somewhere else she could go in order to play and the only place was a boarding school for men.

    She started to put some of her things away, which she figured was fine as he got something to eat. At least he had put on boxers by now, though that didn't help her in any way to be honest. It just went from first in towel to first in boxers. She kind of felt bad to even look since he didn't know she was actually a girl. She simply focused on putting away her things.

    "Are you on the soccer team?" The roommates weren't decided in any specific way, so he might not be but it didn't hurt to ask him about it anyway.
  4. Jamie casually watched as Blake placed his things on his side of the room. Being that it was a private boarding school their rooms were pretty nice. It came with a a small kitchen and living room with a bathroom and Jamie had brought it upon himself to add the flat screen TV in the living room area instead of just on his side because it made it much more homey. Once he was finished with the pizza rolls on his plate he walked over and then grabbed some more as he listened to Blake explain the reason for transferring to the school. " Ah so you must be the guy that Coach Winston was talking about. For the past two days he has been reminding us of a new player's arrival". Popping a pizza roll into his mouth Jamie grabbed a pair of shorts that was hanging off the side of his bed and he threw them on before plopping down on the couch and then turning on the TV.

    " Yeah I do play for the team actually, Left fielder. I can't wait to see what skills you have, coach Winston has us all riled up and I'm pretty eager to watch you play" Jamie smiled before turning his attention back to the TV screen. Usually sports teams arrived at school earlier than the regular students to get to know their teammates and have that extra three weeks of bonding and training, Blake wouldn't have any of that and he knew how ruthless some of the guys could be, especially Aiden Daniels. That guy thought he was the next best thing and his ego was way too big. Jamie admired him on the field but off the field it was a completely different story, he didn't hate the guy and Aiden didn't bother him but it was how he talked to the team and walk around as if he was some sort of god. Cocky players were annoying to him.

    " Early tomorrow morning we have drills, I'm sure you'll go great out there, and don't let the rest of the guys get to you, there actually softies once they warm up to you". Jamie stood up once more to throw away his plate and then he reached for his phone as he texted a couple of friends and then tuned out to some music before eventually falling asleep. Today's practice was long and tiring and he knew that tomorrow was no different so catching up on enough rest as possible was something Jamie aimed to do.
  5. Blake listened. So, he was on the team. That was good. He liked soccer as well. And, it turned out that her future teammates already knew of her coming to the team thanks to the coach. She felt a bit embarrassed with his comments of how he wanted to see what she (or he) could do. It embarrassed her a bit. She didn't know if she was good enough to have him that excited to see what she could do.

    But, then again, it was kind of nice to hear that. She really hoped she would fit in and that the other teammates would like her. She wanted to prove that she was a tough player and she could do whatever the guys could. Then, just maybe, she could show that old friend of hers that he was wrong. He had told her she was a terrible player, then up and left forever. And, he was the one who taught her in the beginning in the first place. She had been fond of him as a good friend back then where they would play soccer together. But, he told her she was terrible then disappeared.

    "Okay. I guess I should try and get some rest in order to be ready for them then," Blake replied, thankful that it seemed her roommate was a good guy. He was being friendly to her and letting her know some things, most likely to help any new student feel better about what they had gotten themselves into.

    She finished unpacking her cloths and then put away the bag since it had a few other things she did not want him seeing, as they would give away too much. She stuffed it into her closet then took a seat on her new bed. The room was nice, a lot better than she had thought it would be and the bed she had felt pretty comfortable.

    She had heard the TV, then noticed a little bit later that Jamie had fallen asleep. She looked over at him, blushing a bit again. How was she supposed to live with a guy? And, one that was cute too?! It was going to be tough but soccer was worth it.

    She figured it would probably be best to follow along with Jamie and get some rest for practice. She had gotten to the school late, which meant she was better off not wandering around randomly since she had no idea where she would end up. She would need a guide to get to know the school first before she went anywhere on her own.

    She laid down onto the bed and closed her eyes. She let out a slight sigh, thinking about how the practice might go and what the others would think of her. Then, she began to fade away into sleep and dreams.
  6. Jamie found himself up at the sound of his cellphone alarm going off. Groaning he reached over towards the table and then shut it off realizing that he had indeed fallen asleep on the couch. At least it was comfortable. He slowly sat up rotating his shoulders and then releasing a sleepy yawn before rubbing the sleep from his eyes and walking over to where Blake was sleeping and shaking him awake. " Get up man we got drills". Jamie would have loved to sleep in, feeling his semi sore muscles from yesterday kicking in but he knew that the practice was all worth it. No pain no gain. Walking over the the kitchen he opened the mini fridge and grabbed two things of water, one for himself and the other one for Blake before throwing on his work out shorts and training t shirt, " Alright Blake lets head to practice".

