Bow to me Peasants! Your master has come!

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  1. *Clears throat dramatically*

    I am Hellion - but you may just call me Overlord, if you wish to be formal. I am the sovereign leader of the internet, and have been for some time now. What..? You have not heard of me before? I pray you dear peasants that today will be the day of change!

    *Raises hands dramatically*

    But when I'm not you know... guiding the world into a new era of corruption and ambition, I to tend to like to roleplay. What? You find it hard to believe that such a dignified noble would play petty roleplaying games? Well the roleplays I play, and the characters I play are not grievances on the community of roleplaying, in fact my roleplaying characters and stories are so cool that you wish that you were cool like them. (Uh-huh!)

    I can be a little picky when I roleplay. Even though I have XX chroms, I HATE romance. Give me dragon slayers, and alien dreadnoughts over, 'omg I love him so much like totally. Oops now I'm pregnant with his baby, oh well we'll be together forever anyways'.

    Anyways if I didn't scare you off too much, I don't mind chattin' with people, and getting to know others. Plus roleplaying is always fun, so you can always count on me for that. So yeah.. I guess that's it.

    *Waves hands*

  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Hellion. Judas Priest has a song called 'The Hellion' It is totally bad ass.

    Hope you enjoy your time here.