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  1. The elven Kingdom of Chalicia lay nestled in the valley of mountain ranges, a wide sweeping plain before it, secure rock at its back and a lush forest at its borders to provide anything and everything its people might need. The towers of its palace glimmered in the sun, standing tall and proud in the wind. Its walls were sturdy, strong and had stood for hundreds of years without falling, through good times and bad. Its people were protected, ruled by a wise King and Queen and its army kept them all safe even in the midst of the war raging around them, peace a distant word.

    Among such guardians to the Kingdom were the Knights of the Sun. Specially trained from young ages, hand-selected by the greatest Knights who'd once fought in the Great Wars, they were the most skilled in their trade. They were personal protectors of the Royal Family and among their ranks was where Anrar had made his home.

    He didn't remember any previous one. He'd come to Chalicia as a young boy, just entering his teen years with no memory of where he'd come from, who his parents were or even how he'd gotten there. All he knew was his name - or what he assumed was his name - and it hadn't taken long before he'd drawn attention to himself for Anrar hated bullies and he wasn't exactly quiet about dealing with them. It had gained him attention from an older Knight passing by and before he'd known it, he'd been enlisted as a squire.

    The Knights had become his family then and while the other squires had been less accepting seeing as he was not an elf, did not belonging to Chalicia by birthright, Anrar had found friendship with a child around his own age in maturity, another squire who seemed just as much aloof from the others as he was.

    The blond-haired elemental soon discovered the reason why, but he'd never breathed a word and that day a friendship, a true one, had been formed between him and the other child. They'd grown up then together, training and learning about the world as they learned about each other.

    At the moment, such a thought was on Anrar's mind as he sat on the battlement wall, one leg dangling over the edge, the other drawn up slightly with his forearm on his knee, the fingers of his opposite hand tapping on his thigh. His dark green eyes were mostly hidden behind his mane of gold hair, a typical look for the male as he looked out over the town from the inner wall he rested upon. How long had he known Evel now?

    Sometimes it was truly hard to remember.
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  2. In the training area of the castle was a shooting range in which the archers were practicing. The targets all stood at least fifty meters if not more away from the shooters. Many were practicing under the watchful eye of the captain. Evel was among those, though he was at least a head shorter than the other men, his shots were the most accurate out of them all. "Fire!" the captain shouted, alerting the archers to release their notched arrows. The feathered weapons flew through the sky before landing on the targets. A few got close to the bullseye while others were on the line. Evel watched as the captain counted scores before dismissing the group to their own activities.

    Many of the knights immediately started talking about taking a shower after a long day of training or visiting their families after a long day of work. Evel was quiet, he always had been a quiet one. He never talked about family as he never had one. An orphan from day 1. He slipped through the crowds of soldiers, trying to get to where Anrar might possibly be. He needed a lookout after all if he was going to wash in peace.

    The blonde archer looked quite effeminate for a man of his age. Long eyelashes, bright green eyes, soft face, many would not take him for the killer he was known to be in battle. He looked scrawny enough to be dead meat as soon as you saw him. Those who knew him knew that he used this to his advantage. Wicked with a bow and arrows, he had shot many a man dead. Though, people did wonder how someone as womanly as him could have joined the knights.

    Finally catching sight of his friend, Evel gave a rare smile and ran to his dear friend. He tapped Anrar's shoulder, sweating from the earlier training. "Oi, Anrar, mind looking out for me in the showers? The rest should be gone by now and you know her majesty hates seeing sweaty soldiers around her castle." The knight seemed at ease around his strange friend, trusting the man with "his" secret.
  3. Having heard Evel approach, Anrar didn't flinch at the touch, something he was known to do even now as an adult. Still, he'd mostly outgrown the jumping back and cowering stage he'd been prone to as a child, so that was progress at least. He turned his head to regard the other blond, a faint smile curling at his mouth. When it came to rarity in smiles, Anrar actually had Evel beat. He didn't smile for anyone but the smaller Knight and even then they were small expressions. Only every once in a while did any actual teeth show, but Anrar's dark green eyes were expressive enough, sometimes too much so.

