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  1. Hello,

    I am Haji and new to Iwaku. I am still looking around and working on a character sheet. I seem to get lost a lot in Iwaku and not really sure whats all going on.
  2. Welcome to the site, Haji.

    If you're getting confused or lost around the site, I'd recommend checking the Iwaku Guide or PMing one of the staff members (they're the guys with purple names); either will probably give you a hand in figuring out what's going on.

    It may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

    Anyways, I'mma Grumpy, CBox headcase and snobby British prick. I'll issue the usual warnings of don't mess with the ISAF and to stay from Insanity, due to there being mad people there who will probably infect you with their crazy.

    Enjoy your stay.
  3. it would seem I don't reliably get OOC alerts

    just to make sure we're on same page:

    -I'm planning to keep Sam's recruitment into Hushcobb the same as when he was recruited by Karin in otherverse -- age 15 (gives him 10 years of service in Hushcobb before he defects after the Lorentz mission in 2010; plenty of time to justify him have the skills he has now).
    -If Sam and Jade knew each other for a while back then, we'd need to clarify how they got to know each other if Sam joined Hushcobb...we're both thinking the Specter/Hushcobb rivalry is restricted mainly to Jade and Ferrara, so maybe before then Hushcobb and Specter used to work more closely together? Or would Jade have been a Hushcobb agent in the past then switched to Specter? We could do that backstory a few ways. I'd opt that Hushcobb and Specter used to have closer ties before Ferrara and Jade had their falling out.

    for Natalia:
    -since we're switching focus to Natalia next, we need to establish her supporting cast and starting location.
    -I obviously planted the seed that we'd start out in Boston (presumably the insane asylum), largely because in Otherverse that's where she used to live; the site can change if Boston is out.
    -I think the asylum would be a good place to have at least some of the Lost Souls chars (or a variant starting roster). Specifically, this is where Tyril Wes could show up. I'd keep Natalia's active team to 3-4 total (similar to how Sam's focus only had Jade, Sam, and Crossfire).
    -in fact, narratively, we could set up the two teams as foils of each other: Sam, Cross, and Jade are seasoned veterans, all with skeletons in their closets, relatively low-power superpowers, etc; Natalia and her crew would be the inexperienced group, they'd build their backstory from the ground up (Natalia almost literally, since her arc usually involves re-learning about her multiple past selves), and they'd each have a much more powerful set of abilities.

    as a left field idea:
    -We wanted to bring in Puck to fuck w/ everyone.
    -What better place to hide the King of Chaos than in a madhouse?
    -Specifically, in Natalia's team.
    -More specifically, Puck's human disguise is Tyril Wes. Just to explain his zany sense of perspective and general madness. Puck might've been trapped in human form. Maybe he's slumming it. Maybe he knows that Natalia and Sam are destined to meet and wants to see things through in person. Who cares? He's a Fae. It all makes sense to HIM, but it shouldn't necessarily make sense to any mere mortal....
  4. No problem, Haja-badger. Here's the lowdown.

    We have 2 main roleplays: Iwaku World and Project Genesis. In the first one you play yourself in a mythical world (i.e. you'd play Haji). In the other one you play a character in a futuristic dystopia.

    Then below those 2 main stories we have our GENRE sections, where members can start and join smaller stories. The section labeled "ROLEPLAY OOCs" is where we store character sheets and talk with other players.

    So... go to ROLEPLAY OOCs for small stories, and PROJECT GENESIS or IWAKU WORLD for the main stories.
  5. Asmo has it down pretty much^^
    Welcome to Iwaku! Unless you are great at randomness and rather absoblutely insane things be wary of the Cbox as not only can it get crazy but some people are too! ;]
  6. Okay, addressing these a few things at a time:

    1 - what I was going for is that Jade and Sam grew up together in Chicago. They know each other from before either of them joined Specter or Hushcobb. So if Sam's parents were killed when he was 15 then he and Jade have at least that much history together. Probably trained at the same dojo.

    Jade being a former Hushcobb agent actually makes sense for the Wilson/Ferrara affair idea. After the falling out she'd transfer to the Specter branch.

    2 - Natalia. Yes, we're going for Boston. Was iffy about doing the Battle of Boston again, but it works, and if it ain't broke you know? Not going to do Tyril Wes. He took the May Serum, the chemical concoction after Jade's April. Gives him enhanced self awareness. In this carnation his 4th wall breaking comes from his powers making everything feel staged. In this one he doesn't actually KNOW this is all a story, but he makes lots of 4th wall jokes.

    BTW, the source of the New Year's Project Jade, Tyril, and Drake are subject to is Fae spinal fluid. Fae fluids is basically the only way to give those that aren't Mana-Touched superpowers (see Crossfire getting a transfusion of Fae blood). Their blood is basically pure mana.

    One thing I was thinking about doing was having Emily have a brief scene with Steven Noyes - AKA the Controller. She needed him to brainwash Natalia's parents and turn them against her, but she's pissed because he forgot to take care of her Aunt Cherie. That would literally be the only time he appears until the Volume with Chiaki in it, but it would suggest he has a larger role he plays later on.

    As for her own roster - if we're completely rebooting the Lost Souls, then Erika Hennessey would be a good fit for a fellow patient. After the Controller breaks her mind she could end up causing trouble in Boston and taken in for mental help (since she's clearly insane).

    3 - Puck being incognito is kind of cool. But as I said above, I don't think it should be Tyril. Might have to make up a guy. Maybe an anagram. The Puck...Chet Kup? Ha! Just realized The Puck is an anagram for Ketchup! XD
  7. You have to make at least 5 posts before you can start chatting in the Cbox.

    Think of it as initiation, without the paddles.
  8. Of course if you LIKE paddles, that can be arranged. >:D
  9. *Appears holding several paddles*

    Did I hear the word 'paddles'?
  10. Greetings Haji! -inclines head in a slight bowing motion- Im newer here too.. so Im not exactly an expert on finding the way around here.. but I am an experienced RPer if you need any help in the department lol
  11. *An ACH-47J Guns-A-Go-Go enters the airspace and guns down Grumpy with its chin mounted GAU-25 25mm Vulcan cannon. It goes into a hover, six HALO Minigunners fast roping to the ground.*

    Control, this is Big Boss... Target neutralized...
  12. Heylo :D
    ~Welcome to Iwaku :D
    Let me know if you have any questions~! :)

    && While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
  13. Thanks ^^
  14. hola, i'm new too :3 and i have no idea what i'm doing most of the time
  15. Welcome to the site, pretty new myself.
  16. Hello and welcome. Im not on very much, but I try to be. Hope to see you around.
  17. i think i've been on the site for... bout a month and get on at least once or twice a week