*bow* Hello?

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I am Haji and new to Iwaku. I am still looking around and working on a character sheet. I seem to get lost a lot in Iwaku and not really sure whats all going on.
Welcome to the site, Haji.

If you're getting confused or lost around the site, I'd recommend checking the Iwaku Guide or PMing one of the staff members (they're the guys with purple names); either will probably give you a hand in figuring out what's going on.

It may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

Anyways, I'mma Grumpy, CBox headcase and snobby British prick. I'll issue the usual warnings of don't mess with the ISAF and to stay from Insanity, due to there being mad people there who will probably infect you with their crazy.

Enjoy your stay.
Hi! :D I live here and I am still confused!
No problem, Haja-badger. Here's the lowdown.

We have 2 main roleplays: Iwaku World and Project Genesis. In the first one you play yourself in a mythical world (i.e. you'd play Haji). In the other one you play a character in a futuristic dystopia.

Then below those 2 main stories we have our GENRE sections, where members can start and join smaller stories. The section labeled "ROLEPLAY OOCs" is where we store character sheets and talk with other players.

So... go to ROLEPLAY OOCs for small stories, and PROJECT GENESIS or IWAKU WORLD for the main stories.
Asmo has it down pretty much^^
Welcome to Iwaku! Unless you are great at randomness and rather absoblutely insane things be wary of the Cbox as not only can it get crazy but some people are too! ;]
Cbox will not give me a text box to write in :(
You have to make at least 5 posts before you can start chatting in the Cbox.

Think of it as initiation, without the paddles.
Of course if you LIKE paddles, that can be arranged. >:D
*Appears holding several paddles*

Did I hear the word 'paddles'?
Greetings Haji! -inclines head in a slight bowing motion- Im newer here too.. so Im not exactly an expert on finding the way around here.. but I am an experienced RPer if you need any help in the department lol
*An ACH-47J Guns-A-Go-Go enters the airspace and guns down Grumpy with its chin mounted GAU-25 25mm Vulcan cannon. It goes into a hover, six HALO Minigunners fast roping to the ground.*

Control, this is Big Boss... Target neutralized...
hola, i'm new too :3 and i have no idea what i'm doing most of the time
Welcome to the site, pretty new myself.
Hello and welcome. Im not on very much, but I try to be. Hope to see you around.
i think i've been on the site for... bout a month and get on at least once or twice a week