    He merely nodded to Evel and that was enough. Together they were the two quietest Knights in the Kingdom and yet they could have a whole conversation it would seem sometimes without a single word passing between them. In battle they seemed to move like they were part of the same entity and at other times they just knew what the other needed. If Evel needed more arrows, suddenly they'd been in the elf's hand during training and if Anrar simply needed a touch of some sort to bring him back to the present from wherever his mind had wandered - something he did often - Evel always seemed to know when to do it. It puzzled a great many people, this kind of friendship, but it worked for them.

    Now as they walked, the elemental looked down, frankly towering over the other individual. "You did well today." were the quiet, deep set words and Anrar reached out, ruffling the shorter blond hair affectionately, a gesture he only ever did for Evel. It was some of the only contact he initiated, too. "I do think Sir Galion will promote you to Head Archer should you keep this up."
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  4. Evel felt himself flush at the words, looking down at his feet in embarrassment. "Thank you." He smiled, enjoying the fact that the taller knight thought he did well. Though, the ruffling of his hair always brought a strange feeling to Evel's stomach and made him flush red. He brushed it off as embarrassment. The smaller knight always sought for the approval of his friend, whether the taller knew it or not.

    As they walked, Evel would sometimes tap his right fingers against his thigh in a rapid motion. His eyes glanced around, trying to make sure they weren't followed. This only got worse as they neared the showers. The knights each had a small shelf where clothes were kept for after training; Evel's was never touched since his clothes were too small for the others to fit into. The small knight was quick to grab his clothes and a small wrap of what looked like bandages to anyone other than the small knight and his taller friend. He quickly got into a shower and pulled the curtain, happy that at least the small cloth helped separate the different pipes.

    He, or rather she, started to strip down, throwing off armor and old clothes, piling them in an empty shower. Bindings that held the young woman's chest down soon came off and were moved to a pile to throw away the old things. With a pull of the chain, Evel started cleaning herself, glad to have this kind of privacy away from the other knights, well besides Anrar but that was different.
  5. Anrar knew no matter how many times he assured Evel that no one was following, she'd still look. So he'd stopped trying years ago except on certain occasions just to make sure she knew he was still looking out for her, but other than that...he let her keep alert as she wished. After all, no amount of attempted convincing from everyone around him could stop the elemental from reacting like a skittish horse to any kind of contact from anyone. Some things just were how they were and nothing could explain them or make them go away.

    As Evel went to the shower, Anrar leaned against the only doorway into the building, arms crossed and face turned outward. He knew he wouldn't catch any kind of glimpse of the female elf, but he afforded her the respectful privacy anyway. There had been a time when he'd looked at Evel and had only seen another boy. Even when he'd known she was a girl, it hadn't mattered, she'd still been like one of the boys. Such was the way of childhood, but as they'd gotten older, he'd become more aware of how not like a boy she was.

    Such was natural, though, and Anrar had never tried to take any kind of advantage over his friend. He had no desire to. He cared for her. She was the the only person he truly cared for here and he wouldn't harm her in any way. And he wouldn't let anyone else harm her either, hence the secret keeping and the guarding. In all the years they'd known each other, they'd had some close calls with Evel's secret, but had not yet been caught and the blond was determined to keep it that way until the female elf herself wanted it otherwise.

    Still, he had to wonder if Evel would ever let it be known, how long she'd lie. He didn't understand the rules here, why females were not allowed to fight. Griffins let their females fight, even mermaids did and.... Wait. How did he know that?

    Anrar brought his fingers up to his temple with a hiss, feeling familiar pain spike through his head, trying to chase the thought that had awoken, watching in frustration as it slipped back into the darkness he could not penetrate no matter how hard he tried.
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  6. Evel sighed as she got dressed, wrapping her chest in binding and making sure it was tight. After smoothing her wet hair down, she got out of the showers, putting her armor in the nearby armory and throwing her dirty clothes with the others. She shook her head, a bit of water still clinging to her hair and skin.

    She noticed the way Anrar was rubbing his temple. She walked over to the taller knight and looked at him concerned. "Are you alright?" She asked. Green eyes said a lot more. She knew he had done that action more than once. Usually it was when he thought about knowing something he wasn't supposed to know or something he wasn't told. She stood close to him, closer than most would. She just wanted to make sure he was alright.

