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  1. "Ragir's denizens live as if they were divided. It's laughable, really. They are all headed for the same fate, riding on the same caravan, and bound by the same strings-- my strings."


    Plot (open)

    Ragir was once a large nation that is now divided into five factions. This division occurred during a bloody civil war that tore the very foundation of the once proud king of Ragir, King Dharkai. The story isn't the typical 'tyrannical king' cliche. No. In fact, Dharkai was a well-loved ruler who made Ragir quite an impressive empire that was known all over the world as a force to be reckoned with. What wrecked a titan was just a small misunderstanding.

    Upon settling accounts with his officers, Dharkai noticed that the Nend sector's taxes weren't amounting properly. They were missing 20 weaves of barley. A meager amount, yes? No. Not for Dharkai. The king was a man of utter discipline and surety, and as such, he wouldn't allow this kind of mistake to pass. If he did, others would think that they could do so as well, and that's where corruption would begin-- cut the weeds before they choke the plant. Thus, Dharkai had Qhor, the duke of Nend, to be arrested and was suppose to sentence him to execution. However, Qhor begged for his life in exchange that he would name the other corrupted officers.

    Dharkai saw this as an opportunity to rid his empire of such ingrates. He allowed Qhor to name these officers. The other officers were Antalim, duke of Skelocia, Uhoz, duke of Mamuph, Na'ab, duke of Eraz'e, and Ishath, duke of Issnaleth. The five of them were arrested for fraud and deception, but Dharkai removed the death sentence from the each of them, and instead, lowered the penalty to life imprisonment.

    For Dharkai, justice has been served, and so, he left for a Conclave of Kings in another nation-- confident that all would be well. However, back at Ragir, there seemed to be a mistake. The Steward proclaimed that, according to Dharkai, the officers would be executed. Things turned sour pretty quickly. Supporters of each officer now claimed that the convicts were merely framed and falsely accused-- this now turned one supporter of an officer against another group of supporters. Of course, where there is hatred, there is war. Where there is war, there is blood.

    A massive war erupted within the nation as one faction allied itself with another. The alliances were as follows: Qhor-Antalim, Uhoz-Na'ab, and the Ishath group stood alone. The immense clash lasted for a staggering 20 years. King Dharkai hadn't returned to the nation ever since; no one has ever heard from him.

    After 20 years, a truce was settled on all sides. Too much blood has been spilled already that the rivers were running red. For a momentary time, every faction separated and tended to their own survival. Hence, the five factions were created. Each was named after the deity that was believed to exist on those lands. This fragile yet precious moment of peace lasted for 40 years. But then again, it was not to last.

    During those 40 years, the five factions had already agreed to a conclave that would happen every decade on the only neutral area in Ragir: the Drabanom islands. In this conclave, the leaders would discuss important matters such as status of their faction, news, reports of Dharkai, and a very important topic that they always avoid, the chance for unity once more.

    During the Third Conclave, the leaders assembled swiftly in the Halls of Drakas, the god of justice. Then, what happened next was passed on differently from one faction to the other. According to some, the leader of the Zhat faction suddenly killed the leader of the Uskiel'i. Then again, some say that this was the sorcery of the leader of the Aschecia leader, hence, the Zhat leader dropped dead almost immediately after murdering the Uskiel'i leader. Some also tell that this was all the plan between the Toquayth and the Evoredra to manipulate the Aschecia, and in the end, the leaders from the two factions betrayed one another. There is no clear story, and the truth is yet to be known. The story might be vague, but the consequences were as clear as day-- there would be war once more should this issue not be resolved.

    The current leaders saw that another war would annihilate all of them, and so, they mustered all their discipline to call another conclave. Here, the truth would be found. The leaders have hired a famed Truth-Teller from the distant nation of Akalagoli to examine the evidences.

    This is where YOU come in. The conclave will begin 5 days from now. The leaders are now preparing for it-- mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, physically. They have their witnesses and evidences to take to Drabanom to find out the truth. But then again, things might turn dark as it always have happened. Something... or someone might have different plans.

    Hence, you could be one of the leaders of the five factions. Perhaps the retainers of the leaders or some servants. Truth be told... a simple "misunderstanding" shattered Ragir. One more "misunderstanding" and the five factions might be reduced to nothing more than just mere myths of a once proud nation that once stood beneath the rising sun.

