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    "To be, or not to be: that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to."
    – Hamlet, William Shakespeare.

    In the realm of human consciousness, the few cubic centimeters inside out own sculls we are bound only by the laws which we ourselves choose to bind ourselves by. And it is those laws that shape our actions, shape us.

    Under the driving rain the car powered over the slick roads the raindrops looking like white streaks in the headlights of the car. It had taken him days to get here, weeks maybe. Time wasn’t as important as it once was, not when you couldn’t remember more than a century ago and had the crushing chasm of eternity gaping before you. And after so long what was there left to chase but shadows?

    He was drawn here, by what he could not say, only that he was close and as the thunder pealed and the lightning flashed he saw his destination. It was covered in rues and section of it had collapsed but it was where he could find what he was looking for, where he was drawn. That which would give him peace.

    The breaks squeaked as he pulled over, and pulling his coat around him he stepped out the falling drops making a deafening sound on the old metal roof. In the lights of the headlamps there was a door and he made note of it before cutting the engine.

    Gravel crunching beneath his feet he reached the door to hind a heavy chain holding it shut. With a sigh he curled his fingers around it and pulled and metal bending a snapping with a ringing sound before he pulled the door open and silhouetted in the doorway made his presence known.
    “Attention factory floor!” he yelled. “Is anyone in here?”

    He stepped inside as another peel of thunder rolled though the heavens. This had better not be a waste of time.
  2. Lalu Star was reading a book in a chair when she hear noises coming from the front door of the old factory that she made her home. She had taken the space that could have been an office as her own room. When she first saw the room it was filled with spider webs, broken chair and furniture all around. In a matter of a month she made it look like a room that might have belong to a palace. In the middle of the room against a wall was a king size bed with a comforter of the finest fabric. Traces of dark blood and gold made patterns beautifully. On the opposite side of the room she placed a wooden desk and chair, in the desk were a dozens of lit candles that casted shadows across the room. Every other part of the room was filled with books on the floor. There were no windows, something she was grateful for.

    Standing up she marked the book and closed it and headed outside the door. Who could it be? High schoolers looking to get drunk? Her room was located on the second floor and as she walked slowly and carefully toward the stairs she noticed a dark figure. Something inside of her wanted to pull her closer but she stood firm in the spot, she was at not going to making a sound. The figure won't be able to see me, not if it were human at least...
  3. The shotgun cradles in his arms didn't seem to be needed but he held onto it anyway. Weapons.. good for show and made people back down when blood wasn't wanted. There was no reply but there was someone here, something here.

    "I know you're hiding, I can smell you."

    Still he was barging in on someone, a gesture was called for. With a clatter the gun fell to the ground and he continued.

    Drian, or Jack, or any of the other names he had gone as over the centuries reached stairs up to a catwalk. There he paused looking up. "You're not human, I know that much.. I haven't seen you yet but you smell familiar." one step up towards her. He couldn't place the memory but he knew he knew them, and had for a long time. "You can call me Drian...."
  4. That voice...Lalu knew she have heard it before, that, she was sure of. As the figured moved toward the stairs she was at she did not move or made a sound. "Drian..." the name was not familiar but yet his voice was. It was a male and he seemed to be in his mid 20s to 30s. Her vision cleared more and she saw the man. Oh God...It was the same man or vampire that have turned her centuries ago and left her on the streets. How dare he come? Lalu was in rage and shock and could only think ways of killing him, to make him pay for all that he have done to her.

    In a moment she launched herself at him both hands aiming to strangle his neck. As soon as she took a hold of him both of them were flying down the stairs until she pinned him down on the floor. "Y-you monster!" she screamed at him her hands tightly against his neck as her knees pinned his leg tightly, the were facing each other and she could see the face of the vampire that have haunted for long years in her dreams and memories. Her body was trembling slightly as her rage took over her actions. She have been wanting to kill him for years but each time she thought she found him there was a dead end. But here he was now, in the old factory she made her own. "Why!?" she screamed again wanting to know why did he turned her into a vampire, a monster she despised to be.
  5. There were few things that got him to attack, jetting attacked first was of course strong motivation.

    "Get off of me." he yelled grabbing her arm and wrenching it from his neck then rolling her off of him before scrambling away. Teeth clenched and fangs bared he balled his hands into fists and turned... then he saw her face.

    "Nooooo..." his eyes flashed with anger. "Not this, not you.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?.... why...?"

    He turned... shaking his head not seeming to be interested in the fact that she wanted to kill him. "Not you... not today..."