    "Oh looky here. The little couple has come to the showers to have a little moment together." A large soldier, tall and muscled with black hair and icy blue eyes. He shoved past the two, leaving the door open. "It is quite sad that such a manly man such as yourself Anrar would fall to the charms of such a weak little queer." He glared at Evel who shrunk away.

    Evel kept her head down as she listened to the soldier. The man, Laro, smirked as he towered over the short knight. Evel flinched as Laro moved a bit too close for comfort. Silently he intimidated the poor knight, wanting her to feel less than the dirt. Sadly, it usually worked. If not for his amazing skills with the sword, he would have been sent away from the knights years ago.
  7. Anrar hadn't lifted his fingers from his temple, Evel one of the rare people he'd actually admit to having pain to, but his dark green eyes did open and he nodded to her and the deeper question in her eyes. Yes, he was fine. It wasn't as bad as some episodes and his hand finally descended to rest on her head for a moment before they were interrupted. The elemental's eyes and head snapped up to the familiar voice, but he didn't jerk his hand back from Evel. He wasn't ashamed of his actions and wasn't going to act like he was, and his hand only fell from her wet hair when it was natural to do so.

    Anrar said nothing - not yet - to the insults, rather looking down at Evel, giving her a chance to defend herself. He always did. He knew she could, but he also knew she didn't believe in herself enough to. She was scared and he didn't think less of her for it, but he'd always give her the opportunity to fight her own battle. And then when she didn't, well, Anrar had no trouble doing it for her. It would appear such was a time and the blond took a step forward while at he same time laying his hand on Evel's shoulder and pulling her back a step so his body was between the larger Knight and the smaller one.

    Anrar rarely had to speak for someone to understand it was better to simply walk away from him, but Laro and one or two of the other Knights didn't learn as well as intelligent people. And now his expression darkened considerably, already knowing Laro wouldn't walk away, not unless...prompted, but such was the way with all bullies and Anrar, even grown now, still hated bullies and when they made Evel their target...well, he wasn't sure what word exceeded hate but he certainly felt it.

    "Leave him be before I decide you need another burn to mark your moments of stupidity." Anrar's voice never rose, always that quiet tone, but this time with something very dangerous and cold inflected within his speech. Red had begun to glow over his hands, flames flickering in his dark green eyes in warning and Anrar's body heated slowly, the fire within his core being summoned and coming with glee to the call. It probably would have been enough to make Laro think twice - he HAD been burned by the elemental before and DID bear the scar of it - if not for another voice interjecting.

    "You burn someone else, Anrar, and you'll be facing the lash." was the oh so helpful reminder from one of Laro's accomplices, a younger, smirking knight with red hair and black eyes by the name of Naronar. He crunched on an apple, leaning against the tree said fruit came from not far from the shower building, brow raised mockingly. "You've got too many penalties, remember?"
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  8. Evel grabbed Anrar's arm, firmly but gently. "Anrar... it's not worth it..." She told him quietly, hoping he would listen. She hated that he had to protect her all the time. It was disgraceful for a knight to be protected. It made her feel like... a woman, something that she was not suppose to be. Sometimes she hoped she was born a boy. She wouldn't be so weak then, probably she would be taller and be able to protect Anrar more than he protected her.

    "Of course it's not worth it, just like you Lonwood." Laro gave a harsh smirk at Evel. Evel flinched away as Laro continued. "I would love to continue our ever so fun banter, Anrar, but sadly the captain has summoned you two. I don't know why he wants you two when I'm obviously the better knight, but alas such is captain's orders." He moved to walk away from the two, waving to his companion. He left, smirking the rest of the way.

    Evel looked over to Anrar, a bit confused. The captain? Wanting to see them? This was strange, even for them. She slowly started to walk to the captain's office, hand still gripping Anrar's arm. She stopped when she remembered that she was still holding onto the taller knight and quickly let go, blushing a bright red. She waited for him to start walking, looking down in embarrassment.
  9. Anrar would have listened to Evel had he been in a dead rage. Granted, he would not have been happy about it and he wasn't entirely pleased now either, but he listened to her and he always would. The fire building his hands faded away, the heat leaving as well, leaving him warmer than most mortals but not scalding anymore. Evel was extremely fortunate that he'd taught his power long ago that it wasn't to harm her, that the heat had faded from around her fingers and palm when she'd made contact with her skin. He'd done it instinctively and now instinct made him want to growl at the further insult to his friend, but he remained quiet, expression alone murderous.

