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  1. Hello,

    I am Haji and new to Iwaku. I am still looking around and working on a character sheet. I seem to get lost a lot in Iwaku and not really sure whats all going on.
  2. Welcome to the site, Haji.

    If you're getting confused or lost around the site, I'd recommend checking the Iwaku Guide or PMing one of the staff members (they're the guys with purple names); either will probably give you a hand in figuring out what's going on.

    It may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

    Anyways, I'mma Grumpy, CBox headcase and snobby British prick. I'll issue the usual warnings of don't mess with the ISAF and to stay from Insanity, due to there being mad people there who will probably infect you with their crazy.

    Enjoy your stay.
  3. Hi! :D I live here and I am still confused!
  4. No problem, Haja-badger. Here's the lowdown.

    We have 2 main roleplays: Iwaku World and Project Genesis. In the first one you play yourself in a mythical world (i.e. you'd play Haji). In the other one you play a character in a futuristic dystopia.

    Then below those 2 main stories we have our GENRE sections, where members can start and join smaller stories. The section labeled "ROLEPLAY OOCs" is where we store character sheets and talk with other players.

    So... go to ROLEPLAY OOCs for small stories, and PROJECT GENESIS or IWAKU WORLD for the main stories.
  5. Asmo has it down pretty much^^
    Welcome to Iwaku! Unless you are great at randomness and rather absoblutely insane things be wary of the Cbox as not only can it get crazy but some people are too! ;]
  6. Cbox will not give me a text box to write in :(
  7. You have to make at least 5 posts before you can start chatting in the Cbox.

    Think of it as initiation, without the paddles.
  8. Of course if you LIKE paddles, that can be arranged. >:D
  9. *Appears holding several paddles*

    Did I hear the word 'paddles'?
  10. Greetings Haji! -inclines head in a slight bowing motion- Im newer here too.. so Im not exactly an expert on finding the way around here.. but I am an experienced RPer if you need any help in the department lol
  11. *An ACH-47J Guns-A-Go-Go enters the airspace and guns down Grumpy with its chin mounted GAU-25 25mm Vulcan cannon. It goes into a hover, six HALO Minigunners fast roping to the ground.*

    Control, this is Big Boss... Target neutralized...
  12. Heylo :D
    ~Welcome to Iwaku :D
    Let me know if you have any questions~! :)

    && While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
  13. Asylum (open)
    Name: Natalia Elmore
    Codename: Asylum
    Birthdate: October 31, 2000
    Height/Weight: 5'8"/102lbs
    VAWM - word for movement. Gives Natalia the power to move any object she wishes. There is seemingly no limit to the mass or her level of control. Also grants her the power to grant inanimate objects some manner of autonomy. Also gives her the ability to teleport.
    INNI - the word for transformation. With it, Natalia can perform instantaneous alchemy; she can turn any material into any other.
    EISU - the word for clairvoyance. It grants her the power to see the future, to read minds, and travel to mental planes. Sometimes she can get overwhelmed in her weakened states, hearing the thoughts of every living thing in the universe simultaneously. This only happens when she's out of control, however.
    Background: Natalia Elmore was a little girl who discovered a spell book on a tour of the Puritan town of Salem. She discovered a kinship with the book and its pages held the instructions to her hidden power. However, without warning her parents had her committed to a mental hospital, then promptly forgot about her.

    Emily Sternit (open)
    Name: Emily Sternit
    Codename: none
    Birthdate: ???
    Height/Weight: 5'8"/115lbs
    Blood Control
    Making Blood Monsters
    Age Acceleration
    Background: Emily doesn't talk about her past. In fact, she actively tries to repress it. 4,000 years ago her soul and Natalia's were born. They were gifted with great power - the power of sorcerers. They did everything together, and it wasn't long before Emily - then Esemalda - fell in love with Nashira (Natalia). But Nashira didn't share that love. After the Magister was banished to The Between she made a deal promising to set him free, if he would use his power to make Nashira love her.

    Jade Wilson (open)
    Name: Jade Wilson
    Codename: None
    Birthdate: April 10, 1984
    Height/Weight: 5'7"/99lbs
    Abilities: The April Serum gives her full control of her bodily functions. She can regulate her heartbeat, breathing, and even digestion. She can create blood clots to isolate poison or drugs and turn off her nerve endings so she doesn't feel pain. Couple with her advanced Specter training, she can push and fight long after most normal soldiers can.
    Background: Jade was a childhood friend of Sam Ebayan long before either of them were ever involved in the supernatural. They trained in the same martial arts school together, and Jade's mother even took him in after the tragic day when his parents were murdered. After some time apart they found each other again in Hushcobb, where she began a brief affair with Director Ferrara. That had a falling out and she transferred to Specter in England. As she moved up the ranks she was tested for a new strain of super soldier serum: April. The first three tests had been a failure - the first two had been lethal - but Jade had come out lucky with the April Serum.

    Sidhe (open)
    Name: Erika Hennessey
    Codename: Sidhe
    Birthdate: March 19, 1997
    Height/Weight: 5'10"/110lbs
    Telekinesis. Erika is able to levitate many small objects with an enormous amount of control

    Mind Over Body. She has psychic control over the cells in her body. She uses this primarily for body modification: tattoos and different hair colors mostly, but she is able to use it for a more practical purpose. She can increase her muscle mass to a certain degree at will, making herself buffer, but still not beyond a human's natural physical limitations.

    Leftover Psychic Powers. While not aware of it, there is some part of Erika that survived the mindbreak, and it will occasionally warn her of impending danger.

    Mindbreak Contagion. The process that broke her mind left her psyche in shards. If another psychic were to try and link up with her mind - or if she herself forced that link open - her fragile mindscape would tear the other psychic's apart. It could take months for the victim to rebuild their mind, assuming they could at all.

    Background:Erika Hennessey was a gifted psychic in Dublin. Growing up she realized her powers and saw that they set her apart. However, instead of wanting to be seen as superior or wanting to hide away, she decided she could use her abilities to help people. Being able to read minds gave her a special advantage in helping others overcome their problems. She skipped two grades and was about to complete her psychology doctorate in record time.

    She doesn't talk about what happened after that much, but at some point she experienced some pretty catastrophic mental trauma, breaking her personality into four sections: one that embodied the original her, one that embodied her sexuality, one that embodied her childhood, and one that embodied rebellion. These four sides of herself are in constant battle argument over what Erika does, and her actions are determined by majority ruling. Unfortunately, the sane Erika is usually outvoted, but she can sometimes convince her simpler personalities to follow by offering incentives.

    Ruth Borwell (open)
    Name: Ruth Borwell
    Codename: none
    Birthdate: January 19, 1989
    Height/Weight: 5'6"/113lbs
    Abilities: Ruth is a great secretary, and that was in fact what she was originally hired to do. However, during her time at Hushcobb Dr. Landel discovered that she had a strongly charged aura. This positive charge emanating around her makes her a literal magnet for trouble. Over time she became a field agent, and in dangerous missions is often used as bait.
  14. hola, i'm new too :3 and i have no idea what i'm doing most of the time
  15. Welcome to the site, pretty new myself.
  16. Hello and welcome. Im not on very much, but I try to be. Hope to see you around.
  17. i think i've been on the site for... bout a month and get on at least once or twice a week