    The Factions
    The Royal Communion of Zhat
    A proud faction that is known as the largest of them all. Zhatians are fearsome combatants who are exceptional in traditional militaristic arts such as cavalry and the like. They are the most skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. The farms and forests of Zhat make up their bounty which the people enjoy greatly.
    Capital: Palt
    Cities: Lylnt, Fehr, Ryndtor, & Nend
    Main Trade: Crops and Lumber

    Leader: (To be filled)

    Cult of Aschecia
    A once merry town has now turned secretive and sour towards outsiders. Little is known about the current Aschecia, but many agree that they have the deadliest and foulest of arcane and spells. Physical strength is not really a thing in Aschecia, but the tales of shattering magic is enough to make others think twice about attacking them.
    Capital: Skelocia
    Cities: Skelocia
    Main Trade: Spellbooks, Charms, and Runes

    Leader: (To be filled)

    Uskiel'ian Guild
    The Uskiel'ians are famed as the most intelligent and innovative out of all the factions. Their staggering inventions such as flyers/gliders make them one of the leading powerhouses. They aren't the most versed in martial arts, but their minds prove to be a greater threat than one would think. As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.
    Capital: It'bani
    Cities: Eraz'e & Eld'ther
    Main Trade: Varied Inventions

    Leader: (To be filled)

    Evoredra's Defiant Seekers
    Brave and trained with harsh conditions, Evoredrans are the most enduring and persevering people found in Ragir. The biting winter and the scorching heat are nothing more than just mere rain and shine to these individuals. They are known as fantastic tailors and apothecaries which explains their capability to survive in harsh environments. Truthfully, Evoredrans don't even need to fight in wars-- their terrains do it for them
    Capital: Mamuph
    Cities: Zijaiv
    Main Trade: Garments and Medicines

    Leader: (To be filled)

    Children of Toquayth
    Boastful of Toquayh's blood, the dragon god, that is said to run through their veins, the denizens of this faction are warmongers who use brute strength and disgusting bloodlust in combat. They are excellent weapon-smiths and sell their equipment at the premium of prices. It's not an empty threat though, because simple swords forged in Toquayh are rumored to be able to cut through trees in a single slice.
    Capital: Eurith
    Cities: Issnaleth, Upoth & Ifoth
    Main Trade: Weaponry

    Leader: (To be filled)

    Magical Abilities
    Since they're all humans, the people of Ragir possess limited magical capabilities. There is an exception with the Cult of Aschecia, whose denizens have dabbled in deep magical arts. Hence, most mages coming from the four factions must use a conduit to tap into magical energy or the Aether which is found all around. Conduits can be found in the form of Ether-Words, Staves, Wands, Runes, and the like. However, some may not require such conduits and can be considered as a gifted individual. Most aschecians can easily use magic without conduits, but they are taxed more heavily when using these spells without said conduits.

    A unique trait is passed down within the Toquayth royal bloodline where some of its members have the ability to metamorphose into a dragon-- most partially. Hence, this is where the so called "blood of the dragon" myth came from. Only one was able to fully shift into a dragon and that was the ancient leader Dharkai. Most Toquayth denizens can only partially shift, and that can tax them heavily in terms of lifespan if used too much.


    1. Most of Ragir's denizens are humans, and other races are extremely rare to find in Ragir. An example would be the truth-teller from Akalagoli. In other words, other races are found in other nations. As much as possible, I would like this RP to be similar to a sandbox, and as such, you can invent races or nations as long as you discuss it in your CS in the "Others" section.
    2. As much as possible, I want this RP to at least stimulate your noggins', so expect horrid events to happen if some characters fail to make the correct decisions. As that weird french teacher in Mr. Bean said: "Details, details!"
    3. I would like your posts to be able to move the plot-- not simply just hold the plot in a single location. You want a faction to wage war against another faction? Build your ICs around that idea, and it might happen!
    4. As a GM, I might become busy from time to time (because college :c), and if ever I do not resurface for an extended amount of time, feel free to move the plot as desired. I will take the responsibility of backtracking every post.
    5. I might also enlist some Co-GMs to help me facilitate.
    6. Most importantly, have fun and be cool! Don't forget to keep everything balanced, aright?

