Bound in the chains of our masters (1x1 with Teacup)

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  1. Name: Demetrius (Demetri) Morganti
    Age: Looks about 19 or 20
    Gender: Male
    Master or Slave?: "Why, Master of the house of course. Why, do you have a problem with that?"
    Looks: Demetrius (with black hair and red eyes) (only one link)

    Demetrius paced back and forth in front of the window, glancing outside every so often. "This is why I never send a servant to do a master's job." He muttered. His red eyes were practically glowing with his impatience. "They should be here by now! How long have they been gone?! Seems it has been all day. Alyxander knows better than to keep me waiting. How long does it take to get one puny little slave girl and bring her back here?" 'He'd better have found a pretty little darling, or have a really good excuse. Else, he will be in deep trouble.' Demetri was always anxious when new slaves were brought in, and looked forward to their arrival. Finally, after what seemed to be forever of waiting on baited breath, the male saw the carriage approach the mansion. A grin crossed his lips. "At last!" In a second he was at the door of the room, but before leaving he glanced over towards a shadow whom had been waiting, much more patiently than he. "Are you coming, brother? Surely you don't want to miss out again." He didn't wait for an answer though, darting through the hallway and down the large staircase. 'And now the fun begins.'

    Name: Jezabelle (Jez, Belle) Corona
    Age: almost 17
    Gender: Female
    Master or Slave?: "A S-slave... why d-do you ask?"
    Looks: Jezabelle (with blonde hair and blue eyes)(each letter has a different link)

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  2. Kaleb was lounging in a chair, one leg crossed over the other with an open book on his lap. He had tried to finish the current chapter he was on but was finding it terribly hard to focus with his brother complaining loudly. So, he chose to just sit there and watch his brother. It was entertaining to see him pace back and forth and complain until he was blue in the face. Kaleb didn’t get it. What was the rush? They were immortal and would live forever. There was really no need to rush ever again in their lives. Of course, he wouldn’t ever tell his brother that. That would leave him with a bruise and ear fallen off from receiving a long lecture.

    Kaleb was Demetri’s older brother, only a year and a half older. He stood a few inches taller and while their eyes were the same shade of red, Kaleb’s never gave away any signs of emotion while Demetri’s did the opposite. He had long black hair that was always brushed to ensure no hairs were out of place. He had always taken pride in his appearance and made that very known by keeping his hair nice, facial hair completely shaven and clothes always ironed to perfection. He was a simple man who was picky about the things that mattered to him.

    Following his brother, Kaleb looked at the carriage. Two servants crawled out, followed by two new slaves. Both were very beautiful but looked terrified. He couldn’t say he blamed them, but wouldn’t go out of his way to feel sympathetic. It wouldn’t get him anywhere. Letting his brother get first pick, he was left with the blonde girl. He walked up and looked her over from head to toe. “I’m Kaleb. Your name is…?”


    Emilee wanted to run, or scream, or somehow kick one of the men who had taken her. She didn’t do anything like that, though. She remained silent like a good girl. She knew she had to behave or it could affect her family for the worst. Emilee was the only daughter in her small family. She had two brothers and her parents, and that was all. The family farm was going extremely bankrupt and after almost two years of trying to keep afloat they had not a penny to their name. It took about three weeks of discussing, but finally her parents decided their only hope was to sell Emilee. She was sent away to be sold as a slave, and even though it was extremely hard, she knew her parents had had no choice.

    The girl was petite but had some muscle to her, thanks to helping her father on the farm. Her hair reached the middle of her back and was a rich brunette color. Her eyes were almond shaped and light blue. She was a spitting image of her father and thought of him as her world. She would do anything for him; even agree to being a slave for the rest of her life, which was exactly what she was going to be.

    Arriving at her new home, she stared up in amazement. There was probably room for six of her houses in there! Stepping outside, she watched as two men walked up to her and the other female. She felt her hands shaking like a leaf as they looked the girls over. It took all of her being not to run away, but instead she just stared at the ground with pure anger.
  3. Demetrius knew there was really no need to hurry, but he had never been the type to be patient like his older brother. For his, everything needed to be done when he asked it of others and that was that. He was quite the demanding type, unlike Kaleb most of the time, and most servants would say he's definitely the worse of the two; though no one would dare let him hear that, in fear he'd kill them in an instant. Which is completely true. As Demetri pushed the doors to the mansion open, his eyes instantly caught on the two girls whom had been brought. 'My my, what beautiful little darlings they are.'

