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  1. Boys and Girl

    Anette has always bragged about how many boyfriends she has had (of course that she was the one who broke up with them all), and that she knows everything there is to know about boys and romance. However, the truth is Anette hasn’t had any romance in her life, no boyfriend, no first kiss…until now. What will she do when romance…a bunch of romance stars to come her way?

    Basic Info:

    - This is a Reverse Harem Comedy/Romance rp.
    - What’s the rp about: Anette and the boys who start to have crushes on her. Just think of other harems and reverse harems.
    - Feel free to do what you want to do with your character(s).
    - When we do the rp you can have your character meet Anette any way you like.
    - Feel free to ask any questions.

    Character Sheet:

    Extra Information:
    -Anything that doesn't fit in these categories-
    Looks: -picture or description-

    My Character:

    Name: Anette Carson
    Age: 17
    Personality: She’s upbeat, has a bad is temper, but is smart. On the outside she puts up an act as a cool, popular person, knowing a lot about romance. However, on the inside she really caring, kind and knows nothing about love.
    Bio/History: Anette grew up with parents that always expected a lot from her. She was even home-schooled when younger, because they wanted to monitor her. Having such strict parents that expect so much from you caused her to act different in school once she was allowed to public school when older. She wanted the people to like her and not know anything about the way her parents were so she put up a front and began deceiving everyone.
    Extra Information:
    -She’s quite beautiful, which is usually why people believe her that she has had a lot of relationships.
    -She feels like she is never good enough for her parents and that has turned into others as well now.
    Show Spoiler

    The Boys:

    Alexei Lukov

    Hideki Tokiwa and Hisoka Tokiwa

    Puru "Ru" Rosati

    Vincent Harris

    Erikson (Erik) Meyars
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  2. Alright~ Let's get this party started :D!

    Name: Clarence Walsh
    Age: 17
    Personality: The opposite of Anette, he claims no relationship even though he had many, thinking that only the woman of his life would be worth the media circus that such a public relationship would cause. Serious and driven, he have a devil may care attitude to him, a strange mix when one realize that he is a very lonely and unhappy person.
    Bio/History: Having traveled the world all his life, Clarence seems to have decided to settle down for the year and take the time for finish his compulsory studies. As he is a very private person, not much is known about him, Anette will have to discover his past on her own!
    Extra Information:
    - He just started a sabbatical from his career as the singer - Blue Regret.
    - His choker only leave his person when he sleeps or when washing himself.
    Appearance (open)
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  3. [​IMG]

    Alexei Lukov
    Age: 18
    Personality: Unlike Anette, he doesn't really give a damn about relationships. Hence, he has no experience. But unbeknownst to others, he is actually curious about how relationship works and stuff. He likes to observe what everyone's doing and tends to keep to himself unless he needs to socialize with classmates. To others, he seems like the quietest, well behaved, poker-faced student, even though he has an intimidating aura. He is really cynical and very intelligent. Not to mention, mildly sadistic. Other than that, he talks to himself out loud sometimes.

    He was raised by his mother and grew up with two elder sisters, Anya and Natalya. He was surrounded by females as he grew up. Hence, he can be girly sometimes. He grew up having to become the male of the house. Outside of school, unknown to other students, his sisters and mother, he is the leader of a small gang. They go by the name Mass Damage.The gang doesn't do much except vandalize areas with their graffiti and tag art. But they do smoke. They tends to get into gang fights with an enemy gang. Unlike other gangs, they aren't wanted or noticed by the police.

    Extra Information: He likes to stare at people but he claims it's called 'observing with interest'. He can cook well and tends to cook for his gang members when he feels like it. He has a tattoo of his gang's logo on his left shoulder. Because of that, he likes to wear long sleeved shirts. The logo has the name of the gang, in bubble letters, outlined with black. The text filing is a mix shade of red and pink. The back ground has two screwdrivers in an 'X' position. The screwdrivers are grey in colour. The logo on his shoulder isn't big and can't be seen even if he wearing white.​
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  4. Great, you two are both accepted!
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  5. Yes, awesome!
  6. Name: Touma Kamiguusa

    Age: 17 1/2

    Personality: Touma has an easy-going and carefree personality. He is also characterized as an exremely social person that the phrase extrovert wouldn't do him any justice. His eccentricity led to him garnering a lot of friends while at the same time being labeled as an alien. He is so friendly that some of his closest friends have speculated that it would be nigh impossible for him to make any enemies. As a result of his social attitude, he has always been chosen as the class representative of his class.


    As a child, Touma was provided with everything a child could ever dream of. He had his own playroom the size of an Olympic swimming pool, maids abd se vants to attend to his every needs, all the latest gadgets and gizmos and money. However, despite all this, he was unhappy. He had longed for something gadgets, servants and money cannot provide... The love and attention of his workaholic parents. Though it seem fate was intent on denying him of the thing he desired the most. At the age of 9, he was orphaned when the plane his parents were on suddenly disappeared on the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Not even a single search and retrieval operation was launched. The authorities swiftly labeled them as dead.

