Boys Academy!

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  1. Boys all male boarding school for the talented. The colors of the school were red and black just as you would find on the uniforms, white shirt with a red jacket over it having the seal crested lion and black pants.

    Haku Himeshima, a boy of great talent throughout his hometown along with his brother, Po Himeshima.
    Haku cooks while Po plays guitar, in their old school they were both very famous...and once the school board noticed their talent they sent them here...Boys Academy!

    (Note: You can make up to 2 characters if you wish but remember that this is all boys no girls pretending to be boys or anything like that! Also romance is going to be a big part of this story so please dont reply unless your alright with homosexual advances thank you!)

    This is Haku (the blonde)

    This is Po (the brunette)

    Both boys stared in awe at the enormous and beautiful school as the young men walked to and from classes, they were late but it was always allowed on first days.
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    Aiden Hawthorn
    Talent: Design/Engineering

    Aiden rushed through the gates that led onto the campus of the school he would be attending for the next few years, stopping for just a moment to look up at the building itself. He stared at it, his hands itching to pull out his sketchbook, though he resisted the urge and instead pulled his schedule from his bag, looking over it and letting out a breath. "I hope there are maps... everywhere." He then began moving forwards, heading towards the main building.
  3. "Alright I have math class annnnd lets see, you have English! Ahhh im so jealous!" Haku grumbled and pressed his palm against his forehead completely annoyed.
    Po with a smirk ruffled up his brothers hair, "cheer up! At least your not short and blonde! He laughed, clearly he was and that was the joke.
    Haku tried swiping his hand away but Po moved laughing. The brothers walked into the school, both accidentally bumping into Aiden! Both men wrapped their arm around him and said sorry at the same time holding him up before walking in different directions.
  4. Aiden let out a small 'oof' sound when someone bumped into him, or rather two someones. He blinked in surprise when he was caught by these two, looking to them and stopped in place as they walked off in different directions. A glance at his map and schedule, and he saw that he was going to be going in the same direction as the darker haired one. English wasn't an easy start for the day, at least for Aiden, but he would have to get through it and his other classes until he got to graphic design. He was only still for a few seconds longer, double checking his things and then quickly trotting down the hall, not wanting to be late. He was just slow enough to not be running, but he was still rushing along, heading past Po and then taking a sharp turn into his English class, glancing around and then heading to the back seats.
  5. Po walked in casually and took a seat in the back, leaning back himself...he looked amazingly cool.
    A smart student but right now he wanted to pay attention to his guitar instead of class.
  6. Aiden looked over to Po when the male sat down, recognizing him as one of the two that had bumped into him. He looked away, however, not wanting to seem creepy by staring. He pulled a sketchbook from his shoulder-bag, opening it to the halfway point and starting to sketch the school's entrance, though he was also drawing what he imagined would be the skeleton of the building.
  7. After class was over, Po started putting up posters of him and his band all around the school, next week was their concert and theh had gotten some of the falcaltys permission to play it during the party welcoming all the new students.
  8. Aiden let out a sigh of relief when the class was over, standing and stuffing his sketchbook into his bag before getting out of the room in a hurry. He tilted his head when he spotted one of the concert posters, walking up to it and looking at the information of the time and place. He then walked away, mumbling to himself as he headed towards his next class. "Maybe if I have time."

  9. Hikaru Kiriyu
    Talent: Singing/acting

    Hikaru let out a displeased grumble at his alarm clock. He couldn't believe he once again missed the high-pitched ringing that the device emitted. Figuring he was already beyond late, the boy took his time getting dressed and fussing with his unruly hair, which he inevitably covered with a hat. As soon as he was finished brushing his teeth, he was out the door, walking at a leisurely pace, despite his slight struggle with his uniform. All discomfort was forgotten as he reached the building, amazed at the grandness of it all. He barely noticed that he was the only student gawking, as he really had arrived late.
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    Name: Lewis Halls
    Talent: Cooking

    Lewis finally arrived. Late. He grinned widely as he entered the gates. Checking his schedule, he found out he got English and realized it already ended. He got free period for the next hour so he decided to ask for information at the registrar office. Once done, he went exploring the grounds to familiarize himself. He took a deep breath and smiled. He already liked the place. His watch beeped signaling the end of his exploration. He trudged towards his next class which was Biology. "Biology huh? I wonder why I got that class. Well, I don't mind." he told himself.
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    Name: Takato Nagata
    Talent: Martial Arts

    He walked into his new school, looked around. His classes didn't start until now, because he hadn't wanted to get up. He headed off to his next class, math. He figured it was there because to fight, he had to judge things mathematically. He didn't like math though, but grudgingly went to class.