    It was sunset at that time, so it was safe for the two brothers to go outside. Only in direct sunlight would it do them any harm. Demetri glanced back and forth between the two girls, both avoiding his gaze, as he sauntered in their direction. The blonde girl was cute, but a few scars were visible on her arms; she had obviously been through a lot of masters in the past. He may as well take pity on her, allow Kaleb to have her. Besides, his gaze kept returning to her companion. The brown haired girl was shaking a lot, but not cowering away as the other girl did. There was something about her that just screamed a challenged; though she was shaking, it was not completely from fear. There were no traces of scars or bruises on her skin, though she did look like she had some strength. Obviously not from sitting around and doing nothing.

    Demetrius signaled that he had chosen to Kaleb, then turned his full attention back to the slave girl standing in front of him. "Hello, sweetie." He purred, grinning. His gaze wandered a little, then returned to her face as she kept her head turned away from him. "Tsk, I cannot see your pretty face when you have it turned as it is." Without the force he'd usually use with his servants and slaves, he slid the tips of his fingers under her chin and made her raise her head. "There we go. Now then, what is your name?"


    Jezabelle tried to hide her fright, though it was still very evident. The carriage continued along, soon enough revealing a large mansion a little ways ahead of them. Their destination had been kept from them, but she knew in the end it was always the same. A new master. A new prison. A new life of torment. She had gone through this many times, ever since her first master had died. The girl could only pray that her new master would be at least merciful, if not patient as well. Quick-tempered masters were never enjoyable to have... then again, which ones were? A slave was nothing but a part of their possession; or so she had been told and treated as in the past. Jez glanced to the other female who was seated in the carriage with her, but didn't speak. It was obvious she was equally as scared and unknowing as she was, another slave. Her gaze turned again to the glass of the window as the carriage began to slow to a stop.

    Jezabelle was led out first, then the brunette. There was a moment of silence, nothing happening. But then the large oak doors of the large home opened soon enough. Two males strode towards them, one with more obvious excitement than the other. But by his grin he had no pure intentions. The second male was a few steps behind the other, his expression without much emotion. Which would be better? Not that it was her choice. After Jez glanced to either of them, she glanced away, edgy and frightened. She tried not to shake, but her trembling was obvious. 'Please, might they be merciful and fair. Please don't let them be cruel.' This repeated over and over in her mind, something that distracted her always when she had a new master. It had rarely worked before though, so why should it work now? “I’m Kaleb. Your name is…?” The question snapped her from her thoughts, and she glanced over a little. "J-Jezabelle." She answered hastily, curtsying almost immediately. It had been beaten and burned into her that she was to show every bit of respect for every master she had, and was well-taught in such manners. Jez rose only after a moment, glancing to Kaleb curiously. He didn't seem violent or wishing her ill-will; nor try touching her. However, his eyes and expression showed barely a hint of anything. I was a mask of silence, of someone whom didn't let their thoughts be known.
  4. Emilee heard footsteps and someone talking, but it didn’t actually clue in to her what was happening. She felt like everything was one big daze and maybe she would wake up in her own bed, laughing to herself about how crazy that dream had been. When she felt dangerously cold fingers under her chin and her head getting raised up, it all seemed to hit her at once. She couldn’t pretend that it was a dream anymore. She was now a slave and would spend the rest of her life having to serve someone. She stared up into the man’s eyes, feeling tears well up as she realized what the rest of her life would be like. For a few moments, she was worried that she may actually cry. ‘No, you can’t let that happen.’ Emilee thought to herself and then blinked away the tears. The emotional look was replaced by a stone hard one. Her eyes burned with anger, and she was sure that her new master would be able to tell. She inhaled slowly and took a moment to answer his question. She was afraid if she spoke too quickly she would feel ready to cry once more. Finally, after a few moments of long suspenseful silence, she spoke, “Emilee.” That was all he needed to know for now.


    Glancing over at Demetri and his slave, Kaleb was suddenly glad that he had been given the blonde. The other girl seemed like a little fireball, not even curtsying for her new owner. Kaleb hated having to shape new slaves into proper ones. It was tedious and quite boring. So, he was immensely glad that he got the already-trained one. This fact made his lips turn in the slightest bit of a smile. From the girls arm, it seemed as though she had already had a few owners, which was completely fine with him. “It’s a pleasure, Jezabelle.”