    Touma's aunt, Shino Kamiguusa, adopted him upon learning of what happened. Unlike her brother, Shino lived a simple lifestyle. However, unlike her brother and her sister-in-law, she deeply cared about Touma's welfare. She instilled within him her outgoing and social personality that saved him from succumbing into despair and became instrumental in the development of his current personality. The most important thing that she taught him was that "money is important in life but it cannot buy true happiness. If you want to be happy, then make a lot of real friends".

    During middle school, he befriended a girl named Anette. In that moment, he immediately viewed her as his first "real" friend.

    Extra Information:

    - Touma is so acrobatic that he can jump out of a three story building, perform some acrobatics and land safely unscathed.

    -Touma is Anette's "osananajimi" (childhood friend) from middle school.

    - Touma is adept in Martial Arts

    - He has a particular interest in the occult

    - He loves spicy foods and hates bitter ones.

    - He works part-time as a chef at his aunt's family restaurant.

    - He always gets the second highest score on tests that the teachers no longer give him exams with the exception of the finals. This is due to them claiming that it would only be a waste of paper and ink if he would take exams.


  7. You're accepted!
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  8. Name: Hideki Tokiwa
    Age: 17
    He's often regarded as an enigma, as he shows care towards his younger brother, and his family. Yet, to most others, he's rather short tempered, often trying his best to hold back when he's around people he's more fond of. He has a considerably amount of intelligence at his disposal, yet being an introvert he barely shows his full potential to others, attention was never his forte. Deep down inside, he wishes to find someone that could quell the seemingly endless amount of anger that seemed to spew from him if his younger brother, or someone else of significance wasn't around him (if that's the case, he just turns the anger he feels on himself, not showing it on the outside) since he had long lost the ability to do that himself. He can often be quite versatile and tenacious with the right amount of inspiration, and will to complete a task.
    Bio/History: He was happier when his parents weren't fighting all the time, often playing with his brother. However, currently the friendly interactions he has with his brother are limited, and he tends to keep to himself, locking himself in his room for most of the day reading, listening to music, playing videogames, or very rarely doing schoolwork, or working on something else.
    Extra Information:
    - He has taken to a hobby of hitting a punching bag when he felt angry
    - While he has never taken Martial arts classes of the sort, his anger is often his greatest source of power in a fight, tending to make him ignore most of the pain he was dealt, and keep on going. Often times if/when he lands a hit on his opponent, it's more precise since often times he's still capable of utilizing his intelligence even in a more enraged state
    - Being around friends, family, and significant others have been proven to help him keep his anger supressed at the most, but even that has it's limits
    - Falls under the Tsundere category
    appearance (open)

    Hisoka Tokiwa
    Age: 16 (2 months until his 17th birthday)
    Personality: Also an introvert like his brother but a more gentle, quiet person. He's quite evasive when someone brings up uncomfortable matters such as his brothers short temper, his crush, etc. He tends to be more sympathetic towards others including his older brother, holding back the anger that he might feel in certain situations until his limit is reached, since he prefers not to bring harm upon others. He tends to blame himself for problems that happen around him, eventually leading to a state of depression if this train of thought isn't intercepted by someone else, even if it's his older brother.
    Bio/History: He too isn't very fond of the arguments his parents have, and is often inclined to step in and resolve the argument. However, he's afraid he will make the situation worse, and refrains from it for now, just like his brother. He himself is often found reading, playing video-games, or doing schoolwork which he excels at too, but he's certainly not the best of the best in his class, but he's got enough intelligence at his disposal to keep his grades A's. His passion often revolves around helping others with their own work or problems, rarely crediting himself for his work.
    Extra Information:
    He tries to hang around his older brother as much as possible knowing he might just be the only one keeping him in line at school
    - Worried that he might not be able to hang around his older brother as much later on in life, he often encourages his brother to make friends, introducing his own friends to him in hopes that at least some of them will "click" with him
    - Considered a realist by alot of people
    - Falls under the category of Dandere
    appearance (open)
  9. You're accepted!

    Great, I'll be posting up the IC soon.
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  10. Welp I posted o-o *waits for others*
  11. I think the best thing for us to do is bring everyone together as a group somehow, like in most Harems and Reverse Harems. Any suggestions?
  12. XD some coincidence brings us to the same place at once? (Not entirely sure though)
  13. Usually everyone comes together as friends, while the live interests fight and try to win but still end up liking each other.
  14. Nah, I mean as a sort of "introduction" you could say, Idk o-o later on it may progress into the category of friends though (it really all depends on what the whole group thinks tbh :S)
  15. Yeah, I know you meant for introductions I just can't figure out what yet. I agree, we can discuss it as a group. :)
  16. Quick suggestion would be that we all run into each other somehow on the way home :P Any suggestions to how that may come to be are welcome
  17. Or how about all of our characters were supposed to meet the same teacher after school (either they're in trouble or something regarding the subject she's teaching them) and that teacher forgotten that the characters were gonna meet her. One by one, the characters come into her classroom, claiming that she wanted to see them. She then said she'll see each of them one by one but suddenly, there's an announcement made by the principal from the PA system, saying that all teachers have to report for an urgent meeting. That teacher tells the characters to wait in her classroom for half an hour or so.

    There, the characters interact.
  18. That might conflict with some of the events currently going on, but improvisations could be made o-o
  19. Indeed. Touma would never get in trouble when it comes to academics, unless he does it on purpose. But yes, improvisations could come to fill that gap.
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