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  1. I've been down and out because of school but Im dying for a good apocalypse RP, moderate to advanced users, zombie or non-zombie. It doesn't matter to me. I miss that open world feel, with a loose map (large city with lots of supplies but lots of gangs/zombies) small town with a hateful religious group but its safe, it's been a year in and now we are trying to take foot and rebuild, that kind of deal. Would anyone be interested in that?
  2. Don't think a "hateful religious group" would be an entirely necessary part of the experience. Nonetheless, apocalypse rps are hard to come by around here, so I'd be in. I could use some survival stuff.
  3. Well, obviously it's just throwing ideas around. I saw an ad somewhere for a show or movie with a chick (gay maybe?) trying to survive the apocalypse but she had to like fake it into this camp of a hateful religious group. Im not sure where it was but it was fairly recent so I was thinking whatever it was being an ad for maybe had a fan base, which sometimes gets other Rp'rs interested in.
    But would you be looking for something with or without zombies? I feel like they are kinda cheesy but things like that bring people together. If it were a mass extinction due to a virus of the non zombie kind and a ton of people died, the 'danger' would be facing gangs, those said hateful religious groups, and psychotics, all fighting for supplies, and of course regular injury or contacting that virus. While zombies you don't really need bad guys, because you have it right there. The thing that you fight against to bring groups together.
  4. Interesting.

    That depends on the kind of survival we want to go with. Character driven, with people's interaction with rival groups being the main driving part of the roleplay, or the same kind of driving force but with much more focus on survival than interaction with said rival groups. I'd prefer the latter, because zombies are a major thing of mine. But that's just my zombie-bias.
  5. I love zombies too! I just know that some people think they are cheesy. My first horror movie I ever watched was 28 Days Later and I loved it so much. Plus of course the walking dead was amazing and I can't wait until the next season!

    But yeah, if we could get other people interested it would be really awesome!
  6. I am totally in! I was actually looking around for one of these. I've been planning one passively for a while but never had the time to start. Totally up for anything post-apocalyptic, nuclear wars, zombies, a revolution gone sour, you name it!
  7. Awesome!
    I think zombies are a go because @Dipper and me really want them, it seems like. I think Im gonna create a map and make it a bit "open world" so theres a couple different areas and people can feel out.
    If you were passively creating one, do you have any ideas you'd like to put out there?

    But that revolution gone sour idea sounds really cool. Maybe an uprising against the government and the government weaponizes a virus (chem trail style -rolls eyes-) but the virus isn't what they thought it was and creates zombie-like beings? Reminds me a bit of the walking dead, because the virus, but... Anyway that'd be cool.
    I'm not that great at creating Rp's myself, I typically join them, but I've just been dying for a badass, survival type, apocalyptic RP! :P
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  8. I'll be nosying around here. I love some good apocalypse stuff (been craving it for awhile actually).
  9. Awesome, I'll set up a character sign up post once we work out the details. I just want to know what sounds good to everyone before I type it up. If everyone wants to go with my idea, thats fine, but if people have other ideas they want to add or change then please feel welcome to say so. I'd rather a group building world rather than just me coming up with ideas that not everyone may agree with.

    Right now I've got the idea of having an uprising against the government with the government weaponing a virus to take out major cities (New York, LA, Miami) that lean liberal, but the virus isn't what they thought it was and creates zombie-like beings rather than just causing weakness, sickness, and a few small cases of death like they hoped. (Which would weaken the protestors and help to stop the perpetuation of their message, and the rioters that were ruining areas) What the government did to cause this rioting and protesting I am a little stumped on though. At first I was thinking something like Ferguson, which was pretty big but we'd make bigger for the RP, because it's a little realistic but that's actually real-world controversial. So maybe something like... A big war breaks out in the middle east and it's looking like WWIII with Russia and North Korea coming together to fight, and the president makes a bad move and gets half the army killed. He cracks under pressure and leaves the country, the vice-president is not well known or liked and is unable to calm the mass hysteria. So he lets loose the virus hoping to bring America together by spreading commercials to help the sick and save the energy to helping the soldiers at war by donating food, and clothing, and ect. But all goes haywire. Ect.