    Aiden's POV:
    Waking up early in the morning for coach's routine was normal for him, there was no groaning or setting his alarm clock back so he could get some extra sleep time. Even in the early morning the energy filled his body as he moved into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth swiftly and not loud enough to wake his roommate Parker who was out like a light. Grabbing a granola bar and some gatorade he left his room and then headed over to the field. The cool morning air greeted his body and he welcomed it seeing as how that air would be a means to cooling off once he ran around the field. Aiden was always bright and early, not because he was under coach's ass but because he liked to be ready for what Coach had planned. Most of his teammates hated waking up early, they'd stroll in pretty much dead and their skills on the field proved that.

    Yes Aiden was cocky but he had every right to be. The team wouldn't have won half as many games if he wasn't on the team and he had worked hard to prove to coach that he deserved his spot on the field. There were people in the world that had a natural god given talent and there were people who worked hard that people thought they were just naturally talented. Aiden was the second one, while soccer came easy to him he worked hard to perfect his skills and techniques which still had room for improvements. Coach was the first one to show with his mug of coffee and hat down to the brim, he greeted Aiden with a half smile and a pat on the shoulder before looking over the clipboard he had in his hands.

    About ten minutes later the rest of the team made their way onto the field and then coach told them to stretch out on the field. Taking his spot Aiden starred off into space at nothing in particular until he noticed Jamie walking down the field towards coach with some dude trailing behind him, a new face and Aiden quickly figured out that the guy was supposed to try out for the team. He wasn't going to lie and say he wasn't intrigued although the guy didn't quite look like much. He wasn't super tall but it wasn't basketball so that wasn't a problem. To Aiden the kid didn't have that intimidating look about him and a devious grin formed on his lips. Coach blew his whistle signaling for the team to stop. " Alright boys we have a new up and coming member on the team. Names Blake and were going to see if he has what it takes to be a member of this team so break up into two teams for scrimmage".

    When Aiden went to turn and pick his team Coach motioned for him to come over and as he got closer he got a better look at the guy, yeah definitely a shrimp. " Blake this is Aiden Daniels the team captain,you'll be on his team for the scrimmage so show me what you can do". Aiden's mouth dropped slightly before he clicked his tongue against his teeth and then eyes Blake. " Alright shrimp let's see if your good enough, and try not to fall behind" that was all Aiden said before he turned away from the guy and made his way over onto the field.

  7. Blake heard the sound of a male's voice, something she wasn't used to waking up to in the morning. It took her a moment to remember where she was. She opened her eyes when Jamie told her about practice. That was right. She had to get to her first practice. It would be terrible if she was late. She quickly got up and all while hiding anything that could give herself away, got herself ready for practice and headed out with Jamie.

    Once they had gotten there, everyone was already staring at her. She felt a bit self-conscious and really wanted them all to look away, but then again, she wasn't to become the best player and then too would have people watching. The couch introduced her, then told her about her team. Aiden Daniels. Blake froze. That name. There was no way she could forget that name. But, it wasn't possible.

    She stared at the young man in front of her. He looked completely different, but the name was exactly the same and he was into soccer. Was it really her old friend? The one who make her fall in love with soccer then stab her in the heart?

    Then Aiden talked with her, and as soon as she heard the way he sounded, she was sure it had to be him. He didn't believe she could be any good, and that feeling was exactly the same that she felt in the past thanks to Aiden.

    But, she couldn't show all this, so she hide it away. She composed herself, then followed everyone off to the field. This was it, this was where she was going to show everyone what she could do. She wasn't amazing, but she had some skills. She was pretty fast on the field, and with being a lot smaller than the guys, she could easily move around them without them touching her. Yes, she had a few mistakes, most did occasionally, but she wasn't all that bad.
  8. Aiden could honestly care less about the new guy, that meant more work and more training to make sure that the shrimp could actually keep up with their training. He assumed that the guy had to have some sort of skill to have even transferred to their school for their team. Raking his fingers through his dirty blonde hair he stepped onto the field with his team and shrimp not to far behind him. " Alright guys a simple scrimmage match to get things started. The newbie, Grayson, Dean, and Conner are on my team and Brandon, Jamie, Samuel, Marcus, Korbin, and Eli on the other". The boys nodded their head getting sorted out into their right teams before coach blew the whistle and the match started. He as usual breezed by calling for the ball and assisting his teammates as well as scoring two goals but right now it wasn't about him it was about the rookie's abilities.

