Bound to the Enemy

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  1. She hadn't been spoken to since the journey began. When she, the youngest child of Baron Sayre, was selected to be sent over as some sort of peace offering, Ameline had been celebrated. It was a farce, but it was necessary; crying or rebelling would have ended in nothing but death. So instead her family reveled, and her father became a Viscount, and her things were packed and Ameline was sent off.

    Her vampire escort had been quiet as they ferried her across her home country. And at the boarder, when Ameline was handed off to the humans, the silence became hateful rather than cordial. But the young woman sat tall in the carriage. And today, she arrived to the human palace.

    The carriage stopped, and Ameline exited. She patted out her green dress, laced with designs and cuffs in gold thread, and waited as a trunk of her things was retrieved. Then the green eyed vampire was lead inside, with two of the guards carrying her trunk behind her.

    Ameline was made to wait in a throne room that was empty but for her and several guards. The two that had been carrying her things set the trunk down and took their positions by the front door. Ameline stood and, after a moment, began to walk around the room. She clasped her hands together in front of her to make clear that she had no intentions but curiosity in mind, but the guards still watched her with suspicion. The young vampire looked at the walls and looked out the grand windows. One column had plates of gold on it, polished so clearly that Ameline could see her reflection.

    The woman looked at herself. Her mouth, slightly agape, shoped bright red lips and pointed fangs behind then. Her green eyes were surprised, but also tired. Her skin was pale- in the gold, it seemed silver. And her dress was fine, but it felt plain now.

    The vampire's thoughts were interrupted as a door opened, and a butler heralded the person who walked in. That must be who I am charged to, Ameline thought, and watched for the woman to walk into the room.
  2. Sahara walked into the room with her head high. Her thick blood hair was pulled back in a braid that reached bellow her bottom. Her eyes were a bright blue. The dress she wore dragged a few inches on the ground behind her. The dress was a dark red, white ribbon wrapped around her thin waist trailing down in the back just like her dress. Her heals clicked on the polished floor as she walked into the room.

    She looked over at the girl with a blank stare. If you looked deep roughing her eyes you could see the hurt in Sarahas stare. You couldn't blame her though, she had lost her mother recently due to a sickness. Leaving her older brother the king. She didn't really like her brother. He was a lot like their father. Who believed Sahara had to be perfect in every way. "This is her?" She asked the butler who nodded.

    Sahara stepped towards the vampire. The whole reason her brother demanded such a thing was to showhewasin power. To prove that he wasn't weak and he owned them in a way. Not physically but mentally. Because the other kingdom crosses the line in any way there will be a war and the vampires are out numbered. Thankfully Sahara asked to have the vampire herself, so she won't be 'used' by her brother.

    Sahara looked her over doing a circle around her. "What is your name?" She asked with a strong getting voice.
  3. The Princess Sahara walked in, blue eyes and lively skin and a long red dress with a white ribbon, and long blonde hair. It was so different from Ameline's own hair, with was blonde but short: in the back of her head, it was no longer than the bottom of her ear lobes, but it grew on either side until it was as long as her chin. It swayed as Ameline adjusted herself to be more centered in the room and to face the princess.

    Sahara approached Ameline in silence, without emotion present on her face. "This is her?" the process asked, and the butler nodded. Yes; this was definitely who Ameline was bound to from now on. She watched the princess with an equally blank face, and made sure her mouth was shut; yes, she'd shut it when the princess walked in.

    The princess approached her, and then circled her. Ameline stayed still, tracing Sahara's movements with her eyes when she could, and looking forward when she could not. "Ameline Sayre, my lady, daughter of the Viscount Sayre," the vampire answered, and looked at Sahara again as she completed her round around Ameline. The vampire did a curt little bow to her new Lady, and then waited for... Whatever it was she would be subject to here, she supposed.
  4. Sahara looked her over again and took the vampired dress between her gentle fingers. Feeling the fabric she dropped it and turned away stepping away from her. "Get her a new dress, I dont like that one." She demanded and the butler bowed his head then rushed off to do as ordered.

    "How old are you Ameline?" Sahara asked ad she sat down on her throne. Her throne sat right beside her brothers, but just slightly smaller. The two thrones were painted with cold and silver designs painted all over, with bright color gems along the top.

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    Ameline tried not to frown as Sahara ordered a new dress be found for her. The dress had been a parting gift from an older sister, but clearly it was too simple for these courts. But she would offer no protest; she would be a good little pet, for the sake of peace between their two nations. It didn't mean that she would have to be happy about it, though.

