Bound In Lies

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  1. It was cold in this small room of her's. Couldn't 'they' understand that? From this past week, 'they' had been raising the temperature in this room of her's all the time. She didn't know if it was actually a week or not, it felt like months, she couldn't tell the time anymore, there wasn't a clock, nor would they even tell her. Her tail moved rapidly from behind her, she wasn't happy, far from it, she just didn't want her tail to freeze, so she had to have it constantly moving. If she were a regular person, she would have died long ago, but she wasn't going to give up that easily, if they wanted a reaction from her, they were gonna have to force it out of her. She curled up in the corner of the room and looked up at the camera that was keeping tabs on her 24/7, she smiled politely at it before she pulled her head back down, gritting her teeth in annoyance. She reached a hand up to her head and felt her cat ears, they were the only part of her body that seemed to keep its warmth and she was slightly relieved at that fact.
  2. A loud crash banged though the white halls of the ship, he would not have it, the damned bastards thinking that they could keep him locked up just because of what he could do. He focused his strength on the wall, but he knew it would be useless, these walls were built to withstand an encounter even with the sun itself. it was useless, and he hated himself because of it, he could not do anything to escape, nothing could be done to retort against the people who had captured him, he had been a fool lifting that damn apple in the air for all to see, it wasn't his fault he did not know he had this power, how was he supposed to hid it, it was not his fault "ITS NOT MY FAULT!!" he yelled, his voice was hoarse from overuse. He had been up and walking and yelling the minute he had gotten here, and he would not stop until he had someone to talk to, to look face to face and tell then what they were doing wrong. He was not expecting a jolt of electricity to run through his body though, and as it did he felt his body lock up and fall to the floor, maybe they finally had enough of his yelling, but this was not quite the answer he was looking for, for as he fell to the floor a group of men in black and white rushed in putting something over his head and lifting him up and out of his room, he felt them usher silent words, secrets that were not to be heard by his ears, he tried to listen but each time he started to form words from there blabbering a loud ringing would go of in his left ear, keeping him from concentrating to hard. They had prepared for him, as if they had expected someone like him to pop up and mess things up, what did not make sense was why it had to be him with these damned abilities, why was he the only one that was currently here. He knew this was incorrect thinking, there may be other people like him here, he just no contact with them yet.

    Soon after the group of had so rudely picked him up and taken him to a solitary area the thing over his head was removed and he was greeted with what seemed to be a mess hall? odd where they planning on feeding him out here or just torment him with the idea of food, it pissed him off just thinking about it, he turned his head side to side and looked for clues of life, but no one was there... at least in front of him, for he could hear breathing behind him, it was silent thought as if they were trying to evade acknowledgement. They were to loud though and he tried to turning to look at them, but his body shook with intense pain and he went rigid, guess that's not allowed either " so now I cant even look around" his voice was weak now as he spoke to his tormentors " guess I wont even be able to breath next" he let out a chuckle, at least he was able to give them a tongue lashing, but he was wrong about that to. as he was kicked down to his knees and bent forward, no words were uttered to him though, they new if he knew there voice they would feel pain, all was silent... and it drove him crazy.

    The fact was Solaris had no clue of the potential of his abilities, he just knew that they were very dangerous and were going to b used by this government facility unless he tried doing something about it. his thoughts muddled as a person was brought before him, he looked human and was roughly about the same age as he, the only difference was that he had a horn on his head. it perplexed him at first, but a smile was brought to his face, there were actually other just like him, the other man though was not smiling, actually he was cowering in fear. In fear of him, why was this man so afraid? the answer came to him in dialogue on the floor telling him what to do 'look into this mans eyes and think of control ' why did they want that, not like anything would happen. Fearing another jolt he looked into the mans eyes, which was currently fully open and bloodshot. He focused hard and just thought of the word control, and something instantly happened, the man's eyes dazed over and his body slumped, and he spoke " what do you need of me master" .......... what the fuck just happened, he felt fear grip him as he realized what he had just done, what they were making him do.

    After hours of this three was not one who had not fallen to solaris's will, everyone that looked into his were under control, but once they were a certain distance away they lost trust in him and became themselves again, they did not tell him this he just felt as if this were true. and he felt as if they were just touching the tip of the iceberg, they were going to try stuff with him that no on had ever tried in history, things that were currently fiction and thought insane were becoming reality, this was his worst nightmare coming true.
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  3. After about half an hour, the room's temperature started to go up. "Oh good... Now it won't be cold anymore..." The girl mumbled as she was curled up into a tight ball, reserving the amount of body heat she had left. She felt really tired after about fifteen minutes and couldn't help but close her eyes, if only for a few minutes, she stretched out her limbs as the room came to a comfortable temperature for her, but if they were raising the heat, that would mean that they would raise it to the maximum temperature of an oven, or even worse, and all they wanted was a reaction from her. If they were a tad bit nicer then she probably would have showcased her abilities, but since that wasn't gonna happen, she kept her powers dormant and her alternate personality from taking control of her body and causing destruction. She stood up and walked around the small room before coming to her senses, she couldn't see the door...