    Passing shrimp the ball he watched as the smaller guy moved down the field with ease and assisted Dean in a goal. His footwork was fast and he juked out defenders with a breeze making Aiden raise his eyes in slight amusement but only slight. From the side of the field he could see coach eyeing the shrimp as he stole the ball from the other team and then when Aiden called for it he passed it just at the sight time for Aiden to send a powerful kick into the lower left side of the net concluding the match. His chest heaved in and out as he caught his breath and then jogged over to the bleachers to grab his gatorade and then back to coach who was clapping his hands lightly. " Alright alright that was a pretty good scrimmage, some minor flaws but nothing we can't fix before our upcoming game on Friday. Good work out there Blake, I'm liking what I'm seeing". Aiden rolled his eyes at the comment before coach had them do drills and kept Blake behind.

    Jamie wiped the sweat from his forehead after the practice match and then looked over as coach was talking to Blake and Judging from the mans facial expressions it wasn't a bad conversation at all. He did foot drills with Dean and then jogged five laps around the soccer field with Aiden of course in the front but Jamie picked up speed so that they were neck and neck. " So Daniels what do you think about Blake?" he watched as Aiden's face scrunched up and shrugged his shoulders. " The shrimp? He played okay but he still has ways to go if he thinks he's doing this team any good". Jamie watched as Aiden picked up more speed and finished the laps a few seconds earlier. There was obviously jealousy detected in his voice but Jamie saw the way Aiden watched Blake play, that look of surprise and a small smile on his face, one that Jamie never really saw.

    Coach blew the whistle and then everyone filed over grabbing towels and dripping in sweat. They had been outside for three hours and now the sun was completely out. " Good job at practice boys and welcome Blake to the team, he's earned it. He has some things to learn but with due time and practice he'll be an excellent addition to the team". The boys hooted and hollered and Jamie playfully showed Blake's shoulder. " See I told you you could do it, now lets hit the showers it's through those doors" Jamie pointed as he took a few gulps from his water bottle.
  9. Blake fears went away as they played, and instead she enjoyed what she was doing. That always happened as she played, she got lost in the game. In no time, their scrimmage was over and Blake was called over to talk to her new coach as the others continued on with practice.

    She believed that she did pretty well for the practice and that was a good thing. That meant that her new teammates might actually like her, which was something that she really wanted.

    She went over to the coach and talked with him as the others went on with drills. He pointed out some good parts, and places that she needed to improve on, but it appeared that he was overall satisfied with her work. Of course, she would still need much more practice, she knew that, but she was glad that she didn't make a fool out of her herself and that she would be able to fit in.

    Practiced ended and Jamie came back over to her. The others cheered, which made a smile come to her face. She wanted to get to know these new teammates. "Yeah," Blake said at first to Jamie, then realized what he had said at the end. The showers. The showers...


    What was she supposed to do about that? There was no way she would be able to get into the showers without them finding out that she was no a male and rather a female.

    "Uh, man, I forgot my stuff back in the room. Must have been first day jitters or something. I got to go grab my stuff before I end up in the showers. I'll see you later," Blake commented. That should probably work. She grabbed her soccer stuff and quickly went off of the field towards her new dorm.

    She got inside and then, she had to wait. She needed to time things right and wait until most were done, then head into the showers. But, she couldn't have Jamie see her waiting either so she needed to wait some in the room, then leave before he showed up, then head for the showers.

    After a bit of time of waiting, she left the room and secretly made her way to the showers in a way that no one would see her. She was going to have to find another way to do this because she couldn't use that excuse all the time. She would have to see how the place was and maybe see what she might be able to do.
  10. Jamie raised his eyebrow curiously when Blake turned down heading into the showers until he had fully explained that he left some things behind in the room and Jamie nodded his head. " Gotcha man I understand how those nerves can be". After watching Blake dissapear off the field and towards their room he followed the rest of the guys into the locker room, removing his clothes and then stepping into one of the showers. He took his time getting all the sweat and dirt from off his body before drying off and then walking out the shower past naked and semi naked guys. Everyone now was just laughing and talking about the upcoming game as well as the girls that would be coming. Since this was an all boys school many of the guys girlfriends had to get visitation passes for the day and weren't allowed to spend the night.Go figure.

