Boy Wears Skirt to School...

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  1. ... to protest a rule that says he can't wear shorts!!

    This fucking kid is HARDCORE.

    A quote: "Wearing a skirt is just like wearing shorts with a gap in the middle. I don’t feel silly at all. I don’t embarrass easily."



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    TL;DR pic:

  2. The kid has real balls, unlike many men these days.
  3. It takes a real man to wear a kilt.
  4. Thumbs up, kid. Times like these make me hopeful for the next generation.
  5. I agree with everyone here. Kid is a BAMF.
  6. Surprised we can't see his brass balls hanging out the bottom of that skirt.
  8. I like how that one sign says "Cool shorts. Not hot pants."
  9. If this kid were any more epic he'd be like Thor or something.

    Seriously, this kid is epic. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
  10. Yeah!

    ...Oh....wait, they're wearing uniforms??!



    His entire class is supporting him, I see no balls, no badassery.

    Still pretty awesome.
  11. ^^^^ Viking hater.
  12. If we could see his balls they'd be balls of steel!
  13. You guys realize that kid's gonna end up like Zypher, right?
  14. *super glues trollface over Darkie's face*

    What a kid, having the guts to do something like that and NOT be embarrassed. *two thumbs up*

  15. Zypher's a pretty cool dude. eh kills butt plumbs and doesn't afraid of anything.
  16. Awww, thanks Peter!

    Seriously though, if more kids were like this back then coming out would be a much easier process.
  17. This kid is a fucking boss. He fights stupid rules with a skirt as his metaphorical battle axe.