    Naronar was right, though. He'd been given three reprimands already for getting into fights with the other Knights...which in and of itself wouldn't be a big deal if not for the fact that Anrar was not an elf. When he got mad, literal fire fed off that anger and then proceeded to teach a harsher lesson than his fists did. He'd felt the whip before, a harsh punishment for repeated crimes, but it was rather fair in the number of chances one got. Three chances for a reprimand and punishment that included grunt duties, but if the same offense was repeated a fourth time, then five lashes was the first amount given. If you got a second lashing after four more offenses the number doubled to ten lashes and so forth.

    Anrar refused to tell Evel how many he'd gotten up to by this point. Still, if he was honest, he was glad she'd held him back and he sighed through his teeth, the anger not quite gone yet, but simmering down and moved after Evel, eventually glancing down at her hand on his arm with a faint flicker of amusement at his mouth. At any moment she'd notice and...yes, there it was. Anrar shook his head slightly, fondly as he leaned to the side just a bit, voice just for the two of them. "If you do not wish to look like a wee lass on her first date, you should probably not turn so tomato red, Evel."

    He knew such a comment would probably make her even redder and such was the reason he teased her.
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  10. Evel blushed harder and sighed. "Oh shut it, you great brute." She mumbled, walking ahead of the man to meet with the captain. She hated it when he teased her. It made her feel warm and happy and it just wasn't natural. She refused to look at Anrar in fear of blushing again. How he worded her blushing problem, it just served to make her blush more. Oftentimes she did feel like the wee lass on her first date, no matter how much she denied it. It was just something she would have to live with, she guessed.

    As they walked through the castle, Evel wondered what the captain needed them for. Maybe they were going out to battle again. Possibly they could be going on an assassination mission. Maybe they were even going to just pick up some supplies. All seemed like realistic reasons to be called, but so soon after they had just finished a long time at the front of battle. It seemed almost strange, like something bad was going to happen.

    When they arrived at the office, Evel gently knocked at the door. "Captain? Evel Lonwood and Anrar Stormsky reporting for duty." She called, waiting for the captain to give permission to come in. A small noise of approval was heard and Evel took that as a way of saying come in. She opened the door to the office, which was fairly large considering that many generals had larger ones. Papers among papers were tacked to the walls. Battle plans, letters from family and the king himself, even a few weapons were hung up among the mess. The captain was sitting at his desk, writing down various things. He had many empty pots of ink strewn among his desk. His hands were covered in the black liquid as he looked up to see his two knights.

    The captain smiled, his brown eyes lighting up at the sight of two of his best knights. "Ah, Lonwood and Stormsky, it is great to see you in my office. Now, I know you have just recently returned from battle, but I need you on a different mission." He folded his battle-worn hands, brown hair falling into his eyes slightly. "You see, the king and queen have both fallen ill. While this is very disconcerting by itself, even worse has happened. The princess has been kidnapped. We believe that the centaurs have taken the princess and poisoned the king and queen. However, this poison is not one we are familiar with nor do we know if they even were poisoned for certain. That is why we need you two, our finest knights, to go out and search for the cure and possibly get the princess back. If the king and queen die and the princess is not here, we will have no one left to rule our kingdom and it shall fall." He leaned back, waiting to see the two's reactions.
  11. Anrar was less concerned with the idea of another assignment as he was with the suddenness of it. It didn't make sense for them to be going on a mission at all so soon after coming back from duty and so a slight frown was already on his face when they entered the Captain's chambers. He was rather used to the mess and while it wasn't how he would have taken care of his quarters he also knew such was not his place to say and his dark green eyes focused on Captain Merrick intently, listening carefully to all that was said.