    As he was getting dressed Jamie caught sight of Aiden who had headphones in his ear and was tieing his shoelaces. He was always the first one at practice and the first one out the showers. Jamie didn't really dislike the guy, he was a great player and everyone knew it but his ego and that " I am the shit" attitude needed to go. Grabbing his duffle bag Jamie walked out the locker room following Dean. " So rookie played a pretty good game" Dean spoke up as they headed up the stairs back into the building and Jamie nodded his head " Yeah he did, I think coach won't be dissapointed these upcoming games". After saying there goodbyes Jamie turned the key into the door to his room and then stepped in letting out a sigh of relief. " Thank god it'd over, now I can relax".

    Aiden headed towards the cafeteria after getting dressed. He didn't want to spend time listening to a bunch of his annoying teammates talk about the upcoming game, he thought it was jinx and he had other things to do. Classes were starting soon and he needed to get some assignments done and by that he meant give his work to bookworm Henry. Aiden had no problem doing the work himself but he just didn't have the time with practice and the games to put in his best effort so why not get a little help every now and again. His mind wandered back towards the game and how the shrimp played. His footwork skills were amazing and they also looked familiar at the same time, he hadn't seen someone spark his interest in the game in a long time., not since he was a kid.

    Running his fingers though his hair Aiden grabbed his tray and moved down the line to get his food, ignoring calls for him to sit at various tables he just took his food and ate outside. Aiden wasn't anti-social in the least but he just preferred his space in the early morning to afternoon unless he had to be surrounded by a bunch of people. The sudden vibration of his phone caught him off guard making him jump and he checked the message to see that it was from his girlfriend and a small smile formed on his lips. He hadn't seen her in a few weeks but he was definitely ready for the upcoming game so he could finally see her after quite some time. Later on in the day coach messaged him about a group dinner and to round up the boys.

    He sent a group text to most of the guys from the team but he didn't have Jamie's or the shrimps number and he found himself having to physically go and get them. Aiden grunted as he rounded the corner and then knocked on the door. When Jamie's ace appeared Aiden gave him a slight nod. " Team dinner in fifteen minutes" He was turning to leave when Jamie stopped him by grabbing his wrist and tugging him inside. " Wait for us man we'll all go together. I just need to grab my phone and stuff". Aiden was a bit taken back by Jamie touching him and the fact that now he was stuck in the room. His eyes wandered around until they landed on shrimp and a smirk appeared on his lips. " Decent game out there, I almost thought coach was pulling a joke".

  11. Blake's plan worked out perfectly as she didn't run into anyone on her way to the showers and once she had finally gotten there, there was no one left. She went inside and looked around. It was going to be hard to find a way to hide herself in this place, but she was going to have to figure out something.

    She went off to the showers and started to strip off her cloths. It felt nice to get out of them. After all, she had to keep her chest wrapped so that no one would see anything even if she wasn't all that big in the first place. She still didn't want to cause any suspicion. She showered, the water that ran down her smooth skin felt cool and relaxing especially after running around on that field and fearing that they would all hate you.

    She finished off, dried herself and put back on her male cloths. When she was done, she headed back to her room where Jamie was. She looked over at him, then took a seat down on her bed. She looked back over at him again, about to say something when a knock was heard on their door.

    When Jamie opened the door, Aiden was standing there, telling them about a dinner. Okay. But, then Jamie pulled Aiden inside and told him to wait for them. Why would he do that? Blake looked over at Aiden. It had to be him. It had to be Aiden from her childhood. The one that got her into soccer, the one that she began to love as they played together, then the one who broke her heart. She stared for a moment more, then turned away. A sudden hatred went through her body. He was there. That was a fact. Maybe, just maybe she could exact her revenge by becoming stronger than him on this team.

    She caught him looking over at her, then suddenly he spoke to her. She looked back over in surprise for a moment until she composed herself. "Oh, uh, thanks," she commented. She stood up from the bed, and grabbed her phone so that they could head for that dinner he was talking about.

