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  1. An infamous Outlaw gang branded as the "Dwinlylth" has made a blood basted name for themselves among the harmonious expanse of Raylea.
    With a copious amount of charges for pillaging, human trafficking, arson, vandalism, murder, and grand theft. The neighboring nations has decided to band their council heads together to place an aggregate bounty on the heads of this band of Outlaws.
    Flyers are hung about the walls of Guilds, shops, even on horse carriages to attract any bounty hunter brave, smart, or dumb enough to try and take these malefactors head on and cease their peace disturbing raiding.
  2. Smoothing her hands across the faux leather of her belt, preening nimble nails through the hilt of a blade the weighted expanse of a breath past by her lips. The city was all a bristle with the news, be them hired hands, gawking locals or childish on lookers; the news of the too die for, bounty was hard not to hear of.

    Dwinlylth wasn't an uncommon name to the waggling tongues of young and old, no it was more of a hellish nightmare that was too real for most people to handle. That awkward breath upon your neck that made your hair stand on end. A disorganized brutal union that was nearly a curse word, now apparently so enthralling that no one seemed to fear it. No they seemed to forget the previous fear it held.


    Rubbing her temple allowing the pale ruby gaze sprint up and down, left to right upon the slathered flyer to the wall of the towering guild hall; lips pursed into a grim line.

    That was an awful lot of coin to be throwing out for someone's, no, for a whole band of heads. Whomever was that daft bloke that managed to swipe the leader's skull and break apart the gang would live better than a mere king. Hell they could probably buy the king's castle, make him the servant and use him as a foot stool. But that much coin, yeah if you didn't see something wrong with that or even take into consideration how truly dangerous it would be to go alone, then farewell to you oh pitiful fool.

    "It's no better than playing with fire and yet... it's enticing." Yup, she was one of those fools. But aware of it, perhaps that made her less of one.

    Probably not.
  3. The bustling, brick-paved walkways of Sevia was the universal common ground for the current events, trade, and guilds. What more could attract a nomadic bounty hunter such as Cephas. A plated tipped cowl disguised the upper half of this young adult, just inching from his 20's. A dark brown, closely shaved goatee could be seen from within the navy blue hood. A similarly colored, weather beaten long-coat garnered with chainmail under the fabric fluttered as Cephas' feet kicked up the skirt as he would tread by. Underneath a wide, dark scarf covered over half of his brass colored brestplate. His leggings were but matching trousers with platelegs guarding the sides of his thighs, knee high boots with shinguards and plating strapped to the front protected his calves. His gauntlets were stuffed in his side pocket of his trousers, his hands slightly chaffed from wearing them for so long.