    The elemental's eyes narrowed by the end of it and the first thoughts that came to his mind were tactical ones and concern. What he might have asked to the more laid-back Captain, though, was interrupted by the arrival of his lieutenant, Calen, a thin elf with dark hair and dark eyes. He was very disciplined, very inclined toward the laws and propriety of being in a position of authority. He and Anrar didn't quite get along and it was clear that Calen disapproved of Merrick's decision to pick the elemental for this mission, but he would not insult his Captain by arguing with him further about it now in their presence.

    No, he was here to help with the debriefing and took a position to the side of his Captain's seat, hands clasped behind his back, at ease but ever the soldier type. "I trust you have been informed of the dire situation?"

    "How soon will the people be told?" Anrar didn't answer the question, irking the other male, but he kept a professional face. "The populace of Chalicia will be informed of the danger that has overtaken the Kingdom when we are surer of the prognosis of King Davik and Queen Nefenari. As for Princess Saraca, I trust you and Sir Lonwood will have her home before any alarm needs to be formally raised."

    "Why is the Princess not a priority? You ask us to search for a cure first and possibly her as a secondary course to the mission. Would not the efforts of healers be better served for the King and Queen and the efforts of Knights better served rescuing the heir to the throne?" That didn't make sense to Anrar in the least. The King and Queen were ill, yes, but the healers would be hard at work on such a matter and there was no guarantee that he or Evel could find a cure anyway...or even that they'd know what to look for. Perhaps they would find a healer among the centaurs and would be able to search among their things, but how would they know which potion or herbs to take? Neither he nor Evel were healers themselves that they would have knowledge of the healing art.

    And even if the King and Queen died, if there was an heir, there was hope for the Kingdom no matter how young the child was. The Centaurs had struck a double blow, but the graver of the two had been the kidnapping of the child and he did not understand why that didn't seem to be a cause for greater alarm.
  12. Evel bit her lip. Anrar made good points. Why exactly was rescuing the princess second priority? It would make a lot more sense to rescue the girl first before going to help the king and queen. The captain sighed, tapping his foot. "You see, the centaur prince has had an eye for our princess for a long time. The centaurs would not dare hurt someone their prince would want as a potential bride. Also... if the two do fall in love then this may form a treaty which will most likely end this damn war."

    Evel looked up at Anrar before looking back to the captain. "But, um excuse me captain, how exactly are we going to get this cure for the king and queen?" She looked curious as the captain bit his lip. He seemed reluctant to tell them, but after Evel gave him a curious look, he relented.

    "Our sources have told us that a race called 'elementals' have a strange water that can heal all wounds. However, only others of their race can even hope to try and find a trace of them. They are very elusive. That is why we are sending you two to find them." Merrick stared straight at Anrar as he said this. "We feel that if anyone could find this water, you two can. Now, if you please, go get your weapons. You will both be leaving by dawn."
  13. A centaur and an elf?

    Anrar wasn't even going to comment on that one and he noted their mission hadn't changed, neither the orders or the priority. He didn't agree with it, but it wasn't his place to agree or disagree, only to follow orders if he wished to remain a member of the Knights of the Sun. So he merely dipped his head, tight-lipped, but his eyes an open window to his disapproval. It was something that made Calen bristle slightly, silently, but he too kept his tongue behind his teeth as Evel spoke.

    Dark green eyes flickered to her and then Merrick, but nothing could have prepared Anrar for the words that tumbled from his Captain's mouth so calmly, as if they meant nothing.

    He felt as if the breath had been knocked from his body and his eyes were wide, almost stricken when the Captain looked to him. His state wasn't acknowledged and Anrar hadn't thought it would be and he merely dipped his head again in compliance to the order, feeling completely numb as he and Evel left the office. They'd only walked a little ways to the armory when the blond simply stopped, staring ahead at nothing, still trying to remember how to breathe, a glassy look to his eyes.


    He was to find his own race. Somehow the thought filled Anrar with nothing short of dread.
  14. Evel looked over at Anrar when he stopped. Her eyes shone with concern as she hesitated. He always reacted badly when someone touched him without him knowing they were there. She wanted to get him out of his trance, but if she shocked him too much, he would react badly. She cleared her throat before calling softly, "Anrar... are you... are you alright?" She id a hand on his arm tentatively, hoping it would comfort him instead of scare him.