    Once Jamie and her were ready, the left the room and she started to follow Aiden and Jamie to wherever they were going to have their dinner. She was quiet, unsure of what to say to either of them. She was going to have to get used to them more if she was going to continue to attend the school.
  12. Aiden's eyes stayed glued on Blake as they headed down the hall towards where the team was meeting for dinner. Occasionally his eyes would drift towards Jamie when he asked him questions but mostly Jamie just rambled on about some basketball game that was coming on later. Aiden was slightly interested but only slightly, he found himself trying to asses Blake as they turned the corner before he abruptly turned his head straight. Why the hell did he care? The guy was simply a rookie yet the way he played out on the field made Aiden feel a certain way, a way he couldn't quite explain but he felt like he was actually having fun out there. Don't get him wrong he loved playing soccer more than anything but the game-play to him had become almost routine, nobody on the team brought something special besides the plays they already knew.

    When they reached the room the rest of the team was there munching down on burgers and pizza and coach was in a deep conversation with the assistant coach Russel. Russel came to some practices but he was more of an adviser or someone you came to talk to if you were going through some things on and off the field. Aiden excused himself and walked over to the table that was filled with food and placed three slices of pizza on his plate before sitting down with Dean who greeted him with a mouthful of food that made Aiden scrunch his nose up and shake his head. " So I heard there's going to be a party down by the lake, you coming". Aiden eyed Dean for a moment before taking a bite out of his pizza. He never really went to parties before important games but at the same time he didn't want to seem like a puss. " Don't know might drop by", Dean seemed satisfied with the answer and continued on with his rambling.

    Jamie spent the five minutes that it took to reach the dinner making conversation with Blake and Aiden who seemed more in tuned with eyeing Blake than actually listening. He wasn't surprised or anything, Aiden always seemed cold and a serious guy all the time Jamie couldn't really recall actually seeing the guy show a genuine smile,and the only time he did have some sort of happy expression was when they won a game. The sudden smell of food filled Jamie's nose as he rubbed his stomach once he caught sight of the food in front of him. " Let eat" He grinned at Blake before grabbing a plate and filling it up with food. They sat down with some teammates that greeted them and then Brady mentioned a party and Jamie's eyes lighted up. " When and Where boys". Brady chuckled, " Tonight down by the lake, drinks and all that". Jamie rubbed his hands together and nudged Blake, " We'll be there".
  13. While Blake tried to focus on what Jamie was telling her at they headed for the meeting with the coach and other members of the soccer team, it was hard thanks to the eyes she felt on her. She knew that Aiden was watching her, though she didn't know the reason why. Had he already figured out she was a girl? That would be bad. What was he planning on doing then? Why was he staring at her?

    His glance only went away when they finally made it to the others. Quickly, Blake picked up a slice of pizza and put it onto her plate, then took a seat down. She quietly sat there and took a bite, listening to what the others had to say. Apparently, there was going to be a party. Blake didn't think a party would be the best thing in her position right now, but then she felt the nudge from Jamie. He had already said they would be there. She couldn't just back out after that, they would probably hate her if that happened.

    "Uh, yeah. Sure," she commented after she swallowed another bite. She took a sip of some soda to wash it down, trying to hide her fears of what might happen at that party. She had to act like a guy, but how did men act at parties? Was it any different from girls? Maybe it depended on the type of party?

    Then, it was down by the lake. Was she going to have to worry about the water or anything like that. "If it's by a lake, are you planning to swim in it?" Blake asked them. She thought it would be an okay question to ask. Maybe if they questioned her on why, she could mentioned she forgot a swim suit and would feel weird without one if they were going to swim.
  14. Jamie nodded his head glad that Blake had agreed to head down to the lake tonight. The team always went there before big games to wind down and have some fun before going against the opposing team. " Yeah some guys go for a night swim or throw people in for fun but that rarely happens, don't worry" Jamie gently shoved Blake before finishing up his food and then chugging down his soda releasing a content sigh. Some of the team members left to go do homework or take a small nap before they headed over to the lake later on. Eventually coach wrapped up the dinner and Jamie and Blake found themselves back in their room where he plopped down on his bed and then pulled out his phone setting his alarm clock. " I'm taking a small nap before we head down to the lake, I suggest you do the same if you want all that energy for the get together" Jamie spoke giving his roommate a small smile and then he turned to his side and dozed off.

