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    It was just another long school day of Anette giving someone advice about their romance. Yes, to everyone she was the expert. But, that wasn’t true at all…she couldn’t tell that to her classmates though. She was expected to know everything now, and everyone would always come to her when any information about romance or boys came up. She at her desk, listening to the teacher and moving her pen along the paper.

    Anette suddenly heard the bell ring, it was the end of the school day. She lifted her head from her hand that was supported by her elbow, and stretched her arms up into the air, letting out a yawn. Most of the students were already getting up and starting to head for either their friends, or their after school activities. Anette stood up and took hold of her bag. She didn’t have any school activities afterwards so she was free to do what she wanted. At the moment she couldn't decide what that would be. She could either just go home, though that wasn't ever really fun or a good idea if her parents were there or she could just stay out and do things. That one seemed like the better choice. Now, she just needed to figure out where to go and what to do while out. She started to head for the door of the classroom so that she could leave.
  2. Hideki Tokiwa seemed to be in a hurry, not caring if he was bumping into the other students exiting the class, by now his classmates were pretty used to this sort of thing happening and moved out of the way. His younger brother Hisoka followed him closely, not as eager to get out of class as his brother but he knew things might not go well if he wasn't around him. When Hideki ended up bumping into a girl absent mindedly, Hisoka stopped for a moment to apologize for his brother like he usually did. "S-sorry about that..." He told her quietly noticing that she was quite beautiful, which didn't help his shyness, his brother stopped for his brother, seeming a little irritated, and let out an impatient sigh...
  3. As Anette was walking towards the door, she suddenly felt a body run into her. Luckily it wasn't too much force so she was perfectly fine once she realized what had happened. She turned to look at the two, one who was the real culprit and the other who was apologizing for something he didn't do. She gave the innocent one a sweet smile, "Don't worry about it okay." She replied, seeing that he seemed a bit upset about what happened. "It's no big deal." She did get slightly annoyed with the one making the sigh, just part of her temper that she had but she kept it inside. It wouldn't be nice to the one apologizing to her to get uptight with him around, he'd probably blame himself instead.
  4. Hideki turned, hearing a voice other than that of his brothers, he saw a quiet attractive girl being the source of this voice. He silently cursed himself for now being carefull, he just wanted to get out of this school and to his room before his parents were both home, before the arguments started. Hisoka looked at him with an expectant look, hoping he would at least apologize, and Hideki, knowing full well what that look meant sighed another time before saying "Sorry." his face showing no emotion at all what so ever, stubbornly refusing to give away the turmoil going on within him. Hisoka looked back at the girl, giving Hideki a relieved, but worried glance...
  5. The whole afternoon went by fleetingly as Touma did nothing but sleep during classes. He showed little interest towards lessons since he pretty much already knows about anything their teachers could ever discuss. During class, two traits of him make him stand out... His peculiar social attitude and his choice of clothing. Unlike other students, he had acquired special permission to wear civilian clothing, more specifically a white jacket, worn as a make-shift cape and a white headband to match his style. However, the most noticeable piece of clothing he wears is his Rising Sun shirt. He was merely attending for two reasons: Making and interacting with friends and meeting the required attendance rate. Now that classes were over, he would normally grab anyone at random and lead him or her to his aunt Shino's restaurant or take them out for some karaoke. However, today was a bit different. He was an idiot for just noticing but one particular girl in his class closely resembled "her", the only person that he ever considered as a "real" friend. Ever since he noticed the similarities, he couldn't take his mind of off "her". When he is awake, he would reminisce na times they played together. When he drifted to sleep, he would dream that he and were happily married, which was strange since he had never once seeked romantic relationships before.

    Touma merely shrugged off his thoughts and quickly went after her. Now wasn't the time to take a walk on memory lane especially when he has yet to confirm that this silver-haired girl was indeed "her".