    'Those damned scientists!'

    She quietly cursed to herself and tried to think of an escape plan, but nothing came to mind, she sighed before wiping her forehead, the heat in the room was starting to get unbearable, if this kept up...

    "You can lock me up all you want...! You won't get ANYTHING from me!" As soon as she said those words, a mechanical sound boomed throughout the walls, large holes opened in the walls revealing large guns that were directed squarely at her, her eyes widened as she scanned each and everyone of them, before she could scream 'wait', the guns started shooting at her like no tomorrow, white smoke encasing the whole room. After a while, the smoke cleared, but left the girl unharmed as a pink force field was up around her, her back turned away from the camera clutching her chest, where a pink light emanated.
  4. After the hours pasted he was brought along walking so everyone could see him, he was on display and he hated it. everyone would know what he is, what he could do, the fact was no one knew of his existence on this ship before today, and he felt as if he was being stripped of his sanity, of course he was only being stared at but it felt much more then that, as if everyone was hating him with there eyes, he looked on at the floor letting his thoughts ponder on the fact that he would never escape this place, but something caught his eye, a glint. With quick movement sol dodged a hyper blade, which then cut of a strand of his hair, he turned to see a man in nice suite, he was in one of the holding cells, and he was smiling. He turned to the soldiers and wondered why they had done nothing, but they stared blankly forward pushing him along, why hadn't they noticed that, it had endangered his life, did they not care for his life. This enraged him... but then he tried to think clearly, maybe they had not noticed, was hiding your abilities possible, but if that were true then that man would not be in this place, maybe he made a mistake, Solaris tried to get this off his mind but he couldn't, it just kept nagging at him, as if the man was trying to tell him something, the man clearly had smiled at him, he would not have done that if he had missed, so maybe he missed on purpose

    Calming down the last hall, the soldiers started to tense as they started forward and drew closer to the first door, what they were afraid of, have they not full control of this facility, and as they came upon the first door, he realized why they were scared, a bright pink light surrounding a young girl lay inside the cell, it shocked him a bit to see that she was able to use such a power, force fields were quite rare and he felt as if this girl could do just as much damage as he, he tried to get through to her, pushing the soldiers aside and stepping towards the door, he tapped twice on the door and smiled before being thrown to the ground "just wanted to say hi" sol said spitting blood and chuckling, these guys were to damn strict. one of the soldiers kicked him in the gut, he took it not saying anything more, resistance was futile, all it got you was pain.
  5. Cecille looked to the side as she heard a tapping at her door, she the turned around to come face to face with the guns and wondered why they stopped, when she realized there was some kind of...barrier in front of her, stopping the bullets from trying to penetrate her as they floated in mid-air. Outside of her cell, she could hear the sounds as if someone was getting kicked, she knew what they were doing right away and frowned. Everyone here in this facility didn't deserve this kind of abuse...the sole thought had gotten her angry, and her chest had started to glow two times, and a voice inside her head screamed out.

    'Quintessence! Quintessence! Say it!'

    "Quin...tessence...?" Cecille repeated as her predicament took a turn for the worst, or the better, the bullets that were suspended in mid-air were flying out everywhere, blasting holes through the walls and the door of her cell.
  6. the Soldiers holding that were holding him fell down one by one, holes in there chests and faces, had she done that... with regular bullets, he was astonished that such a small girl could use so much force, he jumped up and looked through the cell, he was impressed and he didn't get impressed a lot. stepping forward he touched the door, and it fell open. Pretty easy he thought, they must have thought this girl not as strong as he, because the security her did not seem that tight, he let out a long sigh and then looked at the girl. She looked like she was perfectly fine which is what he needed right now, if they were even to try to escape they would need to be together, the thought of ganging up with someone to get out of this hell hole made him feel as if he were flying, wait. He was slightly floating of the ground, mind racing and belly full of butterfly Solaris let out a small chuckle, he let himself down and walked towards the girl, he felt confident in himself, he felt as if he knew this girl. But his mind was racing, was she stronger then him, no he could sense another energy field, but it was not coming from her, it was coming from something on her. What was it she had that could cause her to use such immense power, a family pendant. Or a royal treasure, whatever it was, it belonged to her. He did not need it he needed her, anyways if he were to take the pendant he was sure he would be affected by it, for it seemed she was being affected by it currently, maybe it changed the way you acted, or talked. He wanted to know, so many things were popping up into his head unanswered, and if he did not get them answered he believed himself to blow.
    "Hi!! my names solaris...... you can just call me sol if you want, that was some fancy...magic im guessing?" he tried to make his voice smooth, but it came out deep and stern, almost as if he was taking to a child, but he did not want to be seen in this way, so he lightened the mood with a smile and a step back, he was trying to make it seem as if he was no threat, if he pissed this girl of he was afraid of what might happen. " I hope you know that if we don't start moving we will caught once again and not be able to escape like ever." he tried to make sure she knew how urgent this matter was, he hoped she would understand what he was about to do, she was being unresponsive, so he had to do something, it was drastic, but it had to be done. Stepping forward he took her in his arms, and lifted her up at least she was not that heavy, and he kind of liked acting like a hero saving a damsel. With her in his arms he walked out into the hall, taking a look left and then right he noticed that the alarms had gone of, shit, he would have to be quick, lifting himself and her into the air, he started of down the darker part of the hall, it seemed to fit there needs, but as he came to the end of the hall he noticed something, there were shadows on the other side of the hall, they were already coming. Bracing himself for a fight he flew them backwards and focused on one point, and as the first soldier walked out into the hall, he let the energy release, and a immense orange light flashed from in front of him and hit the soldier straight in the chest sending him backwards and exploding against the wall, this place had made him a murderer and he would never able to go back.