    Cephas knew but little of the nation of Sevia, but he caught onto something quick; This town was noisy and busy. So far throughout his trip here he's been dodging by the hurried populous of the city, trying not to make a jester of himself in public. Who knows how these big city folks act to newcomers, especially nomads. For all he knows, they'll probably jape about his living style and lack of a suitable source of income for himself(Since the man is practically homeless). Aside from checking the city out and doing his best to dodge the locals, Cephas was on a search for a quest of sorts. He recently spent a good amount of his coin for a bed for a few nights and almost edible foods. He needed a new bounty to clear to give him that big ol' wad of gold he's so used to seeing being plopped in his face. Even the sound of the gold clinking amongst themselves in the linnen sack brought a feeling of satisfaction to his armor pressured torso. From within his cowl, he scanned his sides hoping to find a sort of hall or anything posted of a bounty or odd job that needs to be done. Hell, he'd even take a job as belittling as corralling swine. Turning down a corner he found himself in the midst of the guild district. Nothing but grand structures to promote their beloved factions for Gods know whatever they did. He didn't care, it's not like they would truly benefit him, as least not now. Settling for himself was more than enough, besides, guildmembers are stressful. Browsing the doors and peeping through windows as he patrolled, he hoped to find something here. If anyone had some sort of brains they'd best post job offerings here. Anyone able bodied would storm to a job if they saw one. To his surprise, he found something. A beige leaflet, the contents inscribed listed:
    "To and Warrior's capable enough to ward away the destructive ire of the Dwinlylth!
    Seek conference for Main Sevia Hall! The Lord's thrall will explain the details within!
    Any warrior or Guild who sends proof of the Dwinlylth's extinction will be rewarded with a hefty yet deserving sum of:
    20,000,000 Gold.
    A charitable offer for any hero who can eliminate this thread to our serene kingdom!"
    Was that a mistake? Was one too many zero's placed on this parchment? That's the highest bounty he's ever laid eyes on. If that's the case this Outlaw gang must be something to admire if they can collect a bounty of this caliber for themselves. A sly smirk curved at the side of his lip as he ripped the parchment from the stone wall. He eyed it with the avarice in his blood boiling hot. Funny feeling to him as he's not greedy by nature, but a reward this high could set him for life... But there's a problem. He's but one lone warrior. How is he such to take on an Outlaw gang with such high held esteem. "This means I'll have to make a sort of compromise... Well, lets hope these bludgeons aren't stingy and self-obligated." He continued his way into down the path. The main hall wasn't that well blended in. As the advanced architecture stood out above the rest of the guilds. It screamed "Property of the State". The doors were already flung open, giving a welcoming presence to it. The internal design wasn't that distinct, honestly said. Big table in the center, large woven carpet with a embroiled pattern placed above the floorboard and a grand fireplace placed behind a gridded gate with the master throne in front of it for some sort of effect for eminence. Bah, seen it. Shockingly, it was pretty empty considering the large bounty put out. What's more, the entirety of the guild district was quiet compared to what the shopping district was. Quite obvious that guilds have already made haste to find the Dwinlylth. He wasn't shocked there. But inside was a female, a fine vixen but he wasn't here for that. And he could tell she must've been here for the grand prize. She's just another contender lest she is willing to work with him. But before here was an aging man, not particularly elderly, but maybe in his late 40's or early 50's. He appeared to be waiting for another adventurer to write down as a tribute for the bounty. As Cephas quietly brushed passed the girl, as quiet as a ghost and kicking up wind with his steady pace he approached the man in the throne and showed him the parchment about the Dwinlylth. "I volunteer for the bounty, what are the terms that need to be met to acquire the reward?" The aging man only grinned, happy that he has another pawn to play in this bloodletting game.
  4. Walking fools aiming for their deaths taking on the bounty in a solo mission, each having more of the coin on their minds than the actual caution this whole thing would take; she had been keeping a leery eye as men and women came in, to sign up and sign their lives away. She might have only seen maybe three in total that decided to pair up with another. Perhaps they weren't so keen on having themselves torn apart.

    She was not in the mood to find herself at the losing end of this bounty, especially considering the fact it had been the state was the one to issue out such a large sum. That almost felt as the mercs, sins, hunters and whatever else was eager enough to come rushing in, were mere pawns for the state to use. As in a way to dispose of them and hopefully dispatch Dwinlylth as well. Win, win for them, lose for everyone else.

    Soft passing wind forced the twist and glance across her shoulder to the practically walking armory male, wondering what the hell sort of being needed to be so weighed down. He was either very experienced in his ways or very new that he believed so much gear was more of a protection than a hindrance. It only got better as the old coot sitting behind the desk work looking almost gleeful to so many showing up to lay down their lives, this one apparently in for it as well.

    "Terms?" he cleared his throat pushing back his chair to reset his level of comfort, hands bridged upon the tabletop; "Simple really. As the parchment states, we want Dwinlylth taken out of the picture permanently, any way possible but of course the less innocent causalities the better. We merely ask for some proof of said bounty, a head perhaps of the leader." that seemed a common thing to ask for, it was hard to rent someone's skull off and pretend it was someone else's. "Then you return back here to Sieva and we as the state pay you the sum of twenty million gold." the man's eyes glinted in the fair light, "Not a bad trade if I do say so myself."

    "Of course you would say that, you're not the one going out to risk your neck." she piped up and in, letting flat soles tap to the carpet allowing the red gaze to sink into the elder. "You're more than content to let the greedy sons of bitches. No skin off your nose." pressing her lips into a grim line, she shook out her fair crown, gaze settling upon the living armor, "Just as keen to throw your life into this pot as well, and alone as well? What sort of sense is that."
  5. "Madam, I assure you I'm not walking into this bloodsport so absentmindedly. A high stake like this means this band of cutthroats are no force to be reckoned with. My only excuse is that the money can allow me to live for myself and whomever else chooses to accompany me during this mission... That's if they cooperate." He shifted his gaze back to the elder, blowing out a silent sigh of discontent. He could tell that his only option so far was her and she didn't seem to keen on throwing her life away for the bounty. At least not so easily. He could understand that though. "I'm assuming you've signed off Guilds for this expedition already. Have you anyone lacking a partner for this quest? I would take your company mi'lady but I fear you'll come off to me something sour..." His constant fear of working with someone else for a bounty. He always felt that once the deed was done his partner would slit him open in his sleep, or poison his drink and take off with the bounty for themselves. His fear wasn't born from paranoia alone, in at least three heists he's been turned on by his subordinates. Narrowly escaping the business ends of multiple blades.
  6. Letting her arms fall slack to her side she blinked at him. Did he just call her madam! She was not that old how dare he even speak of her being some old crone caught up in a rocking chair taking up knitting as a new hobby. The nerve!