    With that, he took her arm, using enough force to show he meant business but not enough to hurt, and led her inside the mansion. He gave her a very brief tour, showing her where she was allowed and prohibited, and then led her to the slave quarters. “This is where you will stay. I assume you have already had a few owners and know about everything, correct?” He seemed to tower over her, arms crossed and watching her with a hard expression.
  5. Demetrius watched the brown-haired girl closely, seeing that her shaking soon stopped. There was a light in her eyes that was far from fear. For a moment, he thought she may either cry, or try to attack him; he could not tell which it was. But when neither happened, he tilted his head just a little. As much as he liked a bit of a challenge, he disliked it when his slaves and servants disrespected him. However, for the moment he would let the expression and her tone slide. Only this time though. "Well, miss Emilee, I'm sure you will get used to your new home here soon enough." He replied, smiling a bit; though it wasn't exactly a friendly expression. "Now come along, there is work to be done." He quickly caught her wrist, slightly forceful but not enough to harm her; not now anyways. As cold as he could act sometimes, he honestly disliked hurting his servants and slaves when it was not necessary. They were annoying when injured, and very tedious with getting things done. Demetri led her along into the mansion, showing her around a bit, telling her where she could and could not go before bringing her to the slave quarters. Kaleb had already left, and Jezabelle was sitting on the edge of one of the beds, eyes downcast even as she heard voices. "This shall be your bedroom, Emilee. I will call for you when you are needed." He pushed her in and shut the door, locking it from the outside so neither she nor the other girl could escape.

    After leaving, Demetri headed off towards his room. It was getting late, and he had to find something to preoccupy his time before he went down to the slave quarters again. It was tradition for the family to feed from any new slave they had gotten, to prove their control and be proof of their ownership should they ever escape. There were no other vampires for miles and miles around, so if they were caught free any slave would be returned back to the mansion.


    Jezabelle managed a small smile to Kaleb, but it was brief and slightly forced. She winced a little at his touch, at the cold from his skin, but didn't try to pull away or run. Instead, the girl followed obediently, nodding when appropriate and not speaking unless spoken to. Her gaze rarely left the ground. And never met the male's gaze, as it had been deemed improper by her former master... a threat or challenge in fact, which would get her severely punished. As they approached the slave quarters, Jez looked up a bit, seeing that is was at least a little more cozy. Past rooms she'd lived in were tiny, more like prison cells than rooms at all. “This is where you will stay. I assume you have already had a few owners and know about everything, correct?” "Yes, master Kaleb." She answered, nodding a little. "I shall not leave my room unless called for by you. I am not allowed to wander without permission. I am to do all that is asked of me without hesitation." The words slipped from her lips as effortlessly as water, as if it was a speech she had practiced many times over. As she was left in the room, the door shut behind her, she walked over to one of the cots and curled up on it, glancing around. There was only one window and a few lamps and lights. The window was much too high, and small, to be used as an escape; not that she planned to attempt anything of the sort. 'It'll be okay. Kaleb seems a proper man. As long as I do as he asks and mind my manners, I shall be fine under his service.'
  6. Keeping up with her master, Emilee couldn’t help but look at everything with large eyes. Everything in the house seemed so antique and beautiful. Anything that had any sort of value in her old home was sold to try and make a pinch of money. The last time she had seen her house, it was bare with only the necessary furniture. Everything just seemed sad when it was so empty. It was a nice change to see a busy house, with photos along the wall and shelves full of unique items. Maybe she would be assigned to dust, so she could look around and admire the things.

    Emilee didn’t speak as she was put into her room. She saw the other girl and felt better knowing that she wouldn’t be alone in the room. Perhaps they could become friends; it would sure ease the being a slave thing. Waiting until her master left the room, she walked over to the other bed and sat down. It was hard and there was only a thin blanket, which wouldn’t help much in the cold winter months. This bed wasn’t too bad compared to her bed at home, so it wasn’t too bad.

    “I’m Emilee.” There were a few minutes of silence and it made Emilee feel awkward. So, she spoke up and gave a small smile.


    Kaleb had retreated back to his room. He tried to read his book, but his mind kept wandering. This new slave really seemed perfect. She was quiet and listened, unlike most. She was also extremely beautiful. Her eyes reminded him of a beautiful sunny day sky. Smiling to himself, he got lost in his thoughts, imagining everything he could do to the girl. While there may or may not have been a few sexual thoughts, that wasn’t all his mind consisted of. He imagined having an actual life with the gorgeous young woman.

    When his brother entered the room, Kaleb was brought back to reality. The reality where he was a blood sucking vampire and could never fall in love because it would just end in heart break for the both of them. He had tried before and when he never aged, it made living an entire life with someone pretty hard. Sad, but true.

