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    P L O T

    xxxxxAfter hundreds of years, there are new Gods and Goddesses chosen, by random, from the predecessor God or Goddess. The people of various ages, nationality, paths, and so forth, have to prove to the Gods, with their newly obtained power, that they are capable of handling the power given to them, and that they can become Gods that the people of Earth can count on and send their blessings to. These Demi-Gods will be charged with protecting the humans and non-humans of the Earth, as they will now be able to see what they thought to be mythical creatures, and destroying existing threats. No one who is chosen by the Gods are related to another in any said way, though it is possible for their to create their own relationships, from family, friends, to lovers. Lastly the Gods cannot intervene too much in the lives of their chosen Demi's for they have to be able to survive in the world if they want to survive as Gods.

    R U L E S

    All of the Terms of Service for Iwaku must be followed in the thread.
    This will be an intermediate ranked role-play as far as posting structure goes, but you must be willing
    to post twice a week at minimum.
    If you are unable to post for a real life reason, tell the group. We will put your character on a hiatus
    and not kill them off. If you do not post for two weeks without notice your character will, however,
    be killed off.
    There will be required respect for everyone in the group. Try to include others, plan things out, but
    any drama outside the role-play will be dealt with accordingly.
    There will be twelve people in this group, so you will have at least one person to partner up with.
    However, do not rely on others to bring you in, make your character apart of a group. That being
    said, unless it is plotted out or agreed upon, don't purposely leave a character out.
    Please, please, please plot with others, especially if you want two or more characters to fight. You
    will have to go by the dice unless you have an outcome that you specifically want and it must be
    The battle system will be followed. As I've stated discuss why you are fighting with the other player
    or players then if you are not sure on how it will end, roll one fify-sided dice, whoever has the higher
    number wins that hit. There will be five hits to a battle (so it doesn't take up too much posting).
    Nothing will be factored in but you are not allowed to God-mod! IF numbers are equal that means
    both parties blocked or hit each other. You determine.
    No perfect characters, no God-modding, no spamming, no trolling, nothing of that sort please.
    More rules may be added at a later time.

    L I N K S
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    C H A R A C T E R S
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  3. Oh yeah, that'll work! Thanks!
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  4. *whistle and place my Character out then walks away as If nothing had ever happen*

  5. I have no idea what your talking about! >.>

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    Is this alright?
  7. @Sekah
    Yes, that is perfectly fine. Also, I commend you for your character not being on the beaten path.
  8. Okay everyone, we are set so we need to get into the thick of things now! That does mean posting for those who do have their profiles done. I have decided to put this in a guild just because we will need to dice roll and that sort of thing. BUT the only people who I will let accept into the guild are the people who have their profiles done so please, please get your profiles to me!

    @F L Y
    @Safudor Detanius
    @Death Name Cry
    @Alex S. Riley

    [ ^ ] Guys you either need to edit your profiles, finish them, or get them turned in. Please turn them in here and I will transfer it to the guild's profile page.


    [ ^ ] You all are ready to roll, please join the guild here and get ready to start writing. I will do an NPC intro post and then you all can follow behind. Also, others do not bite, go talk in the OOC and even feel free to brain storm in the plotting thread.
  9. @Titanium
    Your profile has been accepted please put in a request to join the guild~ Thank you!
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