    Aiden was kicking his old soccer ball in the room when his roommate walked in and gave him a small greeting before plopping down on the couch to watch some show. He knew right now everyone was getting ready for this party down by the lake and honestly he just hoped he wouldn't have to carry the brunt of the work for this game because if so he was going to be pissed. Aiden placed the soccer ball down after awhile and then went into the fridge to grab a small bottle of water and his mind kept drifting back to the scrimmage earlier and the newbie. He had no idea why this kid kept pouring into his thoughts but he did and quite frankly it pissed Blake off. If he had it his way, the dude wouldn't even be on the team.

    When it got late Aiden was focused on his phone but he noticed his roommate moving around the room throwing on some clothes and then chugging down two beers. Pre gaming at it finest. " Aiden you coming man or what?" At the voice Aiden took the earbuds out his ear and he nodded his head reluctantly, " Yeah sure". If anything he'd just leave if things got too out of hand because he knew things would turn sour fast of the dean of the school found out what they were doing. Throwing on some shoes he followed his boy and the room and down to the lake.

    Jamie woke up slightly before the alarm and then dashed across the room back and forth like the road runner as he got ready. " Blake lets go, party awaits" he shouted as he pulled on a new t -shirt and then shoes. Once they were both ready Jamie and Blake headed down to the lake. The whole team was there mostly, already drinking and there were a few guys from classes down here as well. Brady made his way over with two red cups and then handed one to Jamie and Blake. "Drink up my mans" Jamie complied immediately wanting to get loose as this party continued, he downed his cup and Brady nodded in content. " Simon and Dean are already in the lake. Dumbasses" he chuckled and Jamie smirked. " Go figure".

  15. Just as long as they didn't throw her, Blake should be fine. She would just have to be careful at the party so she wouldn't end up getting wet from any water. With the dinner coming to an end, Blake finished up what she had on her plate, finished her drink then headed out with Jamie when everything was over. She headed back to their room and took a seat down on her new bed to had just gotten the other night.

    "Okay," Blake stated in reply when her roommate mentioned he was going to take a nap and that she should too if she wanted energy. The girl laid down after Jamie, but didn't seem to fall asleep much. It didn't really matter. She was already getting ready before Jamie since he was asleep, which made it easier for her to change without him noticing everything. She was finishing off when he awoke.

    Once they were both done, she walked with him out of the room and to the party. It was obvious after they had gotten there that many of the members were already enjoying themselves a bit too much. They were drinking a lot already and some were having fun in the water, just moments after they had gotten there. Blake was given a cup. She was sure it was going to be alcohol which was something she didn't want to drink at all. She wasn't fond of the taste and getting tipsy or anything worse wouldn't be good for her secret, or the game tomorrow. She sat down the cup when no one was looking, having not drank any of it.

    Jamie on the other hand was already enjoying himself, though not like the others. He seemed to have some control for now. She looked around at the people at the party. There were some that were not part of the team, but that was expected. Blake's eyes went over to Aiden. He didn't seem to be too happy to be there. She stared, not realizing that she was looking over at him. A rush of hate went through her again and she forced herself to shake it off. He was her teammate now, she couldn't hate him like that. She had to work together with him if she wanted to learn more and win games.
  16. Aiden honestly rather be at the room playing FIFA then sit here and pretend that he was having a good time. Everyone was drinking and he was pretty sure that in the next twenty minutes he and someone who wasn't as drunk would have to tend to the teammates and make sure that they got back to their rooms. He wasn't too worried about their performance because the only ones who got super shitfaced were the ones that were benched most games and it didn't matter to Aiden since he knew that they wouldn't affect the outcome of the game anyway. His eyes wandered around until they locked eyes with Jamie and Blake who had finally decided to show up. He didn't know why he cared so much of they came or not anyway. Scoffing Aiden turned his gaze towards the red cup that lingered between his fingertips. He had poured out the alcohol and instead filled it with soda and after finishing his cup he placed it down and then went to watch Trevor throw some people in the lake.

    He knew all to well how carried away these parties could be. Most sports teams came when they heard there was a pre game party and that just meant a whole swarm of testosterone. Aiden rolled his eyes at the thought but he was amused as he watched some teammates being thrown in willingly and some by force. " The shrimp goes in" People starting roaring in cheers and Aiden was getting ready to slip out and head back to his room when he caught sight of who was the sad soul to be caught in the grasp of linebacker Gus. Aiden saw none other than the shrimp himself who look petrified as they neared the cool water. It almost looked like Blake had seen as ghost and Aiden gritted his teeth and then walked over at Gus stood on top the big rock and people egged him on. Jamie was nowhere in sigh and Aiden as already assumed he was feeing nice someone since Aiden already knew he wasn't clutch about holding his liquor.