    “I think we should feed.” Kaleb said after a while had passed. He wouldn’t mind some fresh blood in his system, but it was also a good excuse to go and see his slave again. The two brothers got their slaves and took them to a grand room. He looked over Jezabelle slowly. He gave a little explanation about what was about to happen, and then quickly chomped down on her neck. He was filled with pure ecstasy as her blood filled his mouth. He pulled away after a bit and tidied his mouth with his hand.
  7. Jezabelle glanced up when she heard the door open and close, then back down at the ground. Only after she heard the other girl, Emilee, speak did she say anything. "My name is Jezabelle." She answered, looking over at the other girl. "It's nice to meet you, Emilee." She opened her mouth to continue, but then heard footsteps on the stairs. When they were gone without any result to them, her gaze went to the door, then back at Emilee. "It can be quite boring, being alone as a slave. I know, as this is not my first time in this lifestyle." That was she thought of this; merely a lifestyle. Not one she wanted nor one she had chosen, but nothing more. Her masters could think they had her heart, her thoughts, her every wish and whim, her spirit, but they never did. She just acted submissive to avoid being punished. As night approached swiftly, the room grew darker, even with the couple small lights and candles around the room.

    It wasn't long before more footsteps were heard, this time leading up to the door of their room. The lock clicked and the doorway was flooded with light. The two masters stood just outside of the room, looking in at their slave girls for a moment. Jezabelle got up the moment she heard the door open, and followed when she was told to. She glanced to Emilee, who was being slightly less compliant, biting her lip as she worried for her colleague; not many masters like their orders being ignored, even if it is just for a second. Any hesitation in the past would have gotten Jez struck or whipped or yelled at. The girl turned her head, glancing to Kaleb, then at the ground as she continued after him. Once they had gotten to the large room, her gaze wandered in wonder. The things in the room must have been worth a fortune, if not more. Her attention snapped back when she heard Kaleb speak to her, but didn't understand at first. By the time she did, though, it was too late to do or say anything. There was a sharp pain in her neck, which made her cry out in surprise, pain and terror. Her body told her to run, to escape, to fight; but she didn't. Instead, she just stood there, shaking and whimpering and whining, sometimes pulling and struggling a bit, but not too much. 'My master is a vampire... Kaleb is a vampire...'


    Demetrius tried not to be impatient this time, though his mind wandered a bit as he thought of his thirst. He hadn't fed since this morning and, although he'd gone longer without, he couldn't stop wondering what Emilee's blood would taste like. With her passion, her emotion still left, surely it would not be as bitter as the rest of the servants. She may be rough around the edges, but he knew that, with a bit of shaping up, she would be perfect. 'That fire within her is exactly what everyone else is lacking." He thought, his mind wandering a little. 'And her beauty... I have never seen anything of the sort.' These thoughts were highly uncommon for Demetri, who often showed not even the slightest bit of emotion in his thoughts towards and slave. His heart was 'made of stone' as the others would say. Nothing could get past him, nothing could get through to him. Perhaps today he'd found the chink in his armor.

    However, it would complicate things later on; what he was that is. A human and a vampire could mate, have children, all of that... but the human would age, and wither, and die. The vampire, in contrast, would be the same as he was when he had met his love. It was a harsh reality to say the least. Another thing was the fact that he was a vampire in general; some were terrified of his kind. Every one of the servants were used to being around him and his older sibling. Emilee was not. He hoped she would not be frightened, as it would ruin all of the fun. What good was it to have all his disrespect destroyed? As much as he hated the glare she gave him, he would rather her be wild and frisky than plain and boring like everyone else. There was something about Emilee that just stuck on Demetri's mind. She had spirit, that was for sure. She was willing to fight and not obey right away. She had a spunk and resentfulness that he hadn't seen in such a long time; nearly a hundred years. 'I must not fall for this one. Not again.' He thought as he went up to his room, not really paying much attention. His mind was still stuck on every little detail of Emilee's stubborn, unwilling personality. Her wildness was a refreshing thing after being surrounded with servants and slaves who never moved out of line because they knew how both he and Kaleb would react. 'No doubt her blood shall be as sweet and exciting as she is. Unlike the rest of the dull-blooded servants around here. The females always have the better blood.'

    Not long after he had gotten to his room, he heard Kaleb's suggestion about them going to feed. Demetrius followed eagerly of course, having been waiting for the moment of truth. However, he didn't want to seem still impatient, and had waited until his calm and composed older brother had made the suggestion. They continued to the slave quarters where his brother called over his slave girl easily and soon enough left. Emilee, of course, was hesitant to answer to him. When she did though, he caught her by the wrist and pulled her along behind him up the staircase and into the large room when Kaleb already was. His red eyes went several times to her throat, his fangs becoming sharper from the expectation of her blood. Lucky for him, she seemed distracted by the boundless amounts of decor that was within the room. His explanation to her was brief, as he was always the hasty type, and he bit in before she could try to struggle away; as he knew she would. Many tried to fight, or they cried, some merely whimpered; like his brother's mannerly little dear, as he noticed. The taste of her blood well exceeded his expectations, and he bit in a bit deeper, enjoying the taste thoroughly.