    I dunno, thats the best I could think of anyway.
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  10. Blowing LA to smithereens would be preferable over here. I hate it and nobody I know likes it either.

    In all honesty, I'd prefer to keep out too many real-life controversies and politics, for the simple reason that I'd rather not think about those things in an rp. It might be more enjoyable to keep the reasoning vague, because odds are regular citizens may not know entirely what's going on. Perhaps there was already a plague going around, either in the US or the whole planet, and the Government decided to start testing an experimental cure. Said cure mixes ugly with the plague and makes its hosts lose their minds and get a bit hungry.

    Those are just my ideas. Govy doesn't necessarily need to be played in a bat light for there to be something sinister going on, because for all the regular folks know, some of those scientists might just be way too bloodthirsty to do their job right.
  11. To keep out real-world situations.. You could go Romeo & Juliet style with this. Nobody knows why these two political groups per say are fighting (who has the presidency at the time of the apocalypse, and releases the virus) and everybody has taken sides anyway. So you've got this world on the brink of WWIII, the country has collapsed into civil war and the apocalypse, and nobody really knows why, they're just aligning themselves with whoever their parents were aligned with. Effectively, you've got two human factions, the zombies, "liberal" groups (A.K.A the hunters from TLOU that just have their own agenda, usually killing/stealing for their own survival) and those outside the country. It leaves the story with a variety of directions to go with.
  12. Alright, I don't mind that. I just felt like the RP was unfinished if I didn't put something in there. Does that work for everyone else?
  13. That works. Currently working on a character and a load out.
  14. Alright, I'll create a sign-up and OOC thread tonight! Before tonight if anyone would like to add input, please do. :)
  15. So this is what I have... Does everyone agree? What changes should be made?
    Im going to rewrite it in a more interesting way but I want to make sure I have all my facts good.

    The Summer of 2039

    Setting: A year and a half after the "Great Fall of Humanity" (Which ironically started in the fall of 2037), survivors originally looking for answers are now just looking to survive. What started as a political split between the Democratic and Republican parties due to China deciding to demand the funds owed, ended in a WWIII catastrophe as China and America went to war, many counties following suit back their friends in trade. With the hysteria of a split America, and a war on our own land, a mass case of the flu seemed to get swept under the rug. Until it was too late. How the virus began, or what caused it is completely unknown. It's starts with fever and vomiting, then dehydration, blindness, confusion, and lastly a craving for flesh. Within the first four months almost everything was down, electricity, internet, phone lines, mindless hoards of the sick moved in violent masses only growing in size. Unable to feel pain, be reasoned with, or die without a blow to the brain, the sick are very rightfully known as the undead. And as summer in South Carolina begins, the hot sticky air is filled with the scent of poor hygiene and rotting limbs.

    The small town of Arcadia in South Carolina is a total of 112 people in the 5,000 acres of land that the town owned. Now desolate except for the County high school for troubled teens, which has been cleared by a teacher, janitor, and student from the area and been guarded right about from the beginning. Two miles from the school is a gas station and convince store, most of whats good has been taken, but not all. A run down also looted restaurant called "Hart's Pizza" is the Arcadia Gas & Goods neighbor, across from that is the Arcadia post-office and a sad, tiny town hall. Between the school and the village runs Penelope river, a large Class B polluted river that runs down through the city for four miles into Little Miss Lake, both named after the daughter of the first mayor. The only thing that makes this little town worth noting in history books.

    Does all this sound good?
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  16. I'll try to work on this tomorrow (maybe later tonight) since I'm finishing finals.
  17. Thats fine! Just let me know! :)
  18. I love this, I'm absolutely signing up.
  19. Awesome! Thanks so much for your support, it's very appreciated.
    Now I'm having a bit of a problem, is there a way to upload a photo you've created and is saved to desktop into the forum comments (such as in this post like _here_)
    Because I made a map of the area and I can't find a way to upload it to the RP signups
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