    " Gus put him down.Now." There was anger in his voice and he watched as Gus eyed him and then hesitated before rolling his eyes. " Dude don't be a party pooper, everyone had to go through this"
    " Yeah but I'm not finishing out someone who can't swim, are you?" Gus knew he wasn't going to be the one and everyone would think it was a joke until the poor kid didn't come back up for awhile. Gus pretended that he was going to throw him but instead placed him down and Aiden glared at the guy before scoffing and grabbing Blake's wrist and not even looking in the guys direction. Why had he cared so much? He had no idea but the more he thought about it the angrier he got.

    They passed a few tipsy people and Jamie was one of them, immersed in some rambling with other drunken teammates. He probably had no idea what almost went down and Aiden didn't feel like tending to two people so he kept walking. When they got to Blake's door he stopped and turned to the guy, " Are you okay?" Somewhere in his voice he sounded genually concerned and looking down he removed his hand quickly after realizing he had still been holding it. " Gus is a grade A ass just don't worry about him, he's all...tradition". Aiden eyed Blake for a moment. For some strange reason he felt like he knew him but he looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. " Anyway get some sleep for the big game...or whatever he grumbled before turning and walking away.
  17. Things were turning out okay and no one had notice Blake spill out of the alcohol, until Gus had taken her over to the rock, about to throw her into the lake. The others around were trying to get him to do it, fear engulfing the girls face as she stared down at the water below. What was she supposed to say?

    If she got wet, they were sure to see the curves of her body. She couldn't get dumped into the water. "L-let me down," she muttered but her voice was simply ignored between the cheering to drop her in. It wasn't until Aiden had spoke up, saying something about not being able to swim, that she was finally free.

    She should have thought of not being able to swim in the first place.

    She was finally safe, but Aiden had grabbed her and started to take her somewhere. They passed her roommate, who seemed to be drunk, then ended up at her room.

    Blake was surprised that it was Aiden this whole time helping her, especially when he asked if she was okay. She was a bit shaken up from the event, and still trying to get rid of the fear that she might have been found out. And now, she was surprised by his concern.
    At that moment, Blake's feminine features stood out. She looked at him shyly, a faint blush of embarrassment on her face. While she was seen as a guy, this look was definitely make her look like a much more feminine guy than manly. You could say she was kind of cute as she raised up her arm and moved some of her short hair away from her face, and tried to calm down.

    "I'm alright," she muttered. "Thanks."

    She was going to say more, but he was already walking off. Blake stood there, in a daze. That was Aiden, the one she hated and yet he had just saved her. What?

    She slowly opened up the door to her room and walked inside, taking a seat down on her bed.
  18. Jamie had managed to drag himself back to the room much later. He was told that Aiden had took Blake back to the room after Gus had tried to throw him into the lake and Jamie had to thank Aiden the next time he saw him. Jamie had only planned on drinking a little bit but then there was a drinking game and he found himself slumped on a tree talking to some people about why soccer was so important and debating about which sport was better, soccer or lacrosse. When he got back to the room he made sure that he was quiet not trying to wake Blake as he stumbled across the room and removed all his clothes besides his boxers and he made his way into bed falling into a comfortable sleep. When the alarm went off Jamie had half a mind to just turn it off but then realizing that today was the big game he shot up immediately and then grabbed his clothes and then hopped into the shower. He had a slight headache but once he was out Jamie started making some coffee and then down some pain killers. " Yo Blake get up we got to get ready for the game.

    Aiden was woken up much earlier than his roommate with a scowl on his face. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to get that shrimp out of his head and it was seriously bothering him. Since he was already up he hopped into the shower and let the warm water do its work before grabbing his soccer gear and then eating a decent breakfast. His roommate didn't drink his life away thankfully and woke up on his own and got himself ready. Today was the big game and Aiden was determined to continue his school's winning streak. When it got close to game time the team met at the field and did light drills as the other school pulled up and their soccer team got ready as well. Coach came around with his coffee and then eyed the boys to make sure they were game ready. " Alright boys this is our first game against Talon Prep, lets show them how it's done'.