    Turning he ran of the other way, already hearing the bullets shoot past them, one whizzed past his ear and caught into his chin, the pain burned into his core, they had a poison in them, but they weren't real bullets, they were darts, and they were made to knock them out, he feared his and her safety. He barely knew the girl in his arms, but somehow he felt as if he was connected to her, he felt himself starting to go faster, speed increasing towards the end of the hall he noticed that there were soldiers there to, what would he do, he needed help " hey you, would you mind and pop up that shield now, we kind of ummm need it" his voice was quick yet softy, and it calmed himself down, odd that never happened before. he was going to fast and before he knew it he had run into the soldiers and was already into the main hall, that led of into other sections in the space ship.... wait they were in a space ship, how would they escape, all that was out there was empty space, that would surely kill them, but could her sheila, her magic help them along, could she save them, the idea of this came slight, and small. But it was a piece of hope he wanted to keep, he did not want to think on the bad part of things anymore, he wanted to think positive and happy, he hated it when he was dark and gloomy, it made him angry to think the ones who caused this were the owners of this space ship. " does that shield of yours have the ability to hold air... oxygen, because if it does then we have a way to escape, and we will be free" as he said this he started to think of all the other people on this space ship some of them were like him and her, what would they do. Stay her for the rest of there life, this made him stop in his tracks, he did not want to leave them with nothing, he wanted to save them all. this was selfless thinking, but he wanted to be the hero. it was not that he was thinking he could do it all by himself, he would need help, he would need someone like the girl in his arms, maybe another person would have to come into play, someone much stronger then he, but was there such a person, was there such a being that could possibly be stronger then both he and her. These thoughts were interrupted by pain in sol's side, he looked down to see another dart penetrating his flesh, "damn you. how dare you" and with just a glance the man that shot him was just a pile of blood and flesh, he was getting out of control, but that was because of her, the energy on her was already starting to affect him.

    Turning all around he wanted a way out, and he wanted a way to free everyone in this ship. but he had no way to do this, he had no way to do the impossible, but he reminded himself. In the past his ancestors, every ones ancestors had turned fiction into reality, why not do it again, why not prove the impossible possible , he would try it, but it would be hard. Looking at the girl sol spoke " im sorry, but we cant escape yet, but before we get locked up again, lets have a bit of fun... k" he gave a big grin and then set her down,, and walked towards the soldiers that had just stepped all around them, it was a bad day for them to go to work. With a snap of his fingers the artificial gravity that was keeping there feet on the floor turned off, only in a certain radius though, and it would only last a couple of minutes, the first two soldiers to shoot at them found that there bullets had turned and hit themselves, the poison running through there veins they instantly fell into a deep slumber, this made the three other soldiers step back a bit, they had underestimated him, and her. They would not go down without a fight.
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  7. As soon as her force field had vanished. Cecille had collapsed from exhaustion. Not long after, she felt as if someone had picked her up and started running with her in their arms.

    "Huh...?" She mumbled slightly, all the energy from her necklace that has just released, was starting to drain her energy, she could barely keep her eyes open much less talk.

    "I hope you know that if we don't start moving, we will caught once again and not be able to escape like ever."

    What was the voice? Not nobody as had recognized, but the voice talked about escape. Escape? Escape was a foreign word here, it was almost impossible, considering that they were out of no where in outer space. How were they supposed to do that when, they only had oxygen here, and not there?

    'That's what you think'

    There's that voice again, telling her what she was thinking was wrong, she had heard the voice a few times in her life before, but right now, it didn't want to stop talking as it seemed.

    "Hey you, would you mind and pop up that shield now, we kind of ummm need it."

    She had a name you know. And what were they talking about? As far as she knew, they weren't in any immediate danger. Or so she thought... Sounds of what seemed to be like shooting was heard at her, and she winced at the sounds. Were the guards possibly shooting at her and this voice she heard? She didn't want to know as she kept her eyes shut. A slight pain went through her shoulder as one of the darts had grazed her, even so, it still hurt like hell.

    After a while, she felt as the pair of arms laid her down on the floor, she didn't understand... She slowly opened her eyes as she saw what was happening in front of her, it appeared to be some kind of battle...

    "W-What's going on?" Cecille asked as she looked down at her chest, the necklace she was wearing seemed to be glowing brighter than before, brighter than its ever been in fact. "...what...the heck?" After a moment, strings of electricity started to cackle on her necklace before the electrify intensified, directing it towards the soldiers that put their lives in danger.
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