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  1. Hello all I am new to the forums I'd like to introduce Myself I am Grimm there are many other names people tend to call me such as "Grimmy",GrimmGrimm etc. anyhow I love to roleplay as you can tell -chuckles lightly- I've been on. Many forums this one seems to be the most organized so it seems this will be quite enjoyable anyway time for cookies :3 -norms on cookie and walks away-
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. hello grimmgrimm! i'm new too, but i hope we can role play sometime! Welcome!
  4. Hi Grimm xD. Enjoy your stay..

    Have fun ^^ look around the jump in Section for some good RP's ;)
  5. Hello welcome to Iwaku hope you have fun here and make lots of friends ^w^
    Hope we can RP sometime :3
  6. welcome and hope you enjoy iwaku *smiles slightly*
  7. Howdy Grimm. >:3 Welcome to the site!
  8. Welcome, Grimm.

    Nice to meet you!
  9. Welcome Grimm! I hope you have a wonderful time here....
  10. -Smiles- Seems to be the friendliest as well thank you everyone
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  11. Greetings Grimm, welcome to Iwaku!

  12. For some reason your awesome name (: reminds of a tv show.. the Grim { interesting powers } ( I don't know if you know it but I saw first episodes two years ago I guess.. It was wicked!!)

    Therefore, Grim the Wicked I shall call you!
  13. We don't want to appear soft. *ahems*

    Get to RPin', rookie! Or we'll... we'll...Hell, I dunno.

    You know how it goes; gotta keep our street cred up.

    Welcome, G.
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