    The team cheered and Aiden rolled his shoulder hyping himself up. In the crowd he could see his parents and then his girlfriend who was waving excitedly next to his parents and he flashed a smile before giving wave back and then he locked eyes with Blake and suddenly he felt weird. Narrowing his eyes at the kid and turned and then made his way out onto the field with the rest of the team. When the first half started the two teams were neck in neck but Aiden had got and assist off of Jamie and that put them up by one. As the game went on Talon Prep scored and the game was now officially tied with only one minute remaining. Alex came in with the steal and then shot the ball down to Aiden who quickly maneuvered his way down the field with the shrimp to the left of him. Two defenders pulled up on him and he quickly passed the ball to Blake. " Shoot it" he shouted as rhe clock winded down. It was all or nothing right now and the win was in the newbie's hands.
  19. The night passed by without any more problems, thankfully. Blake had fallen asleep eventually and awoke to the fact that they had to get to their game. While Aiden was busy and not noticing, Blake got herself dressed and ready then followed him out to the field. They warmed up, which was simple enough as they waited for the other team to arrive.

    She had played games before at her old school, but with it being a new team, Blake was afraid. She didn't want to ruin anything, she wanted they to like her and she wanted to help the team to win as many games as possible. The girl took in a deep breath to calm herself down when the other team arrived.

    The game began and it seemed to be fairly open on who would win. They were tied, and as the game began to come closer to a close, Blake suddenly found herself with the soccer ball. That last goal was on her. If she missed or failed in any way, she would loss them the game. If she made it, they would win.

    It was a lot of pressure.

    She shook that out of her mind and focused on playing as if it wasn't a game at all. She kicked around the ball, speeding passed the rival team like she did in practice because of her small build. Then, she arrived close to the goal. It was time to make a shot. "I can do this," she muttered to herself, then kicked the ball as best as she could.

    The ball flew through the air. The goalie reached out to stop it, just barely missing it as he smacked right into the net. Blake froze, staring at the ball afterwards. She just scored the goal.
  20. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion once Blake had the ball. The coaches shouts from the sidelines, the people screaming in the crowds, teammates waiting in anticipation and then the kick happened. Jamie eyed the ball as did everyone else when the goalie went to stop it and missed. Blake had scored the goal. He had won the game for the team. The crowd roared in cheers and Jamie ran up to Blake scoping him up in a bear hug with a wide smile plastered on his face. " You did it Blake, you won the game for us". The rest of the team ran over in excitement and hugged Blake and patted her back and even the coach strolled on over into the field to congratulate Blake on maintaining their win streak with the pressure riding on him. Raking his fingers through his hair Jamie jogged over to the bleachers and then smiled seeing his parents clapping for him and his mother pulled him into a warm embrace. The loosing team dragged their feel off the field sulking with the loss but Jamie didn't care because they were now 5-0.

    " Good job son that's the type of game we love to see, great assists but next time make sure your scoring the goals" His father spoke proudly as he patted Aiden's back and the boy forced a small smile on his face before he gave a actual one to his mother and then his girlfriend. He was tautly happy to see her but for some reason he didn't feel that same warm and tingly feeling like he used to. Even when she kissed him it felt empty like he was holding onto something that wasn't his anymore, Aiden didn't feel that connection with her anymore and he had no idea why. His parents started rambling about the next two games before the final game and then off-season. Ugh how Aiden hated it. There was nothing to do but sit back and wait until soccer had started back up. Slipping away Aiden walked over to his teammates and then grabbed a rag to wipe the sweat off his face and then he turned to Blake who was by Jamie. " Nice shot shrimp" And for once he actually gave him a small smile.

    The coach said that later on tonight they'd head into town to celebrate and by doing so he canceled practice the next day so that the team could have time to relax and be with their families. After grabbing his backpack Aiden turned to head off when Jamie stopped him and thanked him for taking Blake home. " It was nothing he just looked like he needed him next time okay". And with that he headed back to his room to shower and get ready for the team dinner tonight. Jamie raised an eyebrow as he watched Aiden leave. Was he concerned for Blake? Did he actually care? Walking back over to his roommate Jamie wrapped an arm around his shoulder as they walked back. " How does it feel to be the man of the hour?". When they got into their rooms Jamie threw off his sweaty soccer clothes an then moved into the bathroom but stopped. " Believe it or not but I think Aiden actually cares about you. I thanked him for taking you home and he told me to look after you".
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