Bound in the chains of our Masters (1x1 with amarth_bone)

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  1. Name: Jezabelle Corona
    Age: almost 17
    Looks: Jezabelle (with blonde hair and blue eyes)(each letter has a different link)

    The carriage continued along a long winding forest trail; which of the two scared Jezabelle most, she did not know. Her sapphire gaze was fixed only on the glass, zoned out as she imagined what her new life may be life. Would he be gentle or kind? Would he be cruel.... would it even be a female this time? She tried to hide her fright, though it was still very evident. This waiting game was never fun for her, or anyone really. Their destination had been kept from her, but she knew in the end it was always the same. A new master. A new prison. A new life of torment. She had gone through this many times, ever since her first master had died. The girl could only pray that her new master would be at least merciful, if not patient as well. Quick-tempered masters were never enjoyable to have... then again, which ones were? A slave was nothing but a part of their possession; or so she had been told and treated as in the past. Again, the carriage jolted, striking a rock and tossing her messy, snarled blonde hair into her face. She didn't make the effort to brush it aside. 'How much longer?'