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  1. I'll post my character and info when I get back! :)
  2. I have a few ideas:

    Idea 1: Scientists: We could have two characters investigating a cure for evident radiation poisoning and transformation, and travel across the barren wastes of the country (will put up a poll with names later for you, Laura and Trip if she comes back to decide upon.)
    Idea 2: Bandits: We could be leaders of a rogue bandit gng who steal, pillage and kill everything in their wake.
    Idea 3: Revolutionary Goverment: We could people who desire a government to reinstalled into the new society of the post apcolypse, but have extreme authoritarian ideals. (Think Half Life 2's society as their ideal)
  3. Sounds good. I'm not good with suggestions on other peoples' rps.
  4. If you have any ideas at all for a country name, just shoot :D
  5. Hmm, I'll see what I can think up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.