    "Hey, hold on a sec! My name's Touma Kamiguusa, the class rep. I just want to ask if your name's Anette. If you are, then maybe you're the same Anette I met during middle school?" Touma asked the silver-haired girl without noticing the other two boys.
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  6. The whole school day went by like a breeze. Alexei tried to pay attention in class, already having made a promise to his mother that he will study hard the first year he entered high school. Earlier that day, he planned to meet his gang members underneath the bridge, their usual meet up location. But, his plans were ruined when he overheard his mother lecturing his second eldest sister, Natalya, about her school grades.

    Alexei sighed in relief as the school bell rung. Anyway, he knew two of his friends, from the gang, would be waiting outside the school for him. He walked out of the class and into the sea of students in the hallways. No one knows he's in a gang, better yet, a gang leader. No one would suspect him to be one anyway. But, he somehow have a feeling his mother knows about his gang related dwellings. Well, there are some rumours of him though, but people tend to ignore it since the poker-faced boy had an intimidating aura. His stare would send shivers down anyone's spine.

    As he neared his locker, he saw a commotion outside a nearby classroom. He opened his locker door, stuffing his books into the locker, emptying his bag. He would often sneak a peek at the small group. He recognized them as Junior students; he was a year ahead of them. But then, the girl seemed unfamiliar. Huh, is that the girl that claims she has many love experiences? Alexei had been hearing stories about a girl that has just transferred in. He observed the girl as she was surrounded by three boys, none of them realizing him. At that point, he had completely forgotten about his gang-mates. He stared at them, with his usual, menace-looking poker face. Snapping out of his 'observing' mode, he felt his cell phone vibrating a number of times. He groaned mentally, glaring at the group as he made his way out of the school before any one of them made eye contact with him. He has never believed in love at first sight but maybe it just happened to him.
  7. Anette was glad that the other boy decided to finally apologize for what he did, "Like I said, don't worry about it." She responded, giving them both her usual smile, a little bit more to the one brother than the other. Her thoughts were cut off when she heard someone rushing over to her and asking her questions. Though, before she could even think about it something did seem similar to the guy. "Yeah, I'm Anette." She replied, then paused to think about if she could remember anyone like him. A sudden spark came into her head. "Touma! Right, we would play together." Perfect, she could find something to do now, talk with her old friend instead of go home. She didn't notice anyone watching her, though sometimes that wasn't so unusual. There had been many times people would watch her, either because she was pretty or because of her reputation.
  8. Touma smiled and breathed a sigh or relief once he had confirmed that this girl really was Anette and that she remembered him at least. He was afraid time had wiped away traces of her memory of him but it doesn't seem to be the case. He was so overcome with bliss that he threw her arms around her and immediately gave her a warm hug. There was no ill-meaning to his hug. He was simply genuinely happy to see her again.

    "I really missed you Anette. I didn't think I'd see you again. Who knew you were the popular love doctor in my class after all. Sorry for just noticing." At the last part, he proceeded to move away from her and bow apologetically.

    "It's just that.... Wow! You've reaaaaally gotten so beautiful over the years. And I should have known it was you because back in middle school, you would often tell all the girls how many boys you already kissed." Touma jested.