    Evel knew he was different, an elemental no less. When she had free time, she would often search the libraries on books about the race so she could understand the man just a little bit better. She found many many myths about the race, but never hard fact. She never told Anrar about her research before.

    A few knights passed by, but the short night paid them no mind. She focused solely on trying to make Anrar feel like... well normal. Hopefully it wouldn't take much, just a little bit of pushing. She bit her lip as she usually did when nervous. This was big for the tall knight. She wasn't surprised that he seemed a little more than just overwhelmed.
  15. Anrar did start at her touch, nearly jumping like he'd done as a young teen, but years with Evel tempered his reaction slightly and he didn't spring back from her or flare with fire. Nothing but a shutter wracked his frame before he blinked a few times and looked down to the smaller Knight, his eyes clearing of their haze slowly as he finally drew in a sucking breath and released it shakily, shaking his head slightly. No, he wasn't all right, but now was hardly the time to discuss it. Not out in the open or when they'd been told to do something.

    The fire elemental took another deep inhale and he laid a hand on Evel's shoulder in a wordless thanks for bringing him back to the present and to ease her nerves before he tilted his head toward the armory. They had better get their weapons. When they entered the building, Anrar's mind wasn't much on the task at hand, his hands finding what he needed without thought, having done it so many times before, but his mind was miles away.

    He knew nothing about his people. Few races did. They were as elusive as the Captain had said and very few pieces of specific information could be found on them and even then it was wrapped out in legends and theories and stories. Anrar had long since given up the idea that he'd know anything about them, had done his best to settle into a race that was more fascinated and wary of him than anything else and he'd chosen to try and forget about what he was just as he'd forgotten everything else. But Fate seemed to have other ideas about it and somehow the blond felt that Fate was playing a cruel game. He didn't know why, but the idea of finding his people did not excite him, did not stir curiosity or interest or only brought terror and a sense of danger he could not explain.

    Anrar might try to, though, to Evel when they found themselves alone.
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  16. Evel frowned as she grabbed her weapons and armor. She finished grabbing her things and walked to the door, waiting for Anrar to follow her. Once he was, she led him to her own quarters, a small room bare of anything besides small targets that had the bulls eye completely destroyed. She started packing up as she closed the door. Since the room used to be a small weapons closet, it was separate from the rest of the knights' quarters.

    She finished packing her things and sat on her cot, waiting patiently for the man to talk. The woman's face was patient and eyes caring. She wanted to know what troubled her friend so, even if it was something she could do nothing about. She kept a hand on her pillow, ready to pull out her secret stash of whisky if needed. She knew a good alcoholic drink would help calm the nerves some.

    Also underneath the pillow was a leather bound journal and a piece of charcoal. Often Evel would write in it when alone or on long missions without Anrar, it helped keep her thoughts in check. A loud clamor of knights could be heard passing by to the mess hall. Meal time was soon, and if the two didn't hurry, they would miss their meal. Evel wasn't too worried though. She had goen without food for a week, she could miss one meal.
  17. Anrar had stayed near the door, leaning against the wall as Evel went about gathering her things, silent as he usually was as he watched her. Only when she'd stilled did he know she wanted him to speak to her and the male looked down to the floor, knowing that if she could see his eyes then Evel would see his heart, his thoughts well. He never had learned to shield them, didn't know how. If he was scared or angry or happy or amused, anything and everything, then anyone who was looking at him knew about it. He was an enigma even as he was an open book in completely opposite ways.

    He finally looked up when he felt he had some semblance of order on his thoughts and shook his head slightly with a touch of amusement in his eyes for her silent offer of the drink. No, that wasn't what he needed. In fact, he'd never accepted the alcohol from anyone, fearing that if he lost any control at all then he'd harm someone. His fire wasn't easy to control at the best of times, hence the reason he had the bed furthest away from everyone else. When he woke with night terrors, even now, he had less chances of burning someone.

    Now he almost felt like doing so, though, as he looked down at his hand, watching the red glow move about under his skin, the fire wanting to burst forth with the upheaval of emotions. "I don't want to find them." He sighed and looked back up, dark green eyes meeting paler green, his own showing clear unease. "I...they're dangerous. I don't know how I know that, but...I do. I don't think anything good will come from finding them."
  18. Evel nodded. "As much as you don't want to, we have to find them. Captain's orders." She stood up, taking her small bag of things and throwing it over her shoulders. "Whatever happens... I'll be right there." Evel left the room, going to get some food for travel from the kitchen. She would meet with Anrar back at the armory. That was where they usually met.