    So it was down to the last.. the last he was drawn to... maybe now the decade of torment could end. "I'm leaving." he said picking up the shotgun and moving towards the door. "See you in the next life."
  6. "Do not turn your back on me again monster! You turned me!" she shouted shaking her head slowly as tears fell down her cheeks. In a flash, she was in front of him blocking her path her face full of hatred for the vampire that have turned her. She had to kill him it was her ultimate goal before she lived in peace. Suddenly she slapped with all her force wanting him to feel the pain and regret of what he did to her."Why...tell me why!" she yelled as she looked at him deadly in the eyes.
  7. For a moment it looked like he was going to kill her, his hand where she had slapped him and his eyes full of anger but instead he swore met her glare with his own.

    "Do you really want to know why?" he asked "Why I made you what you are... what we are? Because I didn't want to watch you get old and die."

    He continued to glare at her. "And I left because of what I had done, I had taken your life and changed you without you knowing what you would become and that made me into the kind of monster in books. I left because I felt guilty for what I had done." More thunder outside, the storm was getting worse but Drian, or that is what he went under these days, didn't take notice. With the ghost of his past standing in front of him he just did not want to stay. "Now do what you want..."

    You were my first.
  8. No way was she going to believe in what he told her. He was just faking everything like he did when she first met him.' Liar!'she thought knowing he would hear what she said. 'I was never your first and you never cared about me, about us!'

    "I-i-i have to kill you..." she mumbled all the strength in her seemed to go away her voice just a low whisper. She was glad it was thundering, at least she could focus on something that would calm her."Guilty eh? You left me and you felt guilty?" she said and laughed harshly with no trace of emotion behind it. She closed her eyes tightly and for a whole minute she just tried to breath in and out trying to let her anger go away. 'You are not worth it, I bet you are leaving worst than I am. Maybe that is good after all,I rather you suffer for your mistake than killing you. It would be just too easy...'she thought looking at him in the eyes trying to find a trace of something.
  9. "Then just kill me and be done with it." he spat. "You were the first and now you're the last. I have fixed every mistake except you so..." He decided for her punching her to the ground then picking her up from the floor and throwing her out the door and against the car. "I'm not here to apologize and you wouldn't accept it even if I was so why are we talking if you want me dead so badly?"

    He was angrier than he meant to be but he had dreaded finding her even though he knew he would. Once upon a time he had loved her.. but that was a long time ago. He wasn't even the same person now. "Fight talk or run, those are you only options.. I suggest you decide carefully."
  10. Lalu stood up slowly her hand resting on the car she guess it was his. Her breath was coming in and out quicker than she had expected."Murderer! I bet you killed the other you made! You should have killed me once you turned me instead of leaving me in the streets like some kind of trash!" she hissed and jumped into the air at him. She grabbed him by the shoulders and with a quick movement her feet kicked his stomach, a hard painful blow. "I thought I wanted you dead but until now my goal has change!"she screamed at him jumping away, standing by a tree that was just a few feet from the factory. "Should not have come, maybe I would have killed you later on..." she said to him dangerously.
  11. "So what of I did?" he asked. They asked me for death I granted them their wish." he spat. "But you... what happens to you is your choice." He waited for her answer the rain soaking them both. "Would you rather I killed you or I left you never to be seen again... to threaten me is useless. I have lost all fear of death."

    He drew his coat closer around himself. "Everything wrong I have done I will make amends... then I will see if its been enough. You are the last so tell me what you want."
  12. "I want to normally as possible, but I can't..because of you"she whispered. Her short night gown plastering it self in her body as the cold rain keep on falling. ' You have hunted my dreams for decades and here you are...' she send to him telepathically. She shivered feeling the cold breeze of the night against her soaked skin. "What is going to become of you?" she said slowly a hint of curiosity and longing in her voice. Now that she has seen him again, is like she was back at when they were together, only it was not. So much have change..
  13. He wasn't going to step closer to her. She was obviously not wanting to be any closer to him so he just took off his coat and threw it over the hood of the car for her to take if she wanted. "Is that important? You want to like a normal life so I will leave." he turned and began heading away from the factory on foot. He had come to kill her and get it over with. Get everything over with. But he hadn't he needed to know why.