    Character Skeleton:
    Appearance (Picture or Description):
    Magical Abilities:
    Personality and Quirks (Optional):
    Short Biography:

    Accepted Characters:
    (None yet. Will separate each into factions)

  2. Greetings! I fell in love, in this thread! I was wondering if I could start with the creation of a character - two or if it's still not open ? :genie:
  3. Sure :) be my guest. Looking forward to it.
  4. Lore Snippet #1: The First Five

    The First Five (open)

    Lahkn Rhyln, Iron Hand of the Zhat
    Lahkn Rhyln.PNG

    Lahkn was a vassal of Duke Qhor of Nendar. When his lord was arrested, and thoroughly executed, Lahkn took it upon himself to lead the scattered Qhor Supporters. Lahkn knew that in these perilous times, softness and gentleness would only breed weakness and cowardice. Hence, the man employed harsh and grueling disciplinary systems to all Zhatians. No amount of insubordination and disobedience was tolerated, and anyone who did so were extremely punished. As such, the early Zhatians were uptight, disciplined, formed, and most importantly, loyal-- blindly loyal. Under Lakhn's discipline and militaristic charisma, the zhatian warriors fought like a hurricane and were feared throughout the civil war.

    Some of the feats of strength that the zhatians possessed before was during the battle of Fehr where they were attacked from both land and air by the Uskiel'ians. Instead of panicking like what they did before Lahkn came to power, the soldiers stood their ground and used their vanguards to defend their archers from the land attack. The archers, on the other hand, stood their ranks and riddled the skies with arrows, toppling the air crusaders. This was the first time that the zhatians were able to defeat uskiel'ians in a battle of land and air.

    After the 20 year war, Lahkn signed the truce at Drabanom, and he went back to develop Zhat to its golden age during those 40 years of peace. During this time, Lahkn developed the new battle strategies, systems, laws, and edicts that are now strictly followed by the zhatians such as the curfew when the last ray of the sun would dance upon the sky, and even the mandatory military service of everyone-- females included. Lahkn also signed the Conclave, and was an active participant. The man was secretly supporting the idea of a united Ragir, and he was only waiting for the proper opportunity to bring it up in the conclave.

    During the Third Conclave, for reasons unknown, Lahkn suddenly approached Ya'eywa, the leader of the Uskiel'i, and ran his sword, Thoth, through her spine. After a brief moment, Lahkn convulsed and toppled, dead before he even hit the floor. Up to this day, historians of Zhat are still trying to uncover the reason behind this-- unwilling to accept the rumor that Lahkn was being manipulated by the Aschecians' sorcery.

    Nyndath Phenth, the Dragonsworn
    Nyndath Phenth.PNG

    During the early breakouts of the civil war, the toquayths weren't the most united of people. All of them were too proud of their draconic heritage, and as such, they all thought that they could fend for themselves. As such, it didn't take a lot for the Evoredrans and the Uskiel'ians to conquer their two cities of Upouth and Ifoth. Their enemies drew nearer to their capital of Eurith. The divided toquayths prepared to defend their homes without much preparation. The alliance arrived at their shores and began to decimate them mercilessly from both land and air. The defenders were strong, yes, but without unity, they were merely getting in each other's way. It was in this moment that a certain toquayth named as Nyndath rallied the remaining defenders, and led a charge against the invaders. With the dracons united, although inferior in numbers, the invaders didn't stand a chance as dragonfire razed their supplies and burned their gliders out of the skies.

    The alliance was forced to retreat from Eurith and recuperate back at Upouth and Ifoth. Nyndath saw this as an opportunity to drive their foes away from their territory. As such, she once again led the desperate toquayth, making them realize that only united will they stand. In a span of 2 years, Upouth and Ifoth were once again reclaimed by the toquayth forces. Nyndath was unanimously elected as their leader, and her first step to controlling her people was to downgrade their pride and arrogance regarding their origins. She made them realize that while, yes, they're strong and powerful, all of those abilities are for naught if they don't work together. Here, Nyndath started to rebuild her faction, and when the time came, she also signed the truce and the conclave.

    During the third conclave, Nyndath was one of the participants. She also witnessed the murder of Ya'eywa at the hands of Lahkn. However, for some reason, her tongue, as of the moment, refuses to utter anything. Therefore, she was replaced by a new leader to lead the toquayth faction.

    Taurecia Lakesis, the Ascendant Mage

    Taurecia Lakesis.PNG
    The Aschecians were known as the underhanded faction when the civil war began. They were notorious for voodoo magic, curses, and spells that could be considered as gruesome to the other four factions. However, the aschecians didn't flinch nor did they care even if they were labeled this way. After all, they'd be the ones to live through their magics, and those who spat the insults would be the ones to die. This mindset was inducted to them by Taurecia, an old mage who is said to be as old as Dharkai-- some say Taurecia was once Dharkai's childhood friend. Nonetheless, Taurecia's wisdom outranks probably every living person in his time.

