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    Story Idea
    I want to create a role-play based on mortals becoming Gods. Before you run off please do let me explain. The pantheon of Gods, one that is not based on a real life pantheon, choose mortals to take their place as Gods, but no one knows who will become a said God until the time has come for the Gods to pick the person who will inherit their position. These people will be from all walks of life and some may be good, some may be evil, some in-between. These people, however, will not simply inherit the position, they will have to earn it. There is always trouble in the world and the actual reality, there being "mythical" creatures, curses, magic, and so forth, and what actually causes some of the troubles humans and non-humans alike. They will have to fight for what they believe in, even if it is with each other. They will have to make friends and alliances, but in the process may make enemies.

    I will need some aid to further the idea and work on the plot and requirements.

    Some Aspects
    ▸ I want this to be a role-play max of twelve people in it.
    ▸ I want this role-play to allow a wider range of ages, I am thinking ten to thirty five though I am quite flexible.
    ▸ I am thinking that this would be best in a guild.
    ▸ Nobody remembers what the original Gods were like because it has been so long, but none of the known,
    x previous Gods are related in any way, so no characters will be related that way we can maximize on variety.
    ▸ I will list more Gods than needed just in case we have to kill off or remove someone and so people have a
    x variety to choose from.
    ▸ We will have to come up with a battle system, but I have an idea which will be below- the simpler the better.

    Battle Systems
    ▸ Whatever your attack will be, you will roll one fifty sided die. The person with the higher number lands the
    x attack.

    Deity Ideas
    ▸ Health and/or Sickness [ reserved for Blueiris ]
    ▸ Storms and/or (Other) Natural Disasters
    ▸ Time [ reserved for Tutorial_Boss ]
    ▸ Warriors [ reserved for Sekah ]
    ▸ Fortune (Lottery Tickets) [ reserved for Ethereal ]

    ▸ Water
    ▸ Fire [ reserved for pwh25 ]
    ▸ Air/Wind [ reserved for Titanium ]
    ▸ Earth
    ▸ Light [ reserved for Zeon ]
    ▸ Darkness [ reserved for Jhuton ]
    ▸ Flora [ reserved for F L Y ]
    ▸ Fauna [ reserved for Ravenbelle ]
    ▸ Food
    ▸ Harvest
    ▸ Death [ reserved for Death Name Cry ]
    ▸ Galaxy [ reserved for Safudor Detanius ]
    ▸ Written Word ( books, poetry, prose, etc ) [ reserved for Rainjay ]
    ▸ ETC

    ▸ There can be more Gods based on such concepts, but it will be up to each individual not to take advantage
    x of their character's power and God-mod.

    Gender Ratio

    1 2 3 4 5 6

    1 2 3 4 5 6

    * This can be altered slightly to add more males or females depending on how popular a gender is.

    Interested People
    @F L Y
    @Safudor Detanius
    @Death Name Cry
    @Alex S. Riley

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  2. x Reserved
  3. I'm really interested in this!
  4. @F L Y
    Awesome! I have a bite. Is there anything that you will be looking for from this role-play?
  5. I'm into the Greek Gods and what a lot so I'm hoping this is in a semi-realistic setting? I'm not sure how to explain it. Also, as soon as I saw flora on your list I thought of the perfect deity lady so I'm just sorta excited about how much you can choose from from your ideas.

    Good job! 8D
  6. @F L Y
    I love the Greek Gods too, but I want to have a new pantheon just because the back-story potentiality. But I think I may understand you request for semi-realism when it comes to this role-play. Would you like me to reserve Flora for you? I want Fortune personally as one character. I thought of a younger boy who goes "Treasure hunting" with his pail and shovel. XD

    Thank you~
  7. I might want to join.
  8. Interested. Light god, totally light.
  9. @Ethereal
    Yes please reserve Flora for me! And that's such a cute idea! 8D
  10. @Safudor Detanius
    Awesome, well if you have any inputs feel free to send them to us~!

    The Light God is reserved for you.

    @F L Y
    Flora is reserved for you. And thank you, I might work on character format soon, just so we can get stuff rolling.
  11. I'm certainly interested in this! Could I possibly reserve the slot for Time God?
  12. Can Galaxy be one of the Deities? If so, I definitely want it. My character could be an adventurer with a telescope or something.
  13. Hmm...interesting. can I reserve Fauna, please?
  14. This looks cool :) I'm a new member that doesn't matter too much does it? I'm a experienced role player on other sites.

    I would quite like the time one, maybe with this character who tends to be neutral in any arguments and may be swayed by other people ideals, just so that she wouldn't use it one sidedly, just a idea.

    Just saw someone else wanted time :/ oh well, one second I'll re pick

    I'd quite like to reserve Health and sickness
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  15. May I please reserve Warriors?
  16. @Ravenbelle
    @Safudor Detanius

    I have all the Gods you requested reserved for you. Just so you all know we are over half-way there, I am going to take a second character out so we will have nine out of twelve spots filled. I also request that we divide the genders up somewhat equally. Lastly, if you guys have any input feel free to share~!
  17. the gender thing is a very good idea. I call a female char!
  18. I would personally prefer a female character if possible :)
  19. My Character will be Male.
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