    Even if she became a romantic expert, for Kamiguusa Touma, she will always be the girl he had the most fun playing with. Whenever he was with her, his heart would beat twice as fast back then. Something that hasn't changed until now. Now that she's back, he was certain that things are going to start getting a lot more fun once again.
  9. Anette was a bit surprised that she was suddenly being hugged by him, but it didn't seem so weird since she really did remember him. She gave him a smile when he stepped back and apologize, "It's no big deal, I didn't notice you either." Popular love doctor, that was something Anette liked to hear, it was always nice to know that her reputation was working well for her. Though, when he mentioned about her being beautiful she had to stop herself from blushing. If someone saw that, her reputation would be questioned, but she just couldn't help it. She laughed a little when he talked about middle school, that's when her lies started. She never planned it but she just didn't want to be dealing with more disappointed people. She wanted them to like her, and her act was the thing working. "Well now that we know we can catch up and all if you like."
  10. Hideki began walking , picking up speed with Hisoka quickly following behind him... Hideki figured he might just be able to make it home before either of his parents did if he walked fast enough, he needed to get home and to his room before any of that argueing starts... Hisoka just followed along behind him, glancing back every now and then at the girl they had spoken to, she was talking to someone else now, which wasn't surprising; with her reputation of a popular love doctor and all. Though that didn't seem like the whole truth to Hisoka, but he couldn't linger on that, he had to make sure his brother got home without a problem. Hideki himself was full of thoughts, alot of them about the girl he had bumped into; in most cases he would have just waited for his brother and then run off, but something about her made him feel inclined to apologize... Maybe he's finally "loosening up" like his brother told him to? He shook his head a little at the thought of that... "Who knows, maybe he's finally rubbing off on me after all these years..." He thought to himself, with another shake of his head still walking quite quickly down the school halls... Looking back at the girl for a moment again, she gave him a peculiar feeling he couldn't quite describe, and he didn't think he was the only one... He glanced at the other two boys that seemed to show interest in her, one whom she was still talking to, then looked at his brother for a moment, suspecting he too might have an interest in her. Then he turned back, concentrating on the crowd a little more this time as he was walking.
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  11. A huge, friendly appeared on Touma's lips when he heard that Anette wanted to catch up and hang out with him. It had been almost half a decade since they last did something like that. He was feeling both nervousness and excitement with just the thought of getting to spend some time together with her again. How much has she changed exactly? Sure, she really changed a lot physically, especially in some "areas" but how about her personality? Does she like new things now? Perhaps she now hates something she once liked or likes something she once hated. The possibilities were endless. But just like before, a burning desire to get close to her has been ignited from the depths of his slumbering heart.

    "Sure, though would you mind coming with me to the restaurant? I'm sure Aunt Shino will be delighted to see you again!" Touma said in an ecstatic voice. "Also, I'll let you have a taste of my cooking. If you don't mind, that is..." He added anxiously before grabbing her hand and leading her away with him regardless of her answer. He was just too excited to care about
  12. Anette would have responded telling him his aunt's restaurant was fine, but before she knew it he had grabbed her hand and was pulling her along with him. She could recall this about him in the past, making her laugh a bit. Suddenly a thought popped into her head, "Oh wait Touma. Can we stop by Nakamura-sensei first. She asked me to see her after school, I almost forgot about it." Anette replied, as she tried to slow down Touma a bit. She couldn't believe she had almost left without seeing her teacher, that would have been terrible.
  13. Hisoka stopped looking as if he realized something, and tugged on his coat "Um... Big brother?" he asked him. Hideki turned around looking a little irritated "What is it now?" he asked him, anxious to get home. "I think we were supposed to speak with Nakamura sensei, she asked to see us both..." Hisoka said to his older brother quietly. Hideki growled a little in frustration, but he nodded, letting his younger brother lead the way to the classroom "Well... So much for getting home in time..." He muttered, realizing his parents would already be home, and argueing about something by the time he got home now anyways... "Sure hope big brother's gonna be ok with not being able to get home in time... I wish there was some other way..." Hisoka thought to himself as he walked towards Nakamura's class...
  14. As Alexei was about to push open the door, to exit the school, he suddenly remembered Nakamura sensei telling him that she needed to see him after school. She didn't tell him what for though. He sighed and released his grip on the door handle. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his black jacket, making his way to the teacher's classroom. Hopefully I'm not in trouble... I never did anything anyway. He doubt he was in trouble. All he did in Nakamura sensei's class was take down notes. Neither did he pass notes nor spoke to anyone during class time. He reached said teacher's classroom, knocking on the door since it was closed, "Nakamura sensei? You wanted to see me... this is Alexei."
  15. Touma cringed a little at the mention of Nakamura-sensei's name. He was so excited to get out of school and spend some time with Anette that he had completely forgotten that Nakamura-sensei wantedto talk to her about his academics. This was unusual since he had already proven that the results of every exam he took would inevitably always be the second highest score in the whole class. Much so that the teachers refused to give him exams nowadays claiming that it isn't beneficial for the environment if he were to take more exams. Though knowing Nakamura-sensei, she would probably encourage him to do better an aim for the top. He didn't exactly dislike seeing her. In fact, he was grateful that Anette managed to remind him of his scheduled appointment. If he had forgotten about it altogether, he'd get strangled the next day for sure. He could only hope that this little detour wouldn't ruin his plans with Anette later.