    As she was walking to the armory from the kitchen, she bumped into Laro. He smirked down seeing his prey right in his lap. "Oh look, if it isn't the little queer. Where's your protector? finally left you like any smart man would?"

    "I don't have time for you, Laro. Let me go and I won't bug you any more." Evel murmured, moving to walk past the taller elf. Laro wouldn't let the poor girl leave without him having some fun first. He pushed her chest, making her stumble back.

    "Oh the poor thing, left alone without his big friend. Why don't you fight back?" Laro questioned, advancing until Evel was backed up against the wall. "You are a knight, aren't you? Fight me and protect yourself." Evel said nothing, making Laro frown. She was no fun without a reaction. He pulled his hand back and punched the girl in the face, trying to get her to do something. She simply took it. That caused Laro to growl, punching her again. Not a sound. "Fight me, damn you!" He finally growled, punching her two more times. A couple of bruises started to form as Laro shoved her against the wall and left.

    Evel let him leave before picking herself up and dusting herself off. She walked to the armory, acting like nothing was wrong. Hopefully Anrar wouldn't notice the bruises.
  19. Well, that hadn't been beneficial at all. Anrar shook his head as she left, knowing she couldn't have helped anyway. Evel was good for him, but sometimes she didn't understand....or maybe he didn't do a good job explaining. The blond wasn't sure and right now he knew he had other things that needed to be done than talking about feelings he couldn't quite make known accurately anyway. He went the opposite way from Evel, knowing where she was headed and his own destination just as important. They'd been told to leave at dawn, but both Knights knew of the urgency and there was no rule saying they couldn't leave sooner.

    So Anrar slipped quietly into the castle and then to the healing wing, gathering the standard supplies for a journey, noting that everyone seemed to be frazzled, busier than he'd ever seen them. He didn't stick around to question, already knowing the answers and slipped back out of the wing and then out of the castle all together. He headed to the stables next, finding the stalls of his horse and Evel's. He pet the nose of his own mount, a stallion nearly as red as Anrar's fire was with a white blaze down his face. He saddled and bridled both mounts before leading them to the armor, tying them loosely outside the building at the post provided.

    He leaned back against the wall of the building then, rubbing both temples then as his head ached. Another reason he didn't like this. Whenever he tried to think about his own kin it made his head spike with that familiar, throbbing pain and he wasn't exactly looking forward to that all the time. Still, Evel was right. Orders were orders. The thought made him frown before he looked up, hearing Evel approaching. He pushed off from the wall slightly to greet her and then stopped as she came closer, eyes immediately narrowing and he looked around before grabbing her and pulling her toward the horses, between the two creature where they couldn't be seen as well.

    Then his eyes scanned carefully over her face and his hand rose, fingers skimming over the forming bruises his keen eyes could pick out easily as if someone had painted purple and black over a pure white canvas. His dark eyes instantly darkened further, twin storms of fury and yet his touch had gentled as he looked to his friend's eyes. "Who?" The question seethed out of him with false calm, his temperature already rising.
  20. "No one. I fell." Evel replied immediately, turning to her chestnut horse. She stroked the stallion's neck before tying her bag to the saddle. It was light enough that the horse would not be hindered by it. She tightened the reins and continued with prepping her horse, hoping Anrar would drop the matter.

    Evel had been known to never fight back. Only in battle did the archer ever put up any kind of fight. Even then she preferred to shoot from a distance, taking out enemies swiftly and cleanly. No muss, no fuss. She hated missing a shot and not killing a man instantly. It left them to suffer while she had to finish the job. So, she preferred to kill them outright.

    As Evel waited for Anrar to drop the subject of her bruises, she thought about the likely hood that he would. Over the year, the man grew protective of her, wanting to protect her when she couldn't, or wouldn't protect herself. It was sweet of him, but she was a lost cause. She wondered why he even bothered sometimes. She would not fight her comrades if she could help it.
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