    During the civil war, Taurecia led his faction in creating fatal spells that even their ally, the Zhatians, came to fear. The zhatians' fear was so great that it led them to betray Taurecia and his battalion during the battle at Zijaiv-- this was in the latter stages of the war. According to some sources, Taurecia was preparing one of his spells along with his magicians in the heat of battle. The zhatians' task was to hold the Evoredrans off until the spell was complete. Out of fear, the zhatians, upon seeing the incoming horde of evoredrans, retreated and left Taurecia and his men to their doom. The evoredrans caught up to Taurecia as every aschecian was put to the blade.

    After this occurrence, the aschecians severed all ties with the zhatians until the war ended. The leader that replaced Taurecia was left unknown, and even so, that unknown leader was the one who signed the truce and the conclave.

    During the Third Conclave, not one of the aschecians were present to represent their faction. Due to this, many suspect the aschecian faction to be the one behind the murder of Ya'eywa.

    Wasol Ataran, the Mountain Lord
    Wasol Ataran.PNG

    The only criteria to be a leader in the Evoredran faction was simple: climb to the peak of Venelis, the highest mountain in Ragir, and obtain the flag of the current leader, and then, place your own on the peak. Wasol was famous for being able to do so at the tender age of 16, and so, he became the youngest leader in the history of the 20 years war.

    Wasol led the evoredrans into a fueled war against Zhat in Lylnt and even Palt. Wasol's fighting prowess was extremely fierce, and he became known, for a time, as the most powerful fighter in all the land. However, Wasol's fame and strength couldn't last because at the battle of Fehr, he met his match: Lahkn. Lakhn wasn't powerful, but he was cunning and crafty. Wasol wasn't the brightest, and so, he and his men fell to Lahkn's trap-- a hail of arrows descended upon them as Wasol was struck by arrows in his knee and arms.

    Wasol was defeated that day, and he carries the same shame until now. When the battle ended, Wasol signed the truce and the conclave, and he went back to develop something more than just fighting prowess in the Evoredran ranks-- tailoring and apothecary. Now paralyzed from waist to foot, Wasol realized that violence will only lead to loss-- terrible loss. Soon, Evoredran was becoming more and more successful when it comes to their health because of Wasol's contribution. It seemed that even though Wasol lost his legs that day, he gained something more precious: a purpose.

    During the third conclave, Wasol participated in it. However, he was shocked greatly as Lahkn murdered Ya'eywa, and soon after, he hurried back to Evoredra to prepare for war... However, Wasol relented and opted for another person to take his place... after all... he was already too old for this.

    Ya'eywa, the Mind of Renaissance

    Ya'eywa was a child prodigy of the Uskiel'ians. Her mind surpassed those 10 years over her age-- her insight was deep, thoughtful, and intellectual. It was quite obvious that she would be the one to succeed the leadership of the Uskiel'ians, and she did. During the 20 years war, Ya'eywa spearheaded the invention and production of the gliders that were to be used to combat the zhatians' prowess with land combat. The inventions were a success because, mainly, the zhatians weren't trained with archery. Time and time again, Ya'eywa defended her lands from zhatian invasions, and when the time came, she attacked Fehr. However, due to Lahkn's leadership, they were defeated. As such, Ya'eywa went back to Uskiel'i.

    After the war, Ya'eywa signed the truce and the conclave, and focused more on rebuilding the fallen inventions that had befell during the war. The Uskiel'i prospered during these times, and they were able to make some profit out of selling some of their inventions. As the years dawned by, the third conclave was held. Before going, Ya'eywa felt that something bad was going to happen-- something always went wrong whenever a major event would be held. The grave feeling in her chest was stifling to the point that she was about to decline going, however, due to sheer will, Ya'eywa went to the conclave. She should have just stayed.

    At the Drakas, Ya'eywa arrived the last-- noticing that no one from Aschecia came. She reluctantly sat at her chair when suddenly, Lahkn swiftly approached her and jabbed his blade into her system. Ya'eywa died on the spot, and panic ensued. Her corpse was taken back home, and a great funeral took place. War was at hand, however, everyone knew that they had already lost so much that they agreed for another conclave to take place in order to save the lives of a thousand families.

    Lives were at stake-- who could be behind this madness?
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