    "Oh, yeah. Sure. Actually, I have some business with her as well. Thanks for reminding me. She would have beaten me to a pulp if I forgot to show up today." He said as he smiled nervously.
  16. "Well then we ca go there together." Anette responded, and turned their direction to go to the classroom instead of out of the school. Anette didn't mind having to see the teacher, whatever meant she could stay away from home longer she liked. Even if she hid in her house, they would still come and bug her about things. Anette made her way with Touma to Nakamura sensei's class. Upon entering she was surprised to see a few more people there.


    "Oh, come in." Nakamura sensei would say to each student who walked in. But once everyone was there there was suddenly an announcement on the PA system telling teachers they had to go to a conference. "Dang, I forget. Why don't you all stay here for a little. It won''t be long." She said, and headed off to the conference. Now, Anette, Touma, and the others were stuck waiting for the teacher to come back.
  17. Alexei walked into Nakamura sensei's classroom. After that, the group of students from before walked in as well. Alexei took a seat on the desk that was nearer to the window, that had the view of the school's parking lot. Soon, Nakamura sensei left the classroom for an urgent meeting by the Principal. Great... just great... how long do you want me to stay here? I have a life too ya' know... Nikolai thought as he glared at the door of the classroom. He looked from the girl to the other guys with her, everyone seemed to keep quiet. It isn't like Alexei to start a conversation with others. Thus, he decided to keep his mouth shut, observing the group of juniors.
  18. Touma's jaw dropped in disbelief after witnessing the chain of events that unfolded. Talk about bad timing. It was as if the faculty had been scheming behind this because the announcement was perfectly on cue. If this wasn't really a coincedence then he was duly astonished by such impeccable timing.

    "Well that was anticlimactic. I thought Nakamura-sensei was going to give us a sermon right away but it seems we have to wait for that to happen. Anyways, my name is Touma. Mind if you guys tell me yours?"He beamed enthusiastically towards the other students. He was a bit surprised that everyone else aside from Anette were all boys but he didn't let it bother him too much.
  19. A slender, frail young man roamed the halls of his new school. Puru Rosati.
    Vaguely, he wondered if he'd meet anyone on his first day there. Of course, it seemed to be a bit of a late start for him, however he was used to it.
    "Mrs. Nakamura..." Puru droned on to himself in search of the classroom with her name. Having to start somewhere, he figured he would begin in said wing of the school. The final bell had already rung, signaling the end of the day. Puru weaved in and out of endless numbers of students. Bumping into several, having to pick up his papers of transferral from dropping them, and slipping past groups standing in the halls as they cleared out.
    "Ah," exhaling joyfully, Puru finally saw the room that belonged to Mrs. Nakamura. Quietly and carefully, Puru pulled the door open and stepped inside. Upon entering Puru saw a group of students standing. However no teacher was in the room. For a moment Puru thought maybe he'd read the sign wrong, this was a different teacher's room. Gripping his papers, Puru stood against the door as he lightly closed it again and his gaze laid upon the other students. Mostly males, but there was one girl standing there. Puru found himself gazing at her interesting hair.
  20. Hideki didn't look too pleased being stuck in a room with the others waiting for the teacher to get back "And to think I missed the golden opportunity to get home in time for... This!" He thought to himself furiously, the teacher had just gone and left all of them in the room together. She didn't even mention the others that were going to show up either, which only infuriated him further... Hisoka on the other hand was giving his older brother a few worried glances, now more glad than ever Nakamura Sensei had asked him to accompany his older brother; there was no telling what would have happened if his brother had snapped right now. Then one of the boys in the room spoke, identifying himself as Touma, and asked the names of everyone else. Hisoka was the first to speak up, though his voice was particularly quiet "M-my name's Hisoka... Hisoka Tokiwa, and the person behind me is my older brother-" "Hideki" Hideki finished abruptly, with a mild interest in the converation currently going on, after all; there was little else to do to pass his time... And he wasn't in such a hurry to go home either.
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