    His mouth was still moving as he was prattling something off to her about wanting the money and possibly looking for another to accompany himself, arms crossed beneath the rise of her bosom. It only continued to get better as the living armor kept talking between the elder and at her general direction.

    "I've already come off something sour to you," a brow rose in a daring stare, "But you won't find another partner in this whole city, I can guara-damn-tee that." she knew what he was getting at. It was a common thought that should past through any worth a damn hunter that was pairing up with another, the idea that greed could overcome one, so they could just slip the knife in to make away with the full loot for themselves wasn't uncommon.

    Positioning her hands to her hips leaning inwards giving him a careful look over, the elder's eyes were being tossed between the two of them. Better to stay out of it and watch from the sidelines. Possibly safer but most likely it was just in the range of one of them losing their manners and the back splash of harsh words and possible violence. "Are you saying you'd be afraid of a girl managing to put you in a permanent slumber. Out of the pair of us here, I'd say your whole living armor facade poses a bigger threat than myself. But if you want that bounty that badly, you may have to go against your trust and employ yours truly. Unless you think you are enough to handle the bounty alone after all."
  7. "Well, of course I won't handle this alone. A bounty this big? And to add, even though I'm well armored anyone is capable of getting around it. So yes, in a way I do fear you. I won't take my stature and equipment into account when dealing with anyone. Last I didn't size up someone I have a ball of magma and obsidian smacked right into my side. The burn didn't heal for almost two months." He turned to face the girl, giving her proper eye contact. That's if she could even see his eyes from under his hood, though it is a bit rude to keep it on. But he cared not. "Speaking rationally, I would like to take you up on this bounty as a partner. If what you say is true about the scarcity of oncoming adventurers then my life and spoils is shared with you. Before I do anything, I need to head back to the town gate and retrieve my greatsword from the gatekeeper. Didn't trust an outsider walking in with a blade all nilly-willy. We can begin whenever you're ready." Making a slight bow as a gesture of good will he made haste back to the front gates to get his sword back. Something in the back of his mind was telling him to purchase a stable shield from a shopkeep around here since he's so used to the weight of his sword it doesn't hinder him much once the adrenaline starts pumping... Unfortunately he was strapped for funds at the moment. It all had to go to inns and any food he can buy for the adventure.
  8. Well... that was interesting. And that was putting it lightly! It left her wondering if she should be grateful, irritated or something in between with the change of events. Going from one moment to the other without a clear point of transition that was defined as clearly as the sun itself; she watched the apparently new comrade, bow and make his way to leave.

    Scratching her crown throwing the elder man a look as he proceeded just to shrug at her; she sighed. Tapping the ledger the man seemed to have, exchanging a quick chance of speak, she went trudging after the curious one.

    It didn't take much to catch up honestly as she bound her hands behind her back giving him a sort of side look. "You are certainly an odd one around here, you know it's fairly easy to offer the gates-men a coin for your sword. They are pretty petty creatures."
  9. He looked over his shoulder to see that his comrade had caught up. He assumed there wasn't much for her to go in the way of preparation. He made a light chuckle to her comment on how lowly the guards are. Thinking about it, paying them may have made things a lot easier and saved him the argument at the gate he had for a good three or so minutes. "Ah well... At least I get to keep my money. After all I'm going to need it. So I assume there's not much else you need to do to prepare? After I get my greatsword I'm out of here." Shooting passed the crowds of people, keeping his eye on the gate Cephas could see the big wall adjacent to the gate coming up closer serving as a sort of beacon. He could've easily gotten turned around in a town like this. If it wasn't for the large, colorful flags garnishing each gate he wouldn't have known where to go. One could say he should ask for directions but... That's embarrassing. He'd rather just learn these things on his own. It also doesn't help that the place is so noisy that if someone were to lecture him on what route to take he probably couldn't even hear him or her. The wall with two humungous green dyed flags was the one he entered from. The west gate, he assumed. Just going off of his own assumption of direction. Some time passed and he finally reached it, the city gate. The same guard was there admiring the greatsword, this sort of boiled Cephas' blood. As Cephas arrived at the guards post he knocked a few times on the tall wooden archway, making it wobble to get gatekeepers' attention. "Hey! I would like my blade back, I'm leaving the city." The gatekeeper snapped out of the trance induced by the greatsword and made a pathetic and confused grunt. Looking back down to seeing the distinct yet familiar armor. "O-oh! Here ya' go!" Reaching down, holding the holstered sword with both hands he handed it back to Cephas. Cephas took it back and straddled it to his back. Latching the belt fastened around the hilt over his shoulder. "Thank you. May you open the gate, please?" On command, the gate opened with the simple turn of the crank. As the gate inched open, Cephas turn to his newfound companion and nodded his head back to the gate. "You ready, miss..? I didn't catch your name."
  10. Rocking her head back and forth to his apt conclusion about keeping any coin he might have used to pay off a guard or two for a sword, she shrugged easily. "I travel lightly," a hand patted the side pack on her side before the twin thin daggers neatly sheathed against her wide mouth belt. "Makes it a hell of a lot easier to escape in hairy situations if you're not encumbered by many things."

    It was true, especially with her chosen occupation it was best to be light weight, carrying only what was required and leave without a trace. Keeping even stride, posing a en eye to her left or right walking back towards the main gates of the city, she knew this place better than she knew her own lands. Granted it looked muddled to the untrained unfamiliar eye but it had a method of madness to how it's layout was spread. Everything and anything of wares or guilds or rather general importance's had been sheltered into the inner ring of the city close to the centre to avoid possible attacks that could from the entrances. It made it easier for the guards to rush to the gates and increasingly difficult for intruders to make it inwards. But whether or not it was actually effective had yet to be proven.

    As they made their way forward with no incidents, him retrieving back the sword she threw him a sort of side glance after her politely asked for the gate to be risen allowing one to leave. "Rhelic, just Rhelic. Don't need no fancy polite titles stuck before it. Makes things simple."
  11. "Rhelic? Alright then, mine is Cephas. Well... Off we go." He took his leave once the gate rose high enough for him to pass through. Now that he finally escaped that deafening enclave it was time for the exciting part: The adventure! The hills arched in the distance with gravel roads paved in, branching out to numerous places with signs being your only guide. Now, one would think it would be smart to get a lead on where his targets are, but he found half the fun in finding every bandit camp he could until he found the one that fits the description. Makes for some great plundering and leaves a lot to explore. Though, he wondered if his companion would be a fan of how he handles these things. It was a bright day, a few clouds in the sky and the cardinals flew freely without any worry. With an overworld like this it's hard to believe that there's a rabid gang of brigands running about. The scenery always gave him a fresh feeling. "Alright, where to look-where to look..." He muttered under his breath.
  12. An arch in her brow followed by a lazy gaze towards the open scenery and she stifled the urge to sigh at the whole prospect. She was never one for the great wide open spaces of rolling hills and futile ground, mortar and gray were her home. But that didn't leave much for the ways of coin. Bounties rarely if ever were contained in the city district. At least none that were worth the pay. Minor bounties where in the limits, ones of greater caliber were out here... in the open spaces making it that much easier to hide.

    Stepping forward tying her hands behind her neck she yawned slightly; "Towards the south east, past the inner realms of the plantation farms, about a few days walk. Their last sighting was nearby, plundering one of the smaller villages of the states crowns looking for easily wealth, women and whatever else they want. It'd be the best bet to head towards there and see if the locals may have an idea where they have gone or may be going." flicking an ear she peeked back across her shoulder through a laden gaze, "Unless you have a better idea, Cephas."
  13. A single chuckle huffed from inside his closed lips and blew through his nose. Well there goes the game of hide and seek, as well what was he to do. At least she knew her way around, a little more than he. This side of the lands is pretty foreign to him, hell the Dwinlylth is new to him. He usually kept to the east, where he was raised and knew the lands well. It was good to have a sort of compass by his side. "I don't, actually. Care to lead the way, Rhelic? I don't have a mental map for these parts laid out yet." He kept to her side while facing forward, awaiting for his sour guide to take lead.
  14. "You didn't grow up around these lands, huh?" It was about as obvious as the night was black. Not that she could fault him from that, she wasn't naturally from Sieva either, hell she naturally reigned from the deep north, close to the cold climate within the city of snow, ice and stone. It was bloody freezing but she loved it, or did. It didn't offer enough opportunities to be worth sticking too.

    "These parts are fairly calm, not much to worry over other than the brutes of the gang we are going after. A royal pain in the ass really, and a nice nightmare that terrifies the locals." she took the lead listening to the crunch of gravel shift beneath her boots, lips twisted in the corner briefly, "I don't know how easy it is going to be to track down Dwinlylth not to mention all the other hunters that are going to be out there waiting to slice another's throat for the mere chance that they could be on the scent of the brigands." Eyes darted under her bangs over him, "Hope your agile in all that gear, you look like your preparing for war rather than a mission."
  15. "You don't need to worry about me, Rhelic. I've been wearing this armor non-stop for months. I've built my endurance. I'm just a nomad with just this armor and the lazywear underneath it to my name. It's like another layer of skin to me. I don't feel I need to worry about you either. You're quite toothy on your own." Slightly scuffing his feet, kicking up some of the gray grains from the road he could see what looked to be a farming town crowing from the horizon. So that must be what she was referring to. It looked like a warm little hovel, but it's probably in such a whiplash over the recent attack the locals may be a bit jumpy... He hoped no one would jump to the chance of seeing two armed passerby's and assume them brigands here to pick the scavenge. "And yes, I was born on the other side of this country. A province called Ulceth. I was the son of a guildmaster, but our family had a recent stock crash and we had to disband... About a good two years ago? From that point I was already on my own, but my way of income was from the guild's services. Because of the crash, family turned into nomads. Being around them was stressful... So I went my own way. And here I am. I honestly enjoy the nomads life. A lot to explore, keeps you fit, makes you think. Y'know?" He said turning his head to Rhelic.
  16. A traveling armored nomad and a past son to a guildmaster, this one had a history already about him and she was raising her brow to it. Whether it depended on the type of guild his parentage was a part of might have answered why it crashed causing it's way to be broken and resorting to the way's of constant travel; she hummed behind a mildly amused tone.

    "I wouldn't know too much about the nomad sort of lifestyle. While you may find the great spaces invigorating to energize your soul, they are behind my sort of comfort level. I would have to trust more of your judgement upon that rather than experience with a fever." eyes met... what she assumed was his own underneath the heavy cowl he wore. Traveling nomad. He seemed more like the sort by appearance sake that would be a one who'd hang you rather than seek the blissful console of the open lands. But that merely upon appearance sake of said garments.
  17. Cephas huffed a singe chuckle. He felt everyone would've loved the open space but he was amused with being wrong about that. Can't believe everyone to be as biased as he. "Well my judgement only goes well as far as what I have come across in my travels I feel. This is a foreign land to me so I'll have to learn quickly, especially if I'm on a hunt around here. An especially dangerous one might I add." The clanking of his plated trousers tinked as he kept his stride, keeping silence broken when dialogue didn't. The wood and stone architecture of the incoming village was well in view as they had reached the climax of a hill overlooking the small hovel. How small it was brought some slight depression to Cephas. Just the thought of it being so ransacked made him well up with sympathy. He just hoped no one would brand him and Rhelic a threat. He still wasn't afraid to cast aside his sympathy and defend himself if need be. "So that's our town, hmm? I'm teetering over to the sympathetic approach here. Poor folk probably didn't even know what hit them." As he began his decline down the hill, his steps were scuffed so he had not lost traction and slipped down. Last thing he needed was a sprained ankle at the beginning of the journey.
  18. A mild agreement to his statement of only knowing what he has witnessed, lips curled into more of a playful smirk upon his contemplation. "A quick mind and a apt attitude should help with your ability to harvest said skills to increase your said hunt here. Many of those whom I have either had run ins or had to go looking for are for a lack of a better term, moronic. A mule would have more skill going up against most ill law breakers, but this is far different."

    Silence slowly began to take a reign into their momentary space of air, the soft clinking of his armor and the pull of her leather attire; she was mulling over possible ideas privately and sorting them into plausible and ineffective motives.

    Though the pale red gaze lifted to consider the ransacked village they had decided to start their trailing hunt in, a slow dip of her chin and a raise of her hand to rake back the deep crown of purple, Rhelic sighed heavily. "Even if they did know what hit them, I highly doubt anyone in such a situation could be prepared enough to brace for this." she waited for him to clamour down the hill side as she corrected the flat of her soles to skid down rather than pick and choose her path. Hoping a skip forward to gain her footing again, a casual look into the hidden face inside the cowl and she tucked her hands into a cross behind her back. "It's merely a farming village, small and honestly not worth much but in these lands, anything and anyone is worth something to Dwinlylth. I would not be surprised if there are missing young women and crops. But while all deplorable, someone should be able to point in the direction the brigands decided to go tromping off in." A flick of a tapered ear, "Do you wish to separate to cover more ground or should I watch and see how your diplomatic skills are?" a tease really but still equally as curious. She wasn't sure how long this partnership would be meaning she'd not only have to be learning and absorbing all about Dwinlylth she could, but Cephas as well.
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