    It was another conundrum and another time he had surprised himself, true he hadn't known it was her until he saw her but... it was frustrating to say the least. He was tired of living but he couldn't die without somehow paying for all the lives he'd ruined all the people he'd changed. He was just so tired of being alone.
  14. Lalu ignored the offer of his coat and catched up with him walking a few feet away from him. "You know I can't and will not have a 'normal' life, not when I live forever until I am dead..again" she said to him. "Why is it that you never told me...who you were.Maybe then, I could have understand you and you would not have to leave like you are doing now." she mumbled and stopped herself. Not a minute ago she wanted to kill him and now she was talking to him. She have known she was a bit crazy but this went beyond the line. I do miss him somehow, I do not know if it is because of the bond we have. He was my sire after all, the one who created me. The rain was pouring quicker now and she began to tremble but she crossed her arms not wanting him to noticed.
  15. He continued to glare at her in silence for a few seconds. "Oh hi, I'm a creature of the night, would you like to go out with me? Because thats really how it goes." his voice was laced with sarcasm. "And would you mind if I killed you while I'm at it and turned you into something that can never have a complete life... I was young, I made mistakes.

    He growled in frustration then cursed. Dealing with her was always frustrating, even when she had been human she had left him muddled. "If you really want to kill me I'm here what are you waiting for?" he was thankful for the rain, it hit the fact that his face would be wet without it. "If thats what you want then get it over with. I'm not here to play games or to open old wounds.
  16. Lalu walked in silence not knowing what to do. "I told you already I changed my mind about killing you...don't you listen?" she asked arrogantly while looking at him with a blank expression. If only he were not so sarcastic she could have been more passive."Look, I do not know why I am even following you but I just know that I have to for some reason. Because believe or not, even though you messed up with my life big time, I still-" she cut the sentence off looking away not wanting to say it. Say how even though they were apart from centuries she still loved him. He stirred something inside of her that no other man did or ever will. The rain had seized for the moment and all that was left of the night was its shining moon and the soft breeze that seemed to cut into her skin.
  17. The words unspoken slipped past him and he studied her face. "Even though I destroyed your life....." he rushed to her the rain making his hair stick to his face as he grabbed her arms and held them tight enough to bruise the skin.

    "This is the last time you will see me." he promised his eyes boring into hers. "Things are happening so fast now and I had to see you one more time."

    He pulled her closer and pressed his lips hard into hers, showing her once and for all what he still felt for her even though so long had passed. "Do not miss me."after lingering a moment he moved away pulling the coat form the hood of the car and throwing it into the passenger's seat as he got in. Before she could recover he was reversing away and escaping into the storm.
  18. Lalu stood in the rain even before he left her there. The kiss has been so fast that it left her in a state of shock and confusion all over. He still loves me she thought. She knew him so well that it hurts but also knew there was something completely wrong. He is hiding something from me, I know he is.

    She looked back at the way were his car went and looked down. "I can't let you go..."she mumbled her hands turning into fist. There is no time to waste! Quickly, she ran into the old factory and up the stairs where her room was located. There, she got out of her night gown and put in some new dry clothes. A black blouse with a leather black jacket and tight leather jeans.

    "Please do not be too far away" she said to no one in particular but herself. Maybe I can use our bond to located him, I felt something strange once he was here already. Grabbing her keys to her black Lamborghini she have bought about a year ago. It was inside the old factory and she ran to it, opened it, and turning it on.
  19. The road was strait and he put his foot down. He had t get as far away from her as he could. Then he could stand and fight without her getting hurt. The mustang's engine growled as he pushed the pedal down. Water flowed over the body and windscreen and the wipers were battling to keep up but there it was no time to worry about details like that. He drove as if he had a demon on his tail turning the muscle car as sharply as he could up into a side road that wound through a grove of trees and then it came onto view.

    Shimmering lights dotted the valley below. Silent Springs, a town nestled between two mountains, its populations a quiet bunch, but it wasn't there that he was heading but to a house he had rented out of town. On the lake, rumored to be the crater on an extinct volcano there was a small island, with a short rickety bridge connecting it to the shore. It was there that he parked and began crossing the bridge.
  20. Lalu tried to catch up to her but the rain seemed to be a big obstacle as it blocked most of her view. The car far ahead of her was going extremely fast for this kind of weather. Please, let me get to him she thought over and over. Her Lamborghini was going at incredibly fast pace as she tried to catch up to him. The car in front made a sharp turn into a smaller road and she did the same without much effort.

    Not far ahead she could see a town, it was the town she frequented to get her 'food'. "What are you doing here?" she asked to no one in particular. She slowed her car a bit but almost lost him. Damn it. Picking her pace again she saw him park by a lake and then walk toward a bridge. Making her car come to a screeched halt a few meters from his,she got out and closed the door making a run for him. "Stop!" she send him telepathically, her voice urgent and worried.