Bowl of Cereal? ;)



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What nicknames do you like to be called?
Jim, Koko, anything else you might want.

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
I'm a bro and I'm 18 years old.

What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
Generally speaking, sci-fi or romance.

What kind of characters do you usually play?
I'll play anything, but I usually have anger problems and swear a lot! (Real-life inspiration, I guess. ;P)

Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs?
Hell yeah Bread Priests! Conjure those muffins!

Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!
Okay, but you asked for it. ;)

Welcome to the site, Cereal. \m/ good song choice.
Oh Cereal! You sound delicious! Welcome to Iwaku! >:3
Why thank you, thank you. :) I have yet to find a roleplaying site I like! Keeping my fingers crossed. :enthralled:
...Now I know when you disappear that means you HATE US! ;________;
I wanted to say hello before someone ate you. It's bound to happen, you know. Just watch where you step!

Welcome to Iwaku.
...Now I know when you disappear that means you HATE US! ;________;
When I disappear? Someone's not very optimistic! :llama:

I wanted to say hello before someone ate you. It's bound to happen, you know. Just watch where you step!
Happens all the time, don't worry about me. I'm used to it. :)

Btw, if anyone wants to chat or talk about RP stuff click my little MSN or Skype links. ;) Nothing tastes sweeter than fresh contacts! Okay so that wasn't exactly the best way to put it..
Welcome to the Iwaku, Cereal! ...haha.... and I'm about to eat some cereal. ><

Do enjoy your stay and watch out for some of the critters around here! :3
Anywho... >> <<

Have a swell day.
*tips hat and leaves casually out the back door*
Welcome to Iwaku. If you ever need any help in coming up with posts or anything. Don't be afraid to go Here. It's your mentor group. We'll help you as much as we can.
Welcome, welcome. Nice to meet you, Jim. I'm Fluffy.

Should you need anything, I'm always around to help. I can getcha hooked up with a roleplay or just a roleplayer if you prefer private games. I'm a fan of sci-fi and romance myself, so maybe you'll want to kidnap me for somethin'. >:]

Also, I'm infatuated with your picture in the pic thread. *cling* And love your music taste! <3

I'll stop being a creepy dork now. |D
Thanks everyone. ;D I'm loving it here already after a day. Well, tbh, I joined like a week ago..? Yeah, I was like, "This totally bites", but I randomly came back for some reason and thoroughly enjoy it.

\m/ to you too, good sir.
Welcome Koko...Yes I call people by nicknames and the such...

I'm one of the admins, if you have any questions feel free to ask me. If I'm not around my hard working minion Vay is around to do the same! :D
Cereal... killer?
Anyway, welcome!
I'm Kitti, 's nice to meet you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Hey there, broski.
I'm your chivalrous Kumquat Knight, defender of the weak and the citrus-y.
I'm also a staff member, from time to time.
Now I'm hungry! X3 Thanks a lot. Hahaha~ Cereal~! Mmmmmm. Welcome to the site and hope to rp with you sometime. ^^ Hopefully sooner rather then later.