    "I have seen nineteen years, my lady," Ameline answered. Vampires were often rumored to be immortal, and this was partially true; they matured just as quickly as humans, but hit something of a second puberty in their mid twenties. After that point, vampires aged much more slowly than humans, and were immune to disease. They could be killed through starvation or murder, but illness and age could not take them.
  6. Sahara nodded and smoothed out her dress on her legs as she sat. "You will not be a servent. You are above them." Sahara began to explain. "But if I ask you to do something you do it. Understand?" She looked over the dress and continued without a response. "Green is such an awful color... I advise that you avoid my brother, stay by my side. His patients is very... short with the passing off my parents."

    Sahara sighed and looked away. This wasn't like her. And everyone else knew this. Princess Sahara was usually such a kind and sweet girl. She may have a bit of an angerr issue. But with everything that was going on her emotions were just out of it.

    Sahara shook her head snapping out of it and looked up again,
    "your place is standing beside my throne. And you are always to be presentable."
  7. "Yes, my lady," Ameline murmured, more than once, in reply to Sahara. One, two, three, four times, in fact. Once; she wasn't a servant. Twice; she was to do as told. Thrice; green is awful, and stay away from the king. Then the new queen sighed and looked away. Ameline was at first hesitant to guess what was troubling her, then it clicked- her parents had passed. It must have been recently.

    But before Ameline could express her sorrows, Sahara told her to stay by the throne, and always be presentable. Ameline murmured the phrase a fourth time, and went to the throne. The butler had not yet returned, and Ameline hoped that he did not; perhaps he was new, and would get lost- or perhaps the dress wouldn't fit, and she'd be forced to wear this green one. After all, her chest of things still lay by the door, and the butler had not gone for them. But then the door creaked and opened again, and Ameline feared it might be the butler.

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    Sahara took a deep and slow breath. She looked up to see her brother walk into the throne room with his own gaurds fallowing him around. She stood and bowed her head. But the king over looked the princess and his attention fell on the vampire.

    "So you must be the one they sent. You sure are a beauty for a vampire." The king said. The king stood tall and you could see he has done many years of training in his strong buff arms. His hair was a blond like his sisters, but his eyes were a dark brown. His skin was also a lighter color and he wore dark blue cloths. His smile grew a little the more he looked her over. His attention fell on the princesswho stared at the floor her head bowed. "We are hosting a ball tonight. I expect you both looking your best."

    Sahara nodded, "as you wish, my lord." She said quietly and looked up at Ameline, "Lets go." She said and stepped towards the door.
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    Ameline stood still as she could, and was glad that the butler hadn't arrived with the new dress. A chill went through her as she thought of what might have happened had he done so with the King in the room. But instead, the king just stood tall and Sahara bowed her head to her brother. Ameline followed suit.

    A ball? On her first night? Ameline guessed that the party was not thrown for her, and if it was, then it was only in jest. Had her people received a human, that is what would have happened: a jester's ball to great the poor thing, and only torture it further. Sahara lead them out, and Ameline followed her silently, eager to be away from the king. When they were safely out of the throne room, Ameline began to speak. "That is the king, then?" she asked. It was hardly a question, but more of a confirmation.

    Then the vampire remembered her chest of things. "My lady... My things are still in there, by the front doors. May we send someone in to fetch them?" Most of the things in there had been clothing from her family. Much of it would likely be replaced, but Ameline wished to hold on to anything from home, if she could.

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  10. Sahara glanced back at her, "someone will grab it." She said and continued down the hall towards her room. She ignored the servents that bowed their heads as she walked by. She entered her room and left the door open, "Your room is next door to the left. A dress is in the closet for the ball." She said and laid down on the bed with a soft sigh. She didn't want to go to a ball. She was so mentally tired and worn.
  11. "Yes, my lady," Ameline murmured again. It was a phrase that she was used to hearing, but not to saying. The words still were heavy on her tongue as she said them. Sahara seemed to not want company, so Ameline went to her own room. She had to admit that it was lovely; while not reminiscent of home, Ameline was glad to see that things would at least not be so different for sleeping conditions here.

    As Sahara had promised, there was a dress waiting for her. It had a red skirt and red strings about her torso, with a purple bodice, and golden thread to bind it. There was even a gold chain of a necklace with a deep purple jewel to go with it. Ameline reluctantly had to admit that it was beautiful. She asked a servant for the time of the ball; and then, given the hour, decided that changing would not be so bad an idea. It had been late when Ameline arrived, and she desired to bathe. The changing process took some time, but Ameline was still brought to Sahara with a short amount of time left before the ball. "My lady," she greeted, and bobbed herself in a short curtsy. "I hope this dress is better than the green one."
  12. Sahara looked up at her. She sat at her desk brushing her long smooth hair. Her tired eyes looked into the mirror and looked back at the vampire. "Of course it is, I picked it out." She said coldly. She continued what she was doing and failed to pull her back nicely. She held her breath in frustration and dropped the brush on her desk. She still hasnt gotten dressed for the occasion and her makeup and smeared on her face from crying.

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  13. ((No worries. I understand.))

    Ameline had seen a sister do this often, and so went to Sahara almost by instinct. "It's okay," she said, in a low voice when she was buy the princess. Then she faltered- was this really appropriate? Seeing the girl's face paints running in the looking glass, though, Ameline just took the brush that had been dropped and ran it through the princess' lovely blonde hair. It was easy, as she had already brushed it herself; but Ameline had always found the feel of her hair being brushed to be soothing.

    "My lady, if I am permitted, I should like to braid your hair," Ameline then said, and began to work Sahara's hair. She had a plan to braid it: two thin braids above either ear and a thin braid on the back of the center of the princess' head that would make another braid themselves. Underneath, Ameline would form another, loose, thick braid with the rest of her hair. It was a style that was simple, but still elegant; or at least, it was considered as such in Ameline's country.
  14. Sahara took a deep breath at her soothing touch. "Do as you wish." She whispered staring into the mirror. After calming herself down a bit she offered a smile. "You are such a beautiful creature." She said looking back at her in the mirror. "I hope you can forgive me for the way I have been treating you."

    Sahara took a little white cloth off her desk and used it to carfully wipe off the make up on her face. She carfully grabbed aomee things out of the desk and began to fix up her makeup.
  15. When Sahara offered her the compliment, Ameline smiled, and said, "Thank you. As are you, my lady," and continued to braid. At the princess' next statement, she paused, and looked in the mirror at her. "Of course, my lady. It is evident that things have not been easy for you." Then, as Sahara began to blot at her makeup, Ameline started to hum softly. The tune was a lullaby from home, but something that she still found lovely.
  16. Sahara smiled and listened to the luliby. It was so soft and pretty, and so was her voice. Once it was over she took a deep breath. "I have no excuse for being so rude. I'm sure it's very hard to leave your home and family." She said softly. Her make up was now fixed up and complemented her beautiful eyes. Once her hair was done she stood and went to her large closet. Stepping out of sigh she left the door open and pulled off what she had on. Grabbing one of her dresses she slipped it on and stepped out. "Mind tying the back for me dear?" She said softly.
  17. When they finished, Ameline stepped back. "You have also been going through a difficult time," Ameline said again. After a short pause, she added, "I understand what that is like." That was all she said on the matter of leaving her family. Then the vampire watched as Sahara changed, and her lips curled into a small smile as the princess called her dear. At least, now, perhaps she would feel at least a little more at home in this land of mortals. "My pleasure," she murmured and approached Sahara again. She gently moved the long braid out of the way and tied the back of the dress. "You look wonderful."
  18. Sahara smiled a little and glanced over at the mirror. "The guests will be here soon." She said quietly. The princess took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Lets get this over with." She muttered and went to the door. "Stay close to me." She warned one last time before walking out of the bedroom.
  19. Seeing Sahara smile filled Ameline with relief and some joy. "Of course, my lady," she murmured, falling into step behind the princess. They made their way through the castle until they reached the ballroom, which was just as lavish as the rest of the palace. Ameline had to admit that she was impressed by the decorations, and the colorful gowns of the people that were starting to fill the room.
  20. The two walked into the ball room. There were lots of people from this kingdom and a handful others. Sahara spoke to many people greeting them with a kind smile. She avoided her brother as much as possible for the vampires sake. But the time came when she couldn't keep him away.

    The prince stepped up to Ameline with a smile. He held out his strong hand, "Come dance with me, my pet." He said not giving her a choice. His smile grew seeing Saharas hand tightened into fists. He could see the anger in her eyes and how badly she wanted to snap at him. But of course, she couldn't.
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