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  1. Akari sits in a tiny bar on the outskirts of the Adramida galaxy, light years away from where she had just pulled the heist of the century. The bartender mixed her a Sirelian Slugger while she patiently waited, avoiding the gaze of the few men that populated the joint. Didn't women go to bars on the edge of the galaxy anymore? she thought to her self then felt cold hard steel against the back of her head,

    "Don't put up a fight pretty lady. I don't miss." one of the bounty hunters said with a charming smile and a soft whisper. The other were in on it. No wonder it was taking so long for the bartender to make her a drink, "Neither do I." Akari said with a smirk then fired the gun she had aimed strategically at the hunter's torso. She quickly got on the defensive and jumped behind the bar and poured herself a drink when the group of hunter fired at her. Before she could take a sip a bullet went straight through the glass shattering it. Akari's eye twitch and she pulled out her second gun and went Rambo on the joint. She hit every one she needed to making sure not to kill anyone. She wasn't a murderer, she was a thief. The smoke cleared and the bartender shaken passed her her drink, "I-it's on the house..." the bartender insisted. Akari smiled and chugged it before making a run for her ship. She knew it was a matter of time before back up came.

    She hoped into her ship and dislodged from the port and warped off using the rest of her fuel. Akari cursed under her breath and looked at her coordinates. She was very deep in the middle of nowhere space. Akari chuckled, "I'm finally rich beyond my wildest dreams and I'm stranded far from civilization!" she laughed then realized how bleak her situation was. She sighed and closed her eyes, "Well old looks like-" There was a bing on the radar, "we're going to rip off some suckers." she smiled with delight. She sent out an anonymous beacon to the ship before it went out of range.
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  2. The Delight had all the markings of an outer rim, merchant vessel; paint job that should have been replaced three cycles ago, long scratches along the hull carved by poorly maintained docking ports, slightly lopsided engines that used to belong to a much bigger ship, and a crew that could only have been scrapped together in the most unlikeliest of places. Money, influence, power, all had their place out in the outer rim as smugglers snuck their most profitable goods under the noses of lawmen, many covering up their operations with either goods or transport. Now as it was the Delight was on a return trip, thirty tons lighter as a matter of fact, but the captain and his crew were only concerned about the weight of the purses, and about what their next job would be now that the ship felt so hollow. As it was many of the crew were resting, leaving only few to monitor the bridge, one of which happened to be the ship's navigator.

    "...and alas we stood upon the edge of a cliff for in our triumph we had been betrayed and such was our sorrow!" Keltar said finishing his story with great gusto, his eyes closed with the vivid bliss of his own words, the back of his hand pressed against his forehead. As silence greeted him the tall alien opened one eye and then another to see that his counter part had long since fallen asleep.

    "It is an insult that your are usually the only one listening but even you refuse to acknowledge my greatest work." He said with indignation drawing himself up as Cree yawned herself awake. Pushing himself into a standing position with his six legs Keltar struck an imposing figure. Those descended from earth often likened his kind to a giant scorpion; a long segmented body held aloft by six armored legs, all that was missing was the curling tail, Keltar's just barely touched the floor when he stood normally and look more like a snakes. Excluding his lavender skin, deeply blue hair, and curious horizontal pupils, his upper half resembled that of a human man's. Due to his unusual anatomy and average height of nearly seven feet navigating the confines of a ship was a challenge and yet somehow he had managed to get a job as navigator on this ship.

    Quick stiletto steps brought Keltar to his work station, a wide display with different screens popping up to show different measurements of courses, and with a huff he settled himself down something made easier by the lack of a chair. Behind him he could hear the soft clink of claws against the floor as Cree finally caught up to him. With tall conical ears, clawed hands, a long tail, and a pair of neatly folded wings Cree was almost Keltar's opposite in appearance. As for intelligence-well Cree's species was not known from their brains. Many systems labeled them as a sub-intelligence, a title that had landed many as slaves. The Captain had been nice enough to let this particular one stay on as a guard of sorts, a fitting job for a race so naturally territorial. And it seemed that Keltar and Cree got along very well together, their conversations might be one sided but Keltar liked to think Cree listened.

    But any musings were cut off as one of Keltar's displays pinged lazily. They were supposed to be in no-man's-land, nobody came out here without a purpose unless they were very, very lost. Looking at the message he frowned deeply seeing that the beacon was anonymous, that could either be very good or very bad. But they were not quite close enough to get a good read on the other person's ship, was it worth the trouble. Curiosity overcame caution and after a moment of hesitation he sent a responding beacon back to the opposing ship and then The Delight to a stand still. Pressing a button on the intercom he spoke in a cautious tone.

    "Captain we are being hailed."
  3. Akari used her enhance program to get a detailed look at her savior’s ship. It was worn and battered. She could tell, from the condition of the ship, that the crew worked well together. A ship like that would have fallen apart ages ago if conditions were in the least unfavorable. She wondered what line of work they were into. The haul of the ship was big, so a delivery ship, but in no man’s land? There couldn’t be a lot of legitimate work out here. She smirked, “Perfect.” She whispered to herself. Maybe she could travel with them until she got to her destination.

    When they responded to her signal, she opened up a bad channel to request a video transmission. The video was filled with static and the sound distorted. She wanted to see who the in charge before she let them get a full picture. She sat back in her chair. And quickly put her long brown hair into a messy bun as she took a quick look at the mirror melted into the wall adjacent to her. She hoped the captain of the vessel was a guy. That would make life a little easier.

    She started her request, “I …cssshh….anded…sssshhh” the audio transition. The weak video signal gave her the appearance of melting sideways in a sea of electric noise.

    Her ship was a small single pilot vessel. It was an ant compared with 'The Delight' and externally possibly is worse shape. Her ship was covered in dents and scratches. It had been in a gun fight at the research facility she had robbed. They were heavily armed for science geeks. Her prize was safe tucked away in a altered panel in her ship. A heavy 6ft by 3ft titanium case. If not for the wheels she'd be dead.

    She waited for the ship's response patiently. She knew the transmission she sent wasn't understandable. For a ship with a wrecked exterior she had on heck of a computer system. It was separately powered and allow high level hacks and camouflage. With no fuel and no power to about 60% of the computers features, she had to be cautious and and exact with her next few hours of battery power.
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  4. Keltar hissed nervously under his breath as the transmission opened and he was met with a wall of static. This wasn't usually his job, he was the navigator, but it seemed that at the moment most of the crew was inebriated leaving him and Cree the only ones running the bridge. And why not, this chunk of space was usually completely empty, and it was remote enough that the people you did see were usually just pausing to dump some trash before taking off again. This whole situation was just putting the Feldarian on edge. As a voice crackled to life over the transmission Cree's tall ears flicked forward curiously as Keltar tried to adjust the connection to get a better signal. But after a few moments of fiddling with no results he was left to conclude that the bad signal was coming from the other ship. And as the audio came through in fits and bursts he thought he figured out why.

    From the looks of it the craft that had hailed them was in pretty rough shape and a ship that size could definitely run into some trouble if it wasn't careful. After a few moments of hesitation Keltar pushed Cree away from the monitor where she had been nearly climbing on top of the board trying to get a better look at the girl that flashed across the screen and then opened two way communication.

    "Unidentified craft your signal is very weak, are you in need of assistance? I repeat are you in need of assistance." He said hoping that the ship still is able to receive messages. As he waited for a reply he put out another message to the Captain, this one silent. Moments of deliberation and the Captain gave the signal. If the craft confirmed its need for help they would be within five minutes of getting it on board. At a word from the Captain several more crew members joined Keltar and Cree on the bridge. It wasn't to often they got unexpected guests and it was attracting a fair bit of attention from the crew.
  5. When Akari received the ships response she smirked and sent another transmission. This still filled with static but her response was audible, “I am in need of assistance. I have no fuel and limited power. A lift would be appreciated.” She replied then shut down the terrible quality video feed. She wasn’t lying about the limited power. Though he ship had a very powerful and efficient operating system. The system would shut down to run power to life support.

    Once she had submitted her message and checked her police scanner. It seemed that was growing in number but thankfully off her trail for the time being. A plus to her low fuel limited power situation. She got out of her chair and adjusted herself in her small wall mirror to look more appealing. It didn’t take much for her. The king of Mars himself had a handsome bounty to return her to her home planet. She smoothed down some stray hairs then puckered her lips and appealed her favorite pink gloss. She started to clean her ship up a little and armed herself with a few strategically placed daggers. Her guns were emptied at the last hole in the wall she had visited so she put them in their hidden container.
  6. Ryuka woke up from her casual nap as she made her way up to the bridge. She looked out the window and then at akira. "I'm guessing they found you in the outer rim." She saw akira getting ready. "I'm guessing we have guests coming"
  7. Akari turned to see Ryuka, "No we're the guests." she said simply. Akari had not told Ryuka where she hid the treasure. She couldn't trust anyone with that secret, "No shenanigans, Ryuka. We're simply catching a ride to the next galaxy over to fill our tanks." Akari said going back to her seat. How in the world had she slept through of the excitement. crossed her arms over her chest, "Do we have any more ammo around here?"
  8. Ryuka walked over to her seat and reached into her desk. She pulled out a few magazines of ammo. "This is all we got left." She tossed them over to akari, as she looked at her computer monitor displaying the ship "when we get to the next galaxy. I need to make some repairs to the ship."
  9. Akari caught the magazines,"Thanks." She said softly and put them in a drawer by the ships navigation, "Is there a way to make this ship run mostly on solar and radiation energy? Refueling takes to long." He asked frowning. Their steal could be used as an energy source, she figure. She hadn't opened is up but she vaguely browsed the report that went with it. It was so type of next Gen warhead. She had yet to open it. She was very curious but now was not the time to be.
  10. Ryuka looked at akari. "I could if we have enough time and money." She leaned back as she pulled her pistol out of her holster. "So what's the plan."
  11. "We have credit. More than enough." Akari assured her and leaned back in her chair and looked at the radar, "The plan on the other that we lay low. We don't need anymore trouble. Our story is were being pursued by pirates. We lost them but found ourselves out here and out of fuel." Akari explained.
  12. "Sounds good, what's the backup plan if things go wrong." She slowly began to take apart her pistol for cleaning. "I am also going to have take a better look at our ship. Its sustained quite a bit of damage in our last raid."
  13. Akari looked over at her and nodded, "Okay. I'll help." Akari stretched and turned her attention back to the line of communication between her ship and the Delight
  14. The silence might have seemed long for Akari and Ryuka but aboard The Delight, well Keltar just wished that they had had more time to consider their decision. Perhaps it was his species chronic paranoia shining through but he just had a bad feeling. The captain and the majority of the crew however were much more accommodating and after a little back and forth on their end Keltar finally opened the channel once again.

    "Hold your course we will approach and offer assistance." He said casting a glance towards Cree who stretched and got to her feet, plodding her way towards the docking bay. She might not be able to exactly understand what was going on but she recognized the excitement that came when new people were about to come aboard. Defensive as she was she would let no one pass unnoticed onto the ship, even if that usually just meant watching from a distance. There were always the rowdy passengers that had to feel the snap of her teeth to regain some composure.

    The ship turned about on its course and made a steady approach to the smaller vessel. They had to be careful about getting to close, a wrong move and they could give the other ship a nasty bump that would send it spinning in the opposite direction. Like some great vulture The Delight circled around until its docking bay was adjacent the other ship. Hopefully the other ship had enough power to dock itself. Otherwise it would take some serious maneuvering on The Delight's part. Leaving the bridge in the hands of the pilot and those crew members who had come up from the decks Keltar left his control panel and joined Cree in the docking area. Pleased to see her friend she leapt onto the flat of his back, settling herself with a strange chattering noise.

    "We shall see wont we." Keltar said more to himself than to his restless companion. His six legs heavy clicks against the metal grating as he shifted his weight. "We shall see."
  15. Ryuka watched as the ship circled them. She turned to akari. "Shall I use the last of our fuel to dock 20th them." She finished cleaning her pistol and put it back together.
  16. Akari nodded and started the docking procedure. It didn't take long for them to dock, but once they had finished the ship had been completely drained of power. Akari grabbed her messenger bag filled with her personals and looked atRyuka,"you ready?"
  17. Ryuka grabbed her bag. "Yea let's go greet our guests." She slowly got up and made her way to the docking bay.
  18. Akari followed behind locked down the ship so that no curious crew would snoop around. Once she was done she waited in the dock in bay for their first correspondence.
  19. A small ship rested away from the other two ships, it's engines completely off and the life support dimly on, as to not show any hint of it's position. The ship was only big enough to hold maybe two or three people comfortably. It's golden paint and metal was barely chipped off and bullet holes were very few in number. The ship had just stopped and was still humming with a bit of life.

    Krain sat there his face completely hidden by a black mask with a scratch mark across the entire mask vertically, with minor scratches miscellaneously around the mask itself. He wore a regular t-shirt, black as most of his gear with a dark grey pants that were tight on his body. He had two holsters that carried two unique swords that to a creature whom could sense living creatures would find his weapon rather weird. He cocked his head and looked over to his partner, his voice completely dull. "Reinforcements?"

    Nami cocked her head, her body of human descent, but her eyes seemed to glow a particular color of purple on one eye and a light orange on the other. She wore a different expression than Krain's voice showed of us. She was excited, she always loved the chase of new people and despite her appearance, her bright colors on her shirt that was bright yellow with a smiley face on it with a red color running down it's eyes on both sides to it's cheek and her black skirt with leggings, she was a gruesome killer who normally toyed with her bounties. "They seem to be lucky is my thought." She smiled, all of her teeth showing with glee.

    Krain was puzzled then realized their ship must have run out of fuel or the power of the ship must be out. How lucky... He thought to himself, his face annoyed though no one could see his expressions. He had not good qualities besides being a bounty hunter... and well of course killing. He regularly took bounties that he had to take the target alive, which his partner regularly wanted too unless she got to "play" with them for a bit. How Krain got involved with this psycho path irked him more than he admitted. They were complete opposites, and he couldn't handle her constant talking... God it never stopped. "Lay low and monitor them." Nami groaned in disappointment, but allowed Krain to have his way.
  20. Kaizer found himself left alone on the ship. He had hidden himself away on the vessel at the research facility, he didn't know what they had taken, but it was probably expensive, and the previous owners probably wanted it back. He crept out to explore the vessel after it was locked, he checked some of the systems using a handheld diagnostics tool. All he had to do was find some port, any port, to stick it in.
    He made his way to the front of the vessel, and plugged the single screened device into a port. It took a few micro seconds to scan the vessel, and then told him it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Low fuel, low battery, and exceptionally low quality. He paled for a second when he realized how lucky he was to have made this far with out the ship falling to bits. They shot em up pretty bad didn't they. He smirked and looked around, seeing a mirror. He looked at himself, his glowing eyes looked pretty in the darkness of the ship. He turned and explored farther into the ship, bypassing any still active security with the ease a ninja would bypass a sleeping elderly old man with a nagging wife.
    It was a small vessel, comparatively, and had very few occupants when its crew was all there. He slunk through a few compartments, then huffed. He would have to wait a safe amount of time to get off the ship, don't want to stay here, and don't want to be caught getting out. He sat in the pilots seat and plugged in, this time using a cord that was connected to his neck